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1700 - 1900

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Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Salter, Margrett 1837 OWB/495 AR  
Sanderlan, Mary 1792 OWB/279 AR Mary Sanderlin in Johnson's book
Sanderling, John c1790 OWB/251 AR  
Satchwell, James, Sr. 1838 OB-B/536 AR  
Satchwell, John 1828 OB-A/455 AR  
Satchwell, John 1887 WB-1/429 CTY  
Satchwell, John, Sr. 1820 OB-A/304 AR  
Satchwell, Joseph D. 1847 OB-F/326 AR  
Satchwell, Sarah Ann c1850 Original Only CTY  
Satterthwait, Penelope 1834 OB-B/537 AR  
Satterthwaite, Anna E. 1900 WB-2/271 CTY  
Satterthwaite, Elizabeth 1825 OB-A/346 AR  
Satterthwaite, Elizabeth 1877 WB-1/184 CTY  
Satterthwaite, James 1833 OB-B/229 AR  
Satterthwaite, Lucretia 1890 WB-1/483 CTY  
Satterthwaite, William 1820 OB-A/300 AR  
Sanders, Andrew c1795 OWB/305 AR  
Sanders, William c1800 OWB/374 AR  
Sawyer, Elizabeth 1857 OB-K/267 AR Elizabeth "Betsy" Sawyer in Johnson's book
Sawyer, William G. 1892 WB-1/549 AR  
Scott, Andrew 1882 WB-1/294 CTY  
Scott, Lucretia 1831 OB-B/88 AR  
Scoville, E. Frank 1886 WB-1/389 & 391 CTY  
Searles, Coventon 1814 OWB/471 AR also found in OB-A/234
Sears, Nancy 1900 WB-2/266 CTY  
Sears, William 1855 OB-K/23 AR  
Selby, Elizabeth 1861 OB-L/267 AR  
Selby, Henry c1811 OWB/464 AR  
Selby, Henry H. 1826 OB-A/354 AR  
Selby, John 1854 OB-I/269    
Selby, Samuel 1825 OWB/486 AR listed as Samuel Selly in Johnson's book
Sexton, Mary 1860 OWB/555 AR  
Sexton, William 1837 OB-B/541 AR  
Shallington, William B. c1795 OWB/310 AR  
Shaw, Sarah E. 1885 WB-1/367 CTY  
Shaw, Thomas 1870 WB-1/64 CTY  
Shaw, William 1890 WB-1/468 CTY  
Shepherd, Solomon c1789 OWB/239 AR  
Shingleton, William c1788 OWB/228 AR  
Shivers, Sarah c1780 OWB/154 AR  
Short, Eugene Murry 1894 WB-2/51 AR-Copy  
Shute, Joseph 1816 OB-A/251 AR  
Shute, Phillip c1762 OWB/88 AR  
Sigley, John 1754 SS 879/178 SS/AR  
Sillivant, Macey 1830 OB-B/85 AR Macey Sillivan in Johnson's book
Silvent, John 1735 009 OWB/19 009 AR Bath County
Silvester, Richard 1729 SS 876/194 SS/AR Bath County
Simeral, Edward c1790 OWB/254 AR  
Simmons, James O. 1886 WB-1/375 CTY  
Simmons, John W. 1856 OB-K/205 AR  
Simmons, Sallie A. 1877 WB-1/202 CTY  
Simons, Andrew 1752 028 DB-5/246 SS/AR  
Simpson, Isaac 1882 WB-1/302 CTY  
Simpson, Joseph B. 1854 OB-I/341 AR  
Simpson, Nellie c1885 Original Only CTY  
Sims, Kezia c1799 OWB/354 AR  
Singletary, John 1846 OB-F/117 AR  
Singleton, David 1864 OB-L/448 AR  
Singleton, John C. 1888 WB-1/444 CTY  
Singleton, William c1829 OWB/497 AR  
Singleton, William A. 1888 WB-1/450 CTY  
Sirmon, Benjamin c1797 OWB/335 AR  
Sirmon, Brian 1827 OB-A/447 AR Brian Sermon in Johnson's book
Sirmon, Thomas c1795 OWB/557 AR  
Sirmon, William c1793 OWB/283 AR  
Slade, Euridice c1807 OWB/447 AR  
Slade, Henry c1799 OWB/363 AR  
Slade, Henry 1822 OB-A/321 AR  
Slade, Jeremiah 1815 OB-A/242 AR  
Slade, John c1760 OWB/72 AR  
Slade, Joseph 1764 OWB/95 AR  
Slade, Samuel 1746 SS 878/45 SS/AR  
Slade, Sarah 1860 OB-L/145 AR  
Smallwood, Julia O. 1886 WB-1/505 CTY  
Smallwood, Portia S. 1831 OB-B/91 AR  
Smaw, Elizabeth B. 1877 WB-1/180 CTY  
Smaw, Henry 1795 OWB/308 AR  
Smaw, Henry 1821 OB-A/305 AR  
Smaw, Julett 1887 WB-1/415 CTY  
Smaw, Mary 1853 OB-I/153 AR  
Smaw, Mary 1815 OB-A/236 AR  
Smaw, Mary c1782 OWB/172 AR  
Smaw, Rebecca 1845 OB-E/411 AR  
Smaw, Sally 1858 OB-K/409 AR  
Smaw, Thomas D. 1881 WB-1/283 CTY  
Smith, Charles 1735 OWB/30 AR  
Smith, James 1749 SS 877/320 SS/AR  
Smith, James 1834 OB-B/400 AR  
Smith, John 1871 WB1/90    
Smith, Lucretia 1818 OBA/283 AR  
Smith, Mary c1787 OWB/215 AR  
Smith, Robert Hurley 1841 OB-D/169 AR  
Smith, Thomas 1753 Copy SS/AR  
Smith, William H. 1848 OB-F/500 AR  
Smithwick, Ann c1711 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Smithwick, John 1696 SS 874.2/93 SS/AR  
Snoad, Henry 1752 Original Only SS/AR  
Snoad, John 1743 LGB-4/#145 SS/AR  
Snoad, William 1747 Original Only SS/AR  
Spain, Jearnbe B. 1871 WB-1/94 CTY  
Sparrow, Nancy 1883 WB-1/337 CTY  
Spellings, William 1817 OB-A/272 AR  
Spencer, David M. 1892 WB-1/585 CTY  
Spring, Aaron 1818 OB-A/283 AR  
Spring, Abraham c1801 OWB/381 AR  
Spring, Aron 1756 SS 879/250 SS/AR  
Spring, Robert 1817 OB-A/267 AR  
Springle, Charles c1807 OWB/390 AR  
Squires, Appleton 1822 OB-A/327 AR  
Squires, Jordan c1804 OWB/429 AR  
Stafford, John 1735 SS 877/166 SS/AR  
Stallings, Lena 1879 WB-1/231 CTY  
Stanford, Levin 1773 Original Only SS/AR  
Steele, Ambrose 1725 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Stephens, Richard 1785 OWB/207 AR Richard Nassaw Stephens in Johnson's book
Stevens, William 1750 028 DB-5/169 SS/AR  
Stewart, Penelope E. 1886 WB-1/381 CTY  
Stilley, William 1882 WB-1/316    
Stilly, Levi 1854 OB-I/172 AR  
Stokesbury, John P. 1847 OB-F/383 AR John Prior Stokesbury in Johnson's book
Stubbs, John B. 1887 WB-1/495 CTY  
Stubbs, Thomas 1737 LGB-4/#83 SS/AR Bath County
Stubbs, William 1757 SS 870/234 SS/AR  
Styron, Wallace H. 1862 OB-L/427 AR  
Styron, Willis W. 1856 OB-K/196 AR  
Sugg, George 1758 SS 882/120 SS/AR  
Sullivan, Jordan 1900 WB-2/268 CTY  
Sutton, Benjamin 1843 OB-E/64 AR  
Swanner, Eli H. 1873 WB-1/114 CTY  
Swanner, Sally 1845 OB-E/410 AR  
Swindell, Ann L. 1867 OB-M/143 AR  
Swindell, Emery 1843 OB-E/204 AR  
Swindell, F. R. 1898 WB-2/154 CTY  
Swindell, Johnathan 1847 OB-F/396 AR Johnathan Swindle in Johnson's book
Swindell, Salina E. 1883 WB-1/339 CTY  
Swindell, W. H. 1891 WB-1/507 CTY  
Sylevan, Lambeth c1792 OWB/269 AR Sullivan? in Johnson's book


