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The Cape Fear Mercury

Excerpts from The Cape Fear Mercury 1769-1775
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Cape Fear Mercury
November 24, 1769

October 30, 1769
To be sold at public vendue at the next superior court in Wilmington; Sundry plantation tools & furniture; together with five negroes and some cattle, belonging to the estate of William Wimble, deceased.
Richard Quince, Administrator

Wilmington, Nov 4, 1769
Lost or Stolen
A man's hunting saddle with silver furniture and a short cross-barr'd saddle-cloth; both almost new. If stolen by a white man the subscriber will pay any person who returns him the saddle and convicts the thief three pounds, if by a negro twenty shillings and for the saddle alone ten shillings.
John James

To Be Sold
At public vendue, under the court-house in Wilmington, on the 29th of November next, sundry household goods and cooper's tools, belonging to the estate of Jeremiah Keenan deceased.
James White, Administrator

November 2, 1769
Run away on the 11th of September last, from the subscriber living in Bladen, a fellow named William aged about 25 years, and about 5 feet 8 inches high; is well made, has lost some of his upper fore-teeth, this country born, sensible, and speaks English very well; he is a good Cooper and very handy at Carpenters Work. Whoever secures the said Negro William so that his master may have him again shall have five pounds reward paid by
John Lucas

Wilmington, Nov 2, 1769
Runaway about 6 weeks ago, a Negro man named Richmond, about 35 years of age, and about 5 feet 5 inches high; he speaks fast and but indifferent English. He belonged formerly to Mr Barnhill of Philadelphia, pretends to be free, and has been accustomed to a printing-office; it is supposed he is gone to the Northward. Had on and took with him when he went away a white shirt, a strip'd flannel jacket, a pair of shoes & stockings, and a pair of leather breeches; also a Claret-color'd cloth coat & waistcoat with silver plated buttons and sundry other wearing apparel. Whoever secures the above Negro in any of his Majesty's Jails shall receive a reward of forty shillings proclamation money, and if delivered to the subscribers in Wilmington the same reward and all reasonable charges.
Ancrum & Schaw

The Cape Fear Mercury
Friday, December 8, 1769

November 26, 1769
From the subscriber about ? ago a Negro fellow called Jerry; is well made, near six feet high, and about forty years of age; is grey on the breast, and has a large bump just below his stomach; he has been employed in a Petteauger in this river; speaks French and English pretty well, and was improted from Jamaica about five years ago.
Also, about two years ago a Negro man named Frank, accustom'd likewise to a Petteauger; he is well set, about five feet six inches high, and near thirty-five years of age; all his toes, except one, turn remarkably inwards, and his back shows he has frequently undergone the discipline of the whip.
Whoever secures the said negroes for or delivers them to the subscriber shall be well rewarded for their trouble.
Richard Quince

Died a few days ago, much lamented, James Hasell Esquire, only son of the honorable James Hasell Equire president of this province.

Lewis Barge
Hatter in Cross-Creek, purposes to carry on the Hatter's Business with great care and application and hopes to give gentlemen who favor him with their custom in that way general satisfaction. He also intends to give higher prices for wool and skins of all kinds suitable for his business than have been hitherto in this place.

Cape Fear Mercury
Supplement to the Cape Fear Mercury No. 51

John McDonnell takes this method to acquaint his friends and the public, that he has just opened an assortment of goods suitable for the present and approaching season consisting of
White blue and green plains, common and very fine oznabrigs, Irish brown holland, and sheeting ditto, tickling-burghs, portabella flannel, duffil blankets of a good width and quality, plain strip'd and figur'd calimancoes, mens and womens thread hose, fine India chints, printed linnen, and cotton gown patterns, newest fashion'd silk hats, mits, figure'd and plain ribbands, mens beaver carolina and felt hats, do saddles, sadlery and hardware, broad hoes and falling axes; all which he will sell extraordinary cheap for cash or ready pay in merchantable produce; his friends may have the usual short credit if demanded; As he finds encouragement from the publin in the linnen branch, he means to always keep up a well assorted Irish linnen ware-house, where any person may buy in the whole-sale way nearly as cheap as can be imported from England.
N.B. Said McDonnell has also for sale a few hogheads of melasses west-India sugars and Jamaica rum, which he will sell very low by the hoghead or barrel.
Wilmington Nov 1770

