Bible Records

From the Robeson County NC GenWeb Archives:






Sion & Clarky (McTyer) Alford Bible

Jul 2007

4 kb


Angus Black Family Bible

Mar 2001

4 kb

Liz Frano

Calvin Black Family Bible

Jun 2001

4 kb

Liz Frano

George & Mary Hendon Cromartie Bible

Oct 2002

4 kb

Rose Parks

Ford Family Bible

Jul 2007

6 kb

Sam West

McLean Family Bible

Nov 2004

2 kb

Dottie W. Dunlap

James McNatt Family Bible

Oct 2005

2 kb

Mary H. McNatt

Walters Family Bible

Jul 2008

2 kb

Michael Walters

D.M. Wilder Family Bible

Jun 2008

2 kb

Shauna Powell







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