Harrington Cemetery
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

1- Go south from Rockingham on US # 1. --you will cross over the #74 bypass of Rockingham & Hamlet
2- Continue for approximately one mile, turn right on paved road to Cordova, (I believe it is 
state rd #1108 but not certain of the number.
3- As you approach Cordova bear left and you will run into state road #1103
4- Bear left on state road #l103 and you will pass Diggs Chapel Church on your right
5- Continue past Diggs Chapel Church for about 3/4 or 1 mile, and on right will notice an unpaved road 
with a chain blocking entrance.
6-Park car here & walk about 3/4 mile down this unpaved road and two large poplar trees can be seen off 
to the left. The Harrington Cemetery is at the Poplar trees. R.C.McLean    Myrtle Bridges

Cole Cynthia	2/6/1814	1/30/1888	 
Harrington Gen. Henry William	No Date	No Date	REV. War General
Harrington Henry William Jr.	5/14/1782	5/23/1792	s/o Henry W. & Rosanna Harrington
Harrington Michal	12/5/1790	1/13/1794	s/o Henry W. & Rosanna Harrington
Harrington Rosanna	12/2/1754	10/15/1828	w/o Gen. Henry William Harrington
Harrington Harriet	3/3/1885	1977	w/o Phillip Harrington
Harrington Phillip	1828	3/18/06	 
Harrington Harriett	1848	12/15/1893	w/o Luke Herington
McLeanden Brenda	1970	Infancy	Twin
McLeanden Linda	1970	Infancy	Twin
Neloms Fannie	5/7/1897	12/20/10	 
Neloms Minnie	1861	10/28/06	w/o Henry Neloms
Patterson Charlie W.	1882	2/5/80	 
Patterson Clarance	1934	1990	 
Patterson Jesse 	10/7/46 	No Date

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