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The Wilmington Chronicle

Excerpts from The Wilmington Chronicle 1795
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
July 10, 1795

The enormities committed by the out-laying Negroes, have induced the magistrates to outlaw the following Negro men, viz.
Mathews, Bacchus, Christmas, Will, Augustus, and Robert: (the two last-mentioned Negroes are said to belong to William Howe, esq near Newbern.) A Negro woman, named Hannah, likewise the property of mr Howe, is now in gaol - she was out with the above runaways and was brought in a few days ago.
Sixty dollars is offered for each and every head of the above Negroes who were concerned in the murder of Jacob Lewis - This sum is raised by subscription, and will be paid upon the production of the heads of any of the Negroes concerned in the aforesaid murder.
H Campbell, J P
Wm Cutlar, J P
Wilmington, July 2

Outlying Negroes
Since our last, Mathew belonging to General Smith, was brought in and lodged in gaol. He was so severely wounded in attempting to escape, that at first it was apprehended he would have eluded the vengeance of the law: it is now however conjectured that he will live long enough to make a public exit.
Will, another of the outlaws belonging to mr Brice, was also brought in, tried, and found guilty, on the clearest evidence, of having he'd Jacob Lewis, whilst another of this gang of desperadoes shot him. He was executed at Gallows Hill on Wednesday.
Pickle, belonging to Alexander Duncan Moore esq although not outlawed has been lodged in gaol, charged with having acted as a guide to the murderers of Jacob Lewis, when they went upon that sanguinary exploit.
A few days since a negro man, unknown, was found dead on the beach, near Brunswick, supposed to have been killed about a fortnight since, when a party of runaways were fired at in a canoe.

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
July 17, 1795

For Sale
By William Nut
On Monday the 20th July instant
The good and chattels of Samuel Moore, deceased. All persons having any demands against the estate of the said deceased are requested to bring in their accounts property attested to
Samuel Lowder, administrator
Wilmington, July 9

For Sale
On Friday next, the 17th instant,
The Prize Ship
Prince William Henry
Henry Gherardi, Captain
Terms, Cash, on delivery.
Wilmington, July 9

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
July 24, 1795

Pro Bono Publico
In the month of February last, I was induced, through the recommendation of mr John Johnston, of this town, merchant, to consign to Frederick Lachman, of Charleston, a quantity of prime bacon, with directions for him to vend the same, immediately, for cash: he informed me, by letter, that 2 1/2d per lb was the price. In consequence of which, I requested him to send the bacon back to me, without selling any of it. For the sake of commissions resulting therefrom, he did not comply with my directions. After which I consigned to him a quantity of pork and beef, and one barrel of lard. His delinquency, after repeated requests to make remittance, induced me to go (though much to my injury) to Charleston, anticipating a settlement; but to my mortification found my bacon in a wretched way, owing to his  negligence, part having been eat by the rats, and the remained injured by the worms. The barrel of lard I gladly received back; but when I returned here, with my damaged bacon and lard, my expectations were frustrated as mr Johnston claimed the barrel of lard and proved the same to be his, as the marks and numbers corresponded with his books; still I was unwilling to deliver it to him, as I had received it in lieu of my own.
Therefore I consider it a duty incumbent on me, to inform my friends, that they may shun the rock which I have split upon.
Alexr Young
Wilmington, July 22

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
August 7, 1795

To Be Sold
Or rented for one or more years,
The house in Wilmington called The Lodge, with the lot adjoining. The terms will be made easy. If rented, a considerable part of the first year's rent will be taken in necessary repairs.
And to be leased for six years, 3000 acres of land lying on Shallot River. It is a very agreeable and pleasant situation; well watered and wooded; an exceeding fine range for stock, and as good land as any in Brunswick County.
Also for sale,
That valuable plantation on Caulkin's Neck formerly the property of E Allston, Esq. containing 1340 acres: 500 of which are the best of indigo land; 100 acres are under improvement, and the remainder provision and timber land. There are two sets of indigo vats, a very commodious dwelling-house, and out-houses of every kind, in complete repair on it. This plantation is beautifully situated on a navigable river, which abounds with all kinds of fish known in this country; has an excellent landing on the river and is remarkably healthy.
For terms apply to the subscriber, who is empowered to sell or rent the above.
Sam. J. Thurston.
July 1, 1795

