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Currituck Co., NC Marriages
(Researched, transcribed, indexed & generously donated by Benjamine Bateman & Judy Brickhouse)


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Fanshaw, Archa John Fanshaw Lyda Fanshaw Sawyer, K.R. Wm. Sawyer Polly Sawyer Nov. 12, 1868 S. Ferebee
Fanshaw, Lovey John Fanshaw not known Duke, Thos. J. Jas. Duke Mary Duke Jan. 9, 1868 S. Ferebee
Fanshaw, Tully Jno. Fanshaw Lydia Fanshaw Harrison, Mary E. Burfoot Harrison Elizabeth Harrison Mar. 11, 1874 W.H. Cowell
Farrow, Cyntha J. George Farrow Dolly Farrow Rodgers, C.S. Durent Rodgers Eliza Rodgers May 6, 1875 C.T. Crank
Fatherly, J.H. James? W. Fatherly Choletda Dozier Chappel, Sarah E. Horatio Chappel Lucetta Dozier Jan. 1, 1874  
Fearing, Constant G. Zenas Fearing Mary B. Fearing, Belanga, Lenora M. Abel Belanga Susan F. Owens Sep. 2, 1896 Chas. O. DuRant M.G.
Felton, Gospel     Skinner, Mary     May 26, 1915 Fred W. Fearing, J.P.
Fentress, Oflea David Fentress Susan Fentress White, Constantine Jasper White Cloah White Apr. 1, 1874 V.L. Pitts
Fentress, Wm. R.     Simmons, Mary S.     July 6, 1854 [blank]
Ferebee, Abner Abner Ferebee Dolly Ferebee Snowden, Allis Daniel Snowden Caroline Snowden Feb. 4, 1869 D.H. Ferebee
Ferebee, M.E. E.D. Ferebee Elizabeth Ferebee Walker, Wiley O. Thos. Walker Eliza Walker Jan. 29, 1868 T.G. Munden
Ferebee, Missouri A.     Dey, Apollus O.     Nov. 27, 1862 J.C. Hummer, Minister
Ferebee, Nellie M.S. Ferebee Annie Ferebee Merrell, St. Elmo  [see Note #1] I.H. Merrell Paulina Merrell June 25, 1938 H. G. Berry, J.P.
Ferebee, Samuel Sanuel Ferebee Sarah Ferebee Lerry, Amelia not known not known Mar. 15, 1868 Jas. M. Ferebee
Ferebee, Sarah E. Enoch D. Ferebee Elizabeth Ferebee Walker, C. C. Thomas Walker Elizabeth Walker June 7, 1875 V. L. Pitts J.P.
Ferell, Susan Edward Ewell Charlott Ewell Gregory, Caleb E. Dempsy Gregory Rody Gregory Jan. 5, 1869 S. Ferebee
Fisher, Amy Dennis Fisher Gracy Fisher Harris, Wallentine Stark Harris not known Jan. 3, 1869 Hodges Gallop
Fisher, Frances     Ward, Daniel     Sept. 5, 1854 E.W. Jones, J.P.
Fisher, Hester Ann Amon Owens Sabra Ann Owens Belanga, Silvy Silva Belanga Sabre Belanga Aor. 3, 1873 J.M. Woodhouse
Fisher, Nancy Jane Abram Fisher Jane Fisher Dudley, Walter Francis Dudley Jakie Dudley Sept. 23, 1877 Alex Smith
Fisk, Sarah E. Martin [Fisk] Eleanor Fisk Beasley, Malachi W. Malachi W. Beasley Polly Beasley Sept. 3, 1870? Jos. Mercer
Flannigan, Cora Wallace Flannigan Sallie Flannigan Waterfield, John C. Nolley Waterfield Margaret Waterfield July 8, 1895 E.R. Johnson
Flecher, Emmer Aron Flecher Margaret Flecher Letchfield, David Wm. Letchfield Julia Letchfield Nov, 25 1877 Cornelius Jones
Flora, John not known not known Cox, Ellen not known not known Apr. 5, 1877 W.H. Cowell
Flora, Richard     Wilson, Anthia S.     May 15, 1854 Thos. S. Sanderson
Follett, A.L. Waller Follett Maria Follett Willis, Carey M.V. Freeman Willis Matilda Willis Sept. 9, 1873 G.G. Gallop
Forbes, Annie E. Thomas Forbes Annie Forbes Mann, E.L. [Edward Lee] Edward Mann Sallie Mann [Sarah Caroon] June 10, 1877 B.H. Jarvis
Forbes, Arck Ann     Grandy, Jos. B     Sept. 21, 1865 S. Ferebee, Minister
Forbes, Elizabeth     Berry, Martin     Oct. 9, 1860 Thos. C. Himphries, J.P.
Forbes, Harriet D. John Norcum Mary Norcum Spence, Dempsey M. Milton Spence Deborah Spence Nov. 30, 1871 R.R. Overby
Forbes, Haywood Stephen Forbes not known Neal [O'Neal], Albina Simmons O'Neal not known [Sarah O'Neal] Nov. 21, 1877 H.B. Ansell
Forbes, Isac Bailey Forbes Nancy Forbes Whitson, Julia Ann William Whitson Elbra Whitson Oct. 21, 1870 S. Ferebee
Forbes, Jackson     Jarvis, Margaret     Feb. 2, 1860 Thos. S. Woodhouse, J.P.
