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The Wilmington Centinel

Excerpts from The Wilmington Centinel And General Advertiser 1789
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
January 8, 1789

A lodge of Free and Ancient York Masons (under the name of the Wilmington Saint John's) was opened in this town on the evening of the first instant, by virtue of a dispensation, granted by the Deputy Grand Master, Grand Senior Warden, and Grand Secretary of the state of North Carolina. The following Brethren were appointed to act as officers until the 24th day of June next, viz.
The Right Worshipful Brother William Campbell, Master
Brother James Walker, Sen Warden
Brother John Mackenzie, Jun Warden
Brother John Campbell Secretary
Brother L A Dorsey, Treasurer
Brother Peter Maxwell, Steward
Brother John Bradley, Steward
After which a committee of the Brethren was chosen to frame bye-laws for the better regulation of the Lodge.

At the annual election held on Monday last, for Town Commissioners, the following gentlemen were chosen, viz.
Mr Henry Toomer
Mr George Hooper
Mr Mar R Wilkings
Mr John Campbell
Mr John Telfair

Yesterday were appointed by the County Court, Inspectors of Exports for the present year, Mr Thomas Callender and Mr Henry Hoskins.

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
January 22, 1789

Run Away
From the subscriber, a Negro fellow named Buck, well known in and about Wilmington.
Also a Mulatto Fellow, named Parker, a cooper by trade, well known in and about Elizabeth-Town, and may endeavour to return there. The latter formerly belonged to Capt Raford, and was purchased by me of Capt James Bradley, of Elizabeth-Town.
A reward of Fifty Shillings will be given to any person who will apprehend and deliver either of the above mentioned fellows to the subscriber, or Five Pounds for both, and all necessary charges.
John Geurard
January 2, 1789

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
January 29, 1789

Last Monday evening was married, at the seat of Benjamin Smith, Esq, Mr Francis Brice, Merchant of the Island of Jamaica, to Miss Betsy Jones, of this place.

Died - on the 22d instant, at Mr James Burnside's tavern, Fayette-Ville, Charles McKenna, a native of Scotland. He had been drinking freely with some of his companions, until he appeared a little intoxicated, and layed down on a bench in the tavern. Soon after he puked a little; but made no complaint, and layed so still, that people in the room supposed him asleep. In about half an hour, Mrs Burnside was passing through the room, and observes his face pale and of a livid appearance. She went to him and could not perceive that he breathed - and upon farther examination he was found to be dead. Every thing by the immediate advice and assistance of a physician was done for his recovery, but all to no purpose. He had the appearance of perfect health and hour before. He lately came into Wilmington from Barbadoes - had by his own story followed the seas for a number of years - went up the river from Wilmington in one of the Fayette-Ville boats a day or two before his death. He appeared about 35 years of age, middle stature and of a strong healthy constitution.
The foregoing is published that the friends of the deceased might be informed of the particulars of his death.

Run Away,
A young negro fellow named Jacob, lately the property of Alfred Moore, Esq, on whom he used to attend as a waiting man. He is a stout, well-built fellow - very black - speaks very well - and tells a plausible tale. Whoever will apprehend said fellow, and deliver him to the subscriber at this plantation, shall receive a reward of three pounds, and all necessary expenses paid.
W H Hill
Wilmington, January 22

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
February 5, 1789

To be Let
By the subscriber,
For any term between one and seven years,
That well known plantation formerly belonging to Thomas Rutherford, Esq known by the name of Tweed Side, situated on Cape-Fear River, five miles above Fayette-Ville, containing near six hundred acres, near three of which are cleared; being well proportioned with meadow, pasture, and lands suitable for the culture of corn and all kinds of small grain, as well as rice, indigo, hemp, flax, &c. There are likewise a large number of peach, apple, and plumb trees, with a comfortable Dwelling and other Out-Houses, and an excellent garden well pailed in. The situation is very advantageous for raising stock of all kinds.
For terms apply to
Jean Simson
Fayette-Ville, January 26

Run Away from the subscriber, living on Edisto river, in South-Carolina, in January, 1787, a Negro fellow named Will, (but am informed he now passes by the name of Joseph Ashley, as a free man.) He is about five feet high, very black, round face, about 25 years of age - he speaks remarkably quick; he was born in New-York, but has lived till within these three years past in Boston. He procured a pass from a sailor in Charleston, previous to my purchasing him, which he secreted, and which, by his artfulness, he got signed by Col Thompson, Mr Steele, of Salisbury, Major Moore, of Fayette-Ville, and several others. He has a scar of the cut of an axe on the top of his left foot. I am informed he is in or about Wilmington, endeavouring to procure a passage to Boston. Any person that will take up said Negro, and convey him to the work-house in Charleston, shall receive Ten Guineas for their reward and trouble by,
James Wilson
N.B. He has a hair mole on his left cheek, with long hair upon it.
December 21, 1788

