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LOVE - KNOTTS    February 1, 2017
Trying to find slave deed records for Erasmus Love.  Particularly a slave Wilson and Harrison which were mentioned 
in his Probate Records.  Also a slave Ginny Knotts.  She was willed to Erasmus brother Richmond from a Stephen Wall.  
I found that information from the books I ordered from you but I am trying to find out When Wilson and Harrison were 
purchasd or willed to Erasmus Love.  Joyce Mack

CAMPBELL    December 1, 2016
I am trying to locate my mother's school records. She lived in East Rockingham, NC. Was born in 1936 and her name 
was Betty Ruth Campbell. I'm assuming she went to Rohanen, but I am not sure. I do not believe she finished school 
either. She only went as far as the 7th or 9th grade, depending on who I talk with. Any help would be greatly 
appreciated. Thank you so much, Joyce Bufano

COVINGTON - SIMMONS - McCASKILL    November 22, 2016
Hello, I found my grandmother Ola Mae Covington Simmons on the Richmond co index (Silver Grove); 
my mother daisy Simmons McCaskill is 79 now and has never been to her graveasking for information on the 
location so my mom can go to her mother's grave does someone have information on the exact plot? We would 
love to get her a headstone - the website also lists Ola Mae's parents and husband, perhaps the source of 
this information can direct us to the exact plot- please help if possible  Stephanie McCaskill

McDONALD    October 6, 2016
I am related to Mcdonald chapel cem. At Mcdonald chapel, moore co.  I am still trying to fit us in to the Richmond co. people.  
I know we are related.  Just who was this alexander McDonald and who were his children and wife.  We believe our alexander was 
born 1777 but no documentation.  Can you help?  Sincerely.  Joan Manuel

SMITH    April 7, 2016
	I am interested in the May 15, 2013 question from James SMITH concerning the relationship between William Byrn SMITH 
and Malcolm SMITH. James SMITH's email address from that posting is no longer valid.
	If anyone has been communicating with James SMITH, or has information on this relationship between Byrn SMITH and 
Malcom SMITH, I would appreciate hearing from you!
	Many of the Scots settling in NC during this time continued to used the centuries old Scottish Naming Pattern in which 
the first born son would be named for the paternal grandfather. Byrn SMITH's son, James P. SMITH, named his first son Malcom, 
which if Mr James SMITH in 2013 is correct, this would support his theory.
	Thank you for any information.	Sincerely, Arden Inabinette

FORBIS / GREEN    April 3, 2016
My great grandfather, Benjamin FORBIS married Sally GREEN near Mallee in Richmond Co.  I have searched for 
information on this community, but I haven't had any success.  Do you have any suggestions where I might find 
some information?  Benjamin came to Richmond Co from present day Guilford Co.  My grandfather, E Chester FORBIS 
was born in Richmond & moved to Anson Co., where I grew up. Bill Williams, Clayton, NC

REDDICK / MCINTOSH / SHAW    January 6, 2016
Greetings Myrtle
	I was trying to contact Mary Dexter regarding the slave schedule information at the following website However Mary Dexter's email is not valid at this time.
How can I contact Mary Dexter?
	My name is James Reddrick and I have been doing research on the REDDICK family from Richmond County NC. The 
website,, may possibly give me more clues to the origin of the Reddick family.
	George McINTOSH "willed" Negro Man REDDICK to his daughter Sarah {McINTOSH} SHAW in 1849.
	Alexander SHAW "willed" REDDICK to his wife Sarah {Mcintosh} SHAW in 1863.
	It seems George McINTOSH (1772-1848) migrated from Scotland and eventually settled in Richmond County NC in 1800.
	How can I find out more about the Negro Man REDDICK and how George McINTOSH acquired him? 
	Take care, James Reddrick, 980-254-5348

AUSTIN / COLE / SMITH / DUMAS / BAKER / LANE    December 30, 2015
	Happy New Year!  I'm still trying to find just where Jesse COLE is buried and when he died.  He and William Jackson 
AUSTIN were in Wayne Co., MS on  the 1820 census waiting for that land to open up in Madison, Hinds, Rankin Counties in MS.  
W. J. AUSTIN was married to Nancy "Nannie" COLE and they are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Hinds Co., MS but I cannot 
find Jesse!!  I think he may have died in abt. mid 1830s but am not sure.  I know that W. J. Austin died in 1863 and his wife, 
Nannie Cole Austin, died in 1869.  I think some of the COLE researchers have some things just plain wrong though.  I do NOT 
think Jesse's children were part of the Jesse James gang nor have I ever heard of a Zerelda Cole in my Jesse's family, but some 
people continue to make a connection that I do just not believe is even there.  Some of these Coles did move out to Harrison Co., 
TX and are buried in the Scott Cemetery(named for Thomas Scott who also was from NC earlier, I think)  out there but it was much 
later..  Some of my Austins are buried there too but my gr. gr. grandmother was Eliza Jane AUSTIN who married Samuel Smith BAKER 
and they are buried in the Sharon Methodist Church Cemetery in Madison Co., MS.  Mark COLE was on that Wayne Co., MS 1820 Census 
too and I believe he moved down toward Natchez, MS.  One of the problems with my AUSTIN line is that the WAR came along and was 
hot and heavy in Hinds Co., MS.  Many records may have been lost but I do have the will of W. J. Austin--it was filed in the 
Raymond, MS Hinds Co. Court House--not in the Jackson one. (2 Court Houses in Hinds Co, MS)
	I'm sure you remember Bennie Lou Hook Althom who wrote and contributed the Memoirs of James Norman Smith--well, that man was 
in Maury Co., TN along with my gr. gr. gr. grandfather, James McCulloch BAKER and they both moved out to DeWitt Co., TX.  Judge 
James McCulloch BAKER was father of my Samuel Smith BAKER who married Eliza Jane AUSTIN in MS!!  This is very tricky for I suspect 
these families KNEW each other much earlier and quite possibly in NC!!  My records show William Jackson Austin was b. late 1700s 
in NC. (1797 or 1798) and I don't know who his father was, but they sure gave their children some strange names--Hesperia and such! 
One granddaughter was named Flavia and she has an interesting history, for her husband was a prominent attorney in Memphis, TN and 
was murdered---very sad story of David Hamill Poston being murdered.  I found it in FindAGrave under his name.
	Myrtle--if you find some clues for me please let me know.  W.J. AUSTIN owned just TONS of land in Mississippi--Hinds, Rankin, 
Madison and probably more counties.  I suspect my SMITH line was over there in Johnston Co., NC, but I could be wrong.  I know my 
line moved with a Lane man from NC to Hawkins Co., TN and then on down to Maury Co., TN by 1808.  Samuel SMITH was his name and he 
and William LANE bought a land grant from a William Cocke who was in the land business back then.  This is long and you can just 
delete if it's too much information for you.  I'm still searching and trying to put things together. 
Anne Ponder in GA and OH, my husband is of the Zachariah DUMAS line, but that's another story!:o) Anne Ponder, Georgia

LOVE / CRAWFORD / COVINGTON / MASTIN    November 5, 2015
	I am searching for documented information on Mary CRAWFORD LOVE circa 1766-1848.  The majority of the undocumented 
information online and in numerous published family histories list Mary CRAWFORD as marrying John LOVE and their children 
as William Green (Greenlee) LOVE. Erasmus (Rasa). et al.  Mrs. Bridges' Richmond County will book (FINAL WORDS) proves Mary 
CRAWFORD was married to William LOVE.  William(1) Love will proved 1793 lists wife Mary LOVE and son William(2) Greenlee LOVE.  
A codicil in William(2) LOVE will proved 1831 lists his mother, Mary LOVE.
	A Thomas CRAWFORD whose will was proved 1789 lists wife Rebecca COVINGTON and executors as brothers-in-law, one of which is 
William CRAWFORD...proving Mary Love is Thomas CRAWFORD's sister.  This Thomas CRAWFORD is found in DAR application record copies 
as being married to Rebecca CRAWFORD and he is the son of John CRAWFORD (also a DAR ancestor) and Ann MASTIN.
	If one can follow my deductions here, Mary Crawford Love is the daughter of John Crawford and Ann Mastin.  
	Does anyone have more information re: this Mary Crawford (Love)? Ken Oilschlager, Mississippi

McINTYRE - (Where is Juniper Bay??)    October 19, 2015
I just pulled up a land grant from Richmond Co, NC for Daniel McINTYRE. It says it was entered in 1778 and issued 
in 1787. The location states it is 100 acres on the North East side of the Juniper Bay. Have you ever heard of this 
place in old records? I am not finding it in Richmond Co. Do you think its in another County? Connie Howe

