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6 Account of THOMAS CLANTON, Guardian of MARK CLANTON, Orphan of WILLIAM CLANTON, dec'd. Refers to Acct. Current of Estate of WILLIAM CLANTON, dec'd. in the hands of (torn) EDWARDS in records Granville County Court: 2/3 to go to the Orphan MARK CLANTON & other 1/3 to the wife of said Decd. Recorded April Court 1766.

6 Sheriff's Bond from JULIUS NICHOLS, dated 29 July 1766, to KING GEORGE III. Refers to Commission from the Governor 18 June last past. Securities: THOMAS BELL, PAUL PATRICK, JOSEPH PERSON, JOHN HAWKINS. Rcd. July Ct. 1766.

7 Bond from JULIUS NICHOLS, dated 29 July 1766. Sheriff as Collector of all Publick taxes, to the Governor. Otherwise same as above. Securities: THOMAS BELL, PAUL PATRICK, JOSEPH PERSON, and JOHN HAWKINS. Recorded July Court 1766.

7 Commission to PHILEMON HAWKINS as County Coroner from Gov. WILLIAM TRYON. Dated Brunswick, 18 June 1766. Signed FOUNTN., ELWIN P., Sec. "By his Excellency's Command." Recorded July Court 1766.

8 Bond from WILLIAM JOHNSON, as Publick Register, dated 30 January 1767, to his Excellency the Governor & the Lord Proprietor. Sec: THOMAS TURNER and PHILIP BURFORD. Recorded January Court 1767.

8 JOHN DAWSON of Edenhouse in Bertie Co., Gent., & PENELOPE his wife to WILLIAM MOORE, planter. Dated 2 Oct. 1766. Lease for 140 acres on Fishing Creek for 20 years. Wit: MARGT. CATHCART, NATHANIEL PEEBLES, ELLIS MARQUIS. Recorded April Court 1767.

9 WILLIAM CADE (CAGE?) of Craven Co. to THOMAS PERSON of Granville Co. Dated 12 June 1767. Power of Attorney to receive debts etc. owing me in Province of N.C. Wit: BENJAMIN PERSON, JOHN HAREE(?). Recorded July Court 1767.

10 WILLIAM DUKE to WILLIAM TURNER. Dated 31 May 1767. 20-year lease for 500 acres of land, part of the 684-acre tract leased from JOHN DAWSON & PENELOPE his wife 29 Sept. 1766, beginning at BECKONS Ford on the Mill Creek to BECKUMS Old Path. Wit: MATTHEW DUKE, SARAH BELL. Recorded July Court 1767.

11 HENRY WESTBROOK to WILLIAM PERSON of Southampton Co., Va. Dated 4 March 1767. Sale of 8 negro slaves. Wit: BENJAMIN PERSON, THOMAS PERSON. Acknowledged Halifax Co., 9 March 1767, before MONTFORT EILBECK A.J. Recorded July Court 1767.

12 JAMES BURK to Messrs. ALLAN LOVE & Co., Merchts. Dated 15 Oct. 1766. Sale of livestock, goods, & Chattels. Wit: ROBERT TURNBULL, THOS. MACHEN. Recorded July Court 1767.

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