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The Harris Brothers
Contributed by Milton Harris

World War II

The five sons of Robert Milton Harris and wife Victoria Elizabeth Dunbar, all of whom served in WW II; Milton Harris also serving in Korea.

Earl Dunning Harris, b. 17 January 1910, died circa January 1986, married circa Dec 1941 to Lenora Berry, b. 10 April 1916. He was drafted in January 1941, prior to Pearl Harbor. He was released about October of 1945. He was in the MPs and during that time he went overseas twice to bring back prisoners of war.

Robert R. Harris, b. 8 Oct 1915, d. 25 Mar 1988, married 8 Oct 1939 to Edith Howie, b. 19 Apr 1917. Joined the Army in 1935 and retired from the U.S. Army in 1955 as Master Sergeant. He was among the very first to land in North Africa in Nov 1942. He went through part of N. Africa, through Sicily and through the lower part of Italy. He was then transferred back to the States to help train new recruits at Camp Croft, SC. While overseas he was with the 13th Field Artillery Brigade.

William Geofrey Harris, b. 7 June 1917, married 14 Dec 1941 to Polly Hampton. He joined the Army in Nov 1939 and retired as a Major in 1961. He was in Italy during WW II where he received a battlefield commission. He was attached to Ordinance.

Marion A. Harris, b. 30 Sept 1921, d. 28 Oct 1979, married 22 Dec 1951 to Lois Wise, b. 9 Dec 1930. He was drafted in July 1942. In Oct of 1943 he was given a Medical Discharge because of a defective vertebra in his back. He was in the Medical Corps.

Milton Harris, b. 19 Jan 1925, married 29 July 1955 to Glade Sears, b. 26 July 1936. Drafted in July 1943 and discharged in Jan 1946. Went to Italy with the 10th Mountain Division in late 1944. They spearheaded the drive through the North Apennine Mountains into, and through, the Po Valley where the War ended for Italy on 2 May 1945. The war ended in the rest of Europe six days later on 8 May 1945. He reached the rank of P.F.C. and turned 20 while in Italy. Milton served with the lst Cavalry Division in Korea from 7-10-50 to 8-2-51.

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