Post Office, Wilmington
List of letters remaining in the Post-Office, Wilmington, which if not taken up before the first of October next will be sent to the General Post-Office.
B: Master Bauduy. John Bransberry. James Brown. Captain Samuel Bright. John Barrett. Samuel Buckston, 2.
C: Clerk of the Superior Court. Joseph Curtis.
D: John Dickenson, 2. Citoyen Duffau.
E: Elizabeth Earl, 2. Edward Easton. James Eistman.
F: Daniel Ferguson. James Flowers. Captain Footery. James Fleming.
G: James Gillespie, 3. William Gordon. William Graham.
H: Jeremiah Hand. Jo. Hends. Captain Robert Homes. Solomon Hamer.
J: Charles Jewkes, 2. Mathew Johnston, 2. Peter Johnston. Benjamin Jacob.
K: John Kennedy. John Kerr.
L: John Lee. Margaret Lamb. Henry  Lyndon. Colin Lindsay.
M: Alfred Moore, 2. Peter Mallett. Michael Molton. Miss Meares. Wm Mosely. Margaret Mopoon. Frederick Miller. John Motherall. Peter Maxwell. Patrick Murray. Peter M'Bride. Jo. M'Cun. Daniel M'Kinnon. David M'Collare. Jo M'Laughlin. Elizabeth M'Laine. Peter M'Miller. Mr M'Vaughtin. Mrs M'Kinnon. John M'Kenzie. Mr M'Norton. Donald M'Alister, Archibald M'Neil.
N: Alexander Neils. Elizabeth Nichols. Abraham Taylor.
P: Lewis Price. Captain Skeath Potter. Peter Pelham. Captain Jeremiah Pote.
R: Captain Benjamin Rice. Mrs Rundle, 2. Fanny Richardson. James Richardson. David Reed. Bartholomew Rolland. Archibald Ronaldson.
S: Sheriff of New Hanover, 2. Jeanett Spendlove, 3. William Smith, 2. Captain Samuel Stanwood. Captain Stephen Sprague. Duncan Stewart. William Strudwick. Samuel Strudwick.
T: Amey Turner. Thurber & Lee, 2. Mr Tompkins. James Tate.
V: Samuel Virgin.
W: Doctor Whitemore. John Warner. Abisha Woodward. William Wingate. Elizabeth Wilkinson.
John Bradley, P M
Wilmington, July 22, 1795

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
August 20, 1795

Peter Wiss
From Paris
Wishes to inform the public in general that he has commenced business in the house formerly occupied by doctor James Fergus. Those who will favour him with their orders, may depend upon his exertions to gain a continuance of custom in the line he professes.
Wilmington, August 13, 1795

Ran Away
Whereas my negro fellow Abraham, a carpenter hath for some time past made it a practice to go about at nights fiddling and drinking, whereby he has contracted a loose idle habit, and much injured his health. He has lately eloped from my service, and is now supposed to be lurking about the country among his acquaintances, or gone off to the southward. I do therefore offer a reward of Ten Dollars to any person who will apprehend him and deliver him to me at my plantation near Wilmington, or to the gaoler in Wilmington. He is about five feet, ten inches high, speaks rather hoarse, but plain, and extremely plausible. He carried off a blanket, and his fiddle, and some other things - I tend to out-law him if he is not taken in ten days.
C Burgwin
Hermitage, 17th August 1795

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
September 24, 1795

Five Dollars Reward
Ran-away, about six weeks since, from the subscriber, at the Sound, a Negro named Ben; well known in and about the neighbourhood of Wilmington. He is about nineteen or twenty years of age; five feet four or five inches high; stout and well made. The above reward will be paid to any person or persons delivering the above named Negro to my house on the Sound, or securing him in Wilmington gaol. Suspicions having arisen that he has been harboured by some evil-disposed person, whoever shall be found guilty thereof will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Peter Maxwell
Sept 23, 1795

To Be Sold
At Public Vendue
The First Tuesday in October
Two parcels of land, supposed to contain about one thousand acres; levied upon, by two writs of fieri facias, at the suit of administrator of Godwin Ellitson and administrator of Josiah Richardson against John Porter Grange.
This land is situated upon the East side of the North West River, and is well timbered with oak and cypress. It is near to the line that divides the counties of Bladen and New Hanover - was advertised to be sold on the 19th inst but a claim having been set up for it, by John Hall, the sale is postponed to the day above mentioned, by consent of parties.
Thos Wright, sheriff
September 23, 1795

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
October 1, 1795

Take up by the patrol of Wilmington the 19th inst a likely Negro man who calls himself Jacob, and says he ran away from Archibald Robertson, of Beaufort, four weeks previous to his being taken: He also declares that he intended to go to Charleston to his right owner, captain Joseph Jenkins, from whom he was plundered last war, by captain Anthony, off Charleston bar, out of a fishing boat. The fellow appears to be about 26 years old, near six feet high, and has a crooked knee, with inclines in to the other, and a scar on the same leg, which he says he got in riding a race when a boy.
Wm Jackson, jailor
Wilmington, Sept 23, 1795

