Census Records & Tax Lists


Records are the key to much of our research. You will find below, links to various census and tax records.

Census Records

Censuses are arranged by county, and within the county the names are usually not alphabetized. Decennial federal census were taken from 1790 through 1940 (1890 was burned).

From 1790 through 1840 only the head of the household is named and the number of other members of the household is reported according to sex and age group (but not their names). In 1850 and later the name, sex, age, and place of birth of each member of the household are given.

Where to find census information:

Tax Lists

Thanks to Steven Denny (www.stevendenney.com) for sharing the following transcriptions of several tax lists for the Nash District of Person County. Note that these are pdf files and that you will need the Adobe free reader in order to open these files. If these files do not open for you when you click the link, you most likey do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The reader is free, so install it from here.





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