To be sold by the subscriber cheap for cash or produce
Rum, sugar, ozanbrigs, checks, salt, linnens, broad-cloth, blue and white negro cloth, &c &c. Also will be exposed for sale on the 30th instant, eight or ten negroes, all used to country work; amongst which are two coopers and some breeding wenches; the terms will be known at the time of sale. All persons indebted to me by bond note or book-debt that has been due for months or upwards are desired to settle the same, or they may depend their accounts &c will be put into the hands of an Attorney if not paid within two months from this date.
Richard Bradley
Wilmington, Nov 15

Cape Fear Mercury
January 13, 1773

Absented himself from the Subscriber, an Indented Servant named George Thomas, a native of Wales, about 19 years old of a swarthy complexion, black hair, about five foot high; had on when he left this a check shirt, a dirty frock, a brown pair of breeches and a round Dutch cap; whoever will apprehend said Servant and lodge him in any of his Majesty's Gaols or deliver him to his said Master in Wilmington shall receive twenty shillings rewards and all reasonable charges paid by me.
Herrall Blackmore

Forty Dollars Reward
Ran away from his bail, a certain man named John Day, a Pedlar, supposed to be gone to Carolina; he is about five feet eight inches high, looks to be about 35 years of age, a very talkative fellow, addicted to drinking, and pretends to understand Latin. Whoever takes up the said Day and secures him in any of his Majesty's Jailes in the Province of Pennsylvania, shall be entitled to the above reward and reasonable charges, paid by the subscribers in the Jerseys, or Wilting and Taylor, in Philadelphia.
Roger Flahaven
Daniel Cahalt
N.B. Whoever secures the said John Day in any District Jail in North-Carolina shall receive the above reward with reasonable charges, on applying to Mr John Robeson in Wilmington, Cape Fear R. F. D. C.

Just imported in the Brig Experition from Bristol, and to be sold by Robert Kennedy, (at Capt. Blackmore's) on the lowest terms for cash, Oznabrigs, Women's shoes, Slops of different forts, Mens and Boys hats, Dus? and Rose Blankets, white and colored negro Cloth, Delt and Queen's Ware, small Cordage, Pipes &c &c.

Just imported from London and Bristol a general assortment of goods suitable for the season, which are now selling off by John Burgwin at a trifle above the first cost and charges for chase or Produce only. Among which assortment are, Irish Linens, Cambricks, India Chintz, Diaper and Damask Table Linen, White, Blue, and Green Negro Cloth, Lift Carpetting & a few Chamber Carpets, Men's & Women's fine & coarse Hatts and Shoes, Shagreen Cases with Knives and Forks, a few pair Plated Candlesticks, best Mill Saws made agreeable to Owen's pattern, Mill Ropes Mill Saw files --- Carpenters Tools, Coopers Tools, Cutlery --- Kitchen furniture among which are Shovels, Tongs, Fenders &c.... Small Anchors and Grapnels, Cordage of all sizes.... Oznabrigs and Sail cloth with many things in the Ship chandlery way --- and a ? of other articles too tedious to mention.
N.B. He requests all those indebted to John Burgwin & Co to make immediate payment as there is an absolute necessity of settling that concern.

Run away from the subscriber some time in November last, a tall negro fellow called Jamey; speaks good English, and had on when he went away, a new suit of cloaths made of white negro cloth, whoever will take up the said Runaway slave & deliver him either to the subscriber at Fishing-Creek, to Travis Doram at Long-Creek, or to the Sheriff at New Hanover county, at Wilmington, shall be paid the sum of three pounds proc by
James Moore
N.B. The said slave is outlawed.

Five Pounds Reward
Run away from the subscriber a negro fellow named Valentine belonging to Mr George Parker, he is well known in Bladen county and was hired some time ago to Mr Francis Lucas; whoever will secure the said negro and deliver him in Wilmington, shall receive the above reward.
Thomas Allon

To be sold cheap, a plantation in Bladen County on the south side of Cape Fear. It has a large front upon the river almost all low ground and suitable for all sorts of grain; it is but lately cleared and is exceedingly well fenced; it is well timbered and well watered by excellent springs; it is a commodious country seat for a Gentleman or very suitable for a store as the largest boats in the river can go loaded from the Plantation in the driest season, when they can go no higher; and lies open for the whole trade to the South Province, and goods may be sod at a very high advance. The purchaser may have a fine parcel of Hoggs, Cattle, Corn and Fodder.
James Stuart
N.B. A year's credit will be given for one half of hte purchase money and young negroes will be taken in part payment.