To be Let
A large brick house, in Front-street, just finished, and well calculated for a tavern. Apply to
Henry Toomer
January 15, 1789

Amaziah Jocelin,
Has for sale at his Commission Store;
Rum, sugar, molasses, Geneva, Port and Malaga Wine, loaf sugar, Joiners & Mason Tools, Cotton & Wool cards, Indigo, Behea Tes, Iron and Brass Kettles, frying pans, beaver hats, coarse and Fine Irish linens, Marseilles Quilting, Silk & stuff quilts, coarse dark coloured callicoes cheap, Together with a variety of articles of European manufacture.
Also, Beef, Pork, and Flour.
He is commissioned also to offer for sale
About 150 acres of land upon Masonborough Sound wherein is a small House, being a very healthy and pleasant place for a summer retreat - together with several valuable Negroes. The terms of payment for which, will be money or produce, at the time or purchase. And -
A valuable Water lot in the town of Wilmington, with a small House and Chimney thereon. Lumber of any kind of Produce will be taken in payment.
January 29, 1789

At a meeting of the Commissioners for the town of Wilmington, held at Dorsey's on the twenty-eight of January, 1789,
Resolved, that the Commissioners will meet weekly, every Wednesday evening at six o'clock at Dorsey's.
Ordered that the following places be the receptacles for all kinds of dirt or rubbish from the streets of the town: In Second-street, the hollow between the house occupied by Mr Alexander Hostler and the house of Mrs Boyd. In the same street, the hollow between the East end of the lot formerly belonging to Mr John Lyon and the West end of Mr Archibald Maclaine's lot. The hollow in Dock street, below the intersection of Front street: And all that persons having dirt or rubbish lying before their doors or lots in the streets or alleys of this town, do remove the same to some one of those places on or before the twentieth day of February next.
Ordered that Mr John Allan be appointed to take charge of the Fire Engine, and that he do have the same worked the first Monday in the months of February, March, April, November, and December, and the first and third Mondays in the other months; and that he be allowed the sum of eight pounds for the same, and for keeping said engine in good order; and that he have two additional keys  made to the lock of said Engine-House, one of which to be kept by Mr Robert Wilkings, one by Mr John Campbell, and that the other key of said house be kept by Mr John Allan.
Ordered, that at the meeting subsequent to the next meeting, viz. on the eleventh day of February will be taken under consideration, the expediency of settling an assize of bread, when the respective bakers may attend if they think proper.
Ordered, that in case of a fire happening in the town, during the night, every householder shall immediately, upon the first alarm, place alighted candle in a window of their house fronting any street or alley, and in case of failure thereof to be subject to a penalty of forty shillings.
Ordered, that the Constable be directed to have the bell rung every night at nine o'clock, during the winter, and ten o'clock, during the summer; and that all Negroes found in the streets after the ringing of the bell, without a pass or a lanthorn, shall be committed to the stocks.
Resolved, that the Commissioners will visit every house in town, on the third Monday in February, for the purpose of inspecting the Fire Buckets and Bags, when all defaulters may expect to be fined as the ordinance in that case directs.
By Order
Isaac Bernard, T Clerk

By the subscriber, and for sale at Jewke's Warehouse,
Jamaica Rum, Sugar, and Coffee.
Also New and seasoned Negroes of both sexes.
Cash or Lumber of every species will be received in payment.
F Brice
Wilmington, Feb 3

For Sale
An Elegant New Fall-back Chaise,
with Harness complete. Cash or any kind of country produce will be taken in payment.
For terms apply to
Samuel Lowder
Feb 5, 1789

For Sale
The following lands of the Estate of the late Cornelius Harnett, Esquire, viz.
Four hundred acres on the South side of Ehoree river, on Duncan's creek, above William Robison's survey, patented by the said C Harnett in the year 1754.
Also, three hundred acres on the South-West side of Pee Dee river, on the Ease side of Lick Crick, of Jones's Creek, in the home line of Gold's land on the said Creek; bounding also on Plunket's line and Ridges' branch, patented by William Powel, in the year 1758. Apply to Mrs Harnett, or to
John Huske
Wilmington, Jan 27, 1789

