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1696 Tithables
From N.C. State Archives Colonial Court Records
Taxes & Accounts CCR 190
Tax Lists -- Currituck County

This list, while undated appears to have been written c. 1696 -1697. An earlier list dating from about 1694 - 1696, includes John Sanderson. By the time of the writing of the list below, John Sanderson has died. The list below includes the name Jacob "Petterson." A Jacob Peterson died with a will in Albemarle by May of 1697. A witness to his will was Edward Jelfe, whose name is also found below. This is not a complete list of the inhabitants of Currituck.

[On back of paper]: "Corratuck precinct Tithables"
[c. 1696-1697]

"A list of Tithables"

Edward Muston 3
William Steell 1
Mathyus Touler 2
Mr. Courroon 1
John Lewin 1
David Blake 3
Robert Kitching 1
Jacob Petterson 7
Henry Jonson 1
Timmothy Pead 1
Mark Tulley 1
Thomas Young 1
John Scarbrough 1
Edward Jelfe 2
John Billit 1
Richard Gesper 1
Richard Sanderson Junr. 3
Henry Slade 4
Richard Sanderson Senr. 5
Robert Gard 1
Charles Draper 1
Thomas Love 2
George Richards 1
William Correy 1
Edward Taylor 1
Foster Gervice 7
Levi Smith 2
Thomas Taylor 1
George Cooper 1
John Bell 4
John Pell 1
William Fuller 1
Ye Est: John Sanderson 3
Samuell Barnes 2
Thomas Vince 1
Humphery Vince 3
Richard Comminfort 1
Richard Harris 1
John Baker 1
Andrew Consall 1
Peter Parker 1
Robert Jones 1
Thomas Ivins 1
Thomas Vandermeulen 5
William Bastnett 3
Thomas Grandey 5
Thomas Tulle 3
Edmond Borron 1
William Bray 1

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