Roanoke Beacon Abstracts Update

Over the weekend I spent some time indexing issues of the Roanoke Beacon.  I extracted articles from the March – June 1890 issues to the NC People in the Papers database.   As usual, I focused on articles of genealogical interest such as obituaries, marriage notices, births, and mentions of specific family relationships.  With this update I added 168 names from 73 articles.

Obituaries in this group include:

Marriages in this group include:

In addition, there are other news items included.  For example, this grade report from the Creswell Academy of some of Principal Dunston’s students — could you imagine having your grades posted in the newspaper??

Grade reports from the Creswell Academy - May 2, 1890 issue of the Roanoke Beacon

To view the current list of 409 names from Washington County that are in the index so far, click here.