Forbes, John     Doxey, Sarah Ann     May 26, 1861 J.S. Dey, J.P.
Forbes, Jordan William Forbes Lilian Forbes Forbes, Margaret Caleb Forbes Mary Forbes Mar. 18, 1875 C.T. Crank
Forbes, Josepheen [?]mon Forbes Mary Forbes Gregory, Thos Saml. Gregory Chloe Gregory Oct. 3, 1870 S. Ferebee
Forbes, Kizie (Kesiah) [?]se Forbes Emly Forbes Hall, James Edmun [?] Hall Polly Hall Sept. 1, 1870 S. Ferebee
Forbes, Lot Thomas Forbes don't know Etheridge, Elizabeth Wm. Etheridge Eliza Etheridge June 22, 1873 W.R. Gordon
Forbes, Majurus F. Watman Forbes Letisia Forbes Wicker, Madora John D. Wicker Susan Wicker Aug. 6, 1871 H.W. Beasley
Forbes, Margaret Caleb Forbes Mary Forbes Forbes, Jordan William Forbes Lilian Forbes Mar. 18, 1875 C.T. Crank
Forbes, Nancy     Etheridge, Daniel     May 15, 1859 Abram Twine, Minister
Forbes, P.D. Jno. Forbes Matilda Forbes Snowden, Barbra [blank] [blank] June 21, 1874 V.L. Pitts
Forbes, Paul H. J.W. Forbes Caroline Forbes Owens, Clara H. Noah Owens Clara H. Owens Dec. 25, 1895 Alex Owens, J.P.
Forbes, Rosanna Weightman Forbes Martha A. Forbes Simpson, Robert Lee Thomas Simpson Nancy Simpson Oct. 8, 1920 Rev. E.F. Sawyer
Forbes, Thomas Caleb Forbes Amy Forbes Gallop, Sarah Zaddoc Gallop Mahala Gallop Dec. 28, 1876 J.M. Woodhouse
Forbs, Margret Wareman Forbs Littie Forbs Snow, Jessee Wilson Snow  [Ke]siah Snow  [see Note #2] Sep. 4, 1874 C. T. Crank
Forehand, Grace Durant Forehand Sarah J. Forehand Ballance, Dempsey Wesley Ballance Lovey Ballance Aug. 30, 1896 Wm. S. Mercer J.P.
Foster, Ellen C. Richard Foster Eliz. O. Foster Williams, Stewart B. Edmond Williams Elizabeth Williams July 7, 1875 Elias Williams J.P.
Foster, Sally William Foster Elizabeth Foster Collins, Noah Iles Collins Essa Collins [Hessy in 1860] Feb. 19, 1873 W.R. Gordon
Foxwell, Burnell E. L.H. Foxwell Earnest Foxwell Merrell, Ruth L. I.H. Merrell Paulina Merrell Sep. 6, 1933 G. F. Spencer, J.P.
Frost, A.P.     Frost, Allice     Feb. 21, 1862 S. Ferebee, Minister
Frost, Allice     Frost, A.P.     Feb. 21, 1862 S. Ferebee, Minister
Frost, John John Frost not known Ansell, Susan not known not known Mar. 26, 1871 H.B. Ansell
Frost, Lydia     Baxter, H. E.     Apr. 24, 1863 Thos. L. Sanderson J.P.
Frost, May Jno. Frost Ann Frost Banks, Willis Enoch Banks Mariah Banks Dec. 26, 1874 W.H. Cowell
Frost, Sarah V. John Frost not known Banks, Greenville Enoch Banks Mariah Banks May 27, 1877 W.H. Cowell
Frost, Walter E.  John T. Frost Susan Frost Lane, Mattie E. Holowell Lane G.E. Lane Aug. 26, 1896 H. J. Doxey J.P.
Fulford, Amelia James Humphres Fanny Humphres Brothers, W.H. John Brothers Mary Brothers June 20, 1872 Rev. S. Ferebee
Fulford, Chloe Ivy Fulford Elizabeth Fulford Capps, Benton D. Moses Capps Margaret Capps April 1, 1869 Wm. C. Mercer
Fulford, George Ivy Fulford not known Creekmore, V.C. Joseph Creekmore not known May 9, 1868 not known
Fulford, Mary Sam? Fulford Sarah Fulford Creekmore, Wm. T. Hilory Creekmore Amanda Creekmore Aug. 6, 1873 Jos. Mercer
Fulford, Mary L.     Dozier, C. L.     Sep. 9, 1915 W.M. Stewart, J.P.
Fulghan, Joseph H. Jessee Fulghan Eliz. Fulghan Etheridge, Sarah [?] Etheridge Sarah Etheridge Feb. 24, 1870 W.D. Prichard
NOTE #1 - The marriage license states St. Elmore Merrell; however, it should have stated St. Elmo Merrell.  This was an error on H. G. Berry's part when he filled out the marriage license as noted by the signature of St. Elmo Merrell.
NOTE #2 - 1860 Currituck County, NC (Powells Point) Census
House 696/700
Wateman Forbes 48 Carpenter
Letitia Forbes 41  
Sarah Forbes 16  
Margaret Forbes 14  
Major Forbes 13  
Jordan Forbes 12  
Caleb Forbes 9  
Missouri Forbes 5  
M.S. Forbes [female] 2  
House 698/702
Wilson Snow 45 Farmer
Kesiah Snow 51  
Wm. Snow 15  
Jessee Snow 11  
John Snow 7  
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