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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1808
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Gazette
28 June 1808

20 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber in Duplin county on the 10th October last, a negro man named Cork, about 30 years of age, five feet nine or ten inches high, and stout made. He has a wife at Wm Robeson's Esq in Sampson County, and is not in that neighbourhood.
I will give the above reward for apprehending and bringing to me the aforesaid slave.
Curtis Hooks
May 29th 1808

The subscriber having obtained letters of administration on the estate of John Nichols, deceased, requests all persons indebted thereto to make payment, and those to whom the said estate is indebted are requested to exhibit their accounts property attested within the time prescribed by law.
R Bradley
June 14

On Tuesday the 5th of July next will be sold at the dwelling house of the late John Nichols, deceased, two Negro Men, sundry articles of Household Furniture, and a Stock of Hogs and Cattle belonging to the estate of the said Nichols.
R Bradley, Adm'r
June 14

Ran away from the Sch'r New Bethiah, now lying in this port, on Sunday evening last, a seaman named Peter Nichols, about 18 years of age, five feet 6 or 8 inches high and very slim, dark complected, black hair and blue eyes, round shouldered, and is a native of Virginia. He is gone towards Fort Johnston, and may remain there in expectation of getting on board some vessel, bound out. Masters of vessels are requested to apprehend the said runaway should he go on board their vessels. I will give Ten Dollars for delivering him to me, or to the jailor of this place.
He took a bag of seaman's clothes, and a hat covered with striped homespun.
Lemuel Hall
June 28

To the Editor of the Wilmington Gazette.
Being conscious of the rectitude of my conduct, little did I think at this time of life to be arraigned before the public opinion of my fellow citizens while employed in my domestic concerns in a recluse part of South-Carolina. Yours of the 17th ultimo did not reach me until Friday the 27th, in which was inserted a piece signed John Gause, attaching censure on my character, and guilt on my conduct; and through the medium of the same vehicle I shall lay before the public the following affidavits, which I beg leave to call their attention to, not doubting but form their full statement of facts, they will eradicate from every unbiased mind, those unjust impressions which that piece was intended to make.
North Carolina
Brunswick County
Timothy Clemmons being duly sworn, deposeth that he was offered as one of James G Cochran's securities for an appeal from a Verdict obtained against him by John Gause Sen'r at August term 1807, that he this deponent did execute the said appeal bond in the presence of the Court, the Clerk of the said Court witnessing its due execution, that he this deponent did also see James G Cochran and Edward Clemmons execute the said bond, and this deponent further sayeth that he was a good and sufficient security for three times the amount of said bond.
Timothy Clemmons (his mark)
Sworn to before me this 5th June, 1808
Edward Clemmons, J P
North Carolina
Brunswick County
Edward Clemmons being duly sworn deposeth that he was offered as one of James G Cochran's securities for an appeal from a Verdict obtained against him by John Gause Sen'r at August term 1807, that he this deponent did execute the said appeal bond in the presence of the Court, the Clerk of the said Court witnessing its due execution, that he this deponent did also see James G Cochran and Timothy Clemmons execute the said bond, and he this deponent further sayeth that afterwards in a conversation with Mr Etheridge who was on the bench (at the time) that it was his opinion that this deponent and Timothy Clemmons were good and sufficient security for the said appeal.
Edward Clemmons
Sworn to before me this 6th June 1808
Isaac Etheridge, J P
North Carolina
Brunswick County
Isaac Etheridge being duly sworn deposeth that he was on the bench when James G Cochran offered Edward and Timothy Clemmons as security for an appeal which he the said James prayed for from a Verdict obtained against him by John Gause, Sen'r, that it was the opinion of this deponent that the security offered was sufficient and further deposeth that Mr Thomas Russ mentioned from the bench to the said James, suppose you mention another name, upon which he mentioned the name of William J Grisset, but to the best of this deponent's recollection there was no solemn order of the court made by counting a majority of the votes on the bench rejecting the first two mentioned securities.
Isaac Etheridge
Sworn to before me this 6th June 1808
Edward Clemmons, J P
In the affidavit taken by me before Judge Stone, I apprehend the parts designated by capitals and italic characters, are those on which he ground's my criminality; if so the oaths of the two Mr Clemmons's will sufficiently exculpate me; they prove the appeal bond duly executed by me, themselves, and witnessed by the Clerk, as also their sufficiency as sureties. The oath of Mr Etheridge proves there was only one dissenting voice on the bench, and that in language not commanding, but recommending the addition of a third. It further proves, that no solemn order was made by the court, disapproving the two first mentioned securities, which with the clerk's acceptance of the bond, &c surely will make the impression on every mind that with Mr Etheridge, a majority on the bench believed them sufficient; their silence however, was tantamount thereto, therefore my affidavit which he states to be replete with falsehood, will appear to the world as a plain declaration of truth.
It is with the most painful sensations of regret that I am constrained to remark that his conduct does not at all savor of that profession which he avowedly holds in the world, for unlike those pure principles of religion, he has degraded himself by ushering a falsehood, has made himself liable to the most severest censure, and has openly published his own depravity of mind, nor has he supported that dignity and christianity which a minister of the gospel should do, but has divested himself of the greatest charge given by the supreme power, by uncharitably attempting to ruin the reputation or character of a fellow citizen, for redress of which an investigation will take place before a legal tribunal.
James G Cochran
Conwayborough, SC
10th June, 1808

