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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1807
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, February 2011
Wilmington Gazette
January 20, 1807

To Let
For the term of one year,
That Commodious House, situated on the eastern side of Front-Street between the houses of residence of Messrs Thomas Robeson and Thomas Jennings. The upper part of this house is at present in the occupancy of Mr James Fleming; the lower part is used as a store, to vend groceries. There is a large and convenient yard with a good kitchen thereon, appurtenant to this building, which renders it a desirable abode for families. Possession will be delivered on the eleventh day of February. The terms may be known by application to
Lewis H Toomer
January 5

To Let
The store and cellar adjoining the subscribers' whereof immediate possession will be given. Also the two brick stores in Market Street, belonging to J F Burgwin. They will be completed and ready to receive tenants in about a month. Enquire of
Giles & Burgwin
December 20

Wilmington Gazette
January 27, 1807

At the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions held for the county of Bladen on the first Monday of this month, the subscribers qualified as Executors of the last Will and Testament of Thomas Owen (deceased). They hereby request all persons having demands against said estate by bond, note, or otherwise to make them known within the time limited by law. All persons indebted to said estate are required to make payment.
James Moorhead
Elisha Stedman
12th December 1806

Notice is hereby given, that Samuel Mason late of New Hanover county is dead and that the subscriber has obtained Letters of Administration upon his estate.
All persons indebted to the estate of the deceased are requested to make payment; and those who have claims upon the estate are required to bring them forward within the time and pursuant to the mode pointed out by an Act of Assembly passed in the year 1789.
Mary Mason, Adm'x
Wilmington, January 12

On Monday the second day of February next will be sold at the dwelling house of the late Samuel Mason, the personal property of the deceased, including two or three Negroes, etc etc. at six months credit on the usual terms.
Mary Mason, Adm'x
January 12

Wilmington Gazette
February 3, 1807

To be Hired
By the month, quarter, or yearly
Two Negro men, viz. Deman, a carpenter, Limerick, a bricklayer. As those Negroes have not permission to hire themselves, by jobbing or otherwise, any person wanting to employ them will make application to the subscriber.
T Fitzgerald
February 2

Mr Seagrove, from his long spell of sickness and continued indisposition, has declined continuing in the appointment of Deputy Sheriff. Notice is hereby given of the same and that I have appointed Mr Henry Wright my Deputy, who is authorized to act accordingly.
Wm Nutt, Sheriff
January 16

All persons indebted to the estate of Mary Meek deceased, are hereby requested to make immediate payment, and those indebted are required to present their accounts properly attested within the time limited by law, otherwise they will be debarred from recovery.
Richard Langdon, Ex'r
November 17

Sheriff's Sale
On the 16th day of February next, will be sold at the Court House, a tract of land with the improvements thereon, containing 200 acres, situated near Bull Tail Swamp, on the road from Negro-Head Point and near the Duplin line, adjoining lands of Bennet Fellows, John Page and Cogdell - to satisfy an execution Robert and Wm Fellow against William Fryer and others, returnable to Wayne court.
Wm Nutt, Sheriff
Wilmington, January 6

Will be sold, on the premises, at public auction
On the thirteenth day of February next;
290 acres of land near the mouth of the South-west branch of New-river in Onslow county, where John Lee, dec, formerly lived, on which is a good dwelling house and out houses. Eighty acres of the said land is under cultivation, and there are 50 acres of pine land convenient to range, as good as any in that part of the country.
Six months credit will be given, the purchaser giving a note with approved security.
Joseph Mashborne, Adm'r
January 10

Ran away from the subscriber in Cumberland County, about 10 miles below Fayetteville, on the 6th instant, a Negro man named Sip, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, has a large scar on his shoulder, and stoops forward when he stands.
I will give a reward of ten dollars to any person who will confine him in any jail in the state by the first of February next, and inform me thereof, so that I get him - is he is not caught by that time I will give the same reward for him dead or alive.
Thomas Moody
January 24, 1807

