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1900 Wilmington City Directory Transcribed

The Wilmington Messenger
Daily Semi-Weekly
Jackson & Bell Company Proprietors


It has a large circulation, and reaches the best class of people





Member Association of American Directory Publishers

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1899, by the J. L. HILL PRINTING COMPANY, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

Page 2


We present this, the 1900 edition of the Wilmington, N.C., City Directory, with the assurance to our friends and patrons that we have spared neither pains nor expense in having this work exceed, if possible, representations.
An examination of its pages will show a most accurate compilation, a feature which no other directory of the city in the past has had as exact.
Our canvassers were men of long experience and we believe thoroughly conscientious, we therefore have no hesitancy in asserting that this publication will be found superior to its predecessors.
The opposite page gives a comparison of population figures with those of 1897. The gain is most gratifying and proves conclusively that Wilmington is progressing, even more than her most faithful adherents claim.
We take this opportunity of thanking most heartily our many friends who by their substantial aid enabled us to complete this work, and to the many others who have lent their co-operation are we also deeply indebted. With the added insurance to the people of Wilmington that we have come to stay, and that our publication will be issued regularly.
We are very respectfully.
September 1, 1899. Wilmington, N.C. and Richmond, Va.


Population Statistics
The following table gives the number of names of each letter in this book, also that of 1897 by way of comparison. To begin with, there is 1,510 more names in this publication than that of 1897, an increase of over 19 per cent.
In 1897 the multiple 3 ½ was used to ascertain the probable population, now we use the standard multiple of the country i.e., 3. Multiplying the number of names in this book, 9,203, by this figure we are given a population for Wilmington of 27,609. This undoubtedly is very nearly correct.
Should the former multiple 3 ½ be used however, Wilmington would have a population of 32,210. In our opinion this is too large. To get the probable gain of population since 1897 an allowance should be made for the multiple then in use, comparing the figures used by that multiple with the one now in use. Our estimation of the gain is about 3,000.
In view of the vicissitudes through which Wilmington has passed since our last publication, this gain is not only gratifying but surprising.
To the doubter we wish to say, the figures here speak for themselves. We invite inspection.

1897 1899 increase
A 195 286 91
B 855 959 104
C 461 566 105
D 312 378 66
E 153 181 28
F 244 279 35
G 340 399 59
H 710 836 126
I 19 22 3
J 332 375 43
K 191 220 29
L 296 308 12
M 917 1,029 112
N 160 176 16
O 57 74 17
P 330 495 165
Q 25 18 -----
R 317 371 54
S 791 1,045 254
T 231 275 44
U 9 21 12
V 38 55 17
W 669 782 113
X ----- ----- ------
Y 36 44 8
Z 5 9 4
------ ------- -------
7,693 9,203 1,510

Page 3

General Index

Abbreviations, 33
Advertisers—Index to, 9
Alphabetical list of names, 33-224
Banks, 18
Benevolent and Charitable
Associations, 24
Building and Loan Associations, 18
Business Directory, 225-248
Cemeteries, 25
Chamber of Commerce, 19
Charitable Institutions, 24
Churches—White and Colored, 24-25
City Government, 16-17
Clubs, 20
Courts, 14
Fire Department, 17
General Directory, 33-224
Government of Wilmington, 16-17
Government of North Carolina, 14-15
Guide to Streets of Wilmington, 27-30
Health Department, 16
Index to Advertisers, 9
Justices of the Peace, 239
Merchants Association, 20
Military, 20-21
Miscellaneous Directory, 13-26
Police Department, 16
Post-Office, 13
Public Schools, 17
Savings and Trust Companies, 18
Secret and Beneficial Societies, 22-23
State Government, 14-15
Streets—Guide to, 27-30
United States Officers, 13-14
United States Post-Office, 13
Young Men’s Christian Association, 20

Too Lates

Byerly C Oscar, bkkpr Cape Fear Lumber Co h 401 Dock
Hall Charles E, car inspr A C L h 714 Orange
HAYDEN P H, saddles and harness carriage and wagon bldr and blksmith 13-15 n 3d bet Market and Princess
King Washington W, dep sheriff and city jailor h 1211 Queen
Leonard Wade, tel opr Postal Tel Cable Co bds 207 n 2d
McLeod Maria L wid Isaac H, prin Hemenway School h 412 Chestnut
McLeod Maud A Miss, teacher Hemenway annex h 412 Chestnut
Miller Hugh L, supt Navassa Guano Co h 412 Chestnut
Millis Mary wid Wesley, 416 s 4th
Morris Nicholas, 510 s Front

Index to Advertisements

Association of American Directory Publishers, 249
Atlantic National Bank, front cover
Benedict George H & Co, engravers, 232
Carolina Insurance Co, front cover and 251
Evening Dispatch, newspaper, 2
Fore & Foster Planing Mill and S & B Co, 85
Garrell J F & Co, butchers, 88
Hall Samuel G, printer, 98
Hayden P H, saddles and harness, 245
Life Insurance Co of Va, top lines and 3
Ludden & Bates S M H, pianos and organs 244
Messenger (The), newspaper, 4
Meyer Leger, merchant tailor, 145
Moore Roger, building material, 149
Morning Star (The), newspaper, 250
Murchison National Bank, back cover and 3
Nixon T E & Co, cafe, 157
O’Conner Daniel, real estate 158
Richardson W D C, machinist, top lines
Rising Richard F, tinner, 172
Smith Andrew, real estate, 185
Southern Illustrated Almanac, back cover
Taylor Walker & Metts, insurance, 197
Tucker H A & Bro, marble works, 201
Wilmington Messenger (The), newspaper, 4
Wilmington Model Machine Works, top lines
Worth W E & Co, ice mnfrs, 220

Page 4

To The Stranger

The two leading commercial bodies, with their officers, organized to promote the welfare of Wilmington appear on the opposite page. Have no hesitancy in writing to the Secretaries of each for any information regarding the city that you wish. You will be cheerfully and promptly answered. The members of the two organizations are the leading citizens of Wilmington and the stranger is assured of a most cordial welcome.

