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Currituck Co., NC Marriages
(Researched, transcribed, indexed & generously donated by Benjamine Bateman & Judy Brickhouse)


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Ackerly, Delphine William Ackerly Mariah Ackerly Bletts, John D. John Bletts Caroline Bletts May 3, 1877 Wm. Askew
Ackis, Nancy J. [Jo]hn H. Ackiss E.A. Ackiss Capps, Charles Ansel? Capps Nancy Capps Dec. 2, 1869 E.W. Jones
Acklin, Affy Jno. Acklin [blank] Acklin Ballance, Sam Willo Ballance Lotty Ballance May 7, 1874 J.M. Woodhouse
Adams, Albert
age 31, single, born Newark, NJ
Pierce Adams Elizabeth Adams Jennings, Emma
age 25, widow, born Currituck Co.
Charles H. Pritchard Josephine B. Pritchard Nov. 11, 1893 NORFOLK CO.  
Adams, Samuel G., age 38     Sawyer, Lillie, age 22     May 22, 1910 J.L. DeCormis J.P.
Adkins, Ida Thos. Adkins Margaret Adkins Culpepper, Daniel Hardy Culpepper Mary Culpepper Jan. 7, 1896 Geo. C. Sanborn, J.P
Albertson, Geo. Alfred Albertson Victoria Albertson Brinson, Fanny Elzey Brinson Mary Brinson Mar. 11, 1877 E. Williams
Alexander, Lola Anne, age 18     Creef, Van Osdel, age 21     May 16, 1910 L. Walker J.P.
Allcox, William B.     [blank]     [blank] [blank]
Allcox, William B.     Perry, Minnie     June 18, 1915 E.V. Melson, J.P.
Allen, Mary William Hallen? Laura Vancott? Vancott, John H.W. Vancott Mary Vancott Jan. 28, 1876 E. W. Holt J.P.
Allison, Thomas
age 35, widower, born Currituck Co.
Nicholas Allison Sarah Allison Montero, Mary
age 22, widow, born Currituck Co.
William Bright Susanna Bright Nov. 19, 1857 NORFOLK CO.  
Alston, John
age 23, single, born St. Mary's Co., MD
Andrew Alston Mary Alston Bray, Annie
age18, single, born Currituck Co.
Moses Bray Emma Bray Dec. 29, 1867 NORFOLK CO.  
Ansell, Cornelia A. Malicha Ansell Elizabeth Ansell Bowden, Joachum Timothy Bowden Caroline Bowden Jan. 2, 1875 S.J. Waterfield
Ansell, E. (Ezekiel B. Ansell) William Ansell Ann Ansell Waterfield, M.B. (Mariam B.) Enoch Waterfield Lydia Waterfield Dec. 4, 1873 S.J. Waterfield
Ansell, Elenor Malecha Ansell Elizabeth Ansell Miller, Solomon Solomon W. Miller Corinna Miller July 9, 1874 Elias Williams
Ansell, Jerome B. Sam Ansell Lydia Ansell Cooper, Bethany Wilson Cooper Mariam Cooper Mar. 2, 1875 S.J. Waterfield
Ansell, Jno. not reported not reported Morse, Milly not reported not reported Aug. 21, 1873 Jos. Mercer
Ansell, Jno. J. Johnathan Ansell Sarah Ansell Cooper, Lousa Willoughby Cooper Belinda Cooper Apr. 22, 1874 Elias Williams
Ansell, Joseph John Ansell Martha Ansell Chery, Martha L. Willis Chery Darcos Chery Nov. 26, 1869 Joseph Mercer
Ansell, Lydia Malachi Ansell Elizabeth Ansell Beasley, Wm. J. Henry Beasly Sally Beasly July 11, 1870 Alex Smith
Ansell, Lydia M. Nathan? Ansell Sarah Ansell Gregory, Theophilus William Gregory Francis Gregory Jan. 3, 1872 Elias Williams
Ansell, Susan not known not known Frost, John John Frost not known Mar. 26, 1871 H.B. Ansell
Ansell, Susan Samuel Ansell Lydia S. Ansell Gregory, John Theophelus Gregory Lydia Gregory Oct. 25, 1896 E. D. Bowden J.P.
Ansell, William C.
age 23, single, born Norfolk Co., VA
John Ansell Patsey Ansell Cherry, Sophia
age 15, single, born Currituck Co.
Willis Cherry Darcus Cherry Oct. 16, 2872 NORFOLK CO.  