Hello, Thank you for the enormous amount of work that you have done on the McDonald family.
	I was hoping that if you have time, you could help me straighten out some confusions with my husband's McDONALD line.
My husband's GG Grandmother was Mary Ann McDONALD, daughter of Dr Ranald McDonald and Catherine MILLER.   She married 
Richard BENNETT.  They were from Ware County, Ga.
	I would like to find out as much as I can about this line, especially if they are Clan Ranald or Clan Sleat.... From 
his name you would think it would be Clan Ranald, but I've been told that it is Sleat which is closely identified with the 
Isle of Skye, so I'm not sure what to think.
	I'd also like to know if "our" McDonalds came to Georgia by way of North Carolina.  
I'm wondering if Donald McDONALD married Jane McLEOD in Scotland or in America. 
	And one of my biggest questions is if Donald's [married to Jane McLeod] parents were Donald and Elspeth FRAZER. And if 
his were Donald and Keziah ROBINSON.  
	There's a good chance I've gotten two lines mixed up and I have no idea how to straighten it all out.
Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Renee Bennett, St. Louis

TART / COVINGTON    March 12, 2015
I am looking for any information on William TART b.1838 & Louisa COVINGTON b.1838 d.1902. They were married 
in Richmond Co. December 15 1857. Mary Turpin

WEBB    December 30, 2014
I am looking for the parents of Pryor WEBB, a white male born about 1804 in Richmond County. He moved to Hardeman 
County, TN about 1840. One possibility is a Watson WEBB, born about 1782, but I have seen no evidence of this, just 
a name in someone's family tree posted on the web. Robert M. Webb

SIMMONS    December 26, 2014
Hello, my grandmother, Ola Mae Covington SIMMONS', grave is listed on the web page as being in Silver Grove Cemetery 
in Rockingham, NC. I am trying to find records to show where she is buried in the plot so I can get her a headstone. 
My mother Daisy Simmons McCaskill, has always spoke of wanting to know where her mother's grave is, but no one is alive 
to know the graves location. Any help you can give in identifying her plot would be beyond appreciated by my entire family. 
Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you, Stephanie McCaskill, 919-800-8417

BETHUNE / MORRISON    October 13, 2014
I am seeking information on MARGARETT MORRISON BETHUNE, born 1748 in Richmond County, married to MURDOCK BETHUNE 
born in Scotland in 1746. She died in Richmond County March 18, 1838. I am trying to find out if MALCOLM BETHUNE, 
born 1793 was their son. He was born in Richmond Co,NC. He had six sons in the Civil War. He was my great, great, 
Grandfather. I would like to know if MARGARETT and MURDOCK is his father and mother, and all information I can 
acquire about them.  Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Bobbie L. Owen

WRIGHT    August 19, 2014
I've been researching my WRIGHT family for years. I get part of them back to Anson Co and then I hit a brick wall. 
Richmond Co has more WRIGHTS in the right area than I have ever found.

In the 1850 Anson Co census brothers Joshua and Thomas WRIGHT are shown. Joshua married Ann Preslar and migrated to 
Henderson Co, TN. along with Theapholis Holmes, Littles and families from Union Co, NC. Joshua owned 208 A in the 11th 
Civil Dist of Henderson. He died before the 1870 census and is buried on his farm. He and Ann had two sons, Arledge and 
Marshall. Her and the two sons are in the 1870 census in Henderson. They stayed in and around the Henderson CO area and 
I have followed them downline.

One of his descendants wrote a paper I think in about the 1950-60's and gave the names of Joshua's siblings, Thomas, 
Joel, James, Martha and Mahala WRIGHT.

In the 1860 census for Mc Nairy Co HHLD is Sarah WRIGHT, Joel, James,  and Mahala. Martha maybe old enough to marry? 
Can't find any record of her. There is a Sarah WRIGHT in the 1850  Anson CO census next door to Thomas  and Elvina. She 
is living with John P WRIGHT.  If this is the mother of Joshua, Thomas, Joel, James, Martha and Mahala where are the younger  
children in 1850? Is John P a son? I have searched all the Wright families  in all the counties adjoining Anson, in MS and 
TN and can't find any of them. I need the father's name and the mother's maiden name.

Also in McNairy Co is Thomas w/wife  Celomia Luton (London or Lundy.) Thomas is shown in the 1850 Census for Anson Co w/wife 
Elvina. He has two children (1860 census) born in NC, James Franklin b. 1850 NC, Louisa Ellen b. 1852  NC.  William Calvin 
b. 1857 MS, Sarah Paralee b. 1855 MS, Mary A b. 1860 TN. In 1876 he had another daughter b. TN. The two oldest children 
could be from Elvina, and the younger ones from Celomia. If the Sarah listed  in TN with these children are really hers 
and she's not an aunt, cousin or some other relative!

I can only find Thomas in the 1850 Anson Co census(if actually the right Thomas) in the 1870 McNairy Co TN census and the 
1880 Henderson Co census(he and Celomia and unmarried children )are living with their son James Franklin and his family. 
For some unknown reason they do not show in the 1870 census but in 1880 are still in the same area.

Any hints, suggestions etc anyone can offer or direct me to will be most appreciated. I think my line of WRIGHTS were all 
of the Baptist faith. My line is father, Robert K Wright, grandfather, John R. WRIGHT, great grandfather, William Calvin WRIGHT, 
great-great, grandfather Thomas WRIGHT.  Frances Nally

STEPHEN COLE    April 14, 2014
I am completely new to researching in NC.  I have enjoyed spending the last two years researching in Chester & Delaware 
counties, PA. I am seeking information about The Richmond County Record newspaper.  What years was it published and is 
it available online?  Is it also indexed/searchable?  I tried an internet search with no luck.

I am interested in finding an article in the newspaper regarding Stephen COLE b 1700 d 1744/45 in Chester, Chester, PA.  
The lead referenced below is the first I have seen as to his possible birth location.  His son John Cole and his wife 
Jane Bounds first settled in Anson County and later in Rockingham, Richmond, NC. 

From Kay Ponder on
The Wilcox family stated the [sic] Stephen Cole, Sr., lived in Worcestershire, England, before coming to Chester County, 
Pennsylvania. However, The Richmond County Record indicates that Stephen Cole, Jr., was born in Ireland. 

Stephen Cole (Jr.) is my 6th GGF, and John Cole my 5th.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide, Christie Logan, New Mexico

OLD SCOTCH CEMETERY    March 16, 2014
I am very interested in the OLD SCOTCH GRAVEYARD  and of the history surrounding it. Can you tell 
me who I can contact to find out more about the land it is on and who its caretaker is?  
Thank you - Kim VonCanon

CROUCH    February 7, 2014
I am Samuel CROUCH, a descendant of the Richmond County Crouches and would like to compare notes with anyone
who is interested in this line. Samuel Crouch

TEW    January 22, 2014
Good Evening, I was trying to locate a headstone for a relative of mine and was not able to locate it. I see on the web page 
that you have him listed. Could you tell me where in the cemetery the headstone was located? I found his father and mother in 
the back section of the cemetery. His info, that matches your listing is: Tew, James Albert 12/20/1941 06/21/1990  Vietnam	 
Thank you and have a great day! Henry Boore

PANKEY / MEACHAM    January 16, 2014
Myrtle:  Thanks for the link to the Stephen PANKEY Cemetery (with directions to the site.)  I am forwarding this to persons 
interested in locating and photographing stones ... assuming stones exist ... not sure.  The information posted might be 
information gleaned from sources other than tombstone inscriptions.  

Hoping to be able to locate grave site of "old John" MEACHAM who died in Richmond County about 1800.  As you may recall, 
from deed transcriptions you posted, this man reserved one-third acre of his land for purposes of a family burial ground.  
After his death, several of his heirs and descendants sold some of his property to members of the Pankey family.  It is 
for that reason that we suspect that the MEACHAM family cemetery may be located on Pankey land (formerly belonging to 
"old John" Meacham), or that this cemetery containing graves of Stephen Pankey, Senior and members of his family might be 
the SAME cemetery reserved by "old John" Meacham via deed in the late 1790's.  Tending to support the latter is the fact 
that ALL members of the Pankey family buried in this cemetery died well after 1800 when "old John" died.

Of encouragement to me as well is the fact that Stephen PANKEY, Senior, having been a Revolutionary War veteran, hopefully 
has a commemorative stone so stating. Alta Durden

AUSTIN / COLE / SMITH / BAKER    December 7, 2013
I have reason to believe that my William J. AUSTIN and Jesse COLE moved from NC to Wayne Co., MS during the 
period of 1820.  I descend from Nannie Cole AUSTIN and William Jackson AUSTIN--and Jesse COLE was the father of Nannie 
COLE according to my records.  I have pinpointed where W. J. Austin and Nannie Cole AUSTIN are buried in Jackson, Hinds 
co., MS but cannot find just where or when Jesse COLE died.  He was granted land in the Hinds Co., MS area in the late 
1820s after it opened up for land grants.

