1880 Hyde Co., North Carolina Census

(Transcribed by John B. McGowan)

This census was abstracted from microfilm roll T9.968 obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.  Previous copies of this census transcribed by Rebecca Swindell and Caroline Jarvis Coats, both deceased, were used where the microfilm was difficult to read. A question mark was placed where it was too difficult to read the person's name or age.

Several new elements appeared in the 1880 census from previous census records, namely, a statement of the relationship of each person to the head of the family and an expressed statement of marital status, called "civil condition".  The enumerators started taking the census on June 1st.

About twenty columns were used in the original census but the columns used for our purposes are:

1) House - numbered in the order of visitation.
2) Family - numbered in the order of visitation.
3) Names of all persons whose place of abode on June 1, 1880 was in this family.
4) Race - White was indicated with a "W", Black with a "B", Mulatto with an "M", Chinese with a "C" and Indian with an "I".
5) Sex - Male was indicated with an "M"; female with an "F".
6) Age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880; if under 1 year then months were given in fractions; i.e. 3/12.
7) Month of Birth - If born within the census year then the month was given
8) Relationship of each person to the head of the family, i.e. son, daughter, wife, etc.
9) Marital Status - Whether single (s), married (m) or divorced (d)
10) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
11) Whether a person could Read and Write
12) Birth Place of Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
13) Birth Place of the Father of the Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
14) Birth Place of the Mother of the Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
15) Remarks - This column will be used to indicate whether a person attended school during the year, was insane, idiotic, blind, deaf & dumb, crippled, etc.

There were 5 townships in the 1880 Hyde County census:

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1880 census. I also developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you're interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Page Numbers

Currituck Twp. (Dist. #72)

466A 466B 467A 467B 468A 468B 469A 469B 470A 470B 471A 471B 472A 472B 473A 473B
474A 474B 475A 475B 476A 476B 477A 477B 478A 478B 479A 479B 480A 480B 481A 481B
482A 482B 483A 483B 484A 485A 485B 486A 486B 487A

Fairfield Twp. (Dist. #73)

488A 488B 489A 489B 490A 490B 491A 491B 492A 492B 493A
493B 494A 494B 495A 495B 496A 496B 497A 497B 498A 498B

Lake Landing Twp. (Dist. #74)

499A 499B 500A 500B 501A 501B 502A 502B 503A 503B 504A 504B 505A 505B 506A 506B
507A 507B 508A 508B 509A 509B 510A 510B 511A 511B 512A 512B 513A 513B 514A 514B
515A 515B 516A 516B 517A 517B 518A 518B 519A 519B 520A 520B 521A 521B 522A 522B
523A 523B 524A 524B 525A 525B 526A 526B 527A 527B 528A 528B 529A

Ocracoke Twp. (Dist. #75)

530A 530B 531A 531B 532A 532B 533A 533B

Swan Quarter Twp. (Dist. #76)

534A 534B 535A 535B 536A 536B 537A 537B 538A 538B 539A 539B 540A
540B 541A 541B 542A 542B 543A 543B 544A 544B 545A 545B 546A

Surname Index


Adams - 476A, 488A, 488B, 511B, 514A, 515A, 536A
Alcock - 469B, 489A
Alexander - 500B, 504A
Allen - 466B
Anderson - 472A
Armstrong - 466B
Arrington - 492B
Ashley - 469B, 517B, 544B
Austin - 472A, 526A


