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** Please send documents you wish to contribute to the email address below:

Use Restrictions

The pages that appear as part of the Person County NCGenWeb site are intended for the private use of genealogy researchers. The information on these pages may not be used for commercial purposes nor posted to another website or publication without the express permission of the county coordinator and/or contributor.

****Send Us Email ! ****

delorwilliams at (substitute the @ for at)


Many thanks to Ed Clayton and his careful preservation and additions to this page. I hope I can maintain it and keep it up and running for you.

The below are his words to us all and I feel the same as he.

Good Luck to you Ed in your endeavors now and God Bless for what you have done.

If you send email (and we hope that you will) . . . please follow these suggestions:

  • Use a meaningful subject in your email - something like "Person Co GenWeb question - Smith family".

    If you leave the subject blank, I will probably delete your email without even opening it on the assumption that it is spam.
  • Be certain to include your full name in your email. Many folks fail to do this; we want to know who you are!!
  • Although not required, you may choose to include your post office mailing address in case I save your email and want to contact you a year or two later, your email address may have changed!


The strict policy of the Person County NCGenWeb pages is to fully comply with all laws, including those relating to copyright. Accordingly, all reasonable steps have been taken to obtain permission to display on this website materials for which copyright has been or may be claimed. Where the work of others is used appropriate attribution is given unless the material is obviously in the public domain. If you have any questions or comments (including claims with respect to copyright), please contact the webmaster (contact information on the info page, link at the bottom of this page). Be advised, however, that merely creating a link to another part of the World Wide Web (WWW) is not a copyright violation, even if the site to which the link is made claims copyright and/or forbids linking. The fact of creating a website authorizes all others who so desire to link to that website. That is the purpose of the WWW. Of course, the Person County NCGenWeb site assumes no responsibility for the content of linked websites.


This web site is provided solely as a service to the public. No warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the information contained herein. While reasonable efforts have been made to provide accurate information, the user should be aware that in providing historical information errors are unavoidable. Independent research into matters covered on this website is recommended. The Person County NCGenWeb site shall be neither liable nor responsible to any person or entity as a result of any reliance placed upon any of the information provided on this website. The Person County NCGenWeb site does not endorse, represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content, references, or other materials contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any linkages on this website. Any reliance upon any information, content, references, materials, products, services or vendors included on or found through the links or other references on this website shall be at the sole risk of the user. Please direct any questions or comments with respect to the foregoing to the webmaster (contact info on the info page, link at the bottom of this page).

A note from the County Coordinator

May 29, 2006

I've left the note below as it was when I posted it in 2001. The amount of information available on the Person County NCGenWeb pages has continued to grow since then. Thanks to a number of people who have made this possible: especially Ken and Becky Dalton (the Flatriver Gravefinders!) who provide all sorts of information but especially cemetery surveys, Karen Higgings who posts obituaries to the Message Board, and to Amy Ralston and Rebecca Hessee who have recently provided a number of cemetery surveys.

Good luck with your research.



December 8, 2001

Dear Person County NCGenWeb'ers,

The   USGenWeb Project, including the North Carolina portion, is an amazing example of cooperation between researchers who freely share information and tips. The Person County page has enjoyed a number of dedicated county coordinators. I was fortunate to have been the first county coordinator when the Person County pages were initiated several years ago, followed by Barbara Farthing Bonham, Chris Goff,  and Katherine White-Duke. Responsibility has now gone full circle -- as of August 21, 2000, I have picked up the Person County pages again. Thanks to Barbara, Goff, and Katherine for their contributions.

I welcome your suggestions, ideas, and most of all your contributions. If you spot something that appears to be broken or does not work the way you would expect it to, please let me know.


Search Tips

Thanks to Tammy Fisher for suggesting that all of us understand the power of these search tools.

You will find lots of information on the Person County NCGenWeb pages. You can use the FreeFind box included on the home page to narrow the number of pages you have to read in order to find what you are looking for. The tips below are copied from the FreeFind help page. Most of these tips work with Google and other search engines also.

You might start by using + and -. For example if you want to find Jones in these pages but you want to exclude the cemetery pages, use as a search argument: jones -cemetery

1. phrase search
The search engine supports three types of phrase search.
a  -To match an exact phrase, use quotes around the phrase. Example: "free search engine"
b -To match a near (within a couple of words) phrase, use square brackets [around the words]. Example: [free search engine]
c -To match a far (within several words) phrase, use braces { around the words }. Example: {free search engine}

2. + and - qualifiers
a - If you prepend a word with + that word is required to be on the page.
b - If you prepend a word with - that word is required to not be on the page.
Example: +always -never

3. * wildcard
If a query word ends with a * all words on a page which start the same way as that query word will match. Example: gift*

4. ? wildcard
If a query word contains a ? any character will match that position. Example: b?g

5. boolean search
You can use the following boolean operators in your search: AND, OR, NOT. These operators MUST be in capital letters. Example: (contact AND us) OR (about AND us)

All of these techniques can be combined: +alway* -ne??r*


Contact info

Anyplace you see this at the bottom of a page:

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Please click onto it to bring you to this page where you can find the newest County Coordinator's email address, which is at the  top of this page.



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