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Will of Aaron Spring

of Beaufort Co., N.C.

(1755 / 1756)

. . . . . In the name of God, amen, I, Aaron Spring of the county of Beaufort, providence of North Carolina, knowing to the uncertainty of my transatory life and being well assured all men are borne to die, and knowing not how soon to please the almighty God to call me out of this present state of life, I do ordain, constitute and appoint this to be my last will and testament in the matter and form that follows:
. . . . . Imprimis, I give and devise and bequeath to my son Robert the plantation where he now lives and one hundred acres belonging to the aforesaid plantation. The said land I give to my son, Robert, and to his heirs and assigns forever.
. . . . . Item: I give, devise, and bequeath to my two youngest sons, James Spring and Abraham Spring, four hundred and forty acres of land to be divided between the two, that is to say, Abraham to have my manner plantation up the swamp to the brink, from thence south to the back line and all the land on the North side of March, to my Son, James; which said Land I give to my Two Sons & their heirs & Assigns forever.
. . . . . Item: I Lend to my beloved Wife, Martha Spring, my manner Plantation during her widowhood & no longer. Also, I lend to my said. Wife, Martha, one Negro woman called Sew during the Life of my said Wife & at her Decease, that said Negro Wench & her inches to be Elquekely Divided between my two youngest Sons, Abraham & James Spring. Also I give to my Wife, Martha Spring, one Feather Bed and Furniture, & one White horse, & four cows and calves, one small Iron Pot. Also, I Lend to my wife well beloved Martha Spring, one Large Bason, & one Large Pewter dish and four pewter Plates, & one Large Chest, & one looking glass.
. . . . . Item, I Give & Bequeath to my Son, Robert one negro boy called Daniel, Together with what he has already in possession, to him, his heirs Assigns for ever.
. . . . . Item, I Give and Bequeath to my well beloved Dorter Dinah, which is know the Wife of William Jessor, ninety acres of Land lying upon the head of Goos Creek, and one negro girl called Flory, excepting of the first child the aforesaid Negro brings, to be given to my Son, James Spring.
. . . . . Item, I Give, Devise & Bequeath to my Son, Aaron Spring one Negro Boy called Seasor, & one Feather and furniture, Two Cows & Two Earlings, & Two Ews & 1ambs four Sows, and pigs, & one new Gun, one Chest, & one large Iron pott hooks, I give to my said. Son Aaron & his heirs and Assigns forever.
. . . . . Item, I Give, Devise & Bequeath to my well beloved Dorter Elizabeth Spring, one Negro Girl called Prudence and one feather bed and furniture, to her my said, Daughter, Elizabeth Spring and her Esignes for ever.
. . . . . Item, I give to my Cozen, James Magee, Two cows and Two Erlings, to him forEver.
. . . . . Item, after the deces of my Loving Wife, Martha Spring that the remainder already part of my Estate, which is not Ready Especially Given, I devise & Give the same between my four Children hereafter named, that is to say, Aaron & Elizabeth and James, and Abraham Springs, Which the foresaid Articles, I Give Devise & Bequeath to my four Children here to before mentioned & to there heirs & Assigns for ever.
. . . . . I Do appoint my Brother in Law, John Barrow, & my son Aaron Spring, to be Executors of this my Last Will & Testament.
. . . . . In Testimony hereof I have hereunto Set my band & fixed my Seal this 18th. Day of April, in the Year of our Lord 1755.

Signed, Sealed, Pronounced,
and Declared in the presence of us:
Lilleton EBORN, Jun.

Beaufort County.

. . . . . This certifies that at a Court held at Bath Town for the said county. On the Second Tuesday in June, Ann. Dom., 1756, present his Majesties Justices, The last Will & Testament of Aaron Spring dec'd was exhibited into court, & Proved by Thomas Barrow, one of the Subscribing Witness
. . . . . June Ct. 1756 (before Walley Chauncy)

Source: "Last Will and Testament of Pamplico Township, Goose Creek Island: 1700-1980," pp. 69-71;
by Odell Spain, Hobucken, N.C. 28537
Mitchell's Wills: Spring, Aron - 009 - 1756 - SS 879/250 - SS/AR

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