Ball - 477A, 487A
Ballance - 477B, 478A, 503A, 510B, 512B, 517A, 517B, 521B, 524A, 526B, 527A, 527B, 530A, 530B, 532A, 533A, 542A
Banks - 470B, 536A
Barber - 470B, 471B, 494A, 495A, 497B 498B, 501B, 502A, 505A, 505B, 508A, 514B, 515B, 516A, 517A, 517B, 521A, 523B
Barnes - 532A
Barnett - 498B
Barrow - 466B, 471A, 471B, 472A, 477B, 507B, 510A, 517B
Batson - 478B
Baum - 493A, 494B, 496B
Beckwith - 494A, 496B, 498B, 515A, 536A
Bell - 466A, 469B, 471B, 473A, 474A, 474B, 477A, 479A, 482B, 484A, 485A, 485B, 486A, 486B, 499B, 510A, 518A
Benson - 500B, 501A, 501B, 502A, 502B, 535A, 536B, 540A, 542B
Benton - 488B, 489A, 537A
Berry - 480B, 485A, 495B, 496B, 497B, 499A, 499B, 501B, 502A, 503B, 520A, 522B, 524A, 527B, 528A, 528B, 535B, 542A
Bess - 480A
Bishop - 466A
Blackwell - 514A
Blake - 470A, 486B, 487A, 490B, 538B, 539A
Blunt/Blount - 467B, 471A, 504A, 506A, 509A, 509B, 532B, 534B, 535A, 536A, 537B, 540A, 545A, 545B, 546A
Bonner - 489B, 497A, 521A, 521B, 525A, 536A, 537A
Boomer - 474A, 485A, 501A, 501B, 502A, 504A, 506A, 509A, 510A, 512B, 513B, 523A, 528B, 536B, 537A, 538A
Boyd/Boyed - 468A, 473A, 473B, 474A, 520B, 527A, 539B
Bowdon - 517A
- 470B, 491A, 491B
Brader - 489B
Bradrick - 494A
Bradshaw - 476B
Brady - 469A
Bragg - 480B, 532A, 533B
Brian/Bryan - 489B, 535A, 537B
- 483B, 520B
Bridgman - 472B, 476A, 476B, 479B, 490B, 512B, 536A, 538B, 539A, 545A
Briggs - 504B
Brimage - 504B, 535B, 537B, 540A, 545B, 546A
Brinkley - 474A
Brin/Brinn - 470A, 480B, 487A, 488B, 490A, 491A, 493A, 494B, 497B, 523B, 525B, 526A, 541A, 542A, 543B
Brinson - 483B
Brooks - 470B, 481B, 505A, 505B, 506B, 507A, 513A, 513B, 524B
Brown - 475A, 486B, 492B, 493B, 494A, 502B, 503A, 523B, 536A, 538A, 538B
Buggs - 507B, 512B
Bulfour - 470B
Bunch - 475A
Burgess - 466B, 481A, 481B
Burris/Burrus - 474A, 475B, 476A, 488B, 489A, 492B, 494A, 498A, 498B, 501A, 514A, 515A, 517B, 521A, 521B, 523A, 523B, 524A, 534B
Burse - 534B, 539A, 541A, 541B, 542A


Caffee - 496B, 502A, 536A, 543A
Cahoon - 467B, 468A, 468B, 491A, 492A, 493B, 511B, 512A, 512B, 514A, 516A, 516B, 520A, 535A, 536B
Campbell - 475B, 477A, 481A, 484A
Canada/Canida - 488A, 490A, 526B
Caps - 475A
Carawan - 503A, 510A, 511A, 514A, 537A, 538B, 539A, 542B, 545B
Carter - 479B, 489A, 491A, 492B, 493A, 494A, 497B
Cartwright - 497B, 539A
Cason - 525A, 541A, 542B, 544A
Chadwick - 480A, 492A
Chance - 494B, 496B
Chesson - 475B
Chester - 544A
Clark - 475B, 476A, 477A, 479B, 481A, 486A, 506A, 507A, 507B, 509B, 517B, 518A, 519B, 520B, 526B, 542B, 544A
Claton/Clayton - 494B, 497B, 507B, 509B, 510A, 513B, 516A, 522B, 523B, 542A
Cobern - 474A, 474B, 481B, 482A
Collins - 471A, 482A, 495A, 495B, 498A, 502A, 503B, 504B, 511B, 516B, 517A, 520A, 520B, 521A, 523B, 524B, 527B
Congleton - 542A
Cooper - 488A, 491A, 491B, 535A
Cordan/Cordon - 481B, 492A, 492B
Corvin - 469A
Cottons - 489A
- 472A, 477B, 479B, 494A, 495B, 543A
Cox - 480A, 491A, 512A, 514A, 514B, 515B, 517B, 518A, 518B, 521A, 525A
Crary - 468B
Credle - 467A, 467B, 469A, 469B, 470A, 470B, 473A, 473B, 474A, 476B, 479A, 479B, 480B, 485B, 488A, 489A, 489B, 491A, 492B, 497A, 498B, 505A, 505B, 515B, 516A, 520B, 536B, 538A, 539A, 539B, 540A, 540B, 541A, 542A, 542B, 543A, 543B, 544A, 545B
Creecy - 490A
Crumble - 486A
Cullfer - 471B
Curchins - 479B
Curtis - 532A
Cutrel/Cutrell - 470A, 474A, 476B, 477A, 481B, 482B, 491B, 492A, 492B, 493A, 493B, 495A, 495B, 496B, 497A, 497B, 516B, 522B


