Benton / Whitaker Marriage - 1863
Novitzky / Elson Marriage - 1883
Blake / Tolar Marriage - 1883
Thomas / Hartie Marriage - 1861
Berry / Moore Marriage - 1896 (Sampson Co.)
Blue / McInnis Marriage
Rev. Reubin Fisher Family Record
Marriage Bond of Benjamin Morrison - 1825
Marriage of John A. Wilder & Sarah C. Fisher - 1894
Marriages in Weekly Standard Newspaper, Raleigh, NC--Jun 01, 1859
Marriage Register, Cumberland County, N.C "McLeod" Grooms -1853/1952
Marriage Register, Cumberland County, N.C Starling Brides - 1869/1961
Marriage Register, Cumberland County, N.C.  "A" Brides-1897/1959
Marriage Register, Cumberland County, N.C-"A"   Grooms    1868/1956
Marriage Register, Cumberland Co, NC. Brides "E" 1868/1960
Marriage Register, Cumberland Co NC Hale/Hales Brides 1869/1960
Marriage Register for "E", Cumberland County, N.C   Grooms 1818-1953
Marriage Records of Cumberland County, NC. 1803 / 1869
1919 Marriage Certificate of Luther James Faircloth & Mae A Allred
Marriage of Samuel P. Hales & Margaret C. Starling
Marriage of William L Allred & Mamie McLeod
Cumberland County, N.C. Marriage Bonds to 1868 - Brides
Marriage of Walter B Allred & Willie Massey
Hollingsworth Marriages
Marriage Certificate of John Hollingsworth & Mary Hales
Marriage Register, Cumberland Co., N.C---"Mc." - June 16, 1808 - 1952
Marriage Register Cumberland Co. Colored Brides
Marriage Register Cumberland County Colored Grooms/Brides
Creel Marriages - Cumberland County, NC
McKethan Marriages - Cumberland County, NC
Cumberland County Marriages - McLean
Cumberland County Marriages 1803-1878
Marriage Settlements
"M" Marriage Records of Cumberland
Marriage & Death Notices 1888 - 1893
1807 Marriage Bond of John Moore
Miscellaneous Melvin Marriages
Pate Census and Marriages
The Jackson & Jones/Tomlinson Marriages
Cumberland Co., NC Marriage Bonds and Licenses 1808 -
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Marriage Records

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