Nicholas Paige & wife Anna Will
April 14, 1703

Romney Marsh in the Township of Boston in New England 1703

In the Name of God Amen. I Nicholas Paige Sometime of Plymouth In England Merchant & Anna Paige his Wife being both of us through Godís Goodnefs at Present in health and in perfect memory & good understanding Do make and appoint this to be our Last will & Testament In Manner & form following: Vizt

Impr.  We do Give & bequeath our precious souls to God that Gave them to us in full afsurance of Salvation by Jesus Christ our alone Saviour & Redeemer & our bodys to decent Christians burial in full afsurance of Resurrection both our Souls and bodys by the Virtue power and merits of Christ death & Resurrection to Eternal Glory both of our souls and Bodys at the Great & General Day of Judgement when both soul & body shall be Re united again together First we do order & appoint That all our Just Debts & Funeral Charges be duly paid.

Item   We Give to the poor of Boston Twenty pounds to be paid in money as moneys in three months after our Deaths~

Item   We Give & bequeath unto Mr. Nicholas Paige of Barbadoes if then Living & if Dead then to his Eldest son or any Child of his that may be then Living Threescore pounds money to be paid within Twelve months after our Deaths~

Item   We Give & bequeath unto Mrs Sarah Gerrish wife of  John Gerrish & to her heirs one hundred & Fifty Pounds to be paid in money in Twelve months after our Deaths~

Item   We Give unto Mrs Mary Rooch our well beloved kinswoman Thirty Pounds money or as money to be paid in Twelve months after our deaths if she be then alive & if dead the same to be Divided Equally Between Mr. John Danforth Minister at Dorchester & Mr. Samuel Danforth Minister of Faunton Mrs Mary Bromfield & Mr Abial Fitch as a Token of our Love~

Item   We Give & bequeath unto Mr John Rogers Minister Ten pounds money or as moneys to be paid in Twelve months after our Deaths~

Item   We Give unto Mrs. Margaret Leveret Ten pounds money or as money in Twelve months after our Deaths also our Coach with all its harnefs & in case of her Death then to her Eldest Child by Mr. Leveret then Living & the Coach with its harnefs to be Delivered presently upon our Deaths ~

Item   We Give and bequeath unto Mrs. Marcey Wade Wife to Mr. Nathaniel Wade Eight pounds money or as money~

Item   We Give to Mrs. Elizabeth Wade of Mystick now Widow Wade if then Living five pounds money as a Token of our Love~

Item   We Give to Mrs. Anna Whitmor formerly Anna Pearce five Pounds Money~

Item   We Give to the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Woodbrige & to the Reverend Mr. Timothy Woodbrige five pounds a piece of money~

Item   We Give to the Reverend Mr. Wigglesworth Minister of Malden Six pounds money & to the Reverend Mr Samuel Williard Minister of Boston Six pounds money~

Item   We Give unto Capn John Wilson of Brantrey five pounds money or as moneys~

Item    We give and Bequeath unto Mrs Ann Dudley now Second Daughter to the Hon'ble Gov'r Joseph Dudley 50 pounds money or as money to be paid in Six months after our Deaths~

Item    We Give & Bequeath unto the Two Daughters of our Sister Eliz. Hobbs now Living in Crookhorn in England Margaret & Eliz Hobbs Twenty pounds each in money~

Item   We Give unto our Sister Margaret Forgson now living in Martineco Twenty pounds money~

Item    We Give unto Elenor Owen Three pounds money~

Item   We Give unto Mr. Josiah Woolcobs Eldest Third Grand Child to Mr. John Freeke Six pounds in money to buy a small piece of Cloke~

Item    We do give and bequeath unto our Cousin John Gerrish & Sarah his wife our Boy Jethro for to Live with him & her until he Thirty year of Age which he will be the Twentieth Day of February one Thousand seven hundred twenty five & at that time the boy is to be free for himself & we do pray our Cousin Gerrish to teach the boy his Trade perfectly & then when he is free for himself which will be in the year 1725 we do give & Bequeath to him five pounds money~

Item    We do Give and Bequeath to all our negroes three pounds apiece in money or as money~

Item    That In Case I Nicholas Paige do Dye before my beloved wife then I do make and appoint her to be whole & Sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament during her Life & she to Enjoy the whole Estate so long as she Liveth & at the Death of my beloved Wife then we do both of us with one Consent make Nominate & Appoint & hereby do make and appoint our Beloved Kinswoman Mrs. Martha Hobbs to be our whole and sole Exec.x to us both of this our Last Will and Testament & Do hereby Give and Bequeath unto her our Execx all our Estate Real and personal.  This farm we now Liveth on which is Besides the Farm John Chamberlain Liveth on which we have Given unto Mr Paul Dudley also.

We give & bequeath unto her our Execx all our houses & Lands Lying & being in Boston and all our Debts Due to us here & Else where to her and to her Heirs for Ever.  The satisfying & paying all our Just Debts & Legacys by us Owing & by this prefesnt Will Disposed of But in Case that this our Execx Mrs. Martha Hobbs should have no children or dye without children then in that Case our Will is that her husband shall Enjoy the Estate During his Life & at his Death we Do hereby Will and Bequeath the whole Estate of Housing & Lands Both in Boston Town & Romney Marsh unto our Cousin William Paige now of London in England & to his heirs for Ever & Lastly we do hereby nominate and appoint Desire our Good Friends his Excellency Joseph Dudley our now Honored Govr & Col Nathaniel Thomas for to be our overseer of this our Last Will and Testament humbly Beseeching them that they will be pleased for to be helpful In Advising & Guiding our Execx in ordering and Governing the whole Estate Real and Personal in behalf and for the Good of our Exec.x  Inabling her the better to pay & Satisfy All of our Just Debts & Legacys  To whom we Do give & bequeath as a pledge of our real Love fifty pounds a piece in money & we do further & earnestly request of our Honoured Overseers for to Advise & Council this our Exec. in her Marriage with any prior that she may marry withal & we do hereby Leave It as a Solemn Charge upon as our Dying request that she Do take your Advice therein & be very Carefull how she Doth Dispose of her self in Marriage, & that she match into a Good Family & with one that Feareth God that so neither The ? of air an Estate be not Thrown away in her Match & In Testimony whereof we Do acknowledge & Declare this to be our Last Will & Testament hereby Declaring all others to be void & of no force & for evidence of the same we sett our Hands & seals in Romney Marsh the Fourteenth Day of April, One Thousand Seven Hundred Three and in the Second Year of the reign of Queen Ann.

Signed Sealed and Published by the within. Written Nicholas Paige Esq., & Dame Anna his wife, to be their Last Will & Testament in the presence.

 John Leverett, William Dudley, Stephen North, Thomas Harwood

                                                                                    Nicholas Paige & Seal
                                                                                    Anna Paige & Seal

Source: NC State Archives, Colonial Records Group: Land-Wills 1665-1746 C.C.R 187

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