Daily - 531A
Dames - 515A,
Dampson - 493B
Daniels/Dannels - 467B, 470B, 483A, 490A, 490B, 491A, 492A, 496A, 496B, 497B, 498A, 524A, 526B, 527A, 536B, 544A, 545A
Davis - 467A, 467B, 468A, 471B, 474B, 481A, 482A, 498A, 500B, 518A, 524A, 524B, 528A
Davison/Davison - 477A, 526B
Dillon - 471B, 475A Dixon - 471B
Donald - 492A, 501B
Donnel - 469B, 534B
Dossen - 481A
Douglass - 508A, 508B
Drigers - 471A
Dudley - 474A504B, 511B, 517B
Dunam - 477A
Dunbar - 466B, 467B, 468B, 469B, 478A
Dunn - 468B
Durden - 477B, 484A


Eason - 479B
Eastwood - 477A, 480A, 505A, 519A
Eborn - 478B, 482A
Elixson - 478A
Emery - 500A, 540B
Ensley - 469A, 476B, 490A, 514A, 516B
Equels/Equils - 468B, 469A, 469B
Evans - 493A
Everage - 534B
Everet - 483B


Farrow - 470B, 471B, 474A, 480A, 486B, 491B, 494B, 498A, 503B, 506B, 508A, 513A, 513B, 514B, 515B, 530A, 543A, 544A, 544B, 545B
Fisher - 472A, 475A, 475B, 499A, 504B, 505B, 509A, 536B, 540B, 542B, 545B
Flawed - 490B
Fletcher - 523B
Flowers - 480A, 545A
Fonveal/Fonville - 499B, 506A, 509B, 518B, 540B
Forman - 483A
Fortiscue - 472B, 473A, 474A, 475B, 477B, 478A, 478B, 479A, 480A, 480B, 481A, 486B, 498A, 536A
Frances - 508B, 511A, 527B
Franklen/Franklin - 480A, 486A, 486B, 521A
Freeman - 482B, 510B
Fulcher - 530A, 530B, 531A, 531B
Fulford - 479527B, A, 518B, 519B, 526A
Funnal - 489A


Galoway - 495A
Garrish - 484A, 530A, 532A, 532B
Gascall/Gaskil/Gaskill - 480B, 487A, 490A, 496B, 532B, 533A, 533B, 543B
Gaskins - 507A, 511A, 520A, 530B, 531B, 532A, 533B, 542A, 543B
Gibbs - 467A, 469A, 470A, 474A, 476A, 476B, 477B, 479A, 480B, 481B, 482A, 488B, 489B, 490A, 491B, 492A, 492B, 494A, 494B, 495B, 497A, 498A, 498B, 499B, 500A, 500B, 501A, 503B, 504B, 505A, 505B, 506A, 506B, 507A, 508A, 509B, 510B, 511A, 511B, 512A, 512B, 513A, 513B, 514A, 514B, 515A, 515B, 516A, 516B, 517B, 518A, 518B, 519A, 519B, 520A, 520B, 521A, 521B, 522A, 522B, 523A, 523B, 524A, 524B, 525B, 526A, 526B, 527A, 527B, 528A, 528B, 529A, 536B, 539B, 540A, 540B, 541A, 542B, 543A, 545B
Giles - 502A, 546A
Gilford - 535A
Gilliam - 504B
Goelett - 507A
Goode - 519A
Gower - 466A, 478A, 478B
Gray - 468B, 469A, 472A, 473B, 474A, 474B, 478B, 484A, 491A, 494B, 495A, 516A, 516B,
Green/Greene - 483A, 489B, 497A, 499A, 500A, 502A, 534B, 535A, 536A, 537B, 540A
Grice - 492B
Griffin - 477A, 480A, 486A, 486B
Guerkin - 468A
Gutherie - 522B,
Gwaltney - 467A