The Merchants’ Association of Wilmington NC
(Office S. A. L. Building, 225 N. Front.)

W.A. Johnson--------------------------------President
M.W. Jacobi----------------------------Vice-President
P. Heinsberger----------------Secretary and Treasurer

George R. French, S. H. Fishblate, W. E. Worth, W. Niestlie, D. C. Love, J. F. Garrell,
W. A. Johnson, M. W. Jacobi, J. H. Thomas, R. W. Hicks, A. B. Skelding.

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
(Office Foot of Princess Street.)

W. E. Worth------------------------------President
M. W. Jacobi------------------First Vice-President
G. R. French-----------------Second Vice-President
John L Cantwell------------Secretary and Treasurer

Executive Council:
George Harriss, W. Kerchner, D. L. Gore, T. D. Meares.

Page 5

The purchaser of this Directory, contrary to the opinion of BORROWERS, owns it. HE HAS PAID FOR IT. If YOU would do as he did, YOU would have no need to borrow, and feel small and scrimpy every time YOUR eyes saw this page.



President—William McKinley
Vice-President—Garrett A. Hobart
Secretary of State—John Hay
Secretary of Treasury—L J Gage
Secretary of War—Elihu Root
Secretary of Navy—John D Long
Secretary of Interior—E A Hitchcock
Secretary of Agriculture—James Wilson
Postmaster-General—Charles E Smith
Attorney-General—John W Griggs

(N. Water bet Market and Princess)
Collector of Customs—John C Dancy
Special Deputy Collector—J E Taylor
Second Deputy Collector and Chief Inspector—W M Struthers
Inspectors—E G Polley
Janitor--*J E Howard

(Government Bldg, cor Front and Chestnut)
Postmaster—Miss Mary C Darby
Assistant Postmaster—T E Wallace
Registry Clerk—E H Davis
Stamp Clerk—John D Doscher Jr
Mail Clerks—John W Moore, William Ulrich
Night Clerk—John Halloway
General Delivery Clerk—Miss M Lee Bell
Carriers—A Prempert, John W. Neil, W G A Otersen, John Sheenan, W H Norwood, J E
Hall, Alex Sampson, B W Howard
Sub-Carriers—W H Cullar, N T Richardson, J L Telfair
Special Delivery Messenger—F T Irving
Engineer—J T Callihan
Janitor—Joseph Silva

Weather Bureau.
(Office 3d floor Post-office Bldg)
Local Forecast Official—W H Fallon
Observer—C A Mueller
Messenger—Joseph Byerly

Engineer’s Offices.
(in charge of fortifications and rivers and harbors of North Carolina.)
Officer in Charge—Capt E W Van C Lucas, Corps of Engineers, U S A
Clerks—J C Lodor, George K West, F W Didier
Wilmington—Charles Humphreys, assistant engineer; Robert C Merritt, surveyor

Page 6


Fort Caswell—Charles Schuster, superintendent
Newbern—William Chadbourn, Jr, assistant engineer

Judge—Charles H Simonton, Charleston, S C
Dirtrict Attorney—Claude M Bernard, Raleigh
Marshal—Henry C Dockery, Raleigh
Clerk—Nathaniel J Riddick, Raleigh
Deputy Clerk—William H Shaw, Wilmington
Circuit Court at Raleigh fourth Monday in May and last Monday in November; at Wilmington first Monday after the fourth Monday in April and October

Circuit Judge—Charles H Simonton, Charleston, S C
District Judge—Hamilton C Ewart, Hendersonville
District Attorney—Alfred E Holton, Winston
Clerk at Asheville—C B Moore
Clerk at Charlotte—Henry C Cowles
Clerk at Stateville—Henry C Cowles
Clerk at Greensboro—Samuel L T Trogdon
Circuit and District Courts first Monday in April and October at Greensboro; third Monday in April and October at Statesville; first Monday in May and November at Asheville; second Monday in June and December at Charlotte

Judge—Thomas R Purnell, Raleigh
District Attorney—Claude M Bernard, Raleigh
Marshall—H O Dockery, Raleigh
Deputy Marshall—Thomas O Bunting, Wilmington
Clerk at Wilmington—William H Shaw
Clerk at Newbern—George Green Jr
District Court at Elizabeth Gity third Monday in April and October; at Newbern fourth Monday in April and October; at Wilmington first Monday after the fourth Monday in April and October