20 Dollars Reward
Deserted from this Post on the 12th instant, James Bell and John Hughes, private soldiers in the U States Regiment of Artillerists, the former was born in Liverpool, England, aged twenty-four years, five feet eight inches high, brown hair, grey eyes, brown complexion, by occupation a seaman, and very much marked with the small pox; had on when he absconded a blue sailor's jacket, straw hat, and trousers. The latter was born in Guilford County, State of North-Carolina, aged twenty years, five feet seven inches high, light hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, by occupation a farmer; had on when he went away a blue sailor's jacket, straw hat, and white pantaloons.
Whoever will apprehend said deserters and lodge them in any jail in this or the adjoining states, or deliver them at this post, shall receive the above reward, or ten dollars for either of them so apprehended and secured, and all reasonable expenses paid.
Robert Roberts
Lieut US Artillerists commanding
Fort Johnston, NC
14th May 1808

Five Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on the 18th instant, a negro man named Pat, formerly the property of Mr John Blanks - he is very artful, and when speaking generally smiles. He is so generally known about this town and Newbern for his acts of honesty that a further description is useless; had on when he went away a  light color'd broad cloth coat. He was seen about ten miles on the Newbern Road, and is supposed to make for that place, being very well known, having lived there with a former owner.
The above reward with all reasonable expenses will be paid on securing him in any jail so that I get him again.
George Cameron
March 29

The subscribers having qualified as Executors to the last will and testament of Mrs Mary Mallett, late of New-Hanover county dec. - request all persons indebted to said estate to make payment, and those to whom said estate is indebted are requested to exhibit their accounts property attested within the time prescribed by law &c. &c. &c.
Thomas Hill
Samuel C Mabson
June 7

The Wilmington Gazette
12 July 1808

Died on Friday the first instant at the house of Mr Stark, 28 miles from
Petersburg, Vir. on the post-road, after a very short illness, Mr Robert Donaldson, merchant of this place.
Mr Donaldson's worth can only be ? by those who were personally acquainted with him. The respectability of his character, dignity and affability of his manner were such as to engage the esteem and affection of all who knew him. In the various important relations of life in which he stood, his conduct was truly exemplary. This shock which his partner in life has received was almost insupportable. His children have lost a tender and affectionate parent. Society, both civil and religious, has lost  a friend. He was a friend to religion - a friend to man.