20 Dollars Reward
Proclamation of Outlawry
State of North Carolina
Onslow County
By Christopher Dudley and John Spicer, Esquires, two of the Justices of the Peace for the said county.
Whereas complaint hath been this day  made to us, by John Fullwood of the said county, that a certain negro slave belonging to him named Cuff, hath absented himself from his said master's service, and is lurking about in the county, committing many acts of felony.
These are therefore in the name of the state to command the said Cuff forthwith to surrender himself and return home to his said master. And we do hereby also require the Sheriff of the said county of Onslow to make diligent search and pursuit after the above mentioned slave, and him having found, to apprehend and secure so that he may be conveyed to his said master, or otherwise discharged as the law directs. And the said Sheriff is hereby empowered to raise and take with him such power of his county as he shall think fit, for apprehending the said slave. And we do hereby by virtue of an Act of Assembly of this state concerning servants and slaves, intimate and declare, if the said Cuff does not surrender himself and return home, immediately after the publication of these presents, that any person may kill and destroy the said slave, by such means as he or they may think fit, without accusation or impeachment of any crime or offense for so doing, or without incurring any penalty or forfeiture thereby.
Given under our hands and seals this 22nd day of January 1807, and in the 31st year of the independence of the said state.
Christopher Dudley
John Spicer

Wilmington Gazette
February 17, 1807

That William Dunkan late of the county of Duplin is dead and that the subscriber qualified as his executor at the October term in the court of the said county. All such as have any demands against the said estate are hereby requested to make them known within the time limitted by law, or they will be barred of recovery; and all those indebted to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment.
Edmond Dunkan, Ex'r
30th October 1806

To Be Rented and possession given immediately,
The House on the hill, occupied by Mrs Sarah Mosely. For particulars apply to the subscriber.
A Jean  Younger
January 28

25 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber in Duplin County on the 24th December last, a negro man named Emery about thirty years of age, five feet five or six inches high, country born, stammers very much in his speech, has a hole in his right cheek which was occasioned by the toothache. He formerly belonged to William McGee & John Taylor on Long Creek, from the latter of whom I purchased him about twelve months ago. He had on when he went away a pair of tow cloth trousers and a bearskin great coat. Having a wife at the Little Bridge, I suspect he is lurking about Wilmington or its neighbourhood.
I will give the above reward for apprehending the said runaway and securing him in jail so that I get him, and in addition thereto, all reasonable expenses for bringing him to me.
Masters of vessels and all others are cautioned against harbouring, employing, or carrying him away, as the law will be rigorously enforced against any person who may be discovered so to offend.
James Williams
Duplin County, February 1, 1807

100 Dollars Reward
This morning a little before daylight, my house was set on fire by Negroes; the flames had reached about 12 feet high when the fire was discovered by a Negro girl, who fortunately had gone out for some light-wood to mend the fire in the room in which my children slept. She saw four Negroes just retiring from the spot, and on calling out they immediately ran off towards the river and made their escape. As my kitchen door was open and every appearance of their having been in it, and nothing missing either out of the kitchen or from the plantation, I have very strong suspicions that they were employed by a most malicious rascal for this purpose. The above reward will be given on conviction of the perpetrators of this shocking transaction.
G MacKenzie
Lilliput, January 28, 1807

Wilmington Gazette
March 3, 1807

All persons having demands against the estate of Samuel Mason, are requested to hand in their accounts properly attested, to the subscriber, within the time limited by law, otherwise they will be barred of recovery, and those indebted to the estate will please call and settle the same, or suits will be brought against all delinquents at April term next.
C Dudley, Jrn'r
Attorney for Mary Mason, Administratrix
February 17

For Sale
A tract of land containing one thousand acres, on Long Creek, twenty-five miles from Wilmington, adjoining the lands of Anthony D Bordeaux. The situation as pleasant as any on the Creek. Possession may be had on the first day of April next. Prompt payment will be required. For further particulars enquire of Arthur Harper.
Wilmington, March 3

Wilmington Gazette
March 10, 1807

Ten Cents Reward
Ran away from the subscriber, ten days ago, an apprentice boy named James Roe, alias James Fenning, about 17 years of age, very small, dark hair and eyes. Had on when he went away a grey jacket and trousers. Whoever will apprehend the said runaway and return him to me shall receive the above reward and no expenses.
William Willson
March 3, 1807

I have authorized and empowered John Hogg and Samuel R Jocelyn, Esquires, to adjust and settle the accounts of Robert Muter, deceased.
All persons indebted to the estate are requested to make payment to them and those who have just claims upon said estate will apply to my aforesaid attorneys for payment.
Margaret Muter, Ex'x of R Muter
Wilmington, 23d February 1807

