Augustin Daly (1838-1899)

Roanoke Beacon
30 Jun 1899

A native born North Carolinian of whom little is known here, died in Paris a few days ago. It was Augustin DALY, a man of theatrical talents and of distinction. The following bit of history of his life, which appeared in the Philadelphia Record immediately after his death, may interest our readers, especially those in our immediate neighborhood:

The late Augustin DALY was born in Plymouth, N.C., July 20, 1838. His education was received partly in Norfolk, Va., and in the public schools of New York city. He began his literary career as dramatic editor of the Sunday courier, in New York city, in 1859, and he continued to discharge similar functions on that paper, on the New York Times, The Sun, The Mail and Express and The Citizen until 1869, when he opened the Fifth Avenue Theatre, on Twenty-fourth street. This building was destroyed by fire in 1873, and three weeks later he opened another theatre, formerly the Glob, in Broadway, under the former name. Early in August, 1879, he established Daley’s Theatre, in Broadway, near Thirtieth street; and several years age he opened in London, England, a thoroughly equipped house under the same name. For several seasons he managed the Grand Opera House in New York.

His career as dramatic author began in 1862 with an adaptation from the German of Mozenth’s Deborah,’and since then he had produced many original plays, among them the “Divorce Picnic,” “Horizon”, “Under the Gas Light,” and numerous adaptations from French and German dramatists. He achieved also a notable distinction in the presentation of Shakespearean dramas, although his productions in this field were the occasion of much conflicting criticism.

In recent years the combination of players with which his name has been identified Daly’s Company of Comedians has achieved an international reputation under the leadership of Miss Ada REBAN, whose remarkable talents have constituted a leading factor in the success of his undertaking. Mr. DALY devoted all of his time to his theatrical enterprises and was an enthusiast and a hard <…>, always noted for the elevation of his dramatic purposes and the completeness of his scenic presentations. He was a well-informed student of the dramatic literature of many nations.”

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