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Taft, William S. 1877 WB-1/199 CTY  
Tailade. Louis F. 1820 OB-A/299   Louis Francois Taillade in Johnson's book
Tankard, George 1815 OB-A/244 AR  
Tankard, Martha c1830 OWB/498 AR  
Tannahill, William 1845 OB-E/412 AR  
Tayler, Isaac 1893 WB-1/562 CTY  
Taylor, Arden B. 1894 WB-2/49 CTY  
Taylor, Joshua 1861 OB-L/307 AR  
Taylor, Louis 1879 WB-1/239 CTY  
Taylor, Sally Ann 1866 OB-M/242 AR Sally Ann Tayloe in Johnson's book
Taylor, Samuel G. 1764 OWB/94 AR  
Telfair, Pauline D. 1876 WB-1/172 CTY  
Tetterton, Charles 1871 WB-1/70 CTY  
Tetterton, Charles E. 1897 WB-2/106 CTY  
Thomas, James c1783 OWB/181 AR  
Thomas, Louisa 1897 WB-2/111 CTY  
Thomasson, John 1846 OWB/543 AR  
Thompson, Tarlton 1872 WB-1/100 CTY  
Thorinton, William 1818 OB-A/288 AR  
Thorougood, Francis 1716 009 DB-1/170   Bath County
Tindel, John c1767 OWB/102 AR  
Tison, Samuel 1736 SS 877/209 SS/AR  
Tisson, Mathias c1710 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Tomosson, Mathias c1799 OWB/352 AR  
Topping, Evelina B. 1883 WB1/329 CTY  
Tranter, John 1727 Original Only SS/AR Bath County
Travis, Edward 1740 Original Only SS/AR  
Tripp, Charles 1862 OB-L/396 AR  
Tripp, James c1799  OWB/351 AR  
Tripp, John 1761     OWB/50O AR  
Tripp, Robert c1800 OWB/375 AR  
Tripp, Robert 1857 OB-K/256 AR  
Tripp, Sarah 1864 OB-L/459 AR  
Tripp, William H. 1881 WB-1/289 AR  
Trippe, John c1766 OWB/99 AR  
Trippe, Nevile c1765 OWB/74 AR  
Trippe, William c1780 OWB/153 AR  
Trotter, Thomas c1832 OWB/502 AR  
Tuncil, Jackson 1892 WB-1/550 CTY  
Tunstall, Thomas P. 1883 WB-1/334 CTY-Nunc.  
Turner, Robert 1745 SS 878/105 SS/AR  
Tuten, Amos c1834 OWB/513 AR  
Tuten, Elizabeth 1835 OWB/523 AR  
Tuten, Noah 1834 OWB/511 AR  
Tuten, Noah B. 1891 WB-1/504 CTY  
Tuten, Redding 1877 WB-1/204 CTY  
Tuten, Thomas 1892 WB-1/529 CTY  
Tuten, Thomas c1796 OWB/321 AR  
Tuten, William 1846 OB-F/127 AR  
Tyer, William L. c1885 Original Only CTY  
Tyler, Amelia 1867 OB-M/258 AR  
Tyler, Thomas 1722 SS 875/346 SS/AR Bath County
Tyson, Hosea 1831 053 WB-5/77 053 AR Hyde County
Tyson, Nannie L. 1888 WB-1/436 CTY  
Tyson, Seth H. 1880 WB-1/257 AR  
Tyson, Thomas O. 1878 053 WB-11/343 AR Hyde County
Tyson, Thomas O. 1878 WB-1/229    