Three Hundred Pounds Reward
St Stephen's Parish, (in South Carolina,)
September 15, 1772
Run away from the Subscriber about fifteen Months since, two Negro Fellows and a Wench, viz: Will, George, and Sylvia. Will is about twenty-five Years of Age, five Feet eight Inches high, of a yellowish Complexion, slim made, a little knock-kneed, his Teeth filed, and his Country Marks in his Face, a Cooper and rough Carpenter. George is about twenty Years of Age, five Feet five Inches high, of a dark Complexion, is very artful, he has been used to take Care of Horses. Sylvia is a likely young Wench, about five Feet five Inches high, of a yellowish Complexion, her Teeth filed, she has attended in a House. A Reward of one hundred and fifty pounds Currency will be paid on Delivery of the above Negroes to the Warden of the Work-house, or at his Plantation in St Stephen's Parish, near Murray's Ferry, or in Proportion for one, if taken in the Province.
Thomas West, an Overseer, about twenty five Years of Age, five Feet seven Inches high, very slim of a swarthy Complexion, who lived at the Subscriber's Plantation about three Years, and just about the time the said three Negroes run-away, he left him. It is generally thought the said Thomas West has carried the negroes into North Carolina, Virginia, or Maryland, and may offer them for Sale. All Persons are hereby cautioned not to purchase the said Negroes and if purchased by any Person, they are hereby required to deliver the said slaves to the Proprietor, or they may depend on being prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the Law. --- A Reward of three hundred pounds, currency, will be paid on Delivery of the Negroes or in Proportion if taken out of the Province; and a farther Reward of one hundred pounds will be given to whoever will give information of their being carried out of the Province, or being harboured by a white Person, on Conviction of the Offender.
John Gaillard

The Cape Fear Mercury
December 29, 1773

This is to let all persons know that I fully intend to sell all my possesesions of lands that I hold by patent or deed in North-Carolina, which is one thousand and fifty acres in Onslow county, all in one body, the lower ferry including with all utensils thereto belonging; and also nine hundred acres in Anson county; if purchasers will appear the whole will be sold, and that for no other reason than I want to make a division amongst my childred whilst I live if God will permit.
I will give the best of rights and titles that the province will afford to the purchaser or purchasers. Also a number of household furniture too tedious to mention here, with a number of hogs, several yokes of ? oxen, with a number of cattle, and all utensils entirely new belonging to the said team and some work horses &c and several likely negroes &c &c.
The sale to begin, if my life should remain, on the first day of March next ensuing which will be in the year of our Lord 1774, and so to continue daily til the sholw be sold. Twelve months credit bill be given to the purchasers with approved security to the subscriber or his heirs &c as he will direct at the time of sale. All sums under ten pounds proc money to be paid down at the time of sale. I intend to get an honest man for the vendue master and all persons who have any demands against me are desired to bring in the same and I will discharge them, or forever hold their peace, and all those indebted to me are desired to make payment by the time of sale, otherwise it will be in the hands of an attorney.
Onslow, Dec 25, 1773
John Wilkins

One Hundred Pounds Reward
Supposed to be stolen or inveigled, about July 1771, on the road leading from ? river to my sea shore plantation on Waccamaw neck nearly opposite to George-Town, a sensible old negro man, named Hector, about six feet high, much pitted with the small pox and speaks very good English; and his son Carlos, a very likely mustee boy about seven years old. There is reason to belive they were carried off by some stragling white men who went about that time throught this into the North province.
A reward of 100l currency or 25l proc money will be paid on conviction of the offenders, and delivery of the slaves to John Ancrum Esq in Wilmington Cape Fear, or to me. And whoever will inform where these negroes are so that they can be secured for their master shall receive a reward of fifty pounds currency.
Robert Heriot
George-Town, S-Carolina, Dec 10

Broke jail, on the night of the 6th instant, a Mustee fellow, calls himself Peter, passes for a freeman, but says he belongs to Nathaniel Jones of Chowan County near Edenton, committed on the 4th instant, said fellow is about 5 feet 8 inches high, had on a white linen shirt, a pair of trousers, a light coloured coat and over it an oznabrigs hungtin shirt and a small hat bound round with white ferreting, whoever takes up and brings the said fellow to me shall have forty shillings reward.
Felix Kenan
Duplin County, Dec 7

My wife Mary Conner having eloped from my bed and board and otherways treated me ill this is to give notice that I will not pay any debts of her contracting after the date hereof.
Brunswick, Dec 11
Morris Conner