Executive Department
Governor—Daniel L Russell
Lieutenant Governor—Charles A Reynolds
Secretary of State—Cyrus Thompson
Auditor—Hal W Ayer
Treasurer—W H Worth
Superintendent of Public Instruction—C H Mabene
Attorney-General—Z B Walster
Adjutant-General—F H Cameron
State Librarian—J C Ellington
The Governor’s Council consists of the Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction

Supreme Court of North Carolina
Chief-Justice—Wm T Faircloth, Goldsboro
Associate Justices—Robert M Douglass, Greensboro; Walter Clark, Raleigh; D M
Furches, Statesville; Walter A Montgomery, Raleigh
Clerk—T S Kenan, Raleigh
Marshall—R H Bradley, Raleigh
Reporter—R T Gray, Raleigh
Meets in Raleigh first Monday in February and last Monday in September

Judges of the Superior Court of North Carolina.
First District—G H Brown, Washington
Second District—H R Bryan, Newbern
Third District—A W Timberlake, Rocky Mount
Fourth District—W S O B Robinson, Raleigh
Fifth District—Spencer B Adams, Yancyville
Sixth District—Oliver H Allen, Kenansville
Seventh District—J D McIver, Carthage
Eighth District—A L Coble, Statesville
Ninth District—H R Starbuck, Winston
Tenth District—L L Green, Boone
Eleventh District—W A Hoke, Lincolnton
Twelfth District—W L Norwood, Waynsville

Criminal Circuit Court.
Judge—Dorsey Battle, Tarboro
Solicitor—Rodolph Duffy, Wilmington
Court begins first Monday in January, third Monday in June, first Monday in August, and third Monday in November

Officers of New Hanover County.
Sheriff—W G MacRae
Chief Deputy—Owen Fennell
Assistant Deputies—W W King, Patrick Flynn, and Hill Terry
Clerk Superior Court—John D. Taylor
Register of Deeds—W H Biddle
Deputy Register—John McLauren
Treasurer—L McL Green
Coronor—Dr R J Price
Constable—William Sheehan Jr

County Commissioners.
Colonel Roger Moore, chairman; W F Alexander, John Barry, Gabriel Holmes,
D McEachern
Clerk of Board of Audit and Finance of County Commissioners—W P Oldham

Page 7


Janitor of Courthouse—Jordan Branch
County Superintendent of Schools—Ed Wilson Manning

County Work-House.
(On W & W Ry, about 2 miles from city)
Superintendent—M G Chadwick

City and County Almshouse.
(Two miles from city on W & W Ry)
Superintendent—M G. Chadwick
Physician—Dr William D McMillan

Mayor—A M Wadell
City Attorney—Iredell Meares
Clerk, Treasurer and Tax Collector—B F King
Assistant—C H White
Clerk of Board of Audit and Finance—John Cowan
Clerk of Police or Mayor’s Court—F T Skipper
Superintendent of Health—Dr W D McMillan
Quarantine Officer—Robert Green
Health Officers—E W Hewlett, G W Cameron, M Kirschbaum, J A Schroeder

Police Department
Chief of Police—E G Parmele
Captain—J J Furlong
Lieutenant—F T Skipper
First Sergeant—J D Orrell
Second Sergeant—Nathan Williams

Clerks of Markets
Front Street Market—T H Johnson
Fourth Street Market—E A Chadwick

Superintendent—J A Perry
Janitors—R A Benson, Ira Breece

Board of Aldermen.
First Ward—C L Spencer, J M Woolard
Second Ward—W E Springer, H P West
Third Ward—Hugh MacRae, J Allen Taylor
Fourth Ward—John H Hanby, C W Worth
Fifth Ward—F A Montgomery, C C Parker

Finance—Messrs Worth, MacRae and Springer
Markets—Messrs West, Wollard and Montgomery
Police—Messrs Taylor, Worth and Hanby
Lights—Messrs Springer, Spencer and Parker
Public Buildings—Messrs Hanby, Parker and Wollard
Sanitary—Messrs MacRae, Hanby and West
Streets and Wharves—Messrs MacRae, Taylor and Hanby
Water Works—Messrs Montgomery, Spencer and Parker
Fire Department—Messrs Taylor, West and MacRae
Hospital—Messrs Springer, Spencer and Worth
Ordinances—Messrs Worth, Montgomery and Wollard

Board of Audit and Finance
H C McQueen, chairman

Wilmington Public Schools
Superintendent—J J Blair; Office, Hemenway Building north 5th between Chestnut and (Mulberry) Grace

School Committe—James F Post (chairman), Ed Borden, R J Jones
Hemenway (White)—5th nr Chestnut
Peabody (Colored)—6th between Red Cross and Campbell

School Committee—James H Chadbourn (chairman), Samuel Northrop, W R Kenan
Union (White)—Corner 6th and Ann
Williston (Colored)—7th between Ann and Nun

Fire Department
Chief—Charles Schnibben
Assistant Chief—W T Monroe
No I, corner 4th and Princess
Howard Relief Fire Engine Company, Front cor Orange President, M Rathjen;
Vice-President, J W Duls; Secretary and Treasurer, J G L Gieschen; Foreman,
H F Haar; First Assistant, Martin Schnibben; Second Assistant, H D Oldenbuttel;
Engineer, Peter Fick; First Assistant, J C Boesch
Wilmington Hook and Ladder Co No. I, Dock nr 4th—W P Monroe, Foreman; J Wannamaker, asst foreman
Steam Fire Engine Co No 2, 6th cor Castle—W A Canady foreman; T B Jackson asst foreman and engineer
Hose Co No 3, 606 n 4th