Now the interesting thing is there were intermarriages among the SMITH and BAKER people over in Maury Co., TN where 
James Norman SMITH was living until he moved to Cuero Creek and Concrete, TX along with his friend James McCulloch BAKER 
who was judge out in that area in the mid 1840s.  These people moved from Maury Co., TN down to Madison Co., MS and then 
on out to DeWitt or Gonzales, TX. BUT the Austin and Cole older generations remained in Mississippi.  I have reason to 
believe that W. J. Austin's father may have been named John, but I don't think he was in Maury Co., TN=--I think he came 
from NC to 1820.  W. J. AUSTIN died during the War Between the States so that makes research a bit hard but I 
have found them in FindAGrave cemetery in Jackson, MS--Greenwood Cemetery he d. 1863 and I believe Nannie Cole Austin 
died in 1869.  Their daughter, Eliza Jane Austin, married Samuel Smith BAKER and they lived in Madison Co., MS all their 
married life.  Samuel Smith BAKER did not move to TX out of respect for the promise he made to his future father in law 
to remain in MS.  Anyway--can you find me that connection to who the Austins were in the area at the time of abt. 1800 
or 1810.  A marriage of William J. Austin to Nannie Cole--daughter of Jesse Cole?  Anson or Richmond Co., NC??  
Thank you for looking.  Anne Ponder, GA

JACOBS    November 18, 2013
I am searching for information on the JACOBS Genealogy in Richmond County.  My JACOBS heritage is 
centered in the Jacobs line of Lumbee Indians of Robeson County.  I have been unable to find any ancestor 
of Alfred JACOBS who was born in either 1804 or 1805.  I have been doing all my research in the Robeson 
County/Brunswick County area however I have recently found out that Alfred was born in Richmond County so 
someone there may know of his parents. I would be grateful for any help you could provide. Steven Jacobs

BLUE / LEACH     October 27, 2013
I need help in locating info on the death or burial of John LEACH, who married Catherine BLUE, 
who was the daughter of River Daniel BLUE. I know the Blue history well, but get stuck in a hole in 
locating my GGGrandfather John LEACH.  I have census records and land holdings deeds but cannot locate 
his where abouts after the beginning of the Civil War.  Thank you for any suggestions. Vernece Leach

COLE / SNEAD / WATKINS    August 24, 2013
I'm looking for the following:
Will & Marriage of John COLE 1697-1781, wife Martha SNEAD 1725-1800 
Will & Marriage of William WATKINS 1730-29 Jul 1789, wife Keziak SNEAD 1732-1789 married abt. 1820 
Marriage of Francis "Frank" COLE to Elizabeth WATKINS in 1784.
William Cole 139 Willow Bend Drive   Silsbee, TX 77656  (409)828-0106

PANKEY    August 22, 2013
I am researching my great grandfather, 4X removed, Stephen PANKEY who lived almost his entire life in 
Richmond County until his death in 1863.  I found your website online when researching Stephen PANKEY.  
I have found some information on him but am trying to fill in the pieces, notably his land ownership, 
will, slaves acquired, and any other information out there.  What kind of services do you provide and/or 
do you have any suggestions on where to go for this.  Thank you very much. Melodie Rogers

McKINNON / BENOIST / GRAY    August 17, 2013
Hi Myrtle, I am doing research on Moses Pinckney McKINNON who married Ann BENOIST (1822-1917. My great 
grandmother Kizziah Jane BENOIST GRAY, is Ann's niece. See the 1850 Census of Richmond County, Rockingham
District below. Would you happen to know who Christian's husband was? 

Christian McKinnon 48f, SC
Mary McKinnon, 20f, SC
Moses McKinnon, 18m, mail rider, NC
Rachel McKinnon, 15f, NC
Ausy McKinnon, 12m, NC
Elizabeth McKinnon, 11f, NC
Daniel McKinnon, 8m, NC

Thank you, Don Gray

SMITH    August 16, 2013
Hello, My name is Jim SMITH and I was looking for information on William Byrn SMITH's son 
Duncan SMITH born about 1832. Do you know what happened to Duncan? Can you point me any direction 
to find information? Thank you, Jim

COVINGTON    August 14, 2013
Hi My name is Mary Louise Covington. I have been doing research on the COVINGTON family for a number of years. 
I have not been able to find any information on my grandmother, Love Mae COVINGTON, married to John COVINGTON in Holly 
Grove Baptist Church Hamlet NC. John's father's name was Americas COVINGTON. If you have any information I sure would 
be appreative. Thank you, Mary Louise Covington

WALLACE / JONES    August 4, 2013
I have written you before regarding John WALLACE's origins. This time I am writing regarding Sarah JONES. 
I find them in the 1850 census of the then Stewartsville, Richmond Co. NC. It lists all of the children including 
my Great Grandfather James WALLACE as a 1 year old. Living in adjacent homes or farms are several men named JONES 
with families. The next family over is Duncan JONES, next to him is William JONES, next to him is Calvin JONES. 
Their ages are 30, 32 and 34 respectively. Sarah was born in 1816 according to my records. Nearby, is a Cylus JONES, 
age 64. This is exciting because this could be her father, and the other men, brothers. By the 1880 census, the next 
record I have of John and Sarah WALLACE is in Grimes County, Texas, where they died and are buried in 1897 and 
1898. My questions for you are:

1. Are these JONES men her family?
2. Are there any records of a marriage of Sarah JONES to John WALLACE in around 1837?

Anything that you may have on them would be appreciated! Thank you, Janet Wallace Todd  Murrieta, CA

McGILLIVRAY / McGILVRAY    July 27, 2013
I am looking for a Daniel McGillivray/McGilvray who was born in 1759 in Isle of Skye Scotland and died 
in Richmond County Jul 1815. I would appreciate any info you might provide.  My Mother was a McGilvray 
born and lived in Pike County AL. I think Daniel maybe my great great great grandfather. Mary W Johnson

Elizabeth WYNN married George PERKINS in 1809 at Rockingham on the Pee Dee.  They were married 
by a Robert WEBB. We seem to have George in the right PERKINS family, a brother John PERKINS married 
Betsy COLE in county in 1800.  Their father was Jacob. DNA testing is in progress. 
Looks like further research tells us we don't have Elizabeth in the proper Wynn family.  She is NOT 
a daughter of Obediah Wynn and Amy Leona Bolton as was originally thought, however a cousins DNA testing 
gives high markers to the Echols/Wynn/Bolton/Terry family, so that leads us to believe our Wynn comes 
from another Wynn/Bolton marriage.
Elizabeth would have been born around between 1792 & 1794 at the latest for her to marry in 1809.  She 
was born in the Carolinas, we have seen both NC and SC on census records.  Hoping to connect with other 
WYNN researchers. Sue Sue Dixey

McMILLAN / LEITCH / MONROE    June 5, 2013
I have been researching our McMILLAN family. Sarah(Sallie) McMILLAN, (b. 1804 Scotland, UK) d/o Malcolm 
McMILLAN & Margaret LEITCH (Scotland UK) m. John MONROE, Baptist Minister, (b.1804 NC). He was pastor at 
Springhill Baptist in Wagram and they lived at Laurel Hill at some time. Children: Robert, Flora Ann, 
Catherine W., Sarah E., John & Daniel White. I can not find dates of death on all of them or where they 
are buried. Any information would be appreciated. Gayle McMillan Ellis

NEWTON / RUCKER / SEALS    May 31, 2013
Thanks for posting the information on the NEWTONs (ncgenweb, re: Giles NEWTON). There's quite a
bit there and I've been looking over it trying to see where my NEWTONs fit in, and I'm fairly sure they 
do somehow, but am having a little trouble and I'm hoping you can shed some light on it. 

From the info that I have, a Younger NEWTON (b. ca 1819, Richmond, NC) married Mary RUCKER (b. ca 1818, NC).

One of their children is Anderson Daniel? NEWTON (b. 1859, Rockingham, Richmond, NC; d. 1927, Stewartsville, 
Scotland, NC). He married Martha Jane SEALS (b. 1862, SC; d. 1892). One of their children is Maggie Newton 
(b. 1880, McColl, Marlboro, SC; d. 1938, Stewartsville, Scotland, NC). She is my great-grandmother. 

I realize that the many generations and individuals named "Younger" lends to some of the confusion, but my 
Younger doesn't seem to quite match up with any of them. I would be grateful for any assistance you may provide.
Thank you, Scott Mumford

STRICKLIN / COLE / WATKINS    May 16, 2013
I ask for your advice as to what resources are available and how I would go about researching my 
4th great-grandfather, John STRICKLIN, born about 1783-1785, married Martha "Patsy" or "Patsey" COLE 
4 Nov 1801 in Richmond County, died October 1849 in Hardin County, Tennessee.

The first documented event in his life that I've been able to verify is his marriage to Patsy, daughter 
of Francis COLE (1760-1818) and Elizabeth WATKINS (1763-1784). Any guidance you might provide is greatly 
appreciated! Charles Stricklin

I am working on the father of Byrn SMITH which is the father of William Burns SMITH. The issue I am 
running into is I believe Byrn SMITH is also William Byrn SMITH.

Malcom SMITH born 04 Jul 1754 in Cumberland County, NC had a son William SMITH born circa 1770 which I 
believe is William Byrn SMITH. Malcom inherited 50 acres of land in Richmond County in 26 Nov 1795 from 
his father Malcom SMITH born 1718 in Knapdale, Argil, Scotland. This land was near Thomas GIBSON's land. 
The will of Byrn SMITH you posted in 2003 suggest a strong interaction with the GIBSON family. Looks like 
Bryn's son married twice into the GIBSON family and son of Byrn James SMITH named his some Thomas GIBSON SMITH. 

