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Copies of these wills can be obtained through the North Carolina State Archives or County Court Clerk's Office
Please note that not all wills recorded in Franklin County were included in these indices. Many of them are also available on the FamilySearch website under their  "North Carolina Probate Records 1735-1970" Collection, although they are not indexed.  This list was obtained from the State Archives but apparently it is incomplete since not all books are included.

Some of these wills are transcribed or abstracted on our website and linked to their names below; See also Wills Index Page

Franklin County, North Carolina Index to Wills Devisors 1785-1978 Vol A-Z  c.039.81001
Devisor Devisee Date Book-Page
Surname Given Devisee Given Month Day Year  
Ing  Mathew Ing  Martha 6   1814 D-87
Ingram Benjamin Hill Charles A.       G-120
Ingram Jeremiah Ingram Nancy 3   1828 H-201
Ingram Lettice Ingram Henry H. 3 18 1820 G-58
Ingram Thomas Ingram Mary       B-7
Inscoe Augustus Inscoe Mrs. Augustus 12   1861 R-188
Inscoe Dallas W. Inscoe Mary S. 5 15 1956 X-303-4
Inscoe E. C. Inscoe Lena S. 2 23 1967 Y-285
Inscoe Edward E. Inscoe Gertrude E. copy     Y-111-2
Inscoe Ernestine Hayes Inscoe Arthur B. 12 21 1967 Y-327-8
Inscoe G. T. Inscoe Florence B. 9 14 1927 W-205
Inscoe I. M. Inscoe Bessie C. 12 2 1964 Y-158-60
Inscoe Ida Inscoe Maggie H. 5 24 1968 Y-344-5
Inscoe J. R. Inscoe Mary Alice 4 29 1931 W-274
Inscoe Jessie S. Hall Emmitt H. 4 9 1971 71-E-42
Inscoe Kamiza Hunt Effie 3 26 1937 W-369
Inscoe Lena S. Inscoe A. G. 9 19 1978 78-E-119
Inscoe Lonnie Inscoe Robert W. 12 28 1965 Y-235-6
Inscoe Nancy Inscoe Lucy 8 8 1873 U-73
Inscoe Nancy Inscoe J. O. 3 19 1887 U-397
Inscoe Ollie T. Inscoe Rebecca Hollingsworth 8 5 1971 71-E-84
Inscoe Rebecca Hollingsworth Dickens Irene H. 9 6 1977 77-E-104
Inscoe S. S. Inscoe Bertha A. 4 8 1968 Y-342
Inscoe William Inscoe Susan 8 20 1912 V-460
Ivey Charles Ivey Anthony       B-20
Ivey Hannah Pritchard Tamee (children) 3   1809 C-136


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