Hall - 471A, 498B, 499B, 504B, 507A, 508B, 511A, 518B, 546A
Hambleton -
468A, 479B
Hamilton - 470B, 506B, 507A, 510B, 542B
Handberry - 472A
Hanks - 485B
Hardie/Hardy - 517A, 538B
Harper - 473A
Harris - 471A, 478B, 480B, 483A, 488A, 490A, 496B, 497A, 497B, 504A, 505A, 507A, 516B, 520A, 521B, 523B, 524B, 526A, 526B, 527A, 527B, 528A, 528B, 529A, 535B, 536B, 538A, 538B, 541B, 542B, 543A, 544A, 544B, 545A, 545B
Harrisson - 469A
Harvey/Harvy - 466A, 532A
Hase/Hayse - 479A, 480B, 541B
Henderson - 544A
Henry - 486B, 519B
Hersey - 482A
Hill - 482B, 484A, 490A, 495A, 511B
Hixion/Hixon - 490B, 491A, 491B, 498A
Hodges - 469B, 475A, 483A, 485B, 488A, 505A, 537B, 538A
Holister - 512B
Holland - 469B
Hollivy - 535A
Holloyman - 546A
Holliway/Holloway - 535A, 536B, 537A, 537B, 540A
Hollowell - 473A, 518A
Holsy/Hosley - 509B, 519B
Hooker - 466B, 467B
Hooten - 483B, 485A, 484A
Hopkins - 509A, 514A
Howard - 468A, 473A, 474B, 475B, 504B, 506A, 507B, 518A, 518B, 530B, 532A, 532B, 533A, 538A, 542A, 543A
Howell - 482B
Howl - 476A
Hoyt - 516A
Hudnal - 477B
Hudson - 475A, 482B, 485A, 497A, 501A, 502A, 534A, 535A, 541B, 543B
Humphrey - 537A

I - J

Inglish - 542A, 543B
Ives - 543B
Jackson - 530B, 531B, 532A, 533B
James - 469B
Jarvis - 471B, 477B, 478B, 480A, 484A, 486B, 493A, 496A, 499A, 500A, 505B, 539A, 541A, 544A, 544B, 545A
Jennet/Jennette - 466A, 470A, 478A, 480A, 481A, 485B, 502B, 504B, 514A, 514B, 518A, 518B, 520A, 521A, 542B, 543B
Jester - 475A, 478A, 544B
Johnson - 467B, 476A, 489B, 493B, 498A, 515A, 524B, 527B, 541A
Joiner - 472A, 484A
Jones - 467B, 480B, 489A, 490A, 490B, 499B, 500A, 500B, 501A, 502B, 503B, 504B, 509B, 510B, 511B, 517B, 520A, 536B, 541A, 542B
Jordan - 475B, 497A
Jurdin - 539A