I give and bequeath unto my son Malcom* 50 acres of land in Richmond Co. joining Thomas GIBSON's land. Also, 
600 acres in said county on Joe's Creek, a branch of the Gum Swamp near VINERS's said tract and patented by 
Tillotson OBRIEN. Likewise, 100 acres in Cumberland County on Buffaloe Crk patented by Hugh BROWN and 50 
acres in Cumberland County East of Nicholson's Crk between Donald CAMPBELL's & Archibald McKAY's on the 
wagon road.

The below insert shows from The Cumberland County deed Byrn SMITH purchasing land with Thomas SMITH. It is 
believe at this point Thomas is not a brother but a cousin. Thomas SMITH may be the son of Duncan Crawford 
SMITH born 1758 the brother of Malcom SMITH born 1754.

Cumberland  NC  Deed Book  26-123
04 Jan 1811  Arthur COUNCIL, Mathis (Matthew ?) Byrne & THOMAS SMITH of Bladen to Wm CARVER of Cumberland 
for 1000 ft of sawmill lumber delivered to James COUNCIL, 3 tracts on Little Rockfish.  s/ Arthur Council,
Matthew BYRNE, Thomas SMITH.  w/ Joseph Thames.

This line of Smith's came from Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland which is west of Glasgow. They left a port near 
Glasgow called Campbeltown, Scotland on a boat called the Thistle in Sept of 1739.

I am curious to find out what happened to William Burns son Duncan SMITH born 1832. Thanks Jim Smith

Curtis GOODMAN and his wife Catherine (KNIGHT?) were my 3rd great-grandparents.  I would like to 
find their burial locations if someone knows where they are located to visit their graves.  From a family 
Bible page, Curtis Goodman died 18 Feb 1877.  They were the parents of, among others, Mourning Goodman, who 
married Washington WALLACE, Lydia Goodman, who married Lewis BRIGMAN, Julia Ann Goodman, who m. Joshua A. BROWN.   
I descend from Julia Ann Goodman Brown.  Her daughter, Sarah Catherine Brown married Luther Hayes EVERETT.  
Their daughter, Ruth, my grandmother, married Robert Roscoe Kearse and died in SC.  Julia Ann Goodman Brown is 
buried in Harlem, GA along with her husband and son Neil Brown.  On the 1870 census, Curtis and Catherine Goodman 
were residing in Laurel Hill.  I would like to learn more about the old Goodman homeplace and communicate with 
other descendants of Curtis and Catherine.  I do not know who their parents were.  Any information will be greatly 
appreciated. Kathy Duncan

THOMAS / HOGINS / COVINGTON / HIGH    March 23, 2013
I am the g-g-grandson of Robert THOMAS & Clementine HOGINS. The were married in Richmond County, NC
in 1850. They lived with his mother Elizabeth COVINGTON THOMAS and brothers in the 1850 Census of Fair Grounds 
District of Richmond County. Robert and Clementine lived in a house with their son Harrel F. THOMAS in July of
1860 in Fair Grounds Distr. My family bible has the date of birth of Harrel as 1856 & death 1862 in Richmond
county. Looking for grave of Harrel F. THOMAS (1856-1862. His sister Martha Ann THOMAS was born Aug. 1860 one 
month after the census was taken. 

Would like help on this family, the father of Robert THOMAS was John THOMAS b. 1792 NC. Thanks, great-grandson 
of Asa Haynes HIGH b. 1848, Columbus Co., NC Daniel Pinkney High Jr,

WATKINS / SNEAD    March 11, 2013
I descend from Washington William WATKINS, son of a Samuel WATKINS that I have not been able to pin down.  
Recently I've been studying William Willis WATKINS who married Keziah SNEAD.  They had a Saiel who was born 
in VA right before they sold their plantation and moved to Richmond Co, NC.  I can't find much information 
about that Samuel, either.  I'm wondering if he could be my gggg grandfather.  I have documentation on everyone 
but Samuel.  Do you have any information on either this Samuel or Samuel, the father of Washington W. WATKINS.  
Any information would be much appreciated.
Here is the information I do have:
Samuel WATKINS (for some reason, I have in my mind that he was born in VA but I'm not even sure of that)
Washington William WATKINS (or William Washington WATKINS) (went by "Wash" or W.W.WATKINS)
(b.) 1804 Franklin Co, KY (d.) 1865 Lyon Co, KY
(m.) Susanna Showalter YOUNG    
           Washington's siblings were: John W., Thomas G., Lucinda, Washington William Jr.,  Mary, Maria and Malinda 
    (Mary and Maria were both born in TN; the others in KY)
James Moss WATKINS 
(b. 1831 Caldwell Co, KY (d.) Lyon Co, KY
(m.) Lucinda Belle COLLIE
Fred Collie WATKINS, Sr. 
     (moved about a bit, lived in KY and TN)
(b.) 1859 (d.) 1929 Trigg Co, TN
Ira Schirschle WATKINS, Sr.
(b.) 1890 (d.) 1963
(m1) Myrtle Leah DAVIS (my grandmother)
(m2)  ?
Ira Schirschle WATKINS, Jr. (my father)
(b.) White Co, AR  (d.) Saline Co, AR 
(m.) Clara Mae BRADFORD
Betty (WATKINS) Hicks (me) 
(b.) AR  Betty Hicks

GIBSON / GOODIN / WRIGHT    February 27, 2013
We have learned that his great-great grandparents were slaves in Williamson, Richmond and continued to live there 
even after the area became a portion of Scotland. Their names were Kamos/Cammus GIBSON and Satilla/Tilley UNKNOWN. 
They had many children but only 4 survived, two later becoming ministers, one of those two being great-grandfather 
Samuel. This is where the history becomes a bit sordid.

My husband's grandmother owns a single antique photograph of her grandfather, Samuel's father. She keeps it put away 
but everyone who has seen it says the man in it is white. Grandmother's story is as follows: "My daddy was born in North 
Carolina, his birth father was an old white man who lived near by. That old white man had several children with several 
black women. When each of them turned 16 the old white daddy came and gave each one (the illegitimate children) a photo 
of himself."

Kamos was a blacksmith and in 1870, he and Tilley lived next to William P GIBSON. I saw that there was a Gibson blacksmith 
in the area in earlier years and think there may be some association here also. Tilley's death certificate listed her 
informant as William Gibson, though William P and his son William both passed away before her. Maybe a coincident, maybe 
not. Her parents are named Bill GOODIN and Caroline WRIGHT. I know that the Curtis Goodin/Goodwin  farm adjoined Wright's 
farm and, possibly, the Gibson farm. These are the men I am focusing on. Hopefully, one of the aunts I have asked in Florida 
will be able to get a scan of the photo for me. With a phenomenal amount of luck, I might even match it to a photo there 
in Scotland! Jessica Armstead

QUICK / EASON    February 19, 2013
My husband and I would like to know date and location of his parents marriage (both now deceased).  
They were both born and lived in Richmond County before moving to Monroe, NC. Hazel Kathryn QUICK Oct 29, 1918 
and William Charles EASON Dec 19, 1920.  Can you help? Thank you. Nancy Eason

MCDONALD    January 20, 2013
Looking for family of William MCDONALD born about 1810 North Carolina. William moved to Chambers Co., Alabama 
abt. 1838, and then to Claiborne Parish Louisiana about 1849. Thank You. Tom McDonald

ENDRES / STANLEY    January 19, 2013
I am researching a Peter ENDRES who owned the Rockingham Baking Company from the mid 1930's to the mid 40's 
and his daughter Mary STANLEY who owned it until the late 50's. Would you by chance be able to direct me to 
a resource in the county where to begin my search?? Thank you for your time. Lewis P. Bramlett

LONG    December 28, 2012
Need info on BENJAMIN LONG and ancestors, of Richmond County NC.  I have information of decendents (Elisha T Long) 
All assistance given will be very much appreciated...I would add that if book or research info is available for
purchase I would be happy to consider that....thank you very much... Robert Long Frostproof, FL 33843

PANKEY / NEWBERRY / THOMAS    December 13, 2012
Please help. Stephen PANKEY, born in VA c.1765, died in NC 1863, he is listed as a soldier of the Revolutionary War, 
he was quite young, and his service capacity for the war has not been  proven, and if I can prove this, I can list 
him as a new patriot, married Rebecca NEWBERRY and Savannah THOMAS, buried in Pankey Cemetery, Richmond, NC.
My e-mail may not be clear. Bess H Darby 3908 Tocowa RD  Courtland, MS 38620

TYNER    October 24, 2012
Hello, my name is Deborah Hanna, Daughter of Linda Grey TYNER and Granddaughter of the late Robert Davis TYNER. 
Is there a Kith and Kin book for the History of TYNER Family? If there is I would so appreciate acquiring a copy. 
Sincerely, Deborah Hanna

CAMPBELL    October 1, 2012
My name is Bruce Anderson and I am a descendant of CAMPBELLs that passed through Richmond County, North Carolina 
between 1793-4 and 1810.  My great great great grandfather was Findlay or Finley CAMPBELL.  His father was John CAMPBELL.  
Both were supposed to have moved to the states from Scotland and must have arrived in SC in the early 1790s.  Findlay may 
have had a brother named Farquhard but they moved to Tennessee and then eventually to Lafayette County Mississippi.  
Findlay is a complete mystery and apparently died in Tennessee because he can be found in the 1820 census but his wife 
is head of household in the 1830 Tennessee census.  And Findlay's father is equally a mystery.  Presumably he is buried 
in the Old Scot graveyard though I have no proof.  But I'm sure I've seen records online that say Findlay witnessed the 
transaction that established the Old Scot graveyard.  I'm looking for that reference again.  Findlay and Farquhard are 
listed in the Anson County deed book L, page 177, as heirs of John CAMPBELL in 1806.  

