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About 5 1/2 South of Rockingham, NC on US 1, on the right hand side of the road is a Historical 
Marker (K-28) which reads "Henry William Harrington Brigadier General of Militia 1776 - 81, 
State Senator, & Commissioner to locate State Capital. Grave one mile NW".

To get to the cemetery:

Go South on US 1 out of Rockingham, NC for about 5 1/2 miles, turn right onto Osborne Rd. At the end 
of this road is a stop sign, turn right, go about 2/10 mile. On the left is a well defined loggers 
access road labeled "South Gate". There will probably be a gate over the trail. But, park your
car and follow this trail for about 3/4 mile. As you travel down this trail you will notice two large oak 
trees to the left of the trail. The cem. is below these two trees. There is a drive cut out of the brush 
and trees leading off this trail into the cemtery. 
 Mrs. Rosanna Harrington was born Dec. 2, 1754 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Died a Communicant 
of the Episcopal Church Oct. 13, 1828 in ___?___ She was for 33 years the loved consort of Gen. H.W. 
Harrington (Poem below this but too faint to read)(Where I have underscored above is where the concrete 
cover of the brick crypt is cracked and unable to read)

Raleigh Register, and North-Carolina Gazette Tuesday, October 28, 1828   (April 13, 2016)
Died at her residence in Wadesboro', on the 13th inst. Mrs. Rosanna Harrington. Few persons have been more
deservedly or more universally beloved; few have possessed qualities more amiable or more elevating. 

Sacred to the Memory of General Henry William Harrington A Native of the City of London and a Distinguished 
Officer in the American Army. Who departed this life on the 21st of March 1809. In the 62nd year of his Age. 
(More below this but too faint to read without chalk which I ran out of) (This inscription is in a concrete 
covering of a concrete vault.)

In Memory of Michael Harrington Son of Henry Wm. and Rosanna Harrington. He Departed this life on the 13th 
of January 1794 Aged 3 years one month and 8 days. (Stone carved by T. Walker) 

In Memory of Henry William Harrington Son of Henry Wm. and Rosa Anna Harrington. He Departed this life on 
the 23rd of March 1792  Aged 10 years and 9 Days (Stone carved by T. Walker) (This would explain why there 
is a 3rd Henry William, born 1793 - below)

Henry William Harrington
Born July 5, 1793
Died March 2, 1868 (This is a red brick vault with a concrete cover)

The Young, the loved, the beauteous fair,
With deep blue eyes and yellow hair
Of kindly heart and mind most bright

Her grieving friends may wish in vain
to call her back to life again; 
For that long sleep will ne'er be o'er
Till fleeting time shall be no more.

But when in that Great Promised Day
The loud last trump shall call away
O, then again they'll meet above
In never ending perfect life
Her name was Mary Ella
She departed this life September the 7th AD 1849(Stone
broken off below this last line and det in ground. Unable to
read rest?

In Memory of Cynthia Cole
Born Feb. 6, 1814
Died Jan. 30, 1888
She sleeps beneath her Native Earth
And near the spot that gave her Birth.
Her Youthful feet trod flowers
That bloom o'er her early tomb.

Here lies the remains of Harriet Harrington Second child and Daughter of Henry William & Rose Anna
Harrington. This little Innocent in Fleeing with her Fond Mother from the British Tyrants being Exposed 
to the inclemency of a fickle Season fell a Sacriface to the Cruelties of a vindictive Foe and Departed 
this life the 16th of September 1780. 
Aged 10 Months & 18 Days. 

The Body of Harriet Harrington Fifth Child and Third Daughter of Henry William & Rose Anna Harrington 
Who departed this life the 2nd of October 1791 aged 3 years, 8 months & 9 days
Grim Tryant Death, Oh how couldest thou Destroy their parents Hope and Their Loved Kindred's Joy.
(Beautiful Gray Slate stone shaped and etched. Angel carved in stone across top)

This cemetery is with-in a small enclose consisting of 6" x 6" by 4 ft. long concrete pieces 
laid end to end. There are two gigantic oak trees in this cemetery. It is well off the road, not maintained, 
but little liklyhood of being damaged unless by the occassional hunter. All the stones are in excellant 
shape, with one exception in which the stone has broken off and then stood back up-right againt the bottom
part of the stone. 

According to the Richmond County, NC GenWeb site there are others buried here but a good search of the 
enclosure and surrounding area gave forth no additional stones, cemetery markers or any indication of 
any other graves. 

Cemetery surveyed and transcribed by John V. Burns
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Revised January 2, 2015

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