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Currituck County Wills

Richard Cominfort
Dec. 7, 1704 no county listed - Probated: July 25, 1705 in "Curratuck" before Jo. WICKER
Secretary of State Papers - 875/244
Abstract from: Early Records of North Carolina; Vol. IV: Wills 1663-1722 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Richard COMINFORT "sick & weak of body"

Thos. VINCE - coat, britches, beaver hat
Cousin: Richd. CANNADY - the bed that Davis? CORSALS [sentence incomplete], wearing apparel; land on the Sand Banks called JENNINGS
Mrs. Jane VANDERMULEN - the use of a lot of gold buttons "soe long as she lives"
Sister: Mary VINCE - silver spoon, gold ring
Mother: Hendrick COMINFORT - the use of 420 acres where she now lives & after her decease then to my cousin Margt. VINCE
Cousin: Margt. VINCE - bed
Sarah VINCE - bed
Executor: mother Hendrick COMINFORT; should she die then my brother Thos. VINCE

    Will. SWANN
    John BROWN
    Thos. PLATT

Other pages where Richard Cominfort is mentioned:
    Listed in c1694 Albemarle Co. Rent Roll of Land as Richd. Comingford with 413 acres
    Listed in the c1696 Tithables with 1 tithable
    Mentioned in the Higher Court Minutes on Aug. 31, 1703 in a case between Reed & Tull
    Mentioned in the Higher Court Minutes on March 27, 1705

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