Mr Hall
In your last paper I observed an advertisement of one Matthias E Sawyer offering a reward of One Hundred Dollars for apprehending and securing me in any jail within the United States, stating that I had stolen off a fellow of his named Muss or Mustapha, and that I left Edenton in the night.
To which assertion I give the lie, for I left Edenton after an early dinner in the day time - openly - and did hire his fellow for a guide, and gave him twenty-five dollars; and on my arrival at Mr Grange's did discharge the fellow and give him a pass to return, and thought he was gone, but when I saw the advertisement, Mr Grange, Mr Ren and myself made inquiries about him, and finding he was not gone, we pursued him, took him, and lodged him in Wilmington jail. Now if my intention was as Mr Sawyer states, would I have come immediately in Wilmington? Would I not have offered him for sale, and not have discharged him as I did?
Now the fact is that Mr Sawyer and myself last winter had a dispute for having shot some Robbins off a tree before his door. He abused me, and I made him retreat in his house. After a while he came out, shook hands, and said he was sorry for what he had said. This is all that I can at present recollect that could have made Mr S advertise me in the rascally manner he has done. However I shall wait until Mr Sawyer shall come on here for me, and he shall find me at any time.
Now it is well known in Edenton that this fellow has been for years in the habit of hiding himself from his master, and traveling with gentlemen from Edenton to Newbern, and often to this place as a servant.
Arthur Howe, Jun'r
Wilmington, July 12th 1808
N.B. The printer in Edenton is requested to insert this advertisement three times in his paper, and he will be paid by sending on his bill to Mr Hall, and Mr Howe's friends are requested to send on depositions to clear his character to me in Brunswick County.
John Grange

100 Dollars Reward
The above reward of One Hundred Dollars will be paid for apprehending and securing in any gaol within the United States, Arthur Howe, and negro Mustapha, commonly called Muss. Arthur Howe is a young man 19 or 20 years old, dark complexion, ? yellowish hair and hazel eyes, his face round, and his countenance ferocious and expressive of dark angry passions. He is remarkable for having a deformity  in his back, which occasions him to walk nearly half bent, so that when in his most erect posture, he should scarcely measure 4 1-2 or 5 feet high. His arms have much motion when he walks, are very long, and hang as low down if not lower then his knees. The above described young man stole or enticed off on Monday night the 11th inst a negro fellow called Muss or Mustapha. ? about 25 yeas old, of a darkish complexion, very long ? ... chin more prominent ... ? colour generally ... ? projecting and of a ... ? mouth rather large, and his ? ..
In his general behaviour he is polite and submissive, he is a complete body servant and a handy fellow with most tools or about horses. He carried off with him no clothes which are remarkable except an olive great coat of bearskin. The above felon and slave went off on a single ? chair, a large bay horse and have been traced in company about eighteen miles from Edenton - it is conjectured that Arthur Howe will conduct Muss as far as Virginia, and may sell him several times on his journey, and Muss having many acquaintances in Norfolk, Petersburg, and Richmond, may endeavor through their assistance to make his escape to the northward. Arthur Howe has relations near Wilmington, in this state, and near Nashville, in Tennessee; to one of which places he will probably endeavor to travel after parting with the aforesaid negro.
To the above reward will be added traveling expenses and reasonable wages for the delivery of the aforesaid Howe & negro Muss to me in this place, or Fifty Dollars for either of them.
Matthais E Sawyer
Edenton, June 21, 1808

The Wilmington Gazette
23 August 1808

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on the ? instant, a Negro woman named Hannah, about 25 years old, about 5 feet high and slender made, has large eyes, below one of which is a black wort. She formerly belonged to Mr John Grainge on the Northwest and has a mother at Mr Geo Davis's at the mouth of the River, and I expect she harbours there, at Wilmington or at Mr Waddle's plantation. She had on when she went away a cross barred homespun coat and wrapper, and took with her a blue negro cloth coat and wrapper. She is 7 or 8 months gone in pregnancy. The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid for delivering the aforesaid runaway to me in Bladen County.
All persons are forbid harbouring, employing or carrying her away.
Henry Lucas
August 22

20 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber in Wilmington about six weeks ago, a Negro woman named Jesse, about twenty-three years old, five feet six or seven inches high, slender made, and likely, dresses very genteelly and generally wears a blue handkerchief on her head, which comes down over her eyes on account of their being very weak; she is light complected and was brought up in the family of Mr Daniel Mallett, is a tolerable good seamstress and is well acquainted with house work.
I have reason to believe she is in Fayetteville or Raleigh, where she has some relations.
I will give the above reward for delivering her to me or the jailor of this place or Ten Dollars for confining her in any jail in the state.
John William
May 19

Five Dollar
Will be paid for the delivery of a negro boy about 18 or 20 year of age, hired in February last from Mrs Daniel Mallet, named
Shed or Shedrick.
He is supposed to be lurking about the point plantation where his mother is, from whence he comes frequently to town. No cause can be assigned for his absence, he having been sent from Old Town about four or five weeks ago to town for some articles & had not returned. The above reward will be paid on lodging him in Wilmington jail.
August 9

