We need your assistance to make this data accurate and complete. If you have information on a veteran from Hyde County who served during the Viet Nam conflict who isn't listed below, or if you have additional information on any of the Viet Nam Veterans below, please let me know. This can include military data, photos of the veteran, especially during their service, stories or their service in Viet Nam, etc., or if you have any information on any of Hyde's veterans who were Killed in Action and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, please contact me.  Also see Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (searchable database).


Name Rank Branch of
ARMSTRONG, James M.   U. S. Army  
BALANCE, Leigh   U. S. Army  
BERRY, C. Edwin   U. S. Army  
BERRY, Lester M.   U. S. Army  
BISHOP, Joseph H.   U. S. Army  
BLOUNT, Don E-2 U.S. Navy 1972-1973
BRINN, Burnie G.   U. S. Army  
BROCK, Hillard, Jr.   U. S. Army  
BROOKS, Larry Leslie   U. S. Army Served 20 years, two tours in Viet Nam
BRYANT, Leon   U. S. Army  
BURRUS, David   U. S. Army  
CAHOON, Morgan Lane (1950-1970) Private 1st Class U. S. Army 101st Airborne Division;
Killed in Action: Feb. 11, 1970
CAHOON, Robert L.   U. S. Army  
CARAWAN, Dexter W.   U. S. Air Force  
CARAWAN, Donnie S.   U. S. Army  
CARAWAN, Merlin (1939-1992)   U. S. Army  
CHAMPION, Sampson   U. S. Army  
COOPER, Soloman N.   U. S. Army  
COX, Richard M. E-5 U. S. Army 25th Infantry Division, Cu Chi Providence, Vietnam.
Received the Bronze Star & the Purple Heart.
CUTHRELL, Nicky Wade (1946-1969) Sergeant U. S. Army 595th Signal Spt. Co.; 1st Signal Brigade;
Killed In Action: Jan. 15, 1969.
CUTRELL, Howard L.   U. S. Army  
DAVIS, Victor T.   U. S. Army  
FREEMAN, James   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Andrew   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, James P.   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Jesse H.   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, K. D.   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Perry   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Tommy L.   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Victor T.   U. S. Army  
GIBBS, Wallace H.   U. S. Army  
GURGANUS, James H.   U. S. Army  
HARRIS, Weldon   U. S. Army  
HARRIS, William G.   U. S. Army  
JARVIS, Foster Linwood (1921-1993) Chief Petty Officer U. S. Navy Served 26 years; also served in WW II
JONES, Myron E.   U. S. Army  
KEYES, Arnell (1944-1966) Private First Class U. S. Army 101st Airborne Division; Killed in Action: March 4, 1966
KEYES, Harlem M.   U. S. Marines Served 1966-1967 in 3rd Marine Division, 9th Marines, India Company; Wounded twice
LEWIS, Cecil L.   U. S. Army  
LEWIS, Dean R.   U. S. Army  
MACKEY, Elton L.   U. S. Army  
MARSHALL, Roy W.   U. S. Army  
MASON, Jack N., Jr.   U. S. Army  
McGOWAN, John B. QM-3 U.S. Navy 1959-1963; two tours off the coast of Viet Nam in 1961 & 1963 and in Operation Bominic I at Johnson Island Hydrogen Bomb tests in 1962
MIDGETTE, Alton SP4 U.S. Army
MIDGETTE, Roy   U. S. Army  
MOONEY, Leon S.   U. S. Army  
MURRAY, David T.   U. S. Army  
NEWMAN, Thomas E.   U. S. Army  
O'NEAL, Stafford   U. S. Army  
SADLER, Gary W.   U. S. Army  
SAWYER, Donald Sherwood (1949-1969) Private 1st Class U. S. Marines HK Company, Head Quarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division; Killed In Action: Apr. 11, 1969; Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart
SELBY, Gregory PO 3rd Class U.S. Navy 1967-1972
SELBY, Wallace   U. S. Army  
SILVERTHORNE, Cecil Norman (1946-2000)   U. S. Air Force  
SMITHWICK, Bruce S.   U. S. Army  
SMITHWICK, Danny R.   U. S. Army  
SPOTANSKI, Serge Walter (1947-1968) Corporal U. S. Marines Killed In Action: Dec. 6, 1968
TOPPING, Clifford B.   U. S. Army  
WESTON, Sam   U. S. Army  
WHITFIELD, David (1951-1996) Sergeant U. S. Army  
WHITFIELD, Willie A. (1946-1995) SP4 U. S. Marines  
WILLIAMS, Brice Sergeant U. S. Army Served Aug, 1966 to Aug, 1968
WILLIAMS, William Farrow
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Lieutenant Colonel U. S. Air Force Aircraft Commander on the first Trans-Pacific Helicopter Flight in 1970 from Alaska to Viet Nam;
Commander of Detachment 5, 39th ARRS, Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, FL.

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