Estate Settlement Record of Finlay McSween, d. 1829
(Estate Records 1772-1933 - Book II - Author, Myrtle N. Bridges)

State of North Carolina, Richmond County - Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, October Term 1846. To the 
Worshipful Court now in Session. The petition of Christian McSween, John M. McSween, Daniel McSween, Angus 
McSween, & John McLeod, who intermarried with Jannett McSween vs. Isabella McSween, Executrix of Finlay McSween, 
Sween McSween, Duncan Henderson [here the words, 'and wife Sarah', were written, then lined out.] & Roderick 
McSween, humbly complaining, sheweth to your Worships:
1. That sometime in the year 1829 your petitioner's father departed this life having made and duly executed 
his last will and testament.
2. That in said will Isabella McSween & Daniel McSween were appointed executors.
3. That the said Daniel has departed this life without having appointed an executor, and the said Isabella is 
consequently the sole executrix of the same.
4. Your petitioners represent to your Worships that they are the principal legatees in said will, which will 
more fully appear by reference to said testament, a copy of which is hereunto annexed and which your petitioners 
pray may be taken as part and portion of this petition.
5. Your petitioners further shew to your Worships that by the provisions of said will the property was to 
remain in common until the youngest daughter, your petitioner John McLeod's wife Jannett, should arrive at 
the age of 21 years. The said Jannett has now arrived at that age.
6. Your petitioners further shew that Roderick McSween and Duncan Henderson are inhabitants of another state 
and prays that advertisement be made for them to come forward at the next Term of this Court and plead answer 
or demur, and further pray your Worships that the States writ of subpoena together with a copy of this petition 
be issued to Isabella McSween, Executrix, Sween McSween [here the words, 'and Sarah Henderson' were written, 
then lined out] to come forward and answer the facts of this petition, and your petitioners further pray your 
Worships to appoint 3 freeholders a committee to divide the estate of the said Findlay McSween among all the 
legatees as devised in his said will and to grant such other and further relief as the nature of this case may 
jointly and severally require, and as in duty bound your petitioners will ever pray. (signed) Francis A. Terry, 
Attorney Pro Petitioners 

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