William H Beatty respectfully informs his friends and the publick that he continues to manufacture Fine and Coarse shoes at his manufactory on South River. Those who will favor him with their custom may be assured that every attention will be paid to their orders. They will please to have the measures for Negro Shoes sent to the Stage Office; the men's measures kept separate from those of the women. He has on hand a large supply of good leather.
July 29

Will be sold at Public Auction on the 25th September next, for Silver or Gold, the house and lot now occupied by James Usher, taken by virtue of an Execution in my hands in favor of the United States against the said James Usher.
Junius C Dunbibin
Deputy Marshal
August 16

For Sale
The subscriber wishing to leave this state offers for sale his possessions on the N East river, about eleven miles from Wilmington, called the Oaks, containing by survey 1100 acres land, that situation of which as respects health and convenience is equaled by none on the River. The range for stock of every description excellent. A particular description with regard to the different parcels and qualities of the above lands are as follows, viz.
About 150 acres cleared, a stiff soil with a clay and marl foundation, 40 or 50 of which is under good fence; on the same and within two hundred yards of the river, is situated a two story Brick House, 60 by 40, commanding a full view of the river, with four large rooms and a hall on each floor, with convenient cellars, &c. Adjoining the cleared land is about 60 acres or more, uncleared, the growth consisting of oak and hiccory and one or two hundred acres Tide Swamp.
The resides stiff pine land, well timbered.
Within a short distance of the house is a desirable Grist Mill Seat, affording an abundance of water at the dryest season. Just on the river is a Brick yard in complete order, surrounded by Clay of the best quality ever worked in this place and also attended with many other conveniences with a wharf in front from which sloops of a large size may be loaded.
Young Negroes or lands if suitable in the Western country, would be taken in part payment. For further particulars apply to
Samuel Swann
August 16th 1808

The Wilmington Gazette
11 October 1808

Died, In this town on Thursday last, Mr Alexander Dulgairne, a native of Scotland. To those who were acquainted with Mr Culgairne's panegyric is unnecessary but as a tribute due his excellence nothing but plain and well known facts are requisite.
Sincerity in friendship - Honesty in his dealings - Humanity rewards his fellow creatures - Integrity of principles and due obedience to the law of God in his religious conduct, were his daily practice.
Died, on Sunday last, Nathaniel  Hill, the only son of Dr Hill of this town.
Died, on the same day, Mrs James Carson.
Died, this morning, Mr John Weatherherd, a native of Liverpool, (Eng.)
Died, at Fayetteville, on Sunday last Mrs Mary Donaldson, consort of the late Mr Robert Donaldson, Merchant.
Died, on Sunday last Mr Andrew Butler, late of Orange county of this state.

Taken Up
And committed to jail in this town on the 15th instant, a black man who calls himself Charles Williams, and says he is free and was born in New York. He came here in the schooner Rebecca, capt Berry, from Boston, and was taken up on suspicion at being concerned in stealing Negroes. He has no papers to prove his being a freeman, but says he is known by a Mr Peter Gause of Boston who can prove his freedom. He is 5 feet two or three inches high and well made.
Henry Wright, Jailor
Wilmington, September 20

20 Dollars Reward
Ran away on the night of the 29th June last, my mulatto man named Astyanax, he is about five feet eight or ten inches high, stout made, long black hair, he has a rough straight scar over one of his eyes about one inch long; he took with him all his clothes and may appear in a round blue jacket and trousers, and round black hat (new), a drab coat and nankeen pantaloons, or may have on knee breeches of either cassimere or nankeen. He is well known in Georgetown and on the ?. His departure being quite unexpected it is impossible to conjecture what he may attempt. Persons of every description are forbid harbouring him, or taking him out of the state. The above reward with all expenses will be paid for securing him in any gaol or delivering him to the subscriber.
R Dwight
Waccamaw, 16th July 1808
N.B. Two boys about twelve years of age disappeared at the same time, and probably are with him. Their names are Alexander and Madoon. If the above boys are taken they will be handsomely rewarded.

The Wilmington Gazette
25 October 1808

Died, In this town on the 18th inst Mr Charles Jones, aged 26 years, a native of the state of N. York, but for several years a resident of Wilmington.
Society in the premature death of this amiable young gentleman has sustained no inconsiderable loss. Sterling integrity and real worth belonged to him, and his virtues, for he possessed many, will be long remembered more especially by those who knew him best.
His remains were conveyed to the Oak, the seat of his brother in law Mr Samuel Swann, by a few affectionate friends, and there deposited in the silent tomb.

