Richard W. Tatum (in Confederate uniform)


Richard W. Tatum (12 May, 1831 - 12 August, 1902) was the oldest son of Ollen Tatom and his first wife Sarah Ann Smith.

Richard served in the Civil War in the Confederacy under 2nd Company I, 36th Regiment (2nd Regiment NC Artillery). This was better known as Bladen Artillery. Richard was a 2nd Lieutenant in this Regiment. Described here is a record of his service extracted from North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865:

"Enlisted in Bladen County October 19, 1861 for twelve months. Elected 2nd Lieutenant and appointed to rank from date of enlistment. Not re-elected at reorganiztion of company on March 1, 1862 and mustered out as of that date."

Richard and his brother
Marshall Napolean Tatum survived the War. However, they lost 3 brothers in the battle: Simeon L. Tatum, Hanson Tatum, and Nicholas Grey Tatum.

Richard W. Tatum

Richard W. Tatum
This photograph is of a very large painting that was displayed at a Tatum family reunion. This shot was taken with a camera and this is best resolution I can obtian.

Richard W. Tatum
This is a daguerrotype (glass) photo of Richard as a young man.
It was likely taken in the early 1850's.

Richard W. Tatum married Catherine "Kitty" Cain (17 April, 1832 - 7 June, 1911), a daughter of George Cain and Elizabeth McLain of the Turnbull region. Catherine was born a twin. Her twin was Mary Jane Cain who married Nathan Daniel McDuffie. Richard and Catherine Tatum had the following children:

i. Susan Jane Tatum, b. 1856
ii. Catherine Caniles Tatum, b. 1862
iii. Flora Ann Tatum, b. 31 July, 1863
iv. Benjamin Franklin Tatum, b. 08 January, 1865
v. Robert Strange Tatum, b. 17 May, 1866
vi. Jonathan Tatum, b. 07 April, 1871, d. 27 October, 1878

Catherine Cain Tatum,
Benajmin Franklin Tatum (seated)
Robert Strange Tatum (standing)


Catherine Cain Tatum


Catherine Cain Tatum

Catherine Cain Tatum


Richard W. Tatom homeplace
Richard is seated on the left holding granddaughter Harriet Catherine Tatum;
wife Catherine Cain Tatom is beside him.
Benjamin Franklin Tatum is standing beside wife Mary Kate Melvin Tatum
who is holding son Leonidas Chaffin Tatum


Tombstone of Richard W. Tatom

New Confederate marker erected 10 February, 2007
by Jason Bordeaux and Layton Dowless.


Tombstone of Catherine Cain Tatom

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