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Will Book A, Warren County Registry

The copyright of this material is held by the Estate of Mary Hinton Kerr and is not public domain. No portion of these records may be reproduced for any purpose


Note:  This is actually the second chapter of Mrs. Kerr's  Bute County Records, Vol. I.  The first chapter is posted as Record Book 1 covering pages 1-9.  This chapter covers pages 11-40 of the book.

1 Clerk's Bond from BENJAMIN McCULLOCH, dated 21 August 1764, to the Justices of the County Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. Refers to Commission from BENJAMIN HERON, Esq., Clerk of the Pleas for this Province 19 June last past. Securities: ALEXANDER McCULLOCH, ROBERT JONES, JR., WILL JOHNSON, JOHN CHRISTMAS. Recorded August Court 1764.

1 Sheriff's Bond from WILLIAM JOHNSON, dated 21 August 1764, to KING GEORGE III. Refers to Commission from the Governor dated 10 June last past. Securities: WILLIAM PERSON, ROBERT CALLER (CALLIER), THOMAS TURNER, JOHN CHRISTMAS. Wit: ALEXR. MCCULLOCH, ROBT. JONES, JR. Recorded August Court 1764.

2 Bond from WILLIAM JOHNSON, Sheriff, as Collector of Taxes, dated 21 Aug. 1764, to Governor ARTHUR DOBBS. Same Securities & Witnesses as above. Recorded August Court 1764.

3 Bond from SUGAN JOHNSON as Publick Register, dated 20 November 1764, to Governor ARTHUR DOBBS. Refers to Commission from the Governor, dated 10 June 1764. Securities: JETHRO SUMNER, BENJAMIN WARD. Rcd. Nov. Court 1764.

3 Sheriff's Bond from JULIUS NICHOLS, dated 1 August 1765, to KING GEORGE III. Refers to Commission from the Governor, dated e May last past. Securities: THOMAS BELL, PAUL PATRICK, JOHN HAWKINS, SR., JOSEPH PERSON. Rcd. July Ct. 1765.

4 Bond from JULIUS NICHOLS, Sheriff, as Collector of taxes. Same as above except bond is to the Hon. WILLIAM TRYON, Lieut. Governor & Commandr. in Chief of the Province. Recorded July Court 1765.

4 Commission as Deputy Surveyor for BENJAMIN PERSON, Esq., dated 1 Feb. 1765, from ROBERT PALMER, Esq., Surveyor General of His Majesty's Lands in the Province of North Carolina. Recorded July Court 1765.

5 Bond from WILLIAM JOHNSON as Publick Register, dated XXIXth day of Oct. 1765, to his Excellency the Palatine & the Lords Proprietors. Securities: THOMAS TURNER, PHILIP BURFORD. Wit: BEN McCULLOCH, JNO. WILLIAMS, JR. Recorded October Court 1765.

5 WILLIAM JOHNSON, late Sheriff of Bute Co., Account for the year 1764. 2040 Taxables; 35 Do. not listed: 726 Taxables retd. for J. NICHOLS to collect. Paid for Register's Book; Paid WILLIAM DUKE, C. JOHNSON, THO. YORK, JOS. DUNCAN. Account approved by the Court: OSBORN JEFFREYS, PHILLEMON HAWKINS, JAMES RANSOM, BENJAMIN PERSON, WILLIAM TABS, THOS. BELL, JAS. ALFORD. April Court 1766.

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