On the tenth day of February next, will be hired, on the plantation of the late John Grange, Esquire, until the first of January next,
A number of Negroes, part of the property of the said deceased. The conditions will be made known at the time of hiring.
Will be rented for the said term,
A Valuable Plantation - with a large commodious Dwelling-House &c under a good fence, with the privilege of planting high and low lands.
Thomas Neale, Jun
John Hall
North-West, January, 1789

To be Sold cheap,
And on very easy terms, the following valuable lands,
Lying between ten and twenty miles from Wilmington.
Smithfield, situate on both sides of the North West, between Blue Banks and Drury Allen's containing 2200 acres of land, about 400 whereof are very rich swamp, part of which is cleared, the remainder is well-timbered. The high swamp fit for corn or indigo, extends 25 chains back from the river, which is uncommon in that neighbourhood; and part of the lower swamp may be overflowed with great ease, by a never-failing stream, upon which is just finished an exceeding good Saw-Mill, very near the river. There are handsome situations for settlements, between the mill and the river, on good corn land.
Blue Banks, situate on both sides of the river, below Smithfield, containing 2331 acres of land, 410 whereof is rich swamp, about 130 acres being cleared, of which 80 acres may be watered, at any time, with great ease. The remainder fit for corn or indigo. The uncleared swamp contains a vast body of cypress timber, and the high land has two streams fit for gristmills, running through it; between 2 and 300 acres are cleared, part of it being very good corn land. There is a Dwelling-House, containing a hall, parlour, four chambers, and three closets, a kitchen, stable, and large brick barn. The beauty and healthiness of this place is too well known to require further description.
Bellefont, situate on both sides of the North-West, joining and below Blue Banks, being one of the best high swamp plantations on the river. It contains about 3000 acres of land, 800 acres whereof the best swamp, about 100 acres being cleared, most of which can be watered by a stream issuing out of the highland, which is likewise capable of supplying  a small grist mill. There are on the premises, a Brick-House, containing four rooms, a kitchen, barn, and other necessary out buildings.
One thousand acres of land on the waters of Livingston creek, containing some good rice land and a quantity of very fine turpentine tress. The range for stock excellent.
A small piece of land lying on Rattle-Snake Branch, near the North-West road, in an advantageous stand for a tavern, containing 200 acres.
A piece of land on the North-East side of Black-River, in the neighbourhood of Mautsly's point, great part of which is tide swamp, or meadow; the whole containing 200 acres.
A tract joining and below the last mentioned, formerly patented by James Colson; most of this is prime tide swamp and cane meadow. The high land situate in a remarkable fine range. It contains of high and low land, above 1000 acres.
Appleby, adjoining the above, containing in the whole 866 acres, 546 acres being good tide cane meadow and rich swamp, 30 acres completely ditched round, and 45 acres nearly finished; on the high land which is situate in a fine range, is a very pretty and healthy situation for a settlement.
An Island of tide swamp, lying opposite to the last-mentioned tracts, containing 276 acres.
A piece of land on the North-East great part of which is tide cane meadow, containing, by deed, 200 acres.
A piece adjoining and below the last-mentioned, most of which is tide swamp and cane meadow, containing, by patent, 320 acres.
Another piece between the last and that valuable body of rich swamp, called the Cat-Fish lands, containing about 200 acres.
The fertility, timber, situation of these lands on navigable waters, between Wilmington and Fayette-Ville, which will probably in a short time become the capital of the state, make them desirable possessions for present profit, and afford certain assurances of their becoming extremely valuable at a period not very distant. Approved old bonds, especially of the late Mr Dry's or Capt Rowan's, and any debts of the subscriber, will be allowed in part payment; and any person purchasing the whole, shall have them a very great bargain.
For further particulars apply to
Benjamin Smith
Belvidere, July 2, 1788
To Be Let
The Brick-House, Tavern, and Ferries, opposite Wilmington.
Three good Carpenters, a Shoe-maker, and Bricklayer, that have served their apprenticeships in Charleston, to be hired out to any persons who will use them properly and pay punctually.
Apply as above.

