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This will be a notice of new and updated pages which have occurred in the last several months on this web site. Contributions to the Currituck Co., NC GenWeb pages to assist in the historical and genealogical research of the Greater Currituck County area are welcome and appreciated.  Anyone who has materials they wish to contribute to the Currituck County website, please contact Kay M. Sheppard.

July 2015

07/04/2015 - OBITUARY for Nell Mitchell Aycock
07/04/2015 - OBITUARY for Virginia Creano Smith
07/04/2015 - OBITUARY for Sherri Spears Hicks
07/04/2015 - OBITUARY for William Michael Pell

June 2015

06/01/2015 - OBITUARY for Nan Forbes Sawyer
06/02/2015 - OBITUARY for Suzanne Heath Forbes
06/06/2015 - OBITUARY for Milfred Freeman Austin
06/06/2015 - OBITUARY for Clarence Odom White
06/07/2015 - 1821 Currituck Co. Court Records by Jean Schroeder
06/09/2015 - OBITUARY for Charlotte Smith Hughes
06/16/2015 - OBITUARY for Carlton Doxey O'Neal
06/16/2015 - OBITUARY for Elaine Marrial Dougherty
06/17/2015 - OBITUARY for Alice E. White
06/21/2015 - The Picayune
(a Currituck Co. school newspaper from Nov. 1923)
06/24/2015 - OBITUARY for Rev. Herbert Arthur Hemingway
06/30/2015 - OBITUARY for Mildred Inez Ransone

May 2015

05/15/2015 - OBITUARY for Junius Chadwick Tarkenton
05/15/2015 - OBITUARY for Lula Brooks Whitehurst
05/21/2015 - OBITUARY for Bonney Ford Strawhand
05/25/2015 - OBITUARY for Dorothy Cooke Guard Tomlin
05/28/2015 - OBITUARY for Alma Hayman Ross