To Be Sold
A valuable tract of land in Duplin county, containing by patent 260 acres, well known by the name of Golden Grove joining the plantation of Captain McIntire, it is extremely well situated and some of the land is clear'd and is fit for Rice, Corn or any other grain. For further particulars apply to James McIntire at Rockey Point.
December 14, 1773

Five Dollars reward will be given by Solomon Townsend to any person who can give information of a box of Boots that was in the possession of the late Samuel Townsend, deceased, which cannot be found. And as Solomon Townsend intends leaving this place in a few days the above reward will be given by Mr John Forster in Wilmington, if not found before.... All persons who have any demands against said deceased, his estate, are desired to apply immediately and those indebted to make payment to
Solomon Townsend, Administrator
Wilmington, December 22, 1773

Burrell Lanier acknowledge that what I have reported in Respect to John Hill's Character is entirely False and Groundless and without Foundation, and I am heartily sorry for it, and humbly ask his Pardon, as that what I said was through Passion.
Burrel Lanier
Acknowledged before us this 30th Nov 1773
Andrew Thompson, Isaac Hill, Richard Clinton, James Kenan, Richard Brocas, Michael Kenan

To be sold at Private Sale
The well known valuable lands of Rockey Point, belonging to the subscriber by Patent, 1920 acres. As also a Tract of Land upon the Sound, containing 320 acres, and another lying upon the side of the River between Wilmington and Mr Harnett's containing 168 acres. A long Credit (if required) will be given to the purchaser of the Rockey Point Lands,
security being given for the punctual payment of the interest and of the principal when it becomes due. Possession of the Rockey Point Lands will be given against the 1st of January, 1774, and of the other Lands as soon as purchased. For further particulars, enquire of the proprietor, or in his absence of Mess. Ancrum and Schaw or Mr Clayton, merchants in Wilmington.
John Murray
N.B. If Rockey Point Lands are not sold they will be leased.

Strayed or stolen from Fort Johnston a Dun horse fourteen and a half hands high, black main and tail, well gated, both trots and paces, whoever takes up the said horse and delivers him to me shall receive a reward of 30s if taken in Brunswick county and 50s if taken up out of this county and if stolen, a reward of ten pounds for taking up the thief, to be paid on conviction by Richard Wilson.

To be Rented or Leased for a term of years,
That pleasant plantation lately the seat of General Waddell, deceased, situated on Prince George's Creek, 8 miles from Wilmington in a very good neighborhood; there are about 150 acres of clear land, properly divided into different fields, &c, and all well fenced. The improvements upon it are a large commodious house, though not quite finished, yet several of the rooms are completely so, with plenty of cellarage, a convenient kitchen and wash house; in the upper story of which are rooms partitioned off for servants; two good stables and a coach house, with other out houses, and a garden.
Whoever is inclinable to hire the same may know the terms by applying to
Mrs Waddell in Bladen County, or in Wilmington to John Burgwin.

Just imported from Jamaica and to be sold by Dugald Thompson, a parcel of choice negroes, best proof rum and excellent coffee.
Inquire of Messrs Ancrum Forster and Brice.
Wilmington, December 14

The Subscribers having purchased of Messrs John Murgatroyd and Richard
Rundle their proportion of stock in the distillery company under the firm of Harnet, Wilkinson, and company, All persons indebted to the said Company by bond, note, or otherwise, are desired to make immediate payment of their several debts to Mr John London, who is properly empowered by us to receive payment and give sufficient discharges, of which we hope due notice will be taken to prevent further trouble; and all persons having demands against said company, are desired to bring their accounts in order to receive payment.
Cornelius Harnett
William Wilkinson
Wanted immediately 20 or 30 Cord of Oak, Hickory and Ash for firewood for the Distillery, for which cash will be given.