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
February 19, 1789

For Sale
By the subscriber, at this store in Market-street, opposite the Naval-Office,
Maderia, Sherry, Teneriffe, Port and Malaga Wines, West-India & New-England Rum, Brown Sugar, Cotton Cards, Pickled Salmon.
Philip Spaulding.
Wilmington, Feb 4

To Be Sold
By Henry Dayton
At his store in Market-Street
By Wholesale
West India Rum, New England ditto, Molasses, Loaf and Brown Sugar, Coffee and Chocolate, Gin and Brandy, Powder and Shot, A small assortment of Pewter, A few casks Cordials, &c.
Wilmington, Jan 29

For Sale
The Ship Charming Polly, lying in this river,
With all her tackle and apparel as she came from sea, burthen about 240 tons.
For terms apply to the subscribers, where an inventory of her materials may be seen.
P Mangeon & Co
Wilmington Feb 5

Maurice Carmichael
Of Fayette-Ville, In Cumberland County,
Being about to leave this state, takes this opportunity of publicly notifying to all whom it may concern, that being about to close all matters of business transacted by him, either during the co-partnership of Carmichael and Bogle, or on his own account, since the decease of his late partner, Mr Robert Bogle. He therefore requests that immediate payment may be made of all balances due to him in either of those capacities; and desires all persons having just claims either against the said co-partnership or Maurice Carmichael, to produce the same immediately, that they may be discharged.
Fayette-Ville, Feb 1

Wilmington District
John Ablen Campbell, complainant,
John Grant, defendant
In Equity, December Term, 1788
Ordered that the defendant do appear to the complainant's bill, on or before the first day of ensuing term (which will be on the sixth day of June next) in fault whereof the complainant's bill shall be taken pro confesso.
Published by order of the court,
Thomas Davis, C & M E
February 12, 1789

State of North Carolina
Fayette-Ville District
In the Court of Equity December Term 1788
Augustine Staunton
Charles McKernan
It is ordered that the defendant do appear and answer the Complainant's bill, on or before the first day of the ensuing term (which will be on the twentieth day of June next) or in default thereof that the Complainant's bill be taken pro confesso against the defendant.
Published by order
R Mumford
Clerk and Master of the aforesaid Court
Fayette-Ville, Feb 3, 1789

The Commissioners of the Town of Wilmington for the year 1788, hereby publish a statement of their receipts and expenditures, agreeable to law. Viz.
January 1788
Paid balance due W Nutt at settlement of accounts last year.
£ 21 7 1
Ditto error in charge of lime in account last year.
1 0 0
One grubbing hoe omitted before.
0 7 6
Amount of A Ronaldson's taxes for 85 & 86, omitted in return of uncollected taxes and although not paid, were settled as if paid.
4 12 0
Printing advertisements.
4 14 0
John Allan, his accounts to January 1st, 1788, for work at the Market House - making wheel barrows, and keeping the engine in repair.
31 11 2
Ten pounds of nails for the engine house.
1 3 4
William Ewans, balance his account for negro hire.
7 15 0
L MacPherson, his account for nails supplied in 87.
0 19 3
Thomas Callender, in part his account for iron. 3 15 0
James Walker, in full for bricks for market-house.
11 15 7
John Campbell, in part of his account.
1 12 0
Two pair large hinges for the engine house door. 1 4 0
Joshua Potts and George Hooper to be laid out in reducing constitution hill.
50 0 0
Sedgick Springs, in part of his account for iron work.
2 16 0
Stevens and Telfair, in part their account for repairing the market wharf.
1 8 0
Paid Negro hire bringing lumber from Pott's wharf.
0 5 0
Cash paid for four bushels hair, to make mortar.
0 12 0
Paid Joshua Potts for lumber for market-house.
11 3 2
Paid James Read in part his demand for Negro hire.
2 10 0
Paid Springs and Harris for smiths work.
3 18 0
Paid Charles Jewkes his account for lime and for a bucket lost at a fire.
6 18 8
Paid Joshua Potts for lumber.
1 16 8
Paid Matthew Johnston for Negro hire. 1 8 0
Paid Negro hire.
0 15 0
Paid for 73 bushels lime for market house.
5 17 6
Paid for one pair hinges for market house.
0 4 0
Paid John Walker for Negro hire, per Captain Kingsbury's order. 8 3 0
Paid ditto Negro hire, former account.
3 8 0
Paid for a grubbing hoe.
0 8 0
Paid Joshua Potts lumber per bill.
2 18 0
Paid Springs and Harris in full for smiths work.
3 16 0
Paid for 21lb 20d brads for market house, at 2s.
2 2 0
Paid for two pair hinges, at 10s. 1 0 0
One lock and one pair hinges for market house.
0 16 0
One pair hinges.
0 6 0
Paid H Toomer for Negro hire.
6 7 6
Paid Ewans and McCauslan former balance. 1 4 0
Town Clerk's salary.
20 0 0
Paid John Allen his account for work on market-house, building necessaries, keeping the engine in repair, &c to 1st January 1789.
74 11 0