13 Wilmington Compress
14 Nutt and Brunswick
15 Parsley’s Mill
16 Fourth and Brunswick
17 Fifth and Nixon
18 Seventh and Harnett
19 Eighth and Hanover
21 Champion Compress
23 Water and Chestnut
24 Front and Red Cross
25 Front and (Mulberry) Grace
26 Third and Red Cross
27 Third and Princess
28 Fourth and (Mulberry) Grace
31 Sixth and Campbell
32 Sixth and Princess
34 Seventh and (Mulberry) Grace
35 Ninth and Chestnut
41 Market and Water
42 Dawson and Surry
43 Front and Orange
45 Front and Castle
46 Third and Nun
47 Third and Wooster
48 Fifth and Orange

Page 8

49 Fifth and Castle
51 Seventh and Nun
52 Seventh and Queen
53 Eighth and Market
54 Twelfth and Market
123 Standard Oil Co
124 Cape Fear Lumber Co
412 Kidder’s Mill

National Bank of Wilmington
President—John S Armstrong
Vice-Presidents—James H Chadbourn Jr and William Calder
Directors—John S Armstrong, William Calder, Gabriel Holmes, J G L Gieschen,
James H Chadbourn Jr, C W Yates, Hugh MacRae, George R French, Charles
E Borden, W E Worth
The Atlantic National Bank.
President—J W Norwood
Vice-President—D L Gore
Cashier—Lee H Battle
Directors—J W Norwood, G A Norwood, D L Gore W E Springer, E J Powers,
H L Vollers, S P McNair, C W Worth, P L Bridgers, H B Short, J S Worth
The Murchison National Bank
President—H C McQueen
Cashier—J V Grainger
Directors—J A Springer, W H Sprunt, T M Emerson, N B Rankin, M J Corbett, K M Murchison, W G Whitehead, H C McQueen, A S Williams, Frederick Kidder, A B Nichols, J V Grainger, N Jacobi, J C Stevenson, R W Wallace


Wilmington Savings and Trust Company
President—J W Norwood
Vice-President—H Walters
Cashier-- --- -----
Investment Committee—J W Norwood, J S Worth, George R French
Directors—J W Norwood, H Walters, N B Rankin, G R French, D MacRae, D O’Connor, H L Vollers, J S Worth

Metropolitan Trust Company
President—J E Taylor
Vice-President—J J Geyer
Secretary and Treasurer—W W Howe
Attorney—E K Bryan
Directors—W H Williams, Thomas A Smith, John E Taylor, Daniel Howard, David Jones, Valentine Howe, W H Quick, James H Johnson, James H Lane, R H Lane, John Holloway, Robert McDonald, John W Neill, James B Dudley


President—W H Chadbourn
Vice-President—H G Smallbones
Secretary and Treasurer—John D Bellamy, Jr
Attorney—Marsden Bellamy
Directors—W H Chadbourn, H G Smallbones, Marsden Bellamy, W A Riach, Timothy Donlan, A G Hankins, James T Riley, J H Chadbourn, Jr, Samuel Northrop, J W Jackson, John McEntee, W W Hodges, F W Ortmann

President—J C Stevenson
Vice-President—H C McQueen
Secretary and Treasurer—C C Brown
Attorney—John D Bellamy
Directors—J C Stevenson, H C McQueen, William Goodman, N M McEachern, O M Fillyaw, C W Polvogt, J H Hardin, C C Brown J G Barrentine J H Bunting, M W Divine

(Organized May 8, 1899.)
President—Nathaniel Jacobi
Vice-President—Walter Taylor
Secretary and Treasurer—W M Cumming
Attorney—W B McKoy
Directors—A D Brown, Walker Taylor, D Quinlivan, DuBrutz Cutlar, R J Jones, Martin O’Brien, W F Robertson, J H Boatwright, R H Pickett, W B McKoy, Nathaniel Jacobi, N B Rankin, W A Whitehead, J E Wilson, D C Love

President—C W Yates
Vice-President—Henry Savage
Secretary and Treasurer—Frank H Stedman
Attorney—John D Bellamy
Directors—W J Reaves, C W Yates, W H Bernard, Frank H Stedman, A D Brown, Henry Savage, R R Bellamy, J Weil, Dr E S Pigford, I J Bear, C C Chadbourn, J W Freeman, W E Worth, J S Worth

President—Dr T R Mask
Secretary and Treasurer—John E Taylor
Attorney—E K Bryan
Directors—James B Dudley, David Jones, Henry Gause, Daniel Howard, James H Lane, C M Martin C J Moseley, Richard Ashe, T J Brownell


Chamber of Commerce.
(Office ft of Princess street.)
President—W E Worth
First Vice-President—M W Jacobi
Second Vice-President—G R French
Secretary and Treasurer—John L Cantwell
Executive Council—George Harriss, W Kerchner, D L Gore, T D Meares

Page 9

The Merchants Association of Wilmington NC
(Office S A L Bldg, 225 n Front.)
President—W A Johnson
Vice-President—M W Jacobi
Secretary and Treasurer—P Heinsberger
Directors—George R French, S H Fishblate, W E Worth, W Neistlie, D C Love, J F Garrell, W A Johnson, M W Jacobi, J H Thomas, R W Hicks, A B Skelding

