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post-1770 Map of Currituck County (and others)
Image #4


Image #1 (77 kb) - Currituck Co.
Image #2 (124 kb) - parts of Currituck and Camden counties
Image #3 (142 kb) - mostly Camden Co.
Image #5 (143 kb) - parts of Camden and Pasquotank counties
Image #6 (181 kb) - Pasquotank Co.

Some geographical and place names listed on this page are: Northwest River (extreme upper right-hand corner), Moyock, [The] Islands, Lambs Mill, Gray Mill, Jones Mill, Plank Bridge, [Aren]ews Creek (bottom right--the rest of this name is on image #6) and Nobs crook creek.

Some surnames listed on this page (some more than once) are: Bell, Bergis?, Cartwright, Cleve, Cloverfield, Davis, Dosier, Duffy, Etheridg, Ferill, Grandy, Gray, Gregory, Hobbs, Holstead, Humphries, Jennings, Jones, Linton, Mason, Morgan, Murden, Nash, Perkins, Phillips, Pritchard, Relf, Rick, Sawyer, Simson, Spence, Taylor, Wharton, and Williams.