You clearly have done some wonderful research.  Thank you. Kind Regards, Bruce E. Anderson Dayton, Ohio 

GAY / NELSON / RUSSUM    September 27, 2012
This is an update to my post of October 28, 2011 on  the GAY & WATKINS family of Richmond Co., NC.
Benjamin GAY c 1809 NC and wife, Julia GAY c 1811 NC are found on the  Fayette Co., TN 1850 U.S. census. I have 
found no marriage record for Benjamin GAY and Julia. The maiden name for Julia was given as NELSON on the death 
record of a daughter. The following two sons reached adulthood.
Son, William GAY. circa 1832 NC: Lived in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. William Gay had a son Charles Blount GAY born 
1878 LaGrange, TN, died 1918 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida.  The death record for Charles Blount GAY, gives the 
father's name as William GAY;  Birthplace, Rockingham, NC.  Son, John W. GAY born 1837 NC died 1909 in Colin Co., 
TX., wife: Emily Francis RUSSUM.  I need help in finding a possible Richmond Co., NC NELSON family for Julia 
married to Benjamin GAY. Thank you, Dolores Dodge

ENDRES    August 7, 2012
I am looking for information on my grandfather, he owned the old Rockingham Bakery in the 1940s. This name 
was Peter ENDRES. I lived in Rockingham in the late 40s and 50s. Thanks, David

GIBSON    July 19, 2012
I'm trying to locate information on my GGF John Calvin GIBSON. Census records indicate he was born about 1821 
in North Carolina. Searches on yield no records. He has a son John Calvin GIBSON, Jr. The first 
record I have is a marriage license issued in Jennings County Indiana, 15 August 1843 and then an 1850 Census 
extract in Jennings County. Thanks for any help or leads. Thanks, Rich Gibson

COPE    July 15, 2012
I'm looking for any information on John William COPE.  Jacob COPE was my g-g-g-grandfather born in 1800 in 
North Carolina in Richmond County and I believe his father was John William.  Any information on him would 
be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. Alanna Aldridge

CAPEL / COVINGTON    July 2, 2012
My name is James "Brad" Nichols. I am writing you to see if you can help me. I have seen and used the information you have 
provide on your website in my family research. I have deep roots there in Richmond County but am not as familiar with the area 
because I live in Greensboro. I am related to the COVINGTONS and CAPELS there. I have been corrosponding with Sandy quite a bit 
over the past couple months. I have made 3 trips down there to try to find Jesse Baldwin CAPEL. He is my 3rd greatgrandfather. 
The direction I was given tell me from COVINGTON Community Rd and 73 turn left toward Ellerbe and go .6 miles to a dirt road 
leading into the woods on the right. I believe I have found the road the directions are referring too. but I could find nothing. 
It says go .1 mile and hes amoung the tall trees. Well, all the trees are tall and the woods are very thick. I have no idea what 
I should be looking for either. I really did give it a hard search.

From the cemetery survey they did the dates they provided are accurate to the day so I feel there must be a dated marker. If you 
can find out anything else I would appreciate it so much. I took a photo from 73 looking down the dirt rd. Maybe from the photo 
it could be specifically pointed out where to go or tell me if I am not at the right spot.

I also want to make sure you are aware that the monuments for the people who are at McLEOD Cemetery are no longer there and 
where moved to Mt. Carmel Church. I went to both of these locations looking for Jesse as well because thats where he was listed 
on the survey. Every name that was on the list for that cemetery is inscribed on a marker in the woods where the markers originally 
were except Jesse. 

The 1870 Census of Steeles District, Richmond County, NC shows Jesse B. Capel 55, male, black (this is an error. He was white); 
Charlotte Capel 49, female, white; Thomas C Capel 17, white; Louisa Capel, 14 female white; Charles Capel 10, white; Sarah E. Capel 8, 
white; Benj. Covington 35, white, minister, and Annie Covington, his wife 27 white. This family lives next door to Pleasant Baldwin 32, 
black and his family. Please find out anything you can for me,  Brad Nichols

My g-g-grandfather was William Joshua MCDANIEL/MCDONALD, born 1811-1815 NC.  We think his brother was John H. MCDANIEL/MCDONALD, 
born 1815-1816 NC.  They are in Missouri by 1840.  That is all we know.  We do not know who we would be looking for in North Carolina 
as parents, so we do not know where to look.  Many thanks. Dorothy McDonald 619-466-9583 (San Diego)

WALLACE / JONES / LENOIR    June 12, 2012
We have established James Burns WALLACE, b 1849 at Stewartsville.  We believe his father's name was John WALLACE, b 1811 and 
his mother's name was Sarah JONES, b 1816.  Sarah's parent's were Edmund JONES and Ann LENOIR.
We are looking for confirmation that John WALLACE was James' father.  Further, we want to find out for sure who James' parents 
were...were they Willam and Ruth?  Who were their parents? Thanks for your help! Barry

I am searching for any information on Margaret MORRISON born circa 1748 in Richmond County I believe. In approximatley 1780 
she  married Murdock BETHUNE who was  born in Scotland in 1746. They lived at least part of the time in Cumberland Co NC, which at  
that time was adjacent to Richmond County NC up until approximatley 1780. 

One of their children, Effemia BETHUNE was born June 12, 1800.  In approximatley 1821, Effie married Henry FAUCETT who was born on 
18 August 1798 in NC- possibly Moore County.  Effie died on 7 Oct 1864. They lived in Moore, Cumberland and Harnett Counties, all 
in NC.   Their son Thomas Bethune FAUCETT is my Great Great Grandfather. 

I have been unable to locate any further information about Margaret MORRISON or Murdock BETHUNE except 2 land purchases of land in 
NC, the census record which do not name anyone but give the sex and age range for their children,  their Death dates and places. I 
know that they are correct as I have my great grandfathers Bible and he names them.

Their children were:
Female born circa 1782
Male born c 1784-1790
Female born c 1790
Male born c 1790-1799
Effie born 12 June 1800

Murdock BETHUNE died on 16 April 1814 and was buried in the Cross Creek Cemetery #1 according to the WPA transcription. His grave 
has disappeared now and all we have is this record. 
Margaret Morrison BETHUNE died on 18 March 1838 in Richmond Co NC. Any help is greatly appreciated. Patricia London

PAUL / SHEPPARD / FORD    May 1, 2012
I am searching for information on John W. PAUL who married Sallie FORD in 1881.  I believe these are my 
great-grandparents.  This Sallie was the daughter of Jacob and Hannah Sheppard FORD.  Does anyone have any 
information to help me prove this?  Thanks, Linda Locamy

BOSTICK / SLAUGHTER / LEAKE    April 3, 2012
My brickwall is John H Bostwick/Bostick who arrived in PA 1812 from a ship from Portugal. I have the manifest 
of his arrivial. He married Elizabeth Westfall, daughter of Samuel & Nancy Slaughter Westfall, in Lawrence MS 1829.... 
So I know by documention on my family from Richard Leake & Mary Bostick. BUT where does JOHN H fit in the Bostick 
side of my family? Just hoping and praying you might have some ideas, to help me. Have a Blessed Life, Carole Stinson.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

SHEPHERD    February 19, 2012
Seeking info on my great grandfather George Washington SHEPHERD  born between 1828-1833, In Richmond County. Hoping to 
find out who his father and mother were. Most records i have seen list him as Washington SHEPHERD He was in the Davidson 
and Guilford county area between 1850-1890. Any leads appreciated. Richard Shepherd, Burlington, NC

SNOW HILL CHURCH    February 19, 2012
Seeking information on an old school that was an African- American school and located on Snow Hill Church Road in 
western Richmond County near the Mangum Community.  I'm told the school closed in the 1930s and has since been converted 
to Snow Hill church.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lydia Sides

BROOKS    January 23, 2012
Looking for information about the Philip BROOKS family of the Rockingham area spanning from 1745- 1800. He may have been 
one of the Highland immigrants. I would really like to get in touch with someone doing reasearch in this area. Please email 
if this sounds appealing to a local researcher. Thank You, Tracy Brooks

McAULEY / BRUTON / WHITE / POOLE    November 21, 2011
I can't find any record of either Mourning Alice Mcauley or Annie J McAULEY.  I know from family records that Mouring was born 
Mouring Alice BRUTON 23 March 1858 and died 23 June 1887 in Onville, NC no mention of where she is buried. Annie was born 1871(?) 
in NC but when she died or is buried there is no record or mention in any family papers.  I know she was born Annie J WHITE, her 
parents were Calvin WHITE and Nancy POOLE.  She had a daughter, Grace in 1901 and Kenneth is listed as a widower in the 1910 census.  
PS Mourning Alice or Mouring Alice(?)  I think her middle name was Alice.  She has very fine handwriting but I finally made out that 
the middle name is Alice.  The first name is spelled both ways my grandfather spelled Mourning but she spelled her name Mouring. I have 
looked very place I can think of, do you have any suggestion where I might look? Cheryl McLarty

LEDBETTER / DeBERRY    November 15, 2011
My name is Ted Moore from Colorado, the past 12 years I have been ibn the process of collecting information on my family tree, 
I ran across the the Will of Henry LEDBETTER, from this Will ( 1769-1852 ) I see where he had business dealing with Edmond DeBERRY 
and one of the slaves Henry had was a woman name Dilcy, would your record have any way to track this slave woman? 
Thanks in Advance. Ted Moore 

WATKINS / GAY    October 28, 2011
Estate Settlement Record of James WATKINS,  Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions Richmond Co., NC, Oct Term 1833:  Petition of 
Alfred DOCKERY against James WATKINS' widow and minor children. 