Wilmington Tariff Association
(Office S A L Bldg, 225 n Front.)
President—J A Taylor
Vice-Presisent—D L Gore
Treasurer—C W Worth
Secretary—M W Jacobi

Wilmington Produce Exchange
(Office, ft Princess street)
President—H G Smallbones
Vice-President—S P McNair
Secretary and Treasurer—John L Cantwell
Board of Managers—C H Robinson, C E Borden, W R Kenan, A H Brenner, W B Cooper

Y. M. C. A.
(Organized 1887, building northwest cor Front and (Mulberry) Grace)
President—John Frank
Vice-President—R E Van Lear
Recording Secretary—Charles McMillan
Treasurer—W L Latta
General Secretary—Howard Caldwell
Trustees—P B Manning, C C Brown, A F Hall, Roger Moore, C W Worth, J H Dreher


Cape Fear Club.
(203 n Front)
President—Junius Davis
Vice-President—George Roundtree
Secretary and Treasurer—W A Dick

Carolina Yacht Club.
Commodore—F A Lord
Fleet Captain—John K Williams
Flag Captain—J Van B Metts
Purser—James T Munds
Measurer—Richard H Bradley
Marshall—H M L Green
Superintendent Club House—J F Gause
Chairman Regatta Committee—A S Williams
Governing Board—F A Lord, John K Williams, M W Divine, R C Cantwell, A M Waddell Jr

Atlantic Yacht Club
President—James F Post
Secretary-Treasurer—Robert D Cronley


Second Regiment N C State Guards.
Colonel—W B Rodman
Lieutenant-Colonel—W A Johnson
Major 1st Battalion—J C Bond
Major 2d Battalion—H C Bragaw
Major 3d Battalion—John W Gulick
Staff Officers—Adjutant regiment B J Wooten; Quartermaster and Captain, E F Nadel; Surgeon and Major, Dr N Anderson

Wilmington Light Infantry.
(Organized 1853. Armory on Market bet 4th and 5th.)
Captain—C H White
First Lieutenant—C S Grainger
Second Lieutenant—John Van B. Metts
Sergeants—First, Culbreth Martin: Second, Richard Bradley; Third, H W Whitney; Fourth, Eugene Forshee
This company owns their armory, which is the finest in the South.

Navy Battalion N. C. State Guards.
Commander—H H McIlhenny
Captain Battalion—George L Morton
Lieutenant Commander—W A Coleman
Navigator Lieutenant—Thomas Morse
Chief Engineer—W J Furlong
Assistant Engineers—John Scott, Edward L Danforth
Paymaster—E S Latimer
Assistant Paymaster—W C Jones
Surgeon—T S Burbank
Adjutant Lieutenant—W W Vick
Chief Boatswain’s Mate—John W Cotton
Apothecary—Ivey Taylor
Lieutenant—H L Miller

Waddell Riflemen.
Meet Thursday evenings at 130 n Water.
Captain—W S Nimocks
First Lieutenant—C H Holton
Second Lieutenant—R H Vaughn
Sec-Treas—J H Russell


Third North Carolina Infantry Association.
(Organized February, 1966)
Meets first Monday in January, April and October
President—W L DeRosset
Secretary—James I Metts

Daughters of the Confederacy.
President—Mrs W M Parsley
Vice-President—Mrs Gabe Holmes
Recording Secretary—Miss Mary Saunders
Corresponding Secretary—Mrs John Watters
Treasurer—Miss Mary Meares

Second Regiment Band.
President—J W Monroe
Secretary and Treasurer—Edward Craft
Leader—J E Wilson
Director—S A Schloss

Page 10

United Confederate Veterans.
(North Carolina Division, Cape Fear Camp, No 254)
Commander—J I Metts
Adjutant—Henry Savage
Sergeant Major—P Reinsberger


Wilmington Lodge, No 319—Meets every third Tuesday; Secretary, T F Bagley
St John’s Lodge, No 1—Meets every second Tuesday; Secretary, W M Poisson
Concord Chapter, No 1, Royal Arch Masons—Secretary, W A Martin
Munson Council, No 1—Secretary, J C Munds

Knights Templar.
Plantagenet Commandery, No 1—Meets second Wednesday in each
month. Recorder, H C Smallbones

Colored Lodges.
Giblem Lodge, No 2—Secretary, John H Brown
New Light Lodge, No 61—Secretary, John Williams
Hanover Lodge, No 14—Secretary, James Whitted

Knights of Pythias.
Stonewall Lodge, No 1—Meets every Monday at Castle Hall, 27 ½ n Front street; K of R & S, W F Robertson
Clarendon Lodge, No 2—Meets every Tuesday at 27 ½ Castle Hall, n Front street; K of R & S, W C VonGlahn
Germania Lodge, No 4—Meets every Thursday at Castle Hall, 27 ½ n Front street; K of R & S, John Haar
Jefferson Lodge, No 61—Meets every Wednesday at Castle Hall, 27 ½ n Front street; K of R & S, A S Holden
Endowment Rank, No 221—Meets annually Front bet Market and Princess;
President, H O Craig; Secretary and Treasurer, J D Nutt; Medical Examiner, G G Thomas, MD
Uniform Rank, Zeb Vance Division—Meets 1st and 3d Thursdays; Captain, W F Robertson

Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Cape Fear Lodge, No 2—Meets every Tuesday, in Odd Fellows’ Bldg, 105 ½ n 3d street; James T Riley, Recording Secretary
Orion Lodge, No 67—Meets every Wednesday, in Odd Fellow’s Bldg, 105 ½ n 3d street; L T Bowden, Recording Secretary
Wilmington Lodge, No 139—Meets every Wednesday, in Odd Fellow’s Bldg, 105 ½ n 3d street; James M McGowan, Recording Secretary
Hanover Lodge, No 145—Meets every Friday in K of P Hall, 124 ½ n Front street; S G Hall, Recording Secretary
Leticia Lodge, No 3, D of R—Meets every Friday at 8 o’clock on 3d between Princess and Chestnut streets; Mrs Annie M Bowen, N G; Mrs Augusta Farrow, Secretary
Campbell Encampment, No 1—Meets first and third Monday in Odd Fellows’ Bldg; W H Howell, scribe
Widows’ and Orphan’s Relief Association of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina—James M McGowan, agent, office 215 Princess street

Knights of the Golden Eagle.
Concordia Castle, No 1—Meets every Monday in Red Men’s Hall s Front street; S J Ellis, M of R
Stonewall Jackson Castle, No 2—Meets every Friday in Germania Hall; J A Orrell, M of R

Royal Arcanum.
Cornelius Harnett Council, No 231—Meets in Odd Fellows’ Hall, n 3d street, second and fourth Monday in each month. John Cowan, secretary

Improved Order of Red Men.
Cherokee Tribe No 9—Meets in Red Men’s Hall s Front street every Thursday.
W H Lane C of R
Eyota Tribe No 5-- Meets in Red Men’s Hall s Front street every Wednesday.
J M McGowan C of R

Order of Chosen Friends.
Wilmington Council No 9—Meets in Odd Fellows’ Hall. H C Twining, Secretary

Woodmen of the World.
Live Oak Swamp No 6—Meets every fourth Thursday at 7:30 o’clock in each month in Pythian Hall on n Front between Market and Princess streets. Clerk George Jackson

Fraternal Mystic Circle.
Carolina Ruling No 345—Meets second Tuesday night in each month at 8 o’clock opposite City Hall. Worthy Ruler Rev Samuel Mendelsohn; J H Dreher R S; Treasurer J B Mercer Orient No 395; Meets first Wednesday in each month. Secretary H G Smallbones

Heptasophs, or S. W. M.
Conclave No 1—Meets every Tuesday at Red Men’s Hall. Scribe K W Jewell

Ancient Order of Druids.
United Order of Ancient Druids, Linden Grove, No 2—Meets every Thursday at 8 o’clock on 3d bet Princess and Chestnut. Recording Scribe, George Zeigler

Knights of Honor.
Carolina Lodge, No 434—Meets at 105 n 3d first and third Tuesday in each month. Reporter, S G Hall

American Legion of Honor.
Clarendon Council, No 67—Meets every second and fourth Wednesday.
F E Hashagen, commander; J C Morrison, secretary

Page 11


Independent Order B’nai B’rith.
North State Lodge, No 222—William Goodman, president; I L Greenewald, Secretary

Order Keshar Shel Barzil.
Manhattan Lodge, No 158—Meets second and fourth Sunday in each month. Sol Bear, president; I W Greenewald, Sec-Treas


Hibernian Benevolent Society.
Meets the first Thursday in each month, hall 3d bet Princess and Chestnut.
President, John W Rielly; Secretary, Frank P Donlan

Associated Charities.
(223 Princess)
President—Rev Robert Strange
Vice-President—Col Roger Moore
Treasurer—J H Boatwright
Secretary—Miss Carrie L Price

Catherine Kennedy Home.
(corner 9th and Princess)
Under the auspices of the Ladies Benevolent Society.
President—Mrs Roger Moore
Vice President—Mrs Phil Pearsall
Secretary—Miss Louise Harlowe
Treasurer—Mrs W R French

U S Marine, 8th cor Nun—Dr C P Wertenbaker, surgeon in charge
City Hospital, 10th cor Red Cross—Charles P Bolles, physician in charge; Mrs E S Warrock, matron


Second—504 s 6th Rev E E Fiske pastor

Brooklyn, cor 4th and Brunswick—Rev John J Payseur pastor
First, cor 5th and Market—Rev C S Blackwell pastor
Southside, cor 5th and Wooster—Pastor resigned

St Thomas, Dock bet 2d and 3d—Rev Father Dennen pastor

St James, cor 3d and Market—Rev Robert Strange rector
St John’s cor Red Cross and 3d—Rev J Carmichael D Drector
St Paul’s cor 4th and Orange—Rev M A Barber rector

Temple of Israel (synagogue) cor 4th and Market—Rev Samuel Mendelsohn D D rabbi

St Matthew’s, 4th bet Bladen and Harnett—Rev G D Bernheim D D pastor
St Paul’s Evangelical, cor 6th and Market—Rev A G Voight pastor

Bladen Street, cor 5th and Bladen—Rev John F Butt pastor
Fifth Street M E Church, 5th bet Nun and Church—Rev John H Hall pastor
Grace, cor 4th and (Mulberry) Grace, Rev A P Tyer pastor
Market Street, cor 9th and Market—Rev A S Barnes pastor

