Korean War Veterans
from Hyde County

"The Forgotten War"
(Researched by John B. McGowan)

P.F.C. Lloyd D. Fisher

We need your assistance to make this data accurate and complete. If you have information on a veteran from Hyde County who served during the Korean Conflict who isn't listed below, or if you have additional information on any of the veterans on these pages, please let me know. This can include military data, photos of the veteran, especially during their service, stories or their service during the Korean Conflict , etc., or if you have any information on any of Hyde's veterans who were Killed in Action and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, please contact me. Any information you have will contribute to honoring Hyde County's Veterans, living and dead.


Veteran's Name Rank Branch of
Ballance, Charles Ray (1926-2007) Sergeant U. S. Army  
Ballance, Allen White   US Army  
Brickhouse, Leslie (1932-1999)   U. S. Army  
Cahoon, Carl McGuire, Sr. (1929-1993)   U. S. Army Purple Heart
Carawan, Edward "Bunk"   U. S. Army 1st Cavalry Division
Carawan, Royce Maxwell (1935-1999)   U. S. Navy  
Carter, Paul      
Cox, Roy Starr, Jr. (1920-1963) Chief Gunners Mate U. S. Navy Also served in WW II
Credle, Garland Tooley (1933-1966) GMM 2nd Class U. S. Navy  
Credle, William Edward (1926-1995)   U. S. Army  
Elkins, Jesse Lee (1925-1994) Boatswain Mate 3rd Class U. S. Navy Also served in WW II and Viet Nam. Served 20 years
Fisher, Lloyd Daniel (1929 - ____) P.F.C. U. S. Army Co. D, 179th Infantry Regt., 45th Div.
Feb. 6, 1951 - Jan. 27, 1953
Garrish, James David, Jr. (1926-2002)      
Gibbs, Avery Dempsey (1931-1967) CS 3rd Class U. S. Navy Also served in Viet Nam
Gibbs, Balford B. (1929-1998)   U. S. Army  
Harris, Milton   U. S. Army 1st Cavalry Division
Harris, Percy Apperson (1927-2001)   U. S. Army 1st Cavalry Division
Ireland, Leo Casper (1926-1997)   U. S. Army  
Jennette, Delbert G. (1929-1950) Private U. S. Army 5th Infantry Regiment; Killed In Action: Aug. 10, 1950
Jones, Herbert S., Jr. (1926-1991)   U. S. Army  
Kight, John Fisk (1916-1991)   U. S. Army Also served in WW II; Served 30 years
Long, John Milton (1930-1999)   U. S. Marine Corps  
Marshall, William Guy, Jr. (1930-1995) Corporal U. S. Army  
Midgette, Johnnie   U. S. Coast Guard  
Midyette, James Emory (1928 -2003)   U. S. Army  
O'Neal, Ivy Lee (1931-1964) SFC U. S. Army Company A, 20th Engineers, C BT TN; BSM
O'Neal, John Puet (1932-1999)   U. S. Coast Guard  
O'Neal, Samuel Garland (1931-1969) E MFN U. S. Navy  
O'Neal, Walter C. Corporal U. S. Marine Corps  
O'Neal, William G.   U. S. Army 120th Engineer Combat Battalion, 45th Infantry Division
Potts, Frederick Latham, Jr. (1929-1999) Medic U. S. Army  
Rhem, William Arthur (1918-1965) Technical Sergeant U. S. Air Force  
Ramon, Edward Charles (1915-1994) Sergeant Major U. S. Army Also served in WW II; Served 28 years
Rose, Coleman Dean (1928-1992)      
Scarborough, Allen   U. S. Coast Guard  
Stotesberry, William Burley (1930-2000)      
Williams, Herbert   U. S. Army 1st Cav. or 25th Div. Army
Williams, Roger Manning (1929-1960) AB U. S. Air Force 5008th Support Squadron
Winfield, Samuel F. (1928-1950) Corporal U. S. Army 79th Heavy Tank Battalion, 25th Infantry Division

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