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Unday, Thomas  1725 SS 876/47  SS/AR  Bath County
Underwood, Thomas  1735 009 OWB/16 009 AR  Bath County 
Utley, Samuel M.   1891 WB-B/550  AR   


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Vail, David 1818 OB-A/282 AR  
Vail, Edward c1865 OB-M/316 AR  
Vail, Jeremiah c1779 OWB/150 AR  
Vail, Mary 1816 OB-A/261 AR  
Vanderveer, Jacob 1864 079 WB-1/145 079 AR Pitt County
Vines, Samuel 1741 Original Only SS/AR  
Vines, Sidney C. 1866 OB-M/317 AR  
Vines, Thomas 1836 OWB/527 AR  
Vines, Thomson c1799 OWB/354 AR  
Vines, William 1830 OB-B/82 AR  
Vinters, Rebecca 1837 OWB/519 AR Venters in Johnson's book
Von Eberstein, Annis c1891 Orignial Only CTY  
Von Eberstein, Wm. H. 1890 WB-1/489 CTY Wm. H. Baron Von Ebertstein in Johnson's book
Voss, Thomas c1784 OWB/186 AR  

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Sources: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665 - 1900  by Thornton W. Mitchell © 1987, 1992
Index to North Carolina Wills - 1663 - 1900 by William Perry Johnson © 1963

Transcribed by Kay M. Sheppard & John B. McGowan and Prepared by Sallie Gargis

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