Keech - 470A, 474A
King - 467A, 471A, 472A, 472B, 473B, 479A, 519A, 522A, 523B


Lacy - 478B, 479A
Landon - 469B
Laurance - 532A
Lastus - 494B
Latham - 467A, 470B
Leary - 542A
Leath - 466B, 472A
Lee - 482A, 537B, 538A
Lewis - 493A
Linton - 510B, 512A, 514B, 519B, 525A, 539A
Little - 514B
Litchfield - 506B, 521B, 524A, 528A
Liverman - 478A, 489A, 489B, 537B
Locker - 534A, 536B
Long - 471B, 478B, 488B, 504B, 505B
Longest - 499B, 500A, 501A, 502B, 510B, 534B
Lovick - 540A, 540B
Low/Lowe - 468B, 469A, 471A
Lucas - 501A, 501B, 503A, 506A, 516B
Lupton - 470A, 471A, 482B, 483A, 483B, 484A, 485A
Luten - 517B

Mc - M

McCabe - 534B
McClaud/McCloud - 495A, 502A, 503B, 504A, 507B, 537B
McColough - 503A
McElvain/Mackelvane - 507B, 535B, 540A, 540B
McGowan - 499A, 499B, 504A, 537A, 537B, 539A
- 470A, 471B, 473B, 475B, 477A, 481B, 488B, 490A, 495A, 495B, 510A, 513B, 516B, 517B, 523A, 529A, 534B, 542A
McKinny/McKinnie  - 489A, 489B, 490B, 496A, 518A, 519A, 523A, 524B, 526A, 529A, 536B
McWilliams - 530A
Makley - 470B
Manly - 470B
Mann - 466A, 475B, 481A, 486B, 489A, 489B, 491A, 491B, 493A, 505A, 505B, 506A, 506B, 507A, 507B, 511A, 511B, 512A, 513B, 516A, 517B, 518A, 518B, 519A, 520B, 521B, 522A, 524B, 536A
Manning - 474A, 481B
Marshal - 479B, 514B
Martin - 474B, 478A
Martindale - 492B
Mason - 467A, 467B, 472B, 481B, 483A, 486A, 489B, 491B, 508B, 510B, 511A, 512A, 522A, 524A, 525A, 525B, 539A, 539B, 543B, 544A, 545A
Mayo - 493B
Meekins - 519B, 525A, 525B
Melson - 500B
Merrick - 534A, 534B
Midget/Midyette - 470A, 474B, 477A, 478A, 484A, 488A, 488B, 492B, 496A, 498B, 501A, 503B, 506B, 508A, 508B, 509A, 510B, 512B, 513B, 514A, 515B, 518B, 519B, 520A, 521A, 522A, 522B, 525A, 525B, 526B, 527A, 534B, 544B, 545A, 545B
Mitchel - 545B
Moffett - 470B
Moony - 493A
More/Moore - 472B, 473A, 482B, 485B, 486A, 492B, 495A, 507B, 517B, 529A, 534B, 537A, 539A
Morgan - 467B
Morisson - 469A
Morris - 466A, 468A, 472A, 474B, 475A, 478A, 482B, 494A, 495B, 497A, 498B, 516A, 516B, 517B, 521A
Morse - 518B,
Morton - 490B
Murrah/Murray -
491A, 492B, 494B, 497A, 497B, 500A, 506B, 507A, 507B, 509B, 510B, 511B, 512B, 514A
Murrell - 500A


Neal - 503B, 504B, 505A, 507B, 512B, 514A, 523A, 525B, 526B, 528B, 529A, 529A, 537B, 539B, 541A, 543A, 544A
Newman - 470B
Nixon - 488A, 497B, 515A, 515B, 522B, 525A
Nobels - 476A, 508B
Nolan - 523B,
Northan - 479B, 480A, 500B, 521A, 527B


Oats - 470A, 474B
Oliver - 535A
Oneal/O'Neal - 466A, 470A, 471B, 472B, 475A, 476B, 477A, 478A, 479A, 479B, 480A, 480B, 481B, 492B, 494A, 497B, 501B, 505A, 508A, 508B, 510A, 519A, 521B, 530A, 530B, 531A, 531B, 532A, 532B, 533A, 533B
Orman - 474A
Overton - 544B

