Beaufort Co., NC Wills Index

1700 - 1900

W - Y


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Wade, L. F. no date OWB/561    
Waggoner, William c1755 OWB/562 AR  
Wain, Thomas, Sr. 1747/48 SS 877/303 SS/AR  
Walker, Emiline 1875 WB-1/146 AR  
Walker, Martin W. 1899 WB-2/218 CTY  
Walker, Thomas 1821 OB-A/307 AR  
Walker, Thomas, Sr. 1822 OB-A/323 AR  
Walker, William 1840 OB-C2/359 AR  
Wall, James 1758 OWB/57 AR  
Wall, Joseph c1791 OWB/259 AR  
Wall, Joseph 1756 Original Only SS/AR  
Wallace, John 1794 OWB/296 AR  
Walling, Elizabeth 1895 WB-2/63 CTY  
Wallis, Charles 1867 OB-M/144 AR  
Wallis, Hardy 1894 WB-2/33 CTY  
Wallis, John c1791 OWB/257 AR  
Wallis, Johnathan c1773 OWB/117 AR  
Wallis, Thomas 1831 OB-B/131 AR  
Wallis, William 1749 SS 877/264 AA/AR  
Wallis, William C. 1895 WB-2/56 CTY  
Walls, Rachael 1847 OB-F/324 AR  
Ward, Jonathan 1887 WB-1/410 CTY  
Warner, Adam 1894 WB-2/42 CTY  
Warner, Benjamin 1873 WB-1/111 CTY  
Warner, Francis c1781 OWB/161 AR  
Warren, Alva D. 1842 OB-D/363 AR  
Warren, Derry 1893 WB-1/556 CTY  
Warren, Drew H. 1886 WB-1/400 CTY  
Warren, Edward J. 1877 WB-1/179 AR  
Warren, Everard 1889 WB-1/467 CTY  
Warren, Henry 1717 SS 875/123 SS/AR Bath County
also recorded in 009 DB-1/275
Warren, Redding 1872 WB-1/103 AR  
Warren, Thomas H. 1898 WB-2/152 CTY  
Warters, Isaac 1843 OB-E/136 AR  
Warters, Isaac Sr. c1808 OB-A/17 AR  
Warters, James L. 1870 WB-1/48 AR James L. Waters in Johnson's book
Warters, John no date OWB/560 AR  
Warwick, John c1789 OWB/234 AR  
Waters, David c1809 OB-A/51 AR  
Waters, Everett 1882 WB-1/296 CTY  
Waters, Hardy L. 1899 WB-2/202 CTY  
Waters, Hoyt N. 1888 WB-1/437 CTY  
Waters, Jeremiah 1833 OB-B/233 AR  
Waters, Jonathan 1858 OWB/554 AR  
Waters, Ransom 1888 WB-1/440 CTY  
Waters, Stancil 1880 WB-1/254 CTY  
Watkins, Mary 1832 OB-B/215 AR  
Watson, Frederic 1816 OB-A/263 AR  
Watson, John 1826 OB-A/355 AR  
Watson, Prudence 1833 OWB/510 AR  
Way, Lydia 1897 WB-2/113 CTY Lydia Way "formerly of Langhorne, Pa." in Johnson's book
Welch, Matthew c1767 OWB/102 AR  
Welch, William c1814 OWB/472 AR  
Werden, John c1764 OWB/304 AR  
Werden, Samuel c1795 OWB/310 AR Wirden in Johnson's book
West, Henry c1752 Original Only AR  
West, Henry 1752 SS 878/194 CTY? This will is probably located in the Sec. of State Office in the NC  Archives
West, Stephen c1887 Original Only CTY  
West, William 1745 SS 877/20 SS/AR  
Weston, Martha M. 1899 053 WB-11/346 053/AR Hyde County
Weston, Martha M. 1899 WB-2/189 CTY  
Wheeler, Jacob 1828 OB-A/470 AR  
Whitacer, William 1843 OB-E/201 AR  
Whitaker, E. W. 1877 WB-1/187 CTY E.W. Whitecar in Johnson's book
Whitaker, Jane E. 1874 WB-1/132 AR-Copy  
Whitaker, Sarah 1849 OB-G/140 AR Sarah Whiticar in Johnson's book
White, John c1799 OWB/351 AR  