To be sold at public vendue at the plantation of the late Mr John Swan Porter, deceased, on Rockey Point, on the 3d day of January next, some part of the personal estate of the said Mr Porter consisting of household furniture, plantation tools, a quantity of corn, black ey'd and clay pease, &c. Horses, hogs, cattle and sheep. The terms of sale will be ready  money, or in accounts of such debts against the Intestate as shall be first approved of and therefore it is requested that all persons that have any accounts against said estate will send them to me, or in my absence to Samuel Ashe, Esquire before the day of sale, and all persons having any bonds and specialties of the Intestate are desired to make them known and all persons indebted to the estate to make immediate payment to
John Babtist Ashe, Administrator
December 6th 1773

To be Sold
A valuable tract of land in Brunswick County, on which there is a good saw-mill and other improvements. A house and lot in Wimington, known by the name of the Lodge, its pleasant situation recommends itself; 500 acres of land joing the lands of John Moore on Rockey Point -- 500 acres on the N. west branch of Cape-Fear River joining the upper line of Robert Schaw Esq - the above lands will answer either for rice, Indigo and corn. For further particulars inquire of
George Moore, Sen

To Be Sold
By virtue of a letter of attorney from Joseph Morris Esq of the city of Philadelphia a valuable sawmill and lands near Cross-Creek in Cumberland county, a house and lot and two stores in Cross-Creek, divers parcels of lands contiguous thereto; some of which will be laid out in convenient town lots, three negro slaves, some household furniture and other things, all late the property of John Wilcox and purchased form the Sheriffs at Cumberland at public sale by the said Joseph Morris and George-Anthony Morris deceased. The titles are indisputable. For terms apply to Robert Cochran, Esq in Cross-Creek or in Wilmington to
A Maclaine or John Robeson
Dec 8 1773

Seven Pounds Reward
Runaway from the brig Roger seven indented servants, one Thomas Moore of London, by trade a whitesmith, with a mole on his right cheek, long black hair, about 5 feet 6 inches high, dark complexion, 27 years old, had on when he went away a blue green coat with a drab-colored bodied do.
William Miller, a Scotchman, a taylor by trade, about 5 feet 1 inch high, wearing long black hair, darkish complexion, 24 years old, had on when he went away a brown coat, black lattin breeches.
William Richardson, fair complexion, born in Yorkshire, a taylor by trade, 23 years old, had on when he went away light coloured blue or grey cloathes, about 5 feet 8 inches high.
Samuel Simpson, a farmer, about 22 years old; William Boddington, Cabinet-Maker, 23 years old; Robert Williamson, a Brick-Layer; George Woodward, a White-Smith, 29 years old.
Whoever will deliver said servants or any of them to William Campbell Esq.  in Wilmington, will receive twenty shillings for each of them.

Died in town last Friday, Mrs Sarah Newton and yesterday at his Plantation, Mr Thomas Grainge.

The Cape Fear Mercury
May 11, 1774

The copartnership of Southerland and Cruden at Wilmington and that of John Cruden and co. at Cross-Creek being this day dissolved by mutual consent: It is requested that all those indebted to them would speedily make payment of their respective balances to John Cruden Senr as he alone is empowered to collect and grant receipts for the outstanding debts; until the return of John Cruden Jun from Britain.... The business will henceforth be carried on both here and at Cross Creek under the firm of John Cruden and co. who have just imported in the Ajax, captain Cunningham from Glasgow an assortment of goods for their store at Cross Creek, suitable to the season, also a few casks of bottled porter for sale at Wilmington by
John Cruden & Co.
April 29, 1774

To be sold at Cross-Creek on Wednesday the 25th day of May instant at the house of Mr Berge, sundry goods hard ware, bedding, wear apparel, a silver watch, buckles &c being the personal estate of Mitchel Corroll, deceased.
A Maclaine, Admr
May 3, 1774

This is to give notice to all persons that the subscriber has purchased John Dunn's deed for 320 acres of land at the mouth of Dunn's Creek on Cape-Fear in Bladen county, known by Woodrow's place; and I hereby desire any person that has any claim to the said place by mortgage or otherways to let their claim be known and I will discharge it.
Joseph Cooper
Bladen, April 11, 1774

William Rowand
Sadler from Glasgow, takes this opportunity to inform the public that he has taken a shop in Wilmington, near the Court-House, where he intends to carry on that branch of business in all its parts; Gentlemen in town or country, who will be so kind as to favour him with their work, may depend upon having every thing in the newest fashion, and upon the most reasonable terms.
May 15, 1774

The Cape Fear Mercury
August 7, 1775

Run away from the subscriber about ten days ago an old Negro man named Cuffee, a carpenter, he formerly belonged to the estate of Job Howe, Senior, deceased, and is in general very well known. Whoever apprehends and delivers him to me, or the sheriff of New Hanover county, shall receive a reward of forty shillings currency, and a further reward of forty shillings will be paid to any person who will give information of his being harboured by a negro, and five pounds if by a white person upon conviction of the offender.
Cornelius Harnett
Wilmington, August 4, 1775

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