The minor children listed are  Israel, Nancy, Suzy, Aggy, Polly and Jane WATKINS.   Wilie WATKINS, Richmond WATKINS and 
July WATKINS "have arrived at full and lawful age."
What was the maiden name of the widow of James WATKINS and did she remarry? What happened to the  children?
I am especially interested in the dau, July WATKINS.  Her name is seen as July and X (her mark)Julia WATKINS (Seal) on the 
25 Oct 1830 Richmond Co., NC deed between Alfred DOCKERY and Wylie WATKINS & July WATKINS.
Benjamin GAY b. abt 1809 NC and wife, Julia, b abt 1811 NC, are found on the 1850c Fayette Co., TN . This is the area of 
Marshall Co., MS that became part of Fayette Co., TN. due to a border dispute.
Isreal WATKINS, 36 NC married to Elizabeth 43, NC is listed in the Northern Division, Marshall Co., MS 1850c.
Is this Isreal WATKINS the son  of James and Jane WATKINS and could Julia GAY be his sister, July WATKINS? 
My research on  Benjamin GAY b 1809 NC and wife, Julia  has taken  me to Richmond Co., NC and the possibility of this 
Benjamin GAY of Fayette Co., TN /Marshall Co., MS  being the son of John GAY & Nancy INGRAM. Julia GAY is also the right 
age to be the dau July of James and Jane WATKINS. 
Any help with the WATKINS/GAY family is appreciated, Dolores Dodge

PERKINS / WYNN    July 19, 2011
My George PERKINS was born Feb. 24, 1782 ( possibly born in GA, but not sure) married Elizabeth WYNN.  She was born 
about 1792/93 in either GA or NC/SC.  According to Elizabeth, they were married at Rockingham on the Pee Dee, Dec. 13, 1809.  
Our best research suggests her parents were Obediah WYNN and Amy Leona 'Oney' Bolton who were in Wilkes Co., in the 1790s and 
early 1800s. Oney died about 1798 and Obediah remarried and then died in 1801, he has 4 kids from Oney and one from Lucy R. 
Terry, and a guardians were assigned to the various kids as the father must have had money.   There are Perkins in Richmond 
County in 1800 and 1810.  My George is enumerated between Jacob and John so I am looking for a possible family connection.  
George was drafted into W. of 1812 in Dickson Co, TN in Sept. 1814, he served in the 2nd Regt out of TN under Captain James 
Craig,(who later moved to Dallas Co, AL).  Where he lived after the War and before 1830 is sketchy, but his known kids born 
1818 and 1824 both state born in AL.  In 1830 he was found in 1830 census in Dallas Co, AL.  It seems some of the Boltons 
from Richmond can be found in Dallas too.  He then moves to Sumter Co, AL around 1832, gets land grants in 1837 ( also Wilcox 
Co), some of the daughters marry there, then in 1840 in Mobile, from 1840-1853 he was living in Mobile, but for a stint he 
is in Union Parish, LA, he is enumerated in both places in 1850.  He was granted a bounty land grant in Union, but died in 
Mobile.  His wife files for her own bounty grant starting in 1856 while living in Crockett, HoustonCo, TX, its granted in 
LA also about 1860, her paper trail ends in 1859 when we suspect she dies.  
My big brick wall is George and in what PERKINS family he belongs. I am hoping his marriage in Richmond is a big clue.  He 
had 2 known sons, John W. who married Tabitha Red/Redd, and William (not sure of spouse), daughters Nancy b. 1818, in AL 
married Harvey Hayman in Sumter, A in 1835 and Rebecca b. 1824 married Joel Lewis Turner in Mobile, AL 1841. There were 
either 5 or 6 daughters total, so daughters Keziah (Kizzie) , Elizabeth(Betsey), Rachael (possible marriage to Larkin 
Slate?) and Mary (Polly), might have married a George M. Mc???? cant be traced.  John and Nancys families move on to Texas,
Rebecca remains in Mobile until 1866 when she moves to Minnesota. I descend from Rebecca and a cousin descends from Nancy, 
so both those lines are well documented.  
I have more to share with anyone related to either family.  Looking to connect with those who know these lines.
Sue Dixey, Aurora, IL

OWENS    July 9, 2011
I am searching for the grave of the Civil War renegade Bill OWENS.  I am related through Joseph and Daniel OWENS, and I 
think Bill OWENS was part of this family.  When my mother and aunts were children they would visit Owens,  relatives in 
Richmond, Anson, Moore and Montgomery counties.  I was told by my 89yo Aunt that they drove by the "outlaw" grave on the 
way to visit relatives in Ellerbe.  She said the grave marker had a picture of the man on it.  This grave was out in the 
country at that time.  Do you know anything about a grave of this description in Richmond County?  A grave with a picture 
of the man on it?
Do you know anything about the grave that my Aunt visited as a child?  Thank you for any information you can provide.
Sincerely, Debbie Powell

RICHARDSON    July 8, 2011
My husband's grandfather  was buried in Sugar Loaf Cemetery in 1928.  We have it on his death cert. and oral tradition 
from his grandmother. He is not listed and probably does not have a marker since they were so poor.  His name is 
Jessie B RICHARDSON, b 2/27/1903   d 12-19-1928. He was so young and died of lobar pneumonia----and drinking did 
not help his health!

We have driven up the Cagle Cemetery Road and seen what we think is the hill this cemetery is on but the Hunt Club 
has a chain across the road and cabins built below the hill the cemetery is on.  Do you know who we can ask about 
getting in there and looking for his grave with a probe and maybe putting up some type of 'period correct' marker 
for him??

Jim's grandmother said they took his body up the hill the cemetery  on a wagon and had a terrible time getting it 
up there, as it was winter and the ground was so wet and cold.

Please advise us on who can give us permission to go up the hill and search for this cemetery. There have been some 
burials for kids [RICHARDSON] in the last few years so someone still knows about this small private spot.

Thank you for your time and interest! Jim & Cookie Richardson, Burlington, NC

I know my father's father William Richard BARBER and his wife Lena Mae AMMONS BARBER and my grandfather's father 
Benjamin BARBER, wife Mary, and I see Barbers back to the start of the County but I can not connect them.

I know my great grandfather Benjamin came to East Rockingham with his children after his wife (Mary) died. She was 
a BRYANT before they married and they are both buried in Moore County @ Harris' Crossroads in the Harris family cemetery. 
I wanted to know about that connection and found that Will HARRIS' wife was also a BRYANT and a sister to my G-grandmother 
Mary. I also found out that Benjamin's mother name was Isabella and she was listed in the Moore county census. I think 
that they tie into the other Benjamin Barber that I see listed in the 1840 Richmond County Census and I would like to know 
how?  Regards,  Richard B. Barber, Jr. 