Lands for Sale
On the sixth day of the term of the next superior court to be held in Wilmington, at the court-house in said town, will be offered for sale the following tracts or parcels of land to wit,
640 Acres lying in Brunswick county, on the south west side of the north west branch of Cape Fear River and on the south side of Livingston's Creek, being the same land granted by patent the 22d day of May 1772 to J Carter, heir to Edward Carter, deceased.
400 Acres situate in Duplin county, on the Beaver Dam Branch of Limestone, formerly possessed by one Morgan Sweeny.
148 Acres situate in New Hanover county, on the west side of the north east branch of Cape Fear River, joining the upper side of Benjamin Evans's land; on the Welch tract where John Wright and Francis Drumgold formerly lived; being the same land which was conveyed by Arthur Benning to Andrew Thomson.
600 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the last mentioned county, on Black River, formerly possessed by Achilles Roan, and the possession thereof lately recovered from J Devane, by the trustees of the university of  North Carolina.
Also one water lot, situate in the upper part of the town of Wilmington, lying between the lots whereon mr J Loudon and mr W Cutlar now live; measuring 66 feet in Front street and from thence running down to low water mark, being the lot which Robert Ellis formerly conveyed to one Henry M'Culloch and is now in the possession of mr W Cutlar, as tenant under the trustees.
The persons last seized of the foregoing lands dying without lawful heirs, the same lands became escheated, and were granted by the general assembly of the state to the trustees of the university of North Carolina, and will be sold agreeable to the ordinances of the board of trustees. A credit of one, two, and three years will be given, and to secure the purchase money bonds with approved security, together with a mortgage of the premises must be made and delivered.
W H Hill
Attorney for the trustees of the university.

50 Dollars Reward
Ran-away from the subscriber on Saturday the 5th inst a likely Negro slave, named Tony. He is about 24 or 25 years old; in height 5 feet 4 or 5 inches; was born in New Providence and speaks English well. He had on a pair of striped trousers, a white shirt, a yellow cloth waistcoat, and high crowned hat. Generally wears his hair platted at the sides.
Whoever delivers said slave to me in Wilmington shall have fifty dollars reward, and all reasonable expenses - or for any information whereby I may recover him, ten dollars. Should he, however, have quit this state, I will give five dollars for certain intelligence thereof.
Captain James Gherardi
Sept 17

Agreeable to the last will and testament of James H Kirkby, deceased, will be sold at public auction, all the personal property belonging to said estate; consistent of merchandise and wearing apparel, the sale to commence on the third day of the next superior court, in the town of Wilmington. Also a parcel of salt, which, on account of the cellars in which it is lodged being wanted by the proprietor, will be sold on Friday the 8th of October next. Terms to be made known at the time of sale.
John Johnston
John Allen
Wilmington, 29th September 1795
All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those that have any demands are required to render them in without loss of time for settlement, duly attested, agreeable to law.
John Johnston
John Allen

To Be Let
And entered upon on the first day of December next, or at any time previous to that day, on ten days' notice, that pleasant and commodious House and Garden with the out-houses, lately occupied by Mr James Lockwood. Enquire of
John Burgwin
September 28th 1795

Wilmington, 1st of October, 1795
This is to request all persons indebted to the estate of the late Thomas Vickears by bond, note, or open account, to make speedy payments; and likewise those who may have demands against the estate, to make application in the same manner, so as to prevent law suits, and to enable her to close the business of the estate.
Mary Vickears, sole executrix

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
October 8, 1795

Notice is hereby given, to all persons concerned, that the subscriber has qualified as an administrator to the estate of James Lockwood, late of Wilmington, merchant, deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate are hereby requested to make immediate payment: And all persons having claims against the said estate are requested to present them within the time limited by and agreeably to the directions of an act of assembly passed in the year 1789, entitled, "An act concerning proving of Wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of intestates' estates."
Simeon Belden, administrator
Will be sold in Wilmington, on the nineteenth day of October next, At public auctions, as the law directs, the personal estate of the said deceased; consisting of a considerable amount of merchandise, household furniture, one half of the schooner Fancy, &c. &c.
Bonds, with approved security, will be taken for all sums above five pounds, payable at the expiration of six months from the time or purchase.
Simeon Belden, administrator
N.B. The sale will continue from day to day, if the property is not all sold on the nineteenth.
Wilmington, Sept 28 1795

The executors of Francis Clayton, deceased having been given to understand, from respectable authority, that should they no comply with a decree entered upon the chancery court docket, in May term last, it will not be considered a contempt of court; havel notwithstanding, of their own accord, and not in consequence of said decree, concluded to sell the Rocky Point plantation, belonging to the said estate: It will therefore be set up at public sale, on the third or fourth days of November term, in the town of Wilmington. It consists of nineteen hundred and twenty acres; a large proportion of which is as prime land as any in that neighbourhood; its situation eligible; being only about fifteen miles from town, and bounded, in part, by the North East branch of Cape Fear. The terms, consonant to the will of the deceased, one, two, and three years credit; one third payable each year; the purchaser giving bonds with approved security, being interest from their dates, with a mortgage on the premises. Possession will be given the first day of January next; at which time the bonds and other writings relative thereto are to be executed by both parties concerned.
Henry Urquhart
Henry Toomer
Surviving executors of Francis Clayton

Notice is hereby given to forewarn all persons from bargaining or trading in any manner whatsoever with Elizabeth Simpson, the wife of Charles Simpson.
Charles Simpson
Oct 3, 1795

The Wilmington Chronicle
And North-Carolina Weekly Advertiser
October 22, 1795

Married, a few days since, mr Philip Spaulding, to the amiable and accomplished miss Margaret Fergus.

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