P - Q

Parishner - 496B, 497B
Parks - 477B
Parsons - 528B,
Patric/Patteric - 466A, 467B, 522B, 525B
Patterson - 516B, 517A
Payne - 503B, 509A, 510B, 512B, 526A
Pawl - 467A, 468B
Peal - 482B, 523B
Pegram - 482A
Pedrick - 534A
Perkins - 527B, 535A
Peterson - 504B, 534A, 534B, 535A, 540B, 545B
Phelps - 477A, 509A
Pierce - 485A
Pitman - 483A
Pledger - 473B, 474A, 496A, 526A
Poperville/Poperwill - 482A, 499A, 499B, 539B
Porter - 538A, 539A
Pratt - 492B
Pugh - 469A, 475A, 499B, 500A, 507B, 508A, 508B, 510B, 512A, 517B, 519B, 525B, 535B
Quidley - 525B,


Raburn - 493B
Radcliff - 466B, 467A
Rasco/Rascoe - 482A, 519B
Read - 472A
Ready - 492B
Reddic - 480B, 481A
Rell - 485B
Respass - 473A, 475B, 523A
Rich - 493B
Richards - 466A,  466B, 469B, 472B
Richardson - 492B, 508A
Right - 536B
Rimm - 468B
Robberts - 536B
Roberson - 468B 476B, 478A, 498A, 508A, 542B
Robinson - 519A
Rodman - 486A, 486B
Rollins - 516B, 518A
Roper - 506A, 512A, 513A, 516A, 517A
Rose - 468A, 471A, 476A, 478B, 489B, 491A, 495B, 497A, 504B, 505A, 507A, 511A, 518B, 520A, 522B, 523A, 525B, 526A
Ross - 478A, 483A, 483B, 535B
Rue - 474B, 492B, 495B, 498A, 512B
Ruffin - 472A, 472B
Russ - 468A, 469A
Russell - 469B, 470B, 500A


Saddler/Sadler - 469B, 470A, 472B, 473A, 475A, 477A, 482A, 485B, 492B, 493A, 493B, 494A, 494B, 495B, 496A, 497A, 498A, 500B, 501B, 502A, 502B, 503A, 509B, 510A, 510B, 539B, 542B
Sanderson/Saunderson - 472A, 476A, 493A, 494B, 495A, 495B, 501B, 503B, 512A, 517B, 518A, 520A, 525B, 527B, 528A, 528B
Satchwell - 475B
Satterthwait - 467A, 467B
Saunders - 516B
Sawyer - 466A, 467A, 469B, 471A, 471B, 474B, 479B, 482A, 482B, 483B, 485A, 488A, 488B, 489B, 490A, 492A, 496B, 499A, 507A, 528B, 529A, 538A, 539A, 539B
Scharborough - 530A, 531A, 531B
Sears - 483B, 485A, 501B, 542A
Selby - 475B, 476B, 477A, 485B, 497B, 499B, 500A, 502B, 504A, 504B, 505A, 505B, 506A, 506B, 507A, 509B, 513A, 513B, 514A, 518A, 519B, 522A, 523A, 524B, 525A, 535B, 536A, 540A
Sermons - 505A, 509A, 510A, 540B
Sewell - 503B, 505A, 517B
Sharlington - 483B
Shaw - 504A, 505B, 506B, 507A, 509B
Sheldon - 499B, 534A, 545B
Silverthorn - 466A, 469B, 473A, 481B, 484A, 485B, 486A, 507A, 518B, 541B
Silvy - 540A
Simmons/Simons - 469B, 470A, 488A, 498B, 501A, 503B, 521B, 522B, 539B
Simpson - 504A, 533A, 533B
Slade - 470A, 473A, 474B, 475B, 478B, 479A, 492A
Slocom - 536B
Smith - 468A, 468B, 470B, 480A, 485A, 486A, 492A, 496A, 508B, 526A, 533B, 536A, 539A, 543B
Smythwick - 468A
Snell - 473A, 482B, 483B
Sparrow - 478A, 507A
Spencer - 470B, 471A, 473B, 474A, 475B, 476B, 477A, 480A, 480B, 485A, 485B, 488B, 489A, 489B, 490A, 492A, 492B, 493A, 494B, 495B, 497B, 498A, 498B, 499A, 499B, 500A, 502A, 503B, 504A, 504B, 506A, 508A, 510A, 512B, 513A, 515A, 515B, 516A, 516B, 517A, 517B, 518A, 519A, 519B, 520A, 520B, 521A, 521B, 522B, 523A, 523B, 524A, 524B, 525A, 526A, 526B, 527B, 528A, 528B, 529A, 531A, 532B, 534B, 536A, 537B, 539A, 542A, 545B
Spring - 470B, 483B
Stanley - 470B, 474B, 478B, 480A
Stansel - 498A
Steele - 469A
Stevens - 534A
Stotesbury - 499B, 502A, 535A, 536A, 540B, 545A
Stow/Stowe - 468A, 474A, 526A
Strickland - 511A
Styron - 533A
Swindell / Swindel / Swindle - 469A, 471A, 477B, 478A, 488B, 489A, 489B, 491A, 492A, 492B, 493A, 499B, 502A, 504A, 505A, 506B, 507A, 509A, 510A, 510B, 511A, 511B, 512A, 513B, 514B, 515A, 523A, 525A, 527B, 528A, 529A, 536A, 536B, 537B, 539A, 539B, 540B, 541B, 542A, 542B