Notice is hereby given
That the subscribers at the last County Court held for the county of Brunswick, having obtained letters of administrators upon the estate of Robert Bell, deceased, requests all persons having demands against the estate of said Bell, to present them legally attested within the time limited by an act of the General Assembly of North-Carolina, entitled "An act concerning proving of Wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of intestates' estates," otherwise they will be barred of recovery. Those indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment.
Joseph Russ, Adm'r
Mary Bell, Adm'x
Brunswick County, Oct 3d

List of Letters
Remaining in the Post-Office at his day.
A: Claud Allemand, Col Saml Ashe, 2; Messrs George & Stephen-Arnold.
B: Capt William Britton, Melus Broome, Mr Broom, Franklin Bludworth, Samuel Barlow, William Bush, John Barton, Betsey Beaufort, Elizabeth Bull, Benjamin Ballard, William Blumpe, Samuel Black, William Bradshaw, Mrs Bull, Geo Burgwin.
C: Thomas Carsey, William Clinton, captain Joseph Cook, William Collins, captain Josiah Creeman, William Corbit, Henry Casson, Peter Carpenter.
D: Joseph Durant, Daniel Duird, Susannah Davis, John Ashe Davis, Margaret Drummond, Mrs Elgee Dunlap.
F: James Fleming, John Floyd, John Freeman.
G: Abraham Golding, 2; John Greive, Edward Griffith, Mrs Christians Gibbs, Archibald Graham.
H: James Huse, 2; Mrs Hooper, Nathaniel Herd, Abner Hoptoll, William Harris, John Hepburn, Cornelius Hurst, Lucy Harriss, Mrs Ann Hoskins, William Hall, Samuel Hall, 2; James Howard, James Holmes.
J: Henry Johnson, John D Jones, Wm Watts Jones, William Jones, Hinton James, Mrs Alice Jones, Samuel R Jocelyn.
K: Captain Herman Kelwenusen, 3; Francis Keneston.
L: Jacob Levy, Messrs Levy & Carroll, James R Lark, Ezekiel Lane.
M: John McNeal, W Miller, John McFarling, David Macy, Peter H Martin, Benjamin Mills, captain Thomas T Morton, Hosea Murry, Sarah Moseley, Miss Catharine McColl, John McAllester, John Maclin, capt Maurice Moore, Jane McLeod, Donald McDonald, John Marks.
N: John Neale, Jobb Neal.
O: Harriet Osborne, 4; John S Oliver.
P: Benjamin Powell, William Peacock, John Perkins.
Q: Richard Quince.
R: Captain Lebbeus Rogers, 2; Miss Penny Royal, Alexander Russell, John Rogers, 2; Mrs L K Robeson.
S: Captain Elias Smith, Esther Spicer, Humphrey Snow, John G Scull, Coventon Semkens, John Stone, John Saul, Sarah Swann, capt Thomas Stacey, Isaac Smith, Richard Saunders, Margaret Standland, John E Spicer, 2.
T: Robert Tate, Frances Tindol, John Thomas, Isaac Tull, Benjamin S Tyler, 2.
V: John Vann.
W: Messrs Edward Ward & Son, Edward Ward, Sarah White, John Waddle, Hugh Waddle, Nathaniel Webb, John Williams, Christopher Wallis, Asa W Welden.
John Lord, P M
September 30
Notice. Those persons who owe for postage will please call and pay up their respective accounts on or before the 1st of November, to such as neglect no more credit will be given.
The Sheriff of New Hanover does not take up letters directed to him as Sheriff unless postage is paid.

The Wilmington Gazette
8 November 1808

Died - In this town, the 2d inst. Mr James Miller AEt. 63 years, a native of Scotland and late of Kingston, Jamaica. His death is that of a real good man, well beloved by all who knew him.

