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To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the name of the Owner or Researcher for the specific Resource you want. Please limit requests to two at a time and be specific about what you need, including a name and timeframe at the very least, also stating which Resource you wish to be checked,  so as to not to overwhelm the volunteers.  Please note that we cannot do your research for you, our lookups are limited to the referenced materials listed below; there lists of places below which can give you Professional Genealogy Services if you need it and can be reached by clicking onto the underlined Service. As you can see, volunteers are needed.  If you own or have easy access to any kind of reference materials pertaining to Warren County genealogy or history, and you would be willing to do lookups or help researchers on a voluntary basis, please contact us on the link at the bottom of the page. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.




Abstracts of Wills, Warren County, NC, 1779-1844 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Abstracts of Wills, Warren County, NC, 1845-1900 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Warren County, Records of Estates, 1780-1805 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Records of Estates, Warren Co., NC, 1805-1833 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Records of Estates, Warren Co.,.NC, 1833-1851 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
Records of Estates, Warren Co., NC, 1852-1868 Published by GoldenWest Mktg. Genealogy Deloris Williams
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Also note that Ginger's book "Warren County, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1780-1786" is on this website and can be viewed starting here

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FamilySearch offers free online records with step-by-step instructions on how to research; amazing resource that all beginners should view:

Getting Started With Family History

The State Library of North Carolina has many instructional pages for researchers. Check out their pages:

Getting Started in Genealogy

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Do you need help in getting started in your African American Research? This is a must-see online interactive resource from the folks at

Beginners Guide to African American Research

Need further instructions on researching Slave Ancestors? A very informative article by some of the foremost African American researchers in the country:

Jumping Chasms

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Obtaining Copies of Historical Documents

Many North Carolina documents of all kinds are now included in online databases at FamilySearch (free),, and Fold3(subscriptions). I suggest that you check those websites first to see if the records you are looking for are available. A list of NC specific databases on FamilySearch can be found here.

Note: All of the following addresses & websites are posted on our Links Page

The Warren County Register of Deeds has Land & Deed Records starting from 1756, Birth & Death Records from 1914, and Marriage Records starting 1867.  The office does not have any staff to do genealogy research, but the public is welcome to go to their office to do research themselves; see their website for phone number & office hours. There is also an online Search Engine for Deed records back to 1974, so far; see their info on our Links Page.

The Clerk of the Superior Court for Warren County as judge of probate, has exclusive original jurisdiction over matters relating to the probate of wills, and the administration of estates, including appointing personal representatives, auditing their accounting, and removing them from office if necessary. The Clerk also presides over many other legal matters including adoptions, incompetency proceedings, condemnation of private lands for public use, and foreclosures. The Clerk is responsible for all clerical and record-keeping functions of the district and superior court. In addition, the Clerk receives and disburses money collected each year from court fees and fines.

The North Carolina State Archives has copies of most Warren County records, many of them have been microfilmed, while others are housed in their varied records collections and may only be accessed in their Search Room. A listing of what is available for Warren can be found in their online "Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives". If you've never ordered records from the Archives before, I suggest you read our Contacting the State Archives page for guidance of what to expect.


Family History Centers (now renamed FamilySearch Centers)  are located throughout the United States to help researchers by providing a number of genealogical resources including records on microfilm & microfiche, CDs, published reference sources for the area of interest, genealogies, histories, gazetteers, atlases & maps, etc. The Centers are free to visitors although a small nominal fee may be charged for microfilm not housed at the local FHC, and some of the smaller centers require that you make an appointment since they have limited staff who are all volunteers You may also want to read about some of their online courses and see what kinds of records are available by visiting their online Learning Center.  You may want to  Click Here to locate a Family History Center in your area.

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