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Albemarle Co., NC Rent Roll of Land c. 1694-1696
From: Albemarle Co., NC Miscellaneous Records
From N.C. State Archives - Microfilm Roll C.002.10001 (located near the end of the reel)

This list of some early residents of Currituck Precinct is abstracted from a longer list which includes residents of Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan and Currituck Precincts in the County of Albemarle. The list is not dated, but a note, presumably written by someone at the North Carolina State Archives reads “Pre 1698.” The list is signed by “Wm. Glover, Cl. Office.” Glover is known to have been a clerk of the General Court in the mid 1690s. A Thomas Sherwood of Pasquotank Precinct died with a will by April 1694, leaving half his plantation to his daughter, Sarah. A Sarah Sherwood of Pasquotank is on this list, but Thomas Sherwood is not, indicating that the list was probably written after mid-1694. There is a Richd. "Cragg" listed as a resident of Pasquotank Precinct. A Richard "Craig" died with a will in Pasquotank by April 1696. Likewise, an Arthur Workman of Pasquotank is on the list and an Arthur Workman's will was proved in Pasquotank in Oct. of 1697. Thus, the approximate date range of 1694-1696. Only those people who are known or thought to have lived in Currituck Precinct are listed below.  This is not a complete list of the residents of Currituck.

Rent Roll of Land Upon Record…in Albemarle County
Thomas Cox, Majock Creek Corratuck…640
George Bullock, Tulls Creek Corratuck…550
Benjamin Regnaud Corratuck…300
John Sanderson Chowingiak Bay in Coratuck…300
John Shroud Majock Creek Coratuck…300
Edward Warren Tulls Creek Coratuck…350
Saml. Jones Holly Neck Point Coratuck…203
Andrew Cashaul Coratuck…050
Dennis Cashaull Coratuck…290
Richard Harris Coratuck…268
Richard Bright Majock Creek Coratuck…550
Wm. Stafford Majock Creek Coratuck…640

[Following Wm. Stafford's name, the list is somewhat more difficult to read, and most entries do not include specific precincts. The following men included on the list are either known or thought to have been early residents of Currituck Precinct]

Richd. Comingford…413
Henry Slade…299
Thos. Taylor…352
Thos. Vandermulen…800
Christopher Merchant…908
Edwd. Jones…610
Richd. Sanderson Esqr….898
Richd. Sanderson Jr….1101
John Pell…250

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