Archer, James A., age 20, colored     Cuffee, Suffiney, age 20, colored     Feb. 27, 1910 R.V. James M.G.
Arkenson, L. C., age 25     Grimstead, Mattie H., age 17     Dec. 19, 1910 [1909]
[see Note]
Z.T. Fentress J.P.
Arkenson, Mamie, age 19     Bowden, Charles     Dec. 6, 1909 Z.T. Fentress J.P.
Arnold, Edward Hugh Arnold Sarah Arnold Turner, Sarah Alfred Turner Sally Turner Sept. 27, 1874 W.H. Cowell
Ashbee, Laura A.     Walter, Thomas     Apr. 14, 1863 J. C. Hummer, Minister
Ashbee, Mary Jesse Lee Mary Lee Walker, Griffin B.C. Walker Anjelica Walker Feb. 19, 1868 T.L. Sanderlin
Ashley, Ethel     Williams, Ned     June 14, 1915 E.V. Melson, J.P.
Austin, Maud H., age 17     Griffin, Henry W., age 23     Dec. 25, 1909 J.A. Willoughby M.G.
Aydelott, Richard (of color)     Price, Frances (of color)     [no date] S.S. Nickerson, Minister
Aydlett, Albeon Jno. Aydlett Ally Aydlett Beasly, Martha T. Hesekiah Beasly Ann Beasly May 20, 1875 G.G. Gallop
Aydlett, Caleb C. not known Patsey Aydlett Wicker, Saintferlone
[listed as Sarah in 1880]
Wm. Wicker Eliza Wicker Dec. 10, 1876 J.D. Wicker
Aydlett, Elijah Jno. Aydlett Ally Aydlett Owens, Caudonia James Owens don't know Apr. 30, 1874 J.M. Woodhouse
Aydlett, Lydia John Aydlett Allie Aydlett Garrington, William Levi Garrington Sallie Garrington July 1, 1877 Wm. Askew
Aydlett, Mag William Aydlett Mahala Aydlett Hampton, J.J. Demps Hampton Polly Hampton May 8, 1873 Rev. S. Ferebee
Aydlett, Mark Elija Aydlett Calsie Aydlett Simpson, Kattie E. George Simpson Allice Simpson Feb. 16, 1926 E. W. Forbes J.P.
Aydlett, Martha A. Elijah Aydlett Calsia Aydlett Morrisett, Willoughby B. Nathan Morrisett Sallie Morrisett Dec. 1, 1895 S. M. Beasley, J.P.
Aydlett, Thomas Thomas Aydlett Harriet Owens
[should be Louisa Aydlett]
Owens, Mary Louisa Aydlett
[should be Frederick Owens]
Fredrick Owens
[should be Harriet Owens]
Apr. 15, 1873 B.H. Jarvis
Aydelott, Jacob
age 29, single, born Currituck Co.
Jacob Aydelott Mary Aydelott Cooper, Charlotte
age 33, widow, born Norfolk Co., VA
David Sory Elizabeth Sory July 27, 1865 NORFOLK CO.  
Aydelott, Jacob
age 35, widower, born Camden Co.
Jacob Aydelott Mary Aydelott Ballance, Mary Elizabeth
age 23, single, born Norfolk Co., VA
Moses Ballance Chloe Ballance Dec. 15, 1870 NORFOLK CO.  
Aydelott, William
age 32, single, born Currituck Co.
Jacob Aydelott Mary Aydelott Lynch, Anne Eliza
age 27, single, born Norfolk Co., VA
Willoughby Lynch Mary Ann Lynch Feb. 21, 1867 NORFOLK CO.  
Aydolett, Francis I.T. Aydolett Lovey Aydolett Evans, J.B. Matison Evans July Evans Sept. 13, 1868 J.D. Wicker
Ayres, Milly     Morse, Davis B.     Dec. 14, 1862 S. Ferebee, Minister
NOTE: The marriage year for lines 6 through 9 appears to be incorrect.  Line 1 shows the year as 1909. Lines 2-4 have ditto marks.  Line 5 shows the year as 1910. Lines 6-9 have ditto marks.  Line 10 shows the year as 1910. Although lines 6 through 9 have ditto marks for the year of marriage under line 5 as 1910, I believe this is an error.  It appears that lines 2 through 9 originally had ditto marks for the year of marriage under line 1 as 1909 and later line 5 was changed to 1910 and no consideration was given to lines 6 through 9.  Therefore, I feel confident that the marriage year for lines 6 through 9 was 1909.
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