White, Joseph c1802 OWB/404 AR  
White, Joshua c1804 OWB/422 AR  
White, Solomon c1809 OWB/458 AR Johnson's book says OWB/457
Whitecar, Anne E. 1889 WB-1/502 CTY  
Whitehurst, John 1848 OB-F/459 AR  
Whitehurst, Josias c1734 OWB/23 AR  
Whitehurst, Shadrick 1818 OB-A/286 AR  
Whithurst, Hillery 1834 OWB/517 AR also found in OB-B/468
Whitley, Arthur c1794 OWB/303 AR  
Whitley, Arthur 1817 OB-A/269 AR  
Whitley, Daniel 1883 WB-1/325 CTY  
Whitley, Jesse c1832 OWB/505 AR  
Whitley, Elizabeth 1837 OB-C2/2 AR  
Wilder, Francis A. 1880 WB-1/266 CTY  
Wilkerson, Anna 1840 OB-C2/266 AR Anna Wilkinson in Johnson's book
Wilkerson, Elizabeth c1840 OB-D/315 AR  
Wilkerson, Liddia 1845 OB-E/480 AR  
Wilkerson, Mary Jane 1826 OB-A/362 AR  
Wilkins, Elizabeth 1840 OB-C2/267 AR Eli. R. Wilkins in Johnson's book
Wilkins, Jacob 1822 OB-A/319 AR  
Wilkins, John S. 1846 OB-F/251 AR  
Wilkins, Samuel 1840 OB-C2/329 AR  
Wilkinson, Aaron c1791 OWB/261 AR  
Wilkinson, Abram 1830 OB-B/83 AR  
Wilkinson, Francis T. 1900 WB-2/231 AR  
Wilkinson, Israel 1829 OB-B/28 AR  
Wilkinson, Israel 1834 OWB/512 AR also found in OB-B/472
Wilkinson, James R. 1870 WB-1/55 CTY  
Wilkinson, Laban 1878 WB-1/219 CTY  
Wilkinson, Mary 1821 OB-A/308 AR  
Wilkinson, Minerva V. 1898 WB-2/138 CTY  
Wilkinson, Oden 1835 OWB/524 AR  
Wilkinson, Patience 1856 OB-K/54 AR  
Wilkinson, Samuel J. 1866 OB-M/319 AR  
Wilkinson, Wiley 1845 OB-F/37 AR  
Willard, Alfred 1881 WB-1/278 CTY  
Williams, Agnes 1859 OB-L/57 AR  
Williams, Allen G. 1888 WB-1/448 CTY  
Williams, Dove M. 1775 OWB/126 AR Dove Morgan Williams in Johnson's book
Williams, George H. 1887 Original Only CTY  
Williams, James c1792 OWB/280 AR  
Williams, John c1796 OWB/328 AR  
Williams, John Beeke 1856 OB-K/212 AR  
Williams, John W. c1847 OB-F/520 AR  
Williams, Robert c1787 OWB/214 AR  
Williams, Thomas c1796 OWB/324 AR  
Williams, Thomas 1852 OB-H/81 AR  
Williams, Thomas 1758 SS 881/142 SS/AR  
Williams, Thomas c1759 OWB/69 AR  
Williams, Thomas 1753 SS 879/99 SS/AR  
Williams, Thomas c1793 OWB/283 AR  
Williams, Thomas S. c1790 OWB/252 AR Thomas Singleton Williams in Johnson's book
Willis, James 1842 OB-E/385 AR 1844 date in Johnson's book
Willis, William 1742 Orig. Only SS/AR  
Wilson, Seth P. c1790 OWB/249 AR Seth Pilkington Willson in Johnson's book
Wilson, Charles c1742 Original Only SS/AR  
Wilson, Seth, Sr. 1826 OB-A/373 AR  
Wilson, Winifred c1783 OWB/180 AR  
Windley, Aaron 1838 OB-B/502 AR  
Windley, Aaron c1800 OWB/365 AR  
Windley, Elizabeth c1853 OWB/549 AR  
Windley, Hannah 1845 OB-E/183 AR  
Windley, Henry 1835 OWB/478 AR  
Windley, Henry E. 1838 OB-C2/58 AR  
Windley, Horace A. 1866 OB-M/250 AR  
Windley, Israel 1825 OB-A/243 AR  
Windley, James 1871 WB-1/82 CTY  
Windley, James R. 1828 OB-B/1 AR  
Windley, John 1856 OB-K/181 AR  
