This page is for old photos that you would like to share or photos that are unknown subjects (places or people)
Please let me know in advance, of your submitting them.

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This is a bad, faded, photo that was in the family things when my Uncle Ode Stedman Clark died.
It may be of his mother, Dilla (Wilson) Clark, who was the wife of William A. Clark, Jr.
Dilla was the daughter of Asa Wilson and Sarah 'Sally' Busby, all, of the Chatham- Wake Co. area.
She married William Clark in 1834 and had 10 children. (No wonder she looks tired)
The babe in her arms is certainly not, the first one. But, have no idea, which. The last child was born in 1861
If any of you know who this is, please, let me know. Sue Ashby

I think this is also, a picture of Dilla Wilson. (above)
Notice the similarity in the mouth, cheekbones and nose.
This is possibly the worst of all the old photos I have.
All of the first  five photos are laser copies not the originals.

This is another old and bad photo of a man, that was in the family photos.
I think he may be a Petty, and if so, is he Winship Petty, son of Winship Stephen? Petty and Martha Howell.
Winship b. abt 1835  and married Elizabeth A. Clark, in Nov. 1854.
He died in Smith Co. TX.
If you can verify that this is a Petty man or anyone else. Please let me know. Sue Ashby

I have no clue as to who, this young woman is.
She may not even be of my NC family.
She may be a Baker, Barton or McCarty ancestor, from SC.
But it is obvious she had a cleft palate.
And she looks as if she may have some Native American ancestry.
(which does exist in my SC lines)
If she looks familiar Please notify me!!