1860 Federal Census of Washington County, North Carolina

Instructions and Index

Many thanks to the Washington County Genealogical Society, who provided a copy of the 1860 Washington County census, which they transcribed and published. The 1860 census year began June 1, 1860 and ended July 24, 1860. All persons who were living on the 1st day of June 1860 were included. This census transcription is organized by page number. In addition to the page number, the index provides the microfilm page number where individuals are listed. Some of the titles of the columns have been shorten. For additional information about the columns refer to "Column Descriptions".

This version of the census is the same as described in the "Forward" of the hard copy, except the pages have been aligned to correspond to the actual census pages, and the omitted columns have been combined and included in a comments column. One person, Isabelle Bateman (age 11), who was omitted in the transcription, has been included here. Blank fields have been replace with a dash "-" to make it easier to read. In addition the abbreviations used for occupations have been expanded to a decsription.

The index has been changed from a SURNAME only index to a full name index, which lists each person in the entire census. To help researchers find names that have been recorded incorrectly, alternate spellings are sometime provided; for example: C. Barrus is listed in the index twice, once as Cabarrus and once as Barrus (See Cabarrus). Some names are spelled differently in the index than in the actual census; for example: Hasel is spelled Hassell. This is done to group given surnames together regardless of the enumerator's choice of spelling. The index is arranged alphabetically so you won't have to scan through each page looking for surnames of interest. Each person in the index is linked to their respective census page. Merely click on the person's name in the index and you will go to that person in the census. When you are done looking at that page click on your browser's BACK button to return to the index right where you left it. If you want to go to another page or a different area of the index, full navigational capability is located at the bottom of each page.

In additon to an index by person, you can click on a census page within a given township/district to view the census by township, or by page. At the bottom of each page you can click on the "previous page" or the "next page" of the census. On the last page of a township, clicking on "next page" will take you to the first page of the next township. On the first page of a township, clicking on "previous page" will take you to the last page of the previous township.

Some families are split between pages in the census. If the family you are researching is the first or last family on the page, you will need to check the adjoining page. To ensure you don't miss a family member, the dwelling and family number is included on the first entry of every page so you can compare it with the dwelling and family number on the previous page to determine if the family was split across two pages.

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