Talor/Taylor - 493A, 511A, 541A, 543A
Tate - 476B
Telfam - 485B
Thomas - 474B, 477B, 496B
Thompson - 513A, 518A
Toland - 485A
Tollar - 530A
Tolson - 532A, 533B, 543A, 543B
Tooly/Tooley - 469B, 471A, 473B, 474A, 474B, 478B, 480B, 484A, 503B, 541B, 542B
Topins/Topping - 500B, 503A, 506A, 537A
Trent - 530A
Tunnell - 509B, 510A, 512A, 512B, 519B
Twiddy - 468B
Tyson - 471B, 479A, 518B

U - V

Umphy - 537A
Vale - 468A
Vendrie - 525B
Voliva - 468A, 482A, 489B, 492B, 522B, 537B, 538A

W - Z

Wahab - 472B, 477A, 477B, 485B, 486A, 486B, 530A, 541B
Walker - 472A, 490B, 498B, 501A, 502A
Wallace - 541A
Wallis - 491A
Ward - 474A, 489A, 498B, 513B, 516A, 523A
Warner - 483B, 486A, 501B
Warren - 479A
Waters - 476B
Watson - 469B, 472B, 476B, 479B, 480A, 490B, 491A, 493A, 499A, 502A, 502B, 504B, 507B, 509A, 510A, 519A, 521A, 521B, 522A, 535B, 537A, 542A, 542B, 543B
Welch - 483B, 484A
Weston - 499B, 501A, 501B, 502B, 503A, 503B, 504B, 505B, 506B, 507A, 507B, 510B, 514B, 528A, 536A
Whedbee - 524A
Whitaker - 535A, 537A
White - 499A, 499B, 503B, 505B, 508B, 509A, 521B, 523B, 534A, 545A, 545B
Whitecar - 500A, 500B, 501A, 506A
Whitefield - 500B, 520B
Whitley - 466A, 482A
Whitney - 534A, 534B, 535B, 536B, 537A, 539A, 540A, 540B, 544A
Whitus - 486A, 486B Wilkinson - 479A, 513B
Willard - 479B
Willey - 486B
Williams - 476B, 477A, 477B, 488A, 489A, 490B, 494A, 494B, 495A, 496A, 496B, 497A, 500A, 505B, 510A, 525B, 528A, 529A, 530A, 530B, 531A, 531B, 532B, 533A, 533B, 536A, 538B, 541A, 544A, 544B, 546A
Williamson - 472B, 474A, 491A, 492A, 537B, 545B
Willis - 491B, 499A, 518B
Wilson - 527A
Windley - 467B, 488B, 489A, 507A
Winfield - 468A
Winn - 492B
Winny - 515A
Young - 489B, 492A, 513A, 520A, 527B

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