Immanuel, cor Front and Queen—Rev E E Lane pastor
First, cor Third and Orange
St Andrew’s, cor 4th and Campbell—Rev A D McClure pastor

Luther Memorial Building, cor 6th and Princess
Seaman’s Bethel, Dock bet Front and Water

Colored Churches.
Central, cor 7th and Red Cross—Rev L B Goodall pastor
Ebenezer, 21 s 7th—Rev Joseph Morrison pastor
First, cor 5th and Campbell
Shiloh, cor Walnut and McRae—Rev M T Hawkins pastor

Christ, Nun bet 6th and 7th—Rev F G Ragland rector
St Mark’s, cor 6th and (Mulberry) Grace—Rev E R Bennett rector

Price Memorial, 12 n e cor Orange—Rev J F Williams pastor
Mt Zion, 5th bet Swann and Nixon—Rev Joseph L Hall pastor
Mt Olive A M E, 2d cor Wooster—Rev W H Capehart pastor
St Luke’s, cor 7th and Church
St Stephen’s, cor 5th and Red Cross—Rev J C Waters pastor
Trinity, cor Brunswick and 7th

First, Chestnut bet 7th and 8th—Rev J A Barnes pastor

Holiness Church, cor 8th and Green—Rev C J Wilcox pastor


Oakdale Cemetery.
President—J C Stevenson
Secretary and Treasurer—R J Jones
Superintendent—T Donlan
Directors—J C Stevenson, W H Northrup, W W Yopp, J L Cantwell, James H
Chadbourn, Owen Fennell, Hugh MacRae

Bellevue Cemetery.
President—E W Manning
Vice-President—H McL Green
Secretary and Treasurer—N M Mc Eachern
Superintendent—J H King

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Directors—J D Bellamy, P H Smith, Ira Skipper, C C Parker, D McEachern, J A Everett, James Ellis

National Cemetery.
(Located at Head of Market Street)
Superintendent in Charge—H C Lacy

Oak Grove Cemetery.
(The property of the city in which are interred the pauper dead)
Superintendent—Alex Huggins

*Pine Forest Cemetery.
(Head Red Cross Street)
President—John G Norwood
Superintendent—James F Howe

The city directory is a necessity. It is no longer an experiment. No Business Man should be with out one.
Don’t lend your directory. Don’t borrow one.

Guide to the Streets of Wilmington.
Note.—The numerical streets extend north and south from Market, commencing with 2d and increasing eastward to 18th
A B C alley—east from 918 n 4th
Anderson—continuation of 9th from (Mulberry) Grace to Swann between McRae and Dickinson
Ann—from River to corporate limits between Orange and Nun Arrell’s alley—from 609 s 2d
Bailey’s alley—from Front to 2d between Dock and Market
Bay—continuation of 12th from Mulberry (Grace) to Fanning between Wood and 13th
Beatty’s alley—from 2d to 3d between Hanover and Brunswick
Bladen—from River to McRae between Brunswick and Harnett
Blaney’s alley—from 308 s 3d
Brook’s lane—from7th to 8th between Campbell and Red Cross
Brooklyn—north from Swann between 8th and 9th
Brown—from Swann north to Hilton between 5th and 6th
Brown’s alley—west from 5th between Bladen and Harnett
Brunswick—from river to McRae between Hanover and Bladen
Campbell—from river to McRae between Red Cross and Hanover
Castle—from river to city limits between Church and Queen
Chadbourn alley—west from 5th between Bladen and Harnett
Charlotte—from Wood to 13th between Rankin and Gwynn
Chestnut—from river to city limits between Princess and (Mulberry) Grace
Church—from river to city limits between Castle and Nun
Church alley—between Dock and Orange from Front to 2d
Cleveland alley—from Bladen to Harnett between 9th and 10th
Cleveland avenue—north from Bladen to Harnett between 2nd and 3d
Collier’s alley—east from 820 n 4th
Cottage lane—from 3d to 4th between Dock and Orange
Custom-House avenue—west from 9 n Front between Market and Princess
Davis—from river to 4th between Cowan and Parsley
Dawson—from river to city limits between Wooster and Wright