£ 305 19 5
Received amount of taxes for the year 1787. £ 298 12 3
Cain received of P Carpenter, in part of balance due to the Commissioners from him. 6 5 6
Balance due the treasurer.
1 1 8

£ 305 19 5

Wilmington Feb 16, 1789
By order of the commissioners,
William Nutt, T Clerk

Joshua Potts
Has for Sale
Tobacco, tar, superfine, common, and middling flour, barrelled pork, sawed lumber, barrel staves, Jamaica rum, indigo.
Silver Dollars to be exchanged for paper currency.
Also for sale
Part of a lot of land in Wilmington, conveniently situated, and under improvement.
February 19

Was Stolen
Out of the subscriber's store on Monday evening last, by a Negro man, four Cotton Shauls, white ground and spriged, with large flowerly borders. Whoever gives such information as that the thief may be detected and the Shauls recovered, shall be generously rewarded. If any such should be offered for sale by a suspected person, it is requested that they may be stopped until the property can be determined.
A Jocelin
February 10

Irish Linens
Now selling (for cash) by the piece and quantity, at a moderate advance, by the subscriber, at the House of Capt Cook.
John Fitz Gerald
February 18

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
February 26, 1789

I intend to leave this state for France in a few weeks.
Jude Belloc
Feb 26, 1789

To Be Sold
By virtue of powers from the widow and heirs of William Wimble, deceased, who was the son and heir at law of James Wimble, deceased.
All the estate, right, title and interest of which the said William Wimble died possessed, excepting such lots as have been disposed of on execution, consisting of about from ninety to one hundred lots at least, on the lower part of the town of Wilmington, of which one is a water lot, joining Mr Craike's fence on the north side, divided by the new street and containing about one acre and a quarter of ground. About twelve lots between front-street and second-street, and the rest further back; together with about one hundred and sixty acres of land joining the Back-street. The whole will be sold together or in parcels, as may suit the purchasers. Credit given for part of the purchase money, and such articles of produce as may be suitable, taken in payment.
For further particulars, enquire of
Gillam Bass
at Capt. Thomas Callender's
Wilmington, January 22, 1789

Ran Away
From the Subscriber's plantation, fourteen miles above Wilmington,
Three Negro Men
Cuffe, about thirty five years old, country born, six feet high, tolerably stout made, rather close kneed; he will endeavour to pass as a free man and ship carpenter, and endeavour to ship himself on board some vessel bound either to Nova-Scotia or the Bahamas.
Sampson, a well set black fellow, about twenty-seven years old, country born, five feet eight or nine inches high, stammers when inclined to speak fast; it is probably he is lurking about Town Creek, in Brunswick County.
Harry, a slim fellow of middle age, very small limbs, formerly belonged to the estate of Mr Shubrick of South Carolina; it it supposed he will go that way.
Ten Pounds Reward will be given, with all reasonable expenses, for each of the above mentioned slaves when delivered to the subscriber.
John P Williams
February 10, 1789

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
March 5, 1789

The subscribers, executors of the last will of William Hill Esq deceased, and Administrators of the estate of Mrs Margaret Hill, deceased, hereby require all persons who are indebted to either of the estates of the said deceased to make immediate payment that the creditors thereof may be satisfied without delay; who are requested to present their demands for liquidation.
John Hill
W H Hill
February 19

Ran Away
From the subscriber, the latter end of January last,
A Mulatto Wench named Killester, belonging to the estate of Colonel Shaw, deceased. Twenty shillings reward will be given to any person that will deliver her to the subscriber, if taken in this town - If ten miles from town, thirty shillings - If twenty miles, forty shillings; or if in Newbern, ten pounds.
All persons are forbid harboring said wench.
John Kingsbury
North side Market-Street
Wilmington, Feb 26 1789

Ran Away
From the Subscriber
In January last,
A Negro Fellow named Aleck, formerly belonging to the estate of Parker Quince, Esq. As he is well known in and about Wilmington, any description of his person is unnecessary. A reward of three pounds currency will be given to any person who will deliver him to Mr Lawrence Dorsey in Wilmington, or at Poplar-Grove on th Sound, to
Francis Clayton
Feb 26, 1789

For Sale
A House and Lot
Situate in Princess Street. Cash or Negroes will be received in payment. For terms apply to
John Allan
Feb 26, 1789

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