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1814 Tax Rolls for Warren Co., North Carolina

You may browse from page to page or use the table below to view a particular District.  In addition to the names, the original tax rolls include the amount of land, number of white polls, black polls, town lots, stud horses, taverns, stores and even billiard tables.  We hope to include the additional information as time allows since collectively, this is almost  like an additional census.
Six Pound Smith Creek River Hawtree Snow
Nutbush Sandy Creek Fishing Creek Shocco Warrenton


Six Pound District

Adams, Avery Dinkins, Susanna Norsworthy, Barsheba
Aycok, Henry H. Durham,James Nicholson, Benjamin
Acree, Joshua Evans,John

Nicholson, George

Acree, Isaac Egerton,Wilmot Pegram, George, Sr.
Acree, Abraham Egerton, John Pegram, George, Jr.
Burgess, John Ellis,John Pegram, Thomas
Balthrop, Augustin Egerton, John J. Price, Williamson
Balthrop, Francis " for heirs of Jas. Egerton Paine, James
Balthrop, Wm. , Sr. Egerton, Evans Paine, Thomas
 " for Est. Wm. Shearin Egerton, Gray Pryor, John
Baxter, Nathaniel Evans, Major Pegram, William
Baxter, Richard Gardner, Thomas Pattillo, William
Brown, Henry Glascok, Elizabeth Pegram, Gideon
Bell, Thomas Harton, Burwell Paine,  Mrs.Esther
Beasley, Thomas Hazard, Lewis Read, Jesse
 " Gdn.  for Matthew Brooks Hightower, Stephen Robertson, Clack
Bell, Jesse Jones, Taylor Rodwell, John, Sr.
Beasley, Barnett Jones, Peter Rodwell, John, Jr.
Beasley, James Kimbell, William Riggan, Billy P.
Beasley, John Kidd, James Riggan, Jacob
Bell, William King, Sampson Riggan,Jonathan
Bigaloe, Roderick May, Enoch Riggan, Francis, Sr.
Brame,  William Myrick, Thomas Riggan , Daniel
Cotton, Solomon Milam, John Riggan, Michael
 " for  Col. Benjn. Hawkins Memholland, John Riggan, Saml.
Colclough, Benjamin Mustian, Devorix Riggan, Wm. (OfJohn)
Colclough, James Myrick, Charles

Stephens, Simon

Christmas, Thomas Myrick, James Shearin, Daniel
Clack, Eldridge Miller, William Todd, George
Carol, James Marler, Allen C. Vaughan, Peyton
Marler, Middleton Waller,  Robert
Norsworthy, James

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