The Wilmington Gazette
22 November 1808

State of North Carolina
Brunswick County
By Robert Potter and John Conyers, two of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county.
Whereas complaint upon oath hath been made this day to us, two of the Justices of the Peace of the said county, by Benjamin Blaney, of the said county, merchant, that a certain male slave belonging to him named Jim, hath absented himself from his said master's service, and is lurking about in the said county, committing acts of felony and other misdeeds: -
These are therefore in the name of the state, to command the said slave forthwith to surrender himself and return home to his said master; and we do hereby also require the Sheriff of the said county of Brunswick, to make diligent search and pursuit after the said slave, and him having found, to apprehend and secure so that he may be conveyed to his said master, or otherwise discharged as the law directs. And the said Sheriff is hereby authorized and empowered to raise and take with him such power of his county as he shall think fit, for apprehending the said slave. And we do hereby by virtue of the Act of Assembly in such case provided, intimate and declare that if the said slave named Jim did not surrender himself and return home immediately after the publication of these presents, that any person may kill and destroy the said slave, by such means as he or they may think fit, without accusation or impeachment of any crime or offense for so doing, and without incurring any penalty or forfeiture thereby.
Given under our hands and seals, at Smithville, this ninth day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eight.
Robert Potter, J P
John Conyers, J P

The copartnership of C & P Pelham is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Charles Pelham
Peter Pelham
Wilmington, Nov 22

The subscribers having qualified as administrator and administratrix to the Estate of Charles Jones, deceased, give notice to all persons having demands against said estate to present them for payment within the time required by an act of assembly, entitled "An act concerning proving of Wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of intestates' estates," otherwise they will be barred of recovery by the operation of said act. Those indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, otherwise recourse will be had to law.
Samuel Swann, Administrator
Jane Jones, Administratrix
November 22

All persons indebted to the estate of William Grave Berry, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment, and those to whom the said estate is indebted are desired to render in their accounts attested to Hanson Kelly, who is authorized to settle all affairs of said estate.
James H Ancrum, Admn'r
Nov 22

Perin & Harrison
Saddlers and Harness Makers,
Respectfully inform the inhabitants of Wilmington and its vicinity that they continue to carry on their business at the old stand one door west of the Printing Office, Market Street, where they have on hand a complete assortment of articles in their line viz. Gentlemen's best and common Saddles, Ladie's ditto, plaited and common Harness, Portmanteau and common Trunks, plaited and common Bridles, Horseman's Caps and Holsters, &c. Any of the above articles will be sold as cheap as can be got in N. York of the same quality, those who please can call and look at the goods, not a cent charged for trying to please them.
Orders from the country strictly attended to, and thankfully received by
P & H
N.B. Those who are indebted to James Perin will very much oblige him if they will call and and settle their accounts, as he is now present and will wait on them with pleasure.
James Perin
October 18

Ten Dollars Reward
Run away from the subscriber, on the ninth of October, a negro man by the name of Jim; he is a tall spare made fellow and is well known about Wilmington and Topsail Sound, and has a wife on Rocky point at Maj. Ashe's plantation where it is likely he may be lurking about at this time. Whoever will apprehend the said fellow, and deliver him to me at Mr Maxfield's plantation or lodge him in the jail of Wilmington, shall have the above reward and all reasonable charges paid by
E M'Clammy
Nov 1

Run Away
From the subscriber a Negro fellow named Quacow, supposed to be in the neighbourhood of the Big Bridge, where he has been seen. He had on when he went away, a Blue Jacket, with red lining and Oznaburgh Trowsers. A reward of Ten Dollars will be given to any person who will apprehend him, and all reasonable charge paid
George Cameron
Wilmington, Oct 31, 1808

Livery Stables
The subscriber has established a set of Livery Stables on the west side of Second street, for the accommodation of those gentlemen traveling through or residing in this town, who may be disposed to avail themselves of this establishment. Every kind of grain and forage necessary for horses shall be abundantly provided and faithfully given, and all due attention paid to them by the hostlers. The stables are quite dry; shall be kept clean, and each stall shall be furnished with litter every evening.
Wm Willkings
Oct 17

Was committed to the jail of Chatham county, on the 18th inst a Negro man who calls himself Jack; he is of a yellowish complexion, has a considerable scar over his left eye, occasioned by a burn and causes a blaring of that eye. He says he belongs to William Bush, about 10 miles from Wilmington, on Indian Creek, at a place called Mulberry. The owner is requested to prove his Negro, pay all charges and take him away.
B Lightfoot, Sheriff
Oct 23, 1808

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