S. Gibson Cemetery
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

Located in the vicinity of Oak Ridge Baptist Church on Oak Ridge Church Road, Hamlet, NC. Myrtle Bridges

Gibson	Carrie	1894	1971	 
Gibson F. D.	1888	1950	 
Steen L. C.	9/25/1893	2/10/11	 
Williams Charlie	No Date	1930	 
Braswell Alice Gibson	12/13/1890	12/16/66	 
Bundy Lena Belle Gibson	6/14/1893	7/1/84	 
Frazier	James Edward	2/1/27	2/1/27	 
Gibson Alvah Roosevelt	12/21/03	3/4/88	 
Gibson Annie Elizabeth	3/1/1858	6/20/29	 
Gibson Callie	1858	1/3/13	w/o Ziba H. Gibson.
Gibson Caroline	1844	3/3/08	d/o Stephen Gibson.
Gibson Caroline McKeithan	4/13/1842	3/21/10	w/o Ziba H. Gibson.
Gibson Cora Lee	2/7/06	3/22/85	 
Gibson Effie Jane	11/15/1870	6/27/35	w/o William L. Gibson.
Gibson George W.	7/23/09	2/13/43	 
Gibson Hattie B. Kirkley	10/27/04	10/20/73	 
Gibson John A.	5/16/1860	7/13/36	 
Gibson Lucy Ann	1814	12/5/1884	w/o Steven Gibson.
Gibson Matilda	1/6/1836	6/8/1888	w/o Darby Gibson.
Gibson Orilla B.	2/13/1873	8/31/52	 
Gibson Stephen C.	10/8/1862	12/19/31	 
Gibson Steven	9/10/1812	8/30/1884	 
Gibson Vera Kate	5/10/19	5/15/25	d/o E.D. & Carrie Mae Gibson.
Gibson Willard Lee	3/2/1892	2/24/47	WW11 Army
Gibson William L.	6/17/1863	2/26/31	 
Gibson Ziba H.	5/10/1854	8/16/16	 
Kelly Flora C.	6/9/1861	12/31/34	w/o C.H. Kelly.
Pate Sarah C.	7/15/1876	12/23/11	w/o W.E. Pate.
Seals Nancy Jane	5/4/1892	3/20/84	 
Sinclair Daniel F.	1831	1918	CSA Veteran
Sinclair John Kenneth	10/16/1871	2/5/50	 
Sinclair Sarah A.	5/10/1835	6/4/1912 w/o Daniel F. Sinclair.   Note 3-9-03: Sarah A. Sinclair was 
the wife of Duncan F. Sinclair 1/30/1833 - 1/24/1906 (Daniel F. Sinclair's brother,) and her maiden name 
was Stuart, daughter of John and Dicy Stuart. It is thought by some that Daniel F. Sinclair never married.
Interested researchers please contact Julia Spicer.
Smith Alton K.	6/21/16	7/31/33	 
Smith Cora E.	10/8/1892	1/11/20	w/o M.K. Smith.
Smith Margaret	11/19/1865	6/1/26	w/o Paul Smith.
Smith Mattie Lee	10/1/1896	6/20/17	d/o Paul & Maggie Smith.
Speight	Edwin	3/2/16	7/10/16	s/o G.W. & Sallie Speight.
Speight	Minnie	8/24/1883	12/3/54	 
Speight	Molisie E.	4/25/19	5/2/19	 
Taylor Matilda Farmer	12/15/1852	1/15/28	 
Williams Hattie Northam	No Date	1925

Note: Myrtle, I have received a couple of replies on this cemetery...none of them make much sense to me as I don't live near there. I am going to forward the answers to youf FYI. For this cemetery you can add if you like that Stephen C Gibson was the son of Stephen Pate and Mary Covington Gibson ....and that Orilla was the daughter of W J Tunstall and Helen Permenter. George W Gibson was the youngest child of Orilla and Stephen Gibson. His wife was Mary Lena Alma Taylor who married a Reece after George died. Their children Barbara, George Gerald and Lillian R Gibson. Also, Nancy Jane Seals was the daughter of Robert Gibson, a son of Stephen Pate and Mary Covington Gibson. One of the FAG photographers has found and photographed the tombstones of Stephen Pate, Mary C Gibson and their son Robert in the "Scottish Heritage" cemetery off 74 in East Laurinburg....think it used to be called the Sunderland cemetery? I was surprised that they were extant after over 100 years. Zelia Cline Message #1 from George Kemp, Jr: I know it can be confusing when looking at the different Gibson cemeteries. The S. Gibson cemetery and Gibson cemetery are not the same. The S. Gibson cemetery is actually named the Steven Gibson cemetery. It was named after Steven Gibson, father of Rev. Noah H Gibson. This is where Stephen Covington Gibson and his wife Orilla B. Tunstall Gibson are buried as well as one of their sons George Washington Gibson. I have visited this particular cemetery every year because the cemetery is owned by members of my family and our family reunions are held at the "Old Homeplace" which is down the road from the cemetery and Oak Ridge Church. I'm a descendant of one of Rev. Noah H Gibson's sons William Lawrence Gibson. The other Gibson cemetery when Rev. Noah H Gibson and his wife Nancy Jane Barrington Gibson and some family are buried is generally just called the Old Gibson cemetery. I have never personally been there but I have pictures of some of the gravestones there. My cousin went there years ago, the cemetery has since been bought by other people and I'm told that the cemetery has been locked and overgrown unfortunately. To my knowledge there is no Oak Ridge Cemetery. The S. Gibson cemetery is located on Oak Ridge Church Rd. just passed Champ Terry Road in Hamlet, NC. I just looked and if you search on google maps for any reason it will be listed as Oak Ridge Cemetery. I don't know why. I don't know any directions for the Old Gibson cemetery. George Kemp Jr. Message #2 from Texas: Lynn Steen I'm writing from Texas, but I think I can direct you to the cemetery in question. I grew up in that area, but don't know the history on the cemetery. If you start at the intersection of Highway 74 and Highway 38 in Hamlet, head south on 38 for about 2 miles. In the vicinity of the fairly new Highway 74 Bypass will be an road intersection with what I presume is Oak Ridge Road. Take a left on this road for about another 2 miles, and the church and cemetery will be found there. I recall that the church would be on the left from this approach, but am uncertain about the position of the cemetery. Continuing on on this Oak Ridge Road would bring you to a dead-end intersection with the Old Gibson Road. A left on Old Gibson would eventually bring you back to Highway 38 just south of the main rail line heading east out of Hamlet, and continuing across 38 would turn into Main Street in Hamlet. This intersection with 38 is about 300 yards south of the original starting point. I took you the route I did because I consider it more direct. The old Gibson Road meanders somewhat. But you can make the choice. Good luck on your hunting. L. Steen

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