1899 Commencement – Plymouth Academy

Commencement Exercises of Plymouth Academy
Roanoke Beacon, 16 Jun 1899

On Wednesday and Thursday nights of last week our people were royally entertained in Town Hall by the students of the Plymouth Academy, the occasion being the closing exercises of said school. The Academic department occupied the stage the first night, and the Primary department the second night.

To make special mention of the manner in which the ladies and gentlemen, as well as the children of the school acquitted themselves would be unjust.  Each one of the 128 exhibited talent and gave evidence of the thorough training which they had received. A medal was offered on oratorical powers, the decision to be made by five judges, the first night.  This was awarded to Master Vance NORMAN.  The second night the medaewrsr oratory was awarded to Master Herman WARD.

The following named were awarded medals and prizes, Academic department, Spelling, Jon NORMAN, Spelling and Defining, Miss Lissie VANHORN; N.C. History, McCoy WATERS; Harrington’s Speller, Vance NORMAN; Reed’s Word Lesson, Herman HOOKER.

Primary department: Best mark, Cecil BEASLEY; Deportment, Annie SPRUILL; Best Spelling, Ruth HASSELL.

From the large audience which witnessed the exercises, it is to be believed that our people are deeply interested in education, and the parents have cause to feel proud of their children and satisfied with the instruction they have received under Prof. HASSELL and his assistants.

This school is now in a flourishing condition, thanks to the zealous efforts of Prof. HASSELL, and it is plain that if he had a suitable building his school would soon be first among the schools of Eastern Carolina, and that Plymouth would be indeed an educational centre.