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Currituck Co., NC Marriages
(Researched, transcribed, indexed & generously donated by Benjamine Bateman & Judy Brickhouse)


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Old, Bennie F.     Brown, Essie     Aug. 18, 1915 William M. Stewart, J.P.
Old, Hannah     Dunton, James     Dec. 31, 1865 T.G. Munden, J.P.
Old, W.H. Jos. McB. Old Hulda Old Northan, Alice Phillip Northan Mary J. Holt Feb. 4, 1875 T.A. Speight
Old, Willie, age 23     Brothers, Mittie, age ??     Dec. 31, 1909 C.G. Old J.P.
Olds, Mary Willoughby Olds Harriet Olds Newbern, John John Newbern Margaret Newbern Aug. 3, 1871 H. Gallop
Neal [O'Neal], Albina Simmons O'Neal not known [Sarah O'Neal] Forbes, Haywood Stephen Forbes not known Nov. 21, 1877 H.B. Ansell
O'Neal, Bethana Nathan O'Neal Frankey O'Neal Hobbs, Charles Jesse Hobbs not known Feb. 9, 1868 B.H. Jarvis
O'Neal, Crissey Nathan O'Neal Sarah O'Neal Paine, John John Paine Phebee Paine Nov. 12, 1871 G.G. Gallop
O'Neal, Farrow     Gaymel, Polly     Feb. 16, 1860 Abram Twine, Minister
O'Neal, Frances Nathan O'Neal Frankey O'Neal Owens, Norris Isaac Owens Barbery Owens Aug. 14, 1870 John Wicker
O'Neal, John Thos. O'Neal Mary O'Neal Jarvis, Mary L. Thomas Jarvis Lydia Jarvis May 13, 1877 J.M. Woodhouse
O'Neal, Mary Isaac O'Neal Salinda O'Neal Beasley, Robert L. Henry Beasley Mary E. Beasley Jan. 14, 1896 E. D. Bowden, J.P.
O'Neal, Mary Thomas O'Neal Josephene O'Neal Newbern, William H. John Newbern Margaret Newbern 8 Sept. 1872 Grayham Gallop
O'Neal, St. Clair Simmons O'Neal [blank] Lewark Annie W. John Lewark A.M. Lewark Feb. 8, 1896 W. A. Evans J.P.
O'Neal, Samuel Wm. O'Neal Sabra O'Neal Ballance, Sally Ann Thos. Ballance Sally Ballance May 31, 1871 H.B. Ansell
O'Neal, Sophia Nathan O'Neal Mary O'Neal Guard, W.S. William Guard Nancy Guard June 22, 1873 Elder J.D. Wicker
O'Neal, Susan Nathan O'Neal Mary O'Neal Combs, Wm. John Combs Susan Combs Oct. 26, 1869 H.W. Beasley
O'Neal, Wallace Simms O'Neal Sarah O'Neal Harris, Rosanna Valentine Harris Amy Harris June 24, 1895 A.J. Austin
O'Neal, Washington Faror O'Neal Polly O'Neal Melson, Venie Joseph Melson Luvina Melson Nov. 21, 1900 H. J. Doxey J.P.
O'Neal, Wm. H.     Woodhouse, Sarah E.     July 22, 1859 T. S. Woodhouse J.P.
Outlaw, Annie May Will Outlaw Lydia Outlaw Morris, Thomas P. Will Morris Mollie Morris Jan. 24, 1915 J.W. Munden, J.P.
Outlaw, Audrey Julian Outlaw Fannie Sears Cartwright, Nathan Jr. Nathan Cartwright Polly Lee Simpson May 21, 1960 W.C. Dozier
Outlaw, J. Luther William Outlaw Susan L. Outlaw Overton, Lillie Jesse Overton Overton Martha Cartwright Oct. 13, 1917 J.W. Munden, J.P.
Outlaw, Julian J.H. Outlaw Martha Outlaw Sears, Fannie W.J. Sears Sallie Owens Dec. 2, 1929 M.G. Woodhouse
Overton, Jesse, age 50     Leary, Elizabeth Bell, age 24     July 26, 1910 A.D. Sawyer J.P.
Overton, Lillie Jesse Overton Overton Martha Cartwright Outlaw, J. Luther William Outlaw Susan L. Outlaw Oct. 13, 1917 J.W. Munden, J.P.
Owens, A. E. Washington Owens Polly Owens Berry, Barbry Joseph Berry Barbry Berry Oct. 8, 1874 J. W. Woodhouse
Owens, Alex Zack Owens Fannie Owens Harrison, Martha H. Alfred Owens Sally Owens Nov. 6, 1870 H. Gallop
Owens, Angelou Lethy? Owens
[should be Patrick Owens]
Poplar Branch [sic]
[should be Letitia Owens]
Crank, Levi James Crank Patrick Owens
[should be Lydia Crank]
Dec. 24, 1874 J.D. Wicker
Owens, Apollos A.     Robertson, Minnie P.     Aug. 29, 1915 N.P. Stallings, B.M.
