William Williams Will

Currituck Precinct

Feb 2, 1724/5 - Jan. 7, 1725

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, the 2d. Day of Feb'y, Anno, 1724/5. I, William Williams, of Currituc precinct, In the County of Albemarle, and In the province of North Carolina, Being Very Sick and weak of Body, But of Sound and perfect mind and Memory, praise Be therefore given to almighty God for it, and Calling to Mind the mortality of my Body, and Knowing that It is appointed for all men once to Die, Do Make and ordain This my present Last Will and Testament, In Manner and form following: That is to say, first and principale of all, I Give and Recommend my Soul In to the hands of almight God That gave it hopping through my Blessed Saviours Death and passion to have full and free pardon of all my sins which I have Committed In this wicked world; and my Body I Commit to the Ground to Be Buried In Such Decent Christian manner as my Ex'rs hereafter named Shall Think fitt: and as for all Such Worldly Estate as In hath pleased almighty to Bless me in this Life, I give and Dispose thereof as followeth:

First, I will that all my Debts Be paid and Discharged.

Imprimis, I give and Bequeath unto My Son, Thomas Williams, That Tract of Land where I formerly Lived Up Tulls Creek, to him and his heirs for Ever: and also, one Negro Garle I give unto my Sd. Son, Thomas, Called Sew and all her Increase, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever; and also, my Will and Desire is that my wife Mary Williams, have the profit, Use and possison of the plantation I now Live on During her Widowood, only the New ground, Item, I except for my Son, Stephen Williams, and one of the houses to Dwell in; and after my Wife, Mary Williams, marries, my will and Desire is, that she have one third of the plantation aforesaid, and other Two Thirds to my son, Stephen, and after my sd. Wife's Decst.

Item, I give and Bequeath all my plantation and Land Belonging to It That I now Live on at the moth of Tull's Creek, Exc'pt part of the Island Called In-the-Woods, at the head Line, Joyning to the Land I bought of Mr. William Swann, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever; and if my Son,  Stephen, Should Die without Isue, then to fall to my Son, Tulle Williams; and also, I give to my Sd. Son, Stephen, one Negro woman Call'd Bess and all her Increase, to him and his heirs and assigns for Ever, only excepting to my wife her Service During her widowood; and further, my will is that my Son, Stephen, have the Sorrell horse cal'd whipster.

Item, I give and Bequeath to my son, Tulle Williams, Two hundred and Ninty Seven akers of Land that I Bought of Mr. William Swann; and the part of That Island Excepted In the Land given to my Son, Stephen, to him and his heirs for Ever; and if my Son, Tulle, Should die without Isue, to fall to my Son, Stephen, him and his heirs for Ever; and also, my will is, That my Son, Tulle Williams hath one Negro woman cal'd Sylvia and al her Increase, only wife to have her in possion During her Widowood, Tell my Son, Tulle Williams Comes to the age of one and Twenty Years, Then to him and heirs and assigns for Ever: But if my wife shoul Die or marie, Then, my will is That my Son, Tulle, Should medeaintly take her Into his own possison, and all her Increase for Ever; and also, I give to my Sd. Son, Tulle, one young Rone mare Coalt, with a Stare in her face and all her Increase, to him and his Heirs for Ever.

Item, I give and Bequeath to my Three Sons, Thomas, Stephen and Tulle one hundred and fifty akers of timber Land Lying up Tuls Creek cal'd Long Leet, to Be Eaquailly Devided amongst them.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Jane Brent, the Use of My Negro Garle Cal'd Molle, and the Use of al her Increase, During her Natural Life, only, I Except the first Child the Sd. Negro Garle Brings, for My Grand Son, Johathan Brent, and his heirs for Ever; and after my Daughter, Jane Brents decs. I give and Bequeath to my grand Daughter, Mary Brent, the Sd. Negro Garle, and al the Rest of her Increase, to her and her heirs for Ever.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Abigale Philips, one Negro Boy, cald Jack, and to the heirs Lawfully Begotten of her Body, Body; and for want of Such heirs to fall to Tulle Williams and his heirs for Ever.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Two Sons, Stephen and Tulle, one hundred accores of marsh Lying In the Island Cal'd Gibeses Island, to them and their heirs for Ever.

Item, I give and Bequeath to my Loving Wife, Mary Williams, one Negro Man cal'd Glasso, to her and her heirs for Ever, and also the horse cal'd Dick & al my parsonalle Estate, During her Widowood, only, I Except five pounds to pay for my son Tulle's Schooling one year; and further, my Will and Desier is, That if my wife, Mary, should marrie or Die that Then, my Two Sons, Stephen and Tulle, Should Each of them, have one Cow and Each two Yeows, a peace, out of my Estate, and Then to be Eaqually Devided amongst them all; and also, I will that a True Inventory of al my Estate, persionalle and that None be Imbasaled. and also I make, ordaine and appoint my Loving wife, Mary Williams, True, Sole and Lawfull Exetrix with my Son, Tulle, of this my Last Will and Testam't.

As witness my hand and Seale, this 2d. Day of feb'y, Anno Domini, 1724/5.
                                                                                            William Williams     (Seal)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered In the pres. of:
William Davis
Charles [C] Brent
Robert Ervin

L'res. Granted 7 Jan'ry, 1725


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