CHANCE    June 25, 2011
Dear Mrs. Bridges,
    The information at your Richmond County website is wonderful!  However, I am facing some contradictions and am hoping 
you can help.  In one area, you have information about the McNair family
and in another place information about the Gibson family
Both families make claim to Warner Chance.  Now I know... there were a LOT of Warner Chance men, but both sites also use 
the 1853 will of Warner Chance to make connections to his descendents.
    The McNair family claims that Warner married Ann Eliza McNair (no refrence as to how they know this marriage took place) 
and list Elijah Chance (who marries Harriet) as their son.  Likewise, the Gibson family claims that Warner married 
Sarah "Salley" Gibson, but they do not list Warner as Elijah's father.  I can find the documentation for this wedding. 
I can see in the will all sorts of names including a jumble of children and their spouses as well as grandchildren.  
However, so far I can't figure out which tree is correct.  
    I am looking for the parents of Elijah Chance, born around 1811 in Richmond with a will in 1885.  His wife is Harriett Gibson.  
Can you help me untangle all of the Warner Chance men to decipher this mystery? Cally Rakita

ROSCOE    June 20, 2011
I think I know the descendent of William Jullus ROSCOE, JR. I am a hospice volunteer helping this person find his family.  
I think I have found his father Wm J ROSCOE, JR, is deceased but it may be helpful to my patient if there are other family 
members with whom to connect.    Generation 3 of John Roscoe See: "In Search of Brigman, 
Parker, Roscoe & Jacobs"  Data Submitted by Bill Brigman May 25, 2002.  If you would like to investigate this further please 
let me know. Carolyn Cassidy Colorado Springs, CO 

GIBSON    April 13, 2011
These three sons of Stephen Pate and Mary Covington GIBSON elude me.  I have thought several times I had the correct John Gibson 
pinned down only to find he belongs to another family.  He was born c1831...anyone know which JOHN GIBSON was the son of Nathaniel and 
Honor Pate GIBSON?  If so, please share with me.  I cannot find him past the 19 year old still living with his father in 1860.  
    Likewise the George GIBSON b 1868 who is a younger son...and I have Jesse GIBSON in 1900 census with Mary and sons Samuel and Willie 
and his parents Mary and Stephen GIBSON.  After which I can't find Jesse either!  Did they all move west, or what happened to these three?  
Thank you for your kindness.  Zelia Cline 

MORRISON / ROBERTSON    March 03, 2011
I am trying to find the ship passenger list for William Morrison(b.1771 in Scotland--d 1818 Telfair Co., Ga.?).
He arrived in America in 1788. He was a farmer in Richmond Co., N.C. In 1812, he had a wife (Mary Elizabeth Cooper (b. abt 1783 England) 
and 6 children. (I have confirmed the six sons known and satisified with the info. I found in the "Directory of Scots in the Carolinas", 
1680-1830 by Dobson.)
I am hoping to find out 
1.  The passenger list and which ship he and Mary arrived in America believed to be in 1788.
2.  What port they left Scotland and what port they arrived to in America ???
3.  If he was involved in the Telfair Co., Ga. militia after 1812. He is reported to have died on March 18,1818 at the "Battle of 
Breakfast Branch" (now part of Wilcox County, Ga.) ? 
As to William ROBERTSON (b. about 1765 Scotland--d. 1790 unk.) He had a son, Thomas Marmaduke ROBERTSON (b. abt 1784 in Charleston, S.C.) 
The ROBERTSONS's and MORRISON's families inner married and moved as a "group" from N.C. and/or S.C. to Telfair Co., Ga. to Lowndes Co. Ga. 
and then to Marion Co., Fl. 

I am hoping to find out 
1. Names of ship William R. arrived on, date of arrival, etc. 
Thanks Bob Sikes  204 Cedar Creek Road  Palatka, Fl., 32177-6913  386-329-9358

BALDWIN    February 24, 2011
Can you tell me where Stephen BALDWIN (born around 1800 ) son of Moses and Leah Jowers BALDWIN is buried in
Richmond County?  He died after 1872. Any info would be appreciated. Mike Hudson

SINGLETON / MULKEY    January 09, 2011
We are seeking descendants of Henry Frank SINGLETON and wife, Olive MULKEY, of Rockingham, Richmond Co. N.C.    
Both are buried in the Northam Cem. Rockingham, N.C. Please contact Nelle Rowland or Bobby Reeves

JAMES S. HUGHES & NANCY A. HUGHES    January 2, 2011
Looking for Descendants of James (d 1899) & Nancy Hughes (d 1882) of Richmond County, North Carolina
Filed in Cemeteries, North Carolina on Jan.01, 2011 

Descendants of two people buried in Richmond County [NC] in the late 1800s 
are being sought so the landowner can relocate their graves.

Riley Paving is soliciting relatives of the occupants of two graves about a quarter mile up Glider Road to the west of Camp Mackall 
near the Moore County line. They now lie about 2,000 feet from U.S. 1. 

The name on one headstone is James S. Hughes, born on June 23, 1813 and died Dec. 11, 1899, and the other is Nancy A. Hughes, 
born Jan. 24, 1831 and died Aug. 8, 1882. Richmond County Historical Society Genealogy Committee member May McCallum said records 
show the two were husband and wife.

North Carolina General Statute provides for "any person, firm, or corporation who owns land on which an abandoned cemetery 
is located after first securing the consent of the governing body of the municipality or county in which the abandoned cemetery is located."

The law stipulates 30 days written notice must be given for a next of kin or descendant to come forward, and if no one does the 
body must be "reinterred in a suitable cemetery."

The entity moving the graves has to bear the cost of it, and is responsible to pay up to $200 in restitution to the next of kin.
Anyone related to the James S. or Nancy A. Hughes is encouraged to contact Laurie at Riley Paving at (910) 947-5376. The company 
is headquartered in Carthage.

Need specific directions to this cemetery.  Think it was a home cemetery.  Sent FAG photographer to get family 
tombstone pictures, and he couldn't find the cemetery.  Is this cemetery on "Oak Ridge Rd" out of Hamlet marked 
in any way?  What exactly is the name of it, S?  stands for what? GPS couldn't find it...need more specifics. 

I don't know where it is or if more are buried there....the only two I know are John Wesley GIBSON is the third son of 
Stephen Pate GIBSON and Mary COVINGTON.  His wife Lucy is the fifth child of the Rev Noah GIBSON and his wife Nancy Jane 
BARRINGTON.  and sister of Stephen T GIBSON also buried there.  Their father is the Stephen T GIBSON buried in the S. GIBSON 
cemetery with his wife Lucy Ann HODGES.  This last Stephen T was the son of John GIBSON and his wife Nancy Anna PEARCE and 
a brother of Nathanial who married Honor Pate.  [I saw in an old Richmond history that the earliest Stephen T Gibson fell 
from his barn roof or some such and was killed...members of his family lived in the same home place long after he was gone].
      William Lawrence and wife Effie are here, he was son of Rev Noah ....almost everyone listed here can be identified as 
this Noah's children or grandchildren.  The Barrington's are his wife's folks. Since we don't know where this one is or the 
S. Gibson cemetery either....could they be the same one?    Stephen and Orilla GIBSON are at the S Gibson one along with 
their son George.  on his death certificate it says he was buried in "home cemetery". Just browsing...and trying to 
make sense of all these Gibson cemeteries? Thank you, Zelia Cline 

Responses to this query can be found S. Gibson Cemetery

McCORMICK / TUNSTALL / GIBSON    December 12, 2010
Searching  E C McCORMICK, Sr.  He was married at least 3 times. 
l.  Mattie Belle TUNSTALLl  1918?  they had one daughter, Hazel born Nov 1919, she married COLVIN, son Gerald.
2.  Mary Ellen GIBSON m 1920s?  had three sons, only one lived, E C McCORMIICK, Jr  b April 25, 1925.died Feb 17, 1972, 
buried Andersonville National cemetery, Sumter Co, GA.
3.  Kathryn ? to whom he was married when he died Dec 25, 1944.
E.C. was the son of H Luther McCORMICK and his wife Sallie Kate McCORMICK.  They had lived in Robeson Co, then Scotland...
Sallie was b SC. The descendants of E C McCORMICK, Jr are searching for the roots of his family.  
Thank you for your kindness.  Zelia Cline

HASTY    November 8, 2010
I think my g-g-g-parents were Thomas and Nancy HASTY.  They were probably born in Richmond County around 1800.  
They married around 1820 and divorced in 1850.  I am interested in their parents.  Matthew Hasty had a son the right 
age in the census of 1820 but that is all I have so far. Clifford Lovin

MORRISON / CAMERON / NUTTALL    September 8, 2010
Trying to verify birth date of twins, Ada MORRISON NUTTALL & Ida CAMERON.
Ida never married and is buried with her parents in Eastside Cem. Rockingham, NC. (Dan M. MORRISON & Martha Jane CAMERON  MORRISON)
Ada was married to Ernest B. NUTTALL, who is also buried with the above: but cannot find the burial site for Ada. There conflicts on 
their birthdates in public records that range from 1871 to 1874. If any present day descendants of this family can help it will be 
greatly appreciated.  I am distantly related thru Martha Jane CAMERON MORRISON.   John M. Maxwell

DONOHU / DONOHO / DONOHUE / ELLERBE    September 2, 2010
Dear Myrtle: Trying to find family of Donohos (sp) in early 1800s Richmond/Anson Co., NC. I have John Calhoun Donohue 
b. 1872; his father, John Oakley Donohue; his father was "James" married to "Catherine", supposedly from Richmond Co.  
Can anyone help??  Thanks,Peggy Greer

TAYLOR    August 24, 2010
I'd like to locate a Zack TAYLOR... or any Taylor who had daughters named Rachel and Mary. He would have been 
born ca. 1800 for Rachel was born ca. 1826, and Mary born 1840. Would like to hear from anyone searching the TAYLOR  
family line who lived around the border of Gibson (Richmond Co), NC and the Brightsville area of Marlboro Co., SC. 
These border families are hard to nail down.   Scotland County wasn't formed until 1899. So, that area was still 
Richmond Co., NC.  Thanks, Joanne Harley

HAYWOOD / TERRY    August 12, 2010
Hi Myrtle, I just found your email address online.  I discovered online this evening my great-grandmother, 
Mary Alice Terry Haywood, is buried in Terry Cemetery on McNeill Road in Rockingham.  I wondered whether 
you could provide specific information about the location of the cemetery? I appreciate any information 
you can share. P. Allen Gray, Jr.