Owens, Bertha, age 19     Tillett, John W., age 24     Dec. 5, 1909 L. Walker J.P.
Owens, Caudonia James Owens don't know Aydlett, Elijah Jno. Aydlett Ally Aydlett Apr. 30, 1874 J.M. Woodhouse
Owens, Charles James Owens Nancy Owens Bery, Matilda Joseph Bery Barbry Bery Aug. 28, 1876 J.M. Woodhouse
Owens, Clara H. Noah Owens Clara H. Owens Forbes, Paul H. J.W. Forbes Caroline Forbes Dec. 25, 1895 Alex Owens, J.P.
Owens, Frederick Washington Owens Polly Owens Evans, Sarah Elijah Evans Polly Evans Aug. 22, 1877 J.M. Woodhouse
Owens, Henry H. James W. Owens Sandy Owens Walker, Elizabeth Charles Walker Mary Walker June 26, 1873 J.M. Woodhouse
Owens, Hesekiah Hesekiah Owens Olive Owens Owens, Martha J. Zack Owens Frances Owens Aug. 10, 1873 G.G. Gallop
Owens, Hoges G. Hesekiah Owens Olive Owens Doxey, Jane [?] M. Doxey Mary Doxey Dec. 29, 1870 N.L. Walker
Owens, James     Corbell, Nancy     Feb. 20, 1854 Wm. R. Gordon, J.P.
Owens, James Noah Owens Malisia [Owens] Litchfield, Elizabeth Edmond Dowdy Matildia [Dowdy] Aug. 17, 1898 S. M. Beasley, J.P.
Owens, Jerome C. Jasper B. Owens Elizabeth his wife Harris, Caroline Thomas Harris Elizabeth his wife Oct. 8, 1876 B. D. Tillet J.P.
Owens, John B. T.S. Owens Arsenath Owens Griggs, Mary Y. D.L. Griggs Robanna Griggs Apr. 22, 1902 J. F. Sumrell, Minister
Owens, Johnathan Hezakiah Owens Olief Owens Sawyer, Margaret [?] Sawyer Elizabeth Sawyer Jan. 13, 1870 J.D. Wicker
Owens, Jordan     Evans, Peggy     Sept. 20, 1855 C.T. Sawyer, Minister
Owens, Josephene Patrick Owens Letitia Owens Wick, Wm. Elijah Wicker Lovey Wicker July 24, 1873 J.D. Wicker
Owens, Martha A. Noah Owens Clara Owens Bateman, B. B. Gilbert Bateman Eliza Ann Bateman Nov. 22, 1899 J. E. M. Davenport
Owens, Martha J. Zack Owens Frances Owens Owens, Hesekiah Hesekiah Owens Olive Owens Aug. 10, 1873 G.G. Gallop
Owens, Mary Louisa Aydlett
[should be Fredrick Owens]
Fredrick Owens
[should be Harriet Owens]
Aydlett, Thomas Thomas Aydlett Harriet Owens
[should be Louisa Aydlett]
Apr. 15, 1873 B.H. Jarvis
Owens, Mary E. Joseph B, Owens Elizabeth Owens Sanderlin, Thomas N. Jackson Sanderlin Sidney Sanderlin July 12, 1874 Jno. D. Wicker
Owens, Mathias Zachriah Owens Fany Owens Gallop, Lucinda Joshua Harrison Sally Harrison Feb. 18, 1869 Wm. Chaddick
Owens, Noah Noah Owens Betsey Owens Gallop, Clara Hiram Owens [see Note] Lusedia Owens [see Note] Oct. 19, 1876 G. G. Gallop
Owens, Noah     Gallop, Lucinda     Oct. 6, 1915 W.J. Byrum, M.G.
Owens, Norris Isaac Owens Barbery Owens O'Neal, Frances Nathan O'Neal Frankey O'Neal Aug. 14, 1870 John Wicker
Owens, Pepkin Noah Owens Charlotte Owens Partridge, Virginia C. Willis G. Partridge Caroline Partridge Apr. 27, 1873 G.G. Gallop
Owens, Polly Jessee Evans Polly Evans Woodhouse, Wm. Tilman Woodhouse Martha Woodhouse Apr. 3, 1870 M.L. Walker
Owens, R. C., age 21, black     Gallop, Hellen, age 20, colored     Feb. 3, 1910 R.L. Newbern J.P.
Owens, William J., age 38, colored     Bonner [Bowser?], Adelia Ann, age 26, colored     Dec. 27, 1909 R.V. James M.G.
NOTE - Clara Gallop's parents were listed as Hiram & Lusedia Owens.  This was an error.  Clara's parents were Hiram & Lucinda Gallop.
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