Boyd Family Bible

The following notarized Boyd family bible record was presented to Washington County Genealogy Society by Barbara Revels.

Compiled by Virginia C. Haire


The front page of this Bible is missing but on the Marriage Certificate page in the Family Record section there is the Copyright date of 1896.


  • David Boyd was born February 1st 1843
  • Ida F. Boyd was born June 6th 1867
  • Martha E. Boyd was born March 23, 1882
  • Patsey E. Boyd was born October 29, 1883
  • Sarah E. Boyd was born March 22, 1885
  • Margaret J. Boyd was born November 5, 1887
  • John F. Boyd was born August 12, 1889
  • Benjamin F. Boyd was born August 17, 1891
  • James W. Boyd was born July 24, 1893
  • David H. Boyd was born July 30, 1895
  • Bartemas Boyd was born August 11, 1897

Death dates are written in ball point ink next to the following names:

  • Sept. 18, 1917 – David Boyd
  • Jan. 28, 1928 – Ida F. Boyd
  • Jan. 25, 1925 – Margaret J. Boyd
  • Nov. 1931 – Benjamin F. Boyd


I, John I. Morgan, Register of Deeds in the aforesaid county, do hereby certify that I have compared the above written with the original in Family Bible belonging to John Fred Boyd, Rt. l, Pinetown, N. C., and that I find this to be a true representation of the facts contained in said Bible.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 5 day of November, 1976.

(signed) John I. Morgan, Register of Deeds