PRATT / WILLIAMS / SMITH    August 6, 2010
Ms. Bridges,  I have enjoyed browsing your website.  I have hit a brickwall with my geneology and have 
become discouraged.  I hope that you can help me. 
My PRATT ancestors are suppose to have lived in the area of the Pee Dee RIver (possibly Anson or Richmond County) 
and owned much property.   I have heard there is an area called Morvin and Sneedsboro. My Great Grandmother did 
not return when she was ask to come at the time of her fathers death (It is believed that her Father did not approve 
of her marriage).  This relative's name was Sam PRATT or William Samuel PRATT.
My Great Grandmother was Louise Jane Pratt aka Liza Jane PRATT, DOB January 8, 1850 and born in Cuthbert Georgia.  
Her Father was William Pratt and Willie WILLIAMS (white/female).  This info. was taken from Louise Jane Pratt's 
death certificate.
Louise Jane PRATT married W. Gabe SMITH around 1864-1890. This couple lived and died in Alabama.  I have all the 
census records etc.It is believed that W. G. SMITH came from the Mississippi area.  I would like very much to be 
able to locate a marriage record for this couple.
I would like to locate a death record or cemetary record of Sam Pratt (William Samuel Pratt) or a marriage record 
for Louise Jane Pratt Smith. ANYTHING ON THESE PRATT's WOULD BE GREAT....
Can you help me?  Looking forward to hearing from you. Faye Parker Daphne, AL 

CALDER/CAULDER / JORDAN    July 16, 2010
I am looking for any male descendant of Andrew CAULDER/CALDER born 1846 Richmond County, NC. Father and mother 
were Samuel and Catherine JORDAN CALDER. I would like to have DNA done to see if Samuel father was a CAULDER. We have 
reason to believe his mother maiden name was CAULDER. Thanks,Bonnie Seiler

Searching for any information on "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON who, according to Adm. Alex M. PATTERSON 
in his "Highland Scots Pattersons of North Carolina and Related Families", lived just inside Richmond 
County from Cumberland County. I want to know the names of "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON's wife and children 
and any other pertinent info on him. Thank you! Steve Edgerton

BENNETT / JENKINS / ALMOND    June 24, 2010
Myrtle, my ancestor is Peter BENNETT, probably born around 1760.  He married John JENKINS daughter, Elizabeth and their 
son (John) Jenkins BENNETT (~1800) probably married Laura ALMOND.  They had 3 sons Wm, Daniel, and Jenkins and 2 daughters.  
William went to Marlboro Co, S.C. and Daniel and Jenkins went to Merriweather Co., Ga.  Both fought in the Civil War with 
Daniel's wife ending up on Bennett's Place in Durham, N.C. with James Bennett (relationship, if any, unknown)  and Jenkins 
(having married Nancy ALMOND) moved to Randolph Co. Ala.  Their daughter Martha was my G-Grandmother.  The problem is Peter.  
He is not the well documented Peter of Richmond County and I cannot find his ancestry.  Do you have any suggestions as to 
where I can look?  Thank you. Dorothea Wilson

PANKEY / USSERY    June 21, 2010
I saw on the Hiram Baldwin Cemetery listing that you were looking for directions and any recent burials.  
Were you able to obtain what you needed?   I am also looking for Daniel PANKEY and Jemima USSERY PANKEY.  
If you have any additional information, I would certainly appreciate it.  I live in Utah and plan to visit 
North Carolina to do research in the fall.  Thanks.  Bob Johnson (801) 599-9572

HINES / WATKINS / GARRETT    April 16, 2010
Capt Joseph HINES of Richmond County, b. 1798-d.1865 apparently married a WATKINS about 1820. They had a son named
Malachi Watkins HINES who was mentioned in the will of his grandfather Malachi WATKINS in 1831.

In 1837, Capt. Joseph HINES married Sarah Christian GARRETT and they had several children. Malachi Watkins HINES was living 
with his father and step mother although by this time he was about 17 years old. My question is: What was the full name of 
Capt. HINE'S first wife and what happened to her? Neal Cadieu

EWING / MCLENDON    March 5, 2010
I am seeking information on a W.I. Ewing, son of John Ewing and Mary. W.I. Ewing is possibly William Isaac Ewing.
W.I. married Mary McLendon on Aug. 2, 1890 at her home in Steele's District, Richmond County. At that time, John Ewing 
was deceased, but his wife, Mary, was living. I have found a John Ewing in the 1850 Richmond County census as a young 
boy, born 1839 and in the household of Isaac and Martha Ewing. I would like to match these family members together and 
find out the complete name of W.I. Ewing and what happened to him and his wife, Mary.  Any information is appreciate. 
Thanks. Lydia Sides

COVINGTON    February 07, 2010
Wanting proof that William COVINGTON born 1720 in Maryland, buried in Cartledge Creek Cemetery 
was a revolutionary patriot.  Paul Covington

WALLACE / LAMB    January 29, 2010
I am search for information regarding Stephen WALLACE, son of William WALLACE and Mary WALLACE.  Stephen's 
children are named in William WALLACE'S will.  I am looking for birth, death, marriage and any other information 
about Stephen and his wife Obediance LAMB.  I am curious to know if OBEDIANCE LAMB was a woman of color (African 
or Native American).  Any information about the LAMB family would be appreciated. Thank you. Stephen Wallace. 770.995.7675

HAILEY / LAGRONE    January 29, 2010
I am researching my grandfather John Hilton Hailey (b 1836, d1906, married to Nannie Lagrone) whose parents 
were George Hailey (b. 1787 d. 1837, married to Elizabeth Burgess).  The Hailey and Lagrone families intermarried 
and moved to Noxubee Co MS and finally to east Texas.  George's father was Silas Hailey, married to Keziah Medlock.
John's  sisters were Martha, Sarah (married to a Cole and to a Wm Locke), Elizabeth (married to a Manning) and Mary 
(married to an Adam Lagrone).  I would be interested and appreciative of hearing from anyone with connections to 
these families in Richmond and Anson counties.  Patricia Selvaggi. 301-942-9424

BEASLEY / NORTON / PEELE    January 26, 2010
I am Edward NORTON, Great-Grandson of HIRAM NORTON.  I am interested in filling in two gaps in my Family Tree.  
These gaps are: Rebecca BEASLEY NORTON, wife of Darling NORTON, and Eliza Jane NORTON, wife of William James PEELE.  
In the years since the death of Darling NORTON, January 4, 1932, our family has been divided by distance.  Our HOPE 
is that your family genealogies will reveal birth/death dates for Rebecca Beasley NORTON and Eliza Jane NORTON.  
My family appreciates your response. Edward Norton. (Edward passed away February 13, 2010)

GRAHAM / BUNDY    January 25, 2010
Is anyone working on the huge GRAHAM family that was in Richmond Co., NC as early as 1756?  They keep 
showing up in my BUNDY records.  There is likely a family connection here.  I'm looking for information on 
a John BUNDY who was in Richmond Co., NC on the 1820 & 1830 census.   His (second?) wife was a lady named 
Susan A. or Sussanah.. and she might well have been a GRAHAM.  The records I have found put this JOHN BUNDY 
dead by 1840 or so.  A  GRAHAM man was the executor of his estate. 
Thanks Joanne Bundy Harley, New Bern, NC

LASSITER    January 01, 2010
My grandmother Eva Ruth LASSITER born in 1888 had parents, John & Christian LASSITER that lived in Richmond County, NC.  
John & Christian had other children, Noah, Ida May, Jack & George.  That's all the info I can find on them.  If you have 
anything I would appreciate it. Respectfully, Ben Phillips, Atlantic Beach, FL

BEASLEY / SNEAD/SNEED    December 09, 2009
I'm looking for several ancestors, but mainly information on a marriage of Dianah Beasley b.1812 d.1886. Her 
father was Daniel Beasley. Or the birth certificate for her son, John E. Snead b. Oct. 30, 1836 d Oct. 1, 1886, 
it should list his father and we can't find out for sure about him. How would I find this info.? They all lived 
in Richmond County along with the Sneads. She supposedly married an Absalom snead in 1839, but already had this son 
James E. Snead when she married him and rumor is he was from her prior husband, maybe a Daniel who was a brother 
of her new husband. He obviously died between the time the will of her daddy Daniel Beasley was made Jan. 29, 1829, 
since at that time he mentions Dianah in his will, although not spelled right, and Daniel Snead is a witness. Absalom 
and Dianah came to Ga. and then Al. I know where James E. Snead is buried and his wife Harriet. He was a civil war 
veteran and he's my grt grt granfather. He's buried in Forney, Al. I'd love to know where Absalom is buried. Also 
like to have proof of who Absalom that married Dianah's father is, so I can go up the line with it.  Thanks. Please 
email or call  Rhonda Morgan Gilreath 256-475-5388 

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