Power of Attorney

John Bassnett to Edward Murden & John Noost

North Carolina

Be it known to all men by those present that I John Bassnett of Pasquotank presinct in Alberm__ County & province aforesaid have made ordained constituted authorized & appointed in my place & stoad by those presents have put & placed my well beloved and trusty friend Edward Murden of Norfolk County in ye Colony of Virginia & John Noost of Princess Ann County of said colony of Virginia to be my true & lawfull attorney or attorneys for me in my ___ or enterin & upon all & every who occupies & possessours of all or any that parcel or tract ___ and lyeing and being in Princesses Ann County in Virga. Aforesaid called or known by the name of Colchester containing eleven hundred & fifty acres asined by ye patten thereof granted my grandfather William Bassnett may appear & in case of any claim made or refuse___ any person or persons surrender up the quiet & peaceable possession of ye said land ye said person to Eject Suei________ prosecute & expel ye said premises by due course of law giving & ______ granting to my said attorneys or either of them full power and authority ____ ye name to sue arrest Eject implead and to appear for me in any court or courts of ____ _____ in the said colony of Virginia.& also one or more attorney or attorneys of any the said ____ and them to constitute and appoint as the case may require altho it should be g___ or m____ ____ power than is herein given and in case of any judgment obtained in any ye said courts or writs of possession awarded, ye said possession for me & in my name to take & receive argfully as though I were personally present, or by any other ways or ______ to compound conclud & agree with any the said claimer occupiers possessours of the premises or any part or parcel thereof as my said attorney or attorneys or either of them shall think fit, and furthermore I the said John Bassnett do hereby authorize and impower my said attorneys or either of them to acknowledge for me & in my name in the county court of Princess Ann, contain deed of release, of all my right and title of the said premises unto Jeremiah Murden bearing equall date with those present, unto which said deed I have set my mark with my own hand & sealed with my seal & delivered it unto the said Jeremiah Murden as my own deed and also all and every other thing require it & necessary to be done in or concerning the premises for me and in my name do execute and perform as fully & effectually & in as large & ample a manner & form to all intents & purposes as I myself might ought or could do if I were then and there personally present, and I shall & will ratifie allow & confirm all and whatsoever my said attorneys or either of them shall do or cause to be done in or about ye said premises by a ___ of those persons. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty third day of August anno Domi 1729.

John (his -x- mark) Bassnett (Seal)

Sealed and presented

in the presents of

Joseph Cartwright

John (his -I- mark) Ivy

Princess Ann at a court held the 3rd September 1729

Then the within power was proved by ye oaths

of Joseph Cartwright & John Ivy witnesses thereto

is ordered to be recorded on motion of Jeremiah


Princess Anne County, Virginia Deed Bk 4, pg 260.

This establishes three generations of Basnetís:  John, Johnís father (not mentioned), and Johnís grandfather William.  The grandfather William, in his will, left all this land to his son William.  Therefore, this implies that William Jr. would be Johnís father.  This is the land that was deeded to William Basnet, Senr.


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