Marshall Napolean Tatum

Simeon L. Tatum, the son of
Olen Tatom and his first wife Sarah Ann Smith, was born 26 August, 1838 in the Turnbull Creek region of Bladen County. He served in the Confederacy during the Civil War. He died in service along with 3 of his brothers. They were Jonathan S. Tatum, Hanson Tatum, and Nicholas Grey Tatum. Brothers Richard W. Tatum and Marshall Napolean Tatum survived.

This Civil War information on Simeon L. Tatum comes from
Bladen County Heritage North Carolina Volume 1, copyright 1999, article 806 by Agnes Cain Melvin: "...Simeon L. Tatum (26 August, 1838 - 2 May, 1863), who enlisted in New Hanover County at the age of twenty-two on 15 June, 1861, was present or accounted for until killed at Chancellorsville, Virginia, served in Company A, 18th Regiment...."

The above photograph of Marshall Tatum was cropped from this photograph of him and his brother, Simeon L. Tatum.

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