Windley, John c1840 OB-E/30 AR  
Windley, John L. 1836 OWB/512 AR also found in OB-B/472
Windley, Joseph B. 1871 WB-1/85 CTY  
Windley, Levi 1827 OB-A/389 AR  
Windley, Margaret 1859 OB-K/512 AR  
Windley, Moses 1828 OB-A/509 AR  
Windley, Moses 1883 WB-1/335 CTY  
Windley, Richard C. 1886 WB-1/396 CTY  
Windley, Ruel 1854 OB-I/331 AR  
Windley, Samuel, Sr. 1874 WB-1/137 CTY  
Windley, Seth 1866 OB-M/252 AR  
Windley, Thomas 1827 OB-A/382 AR  
Windley, William 1834 OB-B/464 AR  
Windley, William B. 1878 WB-1/222 CTY  
Windley, William D. 1892 WB-1/543 CTY  
Windley, Wilson T. c1854 OWB/551 AR  
Windly, Israel c1808 OWB/454 AR  
Windly, Nancy 1831 OB-B/144 AR  
Windly, Samuel H. 1852 OB-H/204 AR  
Winfield, Davis 1830 OB-B/48 AR  
Winfield, Henry 1859 OB-L/13 AR  
Winfield, John 1821 OB-A/314 AR  
Winfield, Penelope 1839 OB-C2/154 AR  
Winfield, Richard 1733 SS 876/301 SS/AR Bath County
Winfield, Samuel c1836 OWB/536 AR  
Winfield, Sophia 1833 OB-B/235 AR  
Wolfenden, Ann E. 1893 WB-1/567 CTY  
Wollard, Penelope 1855 OB-K/44 AR  
Wollard, Sarah 1830 OB-B/79 AR  
Wollard, Simon 1859 OB-L/64 AR  
Wollard, Worden 1821 OB-A/309 AR Worden Woolard in Johnson's book
Wombivell, Benjamin 1750 028 DB-5/172 SS/AR Craven County
Wombwell in Grimes' book
Wood, James R. 1880 WB-1/251 CTY  
Woodard, Henry c1815 OWB/475 AR  
Woodard, Isaiah 1815 OB-A/248 AR  
Woodard, JOhn 1734 SS 876/343 SS/AR Bath County
Woodard, John c1785 OWB/198 AR  
Woodley, Margaret 1817 OB-A/271 AR  
Woolard, Almarina 1879 WB-1/243 CTY  
Woolard, Ashley 1884 WB-1/346 CTY  
Woolard, Harmon 1844 OB-E/352 AR will signed Harmon Willard
Woolard, Henry J. 1894 WB-1/37 CTY Johnson's book says WB-2/37
Woolard, Martin c1844 OB-F/443    
Woolard, Redding 1880 WB-1/264 CTY  
Woolard, Richard 1707 Original Only SS/AR no county listed
Woolard, Wiley c1890 Original Only CTY  
Woolford, Charles D.S. 1821 OB-A/315 AR  
Woolford, John c1797 OWB/356   John Woollard in Johnson's book
Worsley, Becca c1803 OWB/413 AR  
Worsley, Benjamin 1821 OB-A/310 AR  
Worsley, John 1750 028 DB-5/130 SS/AR Craven County
Worsley, Thomas 1737 Original Only SS/AR  
Worsley, William c1803 OWB/412 AR  
Wright, David 1856 OB-K/181 AR Johnson's book says OB-K/111
Wynn, William 1717/18 009 DB-1/284    


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Yeates, Peter G.   1852 OB-H/77  AR   
Yeats, Thomas   1811 OWB/460  AR   
Young, Samuel  1820  OB-A/301  AR   
Young, William  c1797  OWB/341  AR   

Sources: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665 - 1900 by Thornton W. Mitchell © 1987, 1992
Index to North Carolina Wills - 1663 - 1900 by William Perry Johnson © 1963

Transcribed by Kay M. Sheppard & John B. McGowan and Prepared by Sallie Gargis

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