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Dickinson—continuation of 10th from (Mulberry) Grace to Swann between Anderson and Wood
Dock—from river to city limits between Market and Orange
Dudley alley—part of (Mulberry) Grace between McRae and 9th
East Wilmington—a settlement two miles east of city limits on Market or Princess street roads
Evans’ alley—east from 421 s 4th
Fanning—continuation of Brunswick from McRae to 13th between Moore and Green
Fick’s alley—from 9th s between Queen and Wooster
Forde’s avenue—from Campbell between 5th and 6th
Front N—from Market to Harnett then to 4th between Water and 2d
Front S—from city limits to Market between water and 2nd
Gerdes’ alley—from 8th to 9th between Queen and Wooster
Green—continuation of Hanover from McRae to 13th between Fanning and Miller
Gwynn—continuation of Walnut
Hall—from McRae east to Oakdale Cemetery
Hanby row—from 201 s 7th
Hanes’ alley—from 4th to 5th between Castle and Queen
Hanover—from the river to McRae between Campbell and Brunswick
Harnett—from the river to McRae between Swann and Bladen
Howard—from 4th to eastern city limits between Taylor and Carter
Hutaff alley—from Swann to Nixon between 5th and 6th
James—from Swann to northern city limits between 4th and 5th
Kellogg’s alley—east from 3d to 4th between Brunswick and Bladen
Kidder’s alley—between Church and Castle from 7th
King’s alley—from Front to Surry between Queen and Wooster
Love’s alley—from Bladen to northern city limits between 6th and 7th
McCumber’s alley—from Chestnut to (Mulberry) Grace between McRae and 9th
McDonald alley—from McRae to 8th between Fanning and Green
McRae—north from Chestnut to Swann between 7th and Anderson
McRae’s alley—north from Swann between 7th and 8th
Magnolia—from Dock south to Orange between 10th and 11th
Magnolia alley—from Dock to Orange between 9th and 10th
Market—from river to east city limits between Princess and Dock, divides the city north and south
Marsteller—from river to eastern city limits between Mears and Kidder
Meadow—from 8th to 15th between Market and Dock
Meares—from eastern city limits between Wright and Marsteller
Miller—from McRae to 13th, a continuation of Campbell between Rankin and Green
Millis’ alley—from Wooster to Wright between 8th and 9th
(Mulberry) Grace—from river to eastern city limits between Chestnut and Walnut
Murphy alley—from 717 Bladen
Muter’s alley—from Water to Front between Dock and Orange
Nixon alley—from 5th to 6th between Walnut and Red Cross
Nun—from river to eastern city limits between Ann and Church
Nutt—from (Mulberry) Grace to Cowan between river and Front
Ocean View—seven miles from city limits and one mile east of Wrightsville on Wilmington Sea Coast Railroad
Orange—from river to eastern city limits between Dock and Ann
Post-Office avenue—from Front to second between Princess and Chestnut
Price’s alley—between 5th and 6th from Church to Castle
Princess—from river to eastern city limits first north of Market
Queen—from river to city limits between Castle and Wooster
Rankin—continuation of Red Cross from McRae to 13th between Gwynn and Miller
Red Cross—from river to McRae between Campbell and Walnut
Reeder’s alley—from 507 Dickinson
St. James avenue—from Dock to Orange between 8th and 9th
Sampson alley—from 4th to 5th between (Mulberry) Grace and Walnut
Savage—east from McRae first south of Swann
Schutt’s alley—from Bladen between 9th and 10th
Seaman’s Home alley, or Pott’s alley—from Water to Front between Dock and Orange
Shaw’s alley—between Queen and Wooster from 10th to 11th
Solomon alley—between Queen and Wooster from 7th to 8th
Sprunt’s alley—north from 108 n 9th
Strauss alley—from 5th towards 4th between Bladen and Brunswick
Surry—from Church to southern city limits between river and Front
Swann—from 4th to east city limits between Harnett and Nixon

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Swann’s alley—north from 812 Nixon
Tent Hall alley—from Campbell to Hanover between 5th and 6th
Thompson’s alley—from 2d to 3d between Brunswick and Bladen
Van Amrynge alley—from 615 s 8th
Van Bokelen—south from Queen between Surry and the river
Voller’s alley—south from 5th between Queen and Wooster
Wallace alley—from 411 n 4th
Walnut—from river to McRae and from 13th to city limits
Water N—from Market to (Mulberry) Grace between the river and Front
Water S—from Market to Church between the river and Front
Wescott’s alley—from 4th to 5th between Dawson and Wright
Wesley’s alley—between Dock and Orange from Front to 2d
Wilmington and Seacoast Turnpike—southeast from 17th and Market streets
Wilsons—from Ann to Church between 7th and 8th
Wood—continuation of 11th from (Mulberry) Grace to Swann between Dickinson and Bay
Wooster—from river to east city limits between Queen and Dawson
Wooster’s alley—from Wooster to Dawson between Front and 2d
Wright—from river to east city limits between Dawson and Meares
Wrightsville—a summer resort six miles east of city limits on Wilmington Seacoast R R
Wyckoff alley—Queen between 7th and 8th

A Live Directory Indicates a Live City
Remember this and Support us next time

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The “Directory Borrower” still lives. Too STINGY to subscribe for a copy, he tells the canvasser he has no use for it, but he borrows YOURS for “just a few minutes,” and keeps it many days. Discountenance him. Then there are DIRECTORY
THIEVES. Have YOU suffered annoyance from either of the above depredators?


com mer—commission merchant.
int rev—internal revenue.
phone opr—telephone operator.
p o—post-office.
R R—Railroad.
S S—Steamship.
tel opr—telegraph operator.

The classification by business will be found after the alphabetical arrangement of the names. For full indices to the contents of the work, and the names too late for regular insertion, see preceding pages. Names marked * are those of colored persons.


Aaron David J, trav salesman 223 n Front h Mt Olive
*Aaron Matilda, 504 Brunswick
Abdallah Habib, clothier 9 Market
Academy of the Incarnation, 215 s 4th Sister of Mercy in charge
ACME MANUFACTURING CO (The) (Ltd), fertilizers 12 Princess William Latimer pres
Henry Savage sec-treas
ACME SALOON (The), 31 s Front JGL Gieschen & Co proprs phones old 169 new 149
*Adams Gordon, cooper h 508 Swann

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