All persons having demands against the estate of Henry Long, (late keeper of the Light-House) are requested to hand in their accounts properly attested, within the time limited by law, otherwise they will be barred of recovery; and all those indebted to the estate, will please call and settle the same.
Rebecca Long, Adm'x
Brunswick County, Smithville, Feb 23

Public Auction
Will be sold without reserve, by the subscriber, on the 16th of March next, the house and lot in Front Street, at present occupied by John Peabody, if not sold at private sale before the above date. Conditions will be made known on the day of sale.
Levy & Carrol
February 24

Wilmington Gazette
March 24, 1807

All persons having demands against the estate of William Collins, are requested to hand in their accounts properly attested, to the subscribers within the time limited by law, otherwise they will be barred of recovery, and those indebted to the estate will please call and settle the same or suits will be brought against all delinquents at April term next.
Johan Collins
John G Scull
March 10

Wilmington Gazette
April 21, 1807

Notice is hereby given that William Smith, late of Fayetteville in the County of Cumberland, Merchant, is dead, and that the subscriber has obtained letters of administration upon his estate.
All persons indebted to the estate of the said William Smith are requested to make payment. And those who have claims upon the estate are required to bring them forward within the time and pursuant to the mode pointed out by an act of Assembly, passed in the year 1789.
Samuel Lowder, Adm'r
Fayetteville, March 10
I hereby authorized Mr Joseph Smith, Merchant, in Fayetteville to settle all accounts of the above administration as my attorney in fact.
S Lowder, Adm'r

Valuable Lands for Sale
Situated in the forks of Rice's and Town Creeks 12 miles from Wilmington, including the subscriber's plantation, containing 450 acres, the greatest part prime Oak and Hickory, with about 50 acres Tide Swamp, well adapted to the culture of Corn, Rice, and Cotton. On the premises is a new framed dwelling house 32 by 26, a new Barn, Stables, and other convenient out houses, about 60 acres of cleared ground on which is a number of fruit trees.
Also 1500 acres lying on Rice's Creek and Bell Swamp, on which is two excellent saw mill seats in tide way. This land abounds with pine timber, cypress, and light wood, convenient to navigation. One half of the purchase will be required in prompt pay, for the other half a liberal credit will be given, the purchaser giving notes with approved endorses, payable at the Bank of Cape-Fear.
Richard Parrish
Brunswick County, April 10

Wilmington Gazette
April 28, 1807

Is hereby given that ton the 14th May next, will be sold at Washington, all the stock in trade of Alexander Martin, consisting of dry good and groceries, a sulkey, a large boat, and a lot of ground in the town of Washington. Six months credit will be given to purchases for all sums over ten dollars, by giving notes with sufficient security all sums under ten dollars paid before delivery. All those indebted to the said Alexander Martin, are requested to come forward and settle their accounts immediately with the subscribers, who are alone authorized to receive and give discharges for the same.
Evan Jones
Thomas Archibald
April 28

For Sale
On a credit of twelve months, a handsome situation on the Sound, about 8 or 9 miles from town. There is on the premises a good dwelling house 30 by 20, containing a hall  and bedroom below, with two bedrooms above, piazzas to the east and south and portico to the west. The house is painted, plastered and glazed. There is a kitchen and a stable sufficient for 4 horses and a well of excellent water about ten yards from the house. All the aforesaid buildings are new.
Also a boat in complete order that will carry about 150 barrels.
The price of said premises may be known by inquiring of the printer of to the subscriber.
Richard Quince
March 24

All persons having demands against the estate of Archibald White, late of Bladen County, are requested to hand in their accounts properly attested to the subscriber within the time limited by law, otherwise they will be barred of recovery. Those indebted to the estate are particularly requested to call and settle the same without delay, as the many pressing demands to which said estate is subject precludes the possibility of indulgences.
Thomas White, Adm'r
Bladen, April 8

Postponed until Friday the first of May next.
Negroes for sale.
On Friday the 1st of May will be sold to the highest bidder at 6 months credit at the plantation whereon George Merrick, Esq resided, on Topsail Sound,
A number of Negroes - men, women and children, belonging to the estate of the aforesaid George Merrick.
Unexceptionable titles will be given.
The terms of sale are six months credit - purchasers giving notes with approved endorsers payable and negotiable by the Bank of Cape Fear before the property is altered.
Allmand Hall, Attorney
for George M Leech, Executor
N.B. At the same time and place a number of Negro women and children will be hired out by the month or year.
Allmand Hall
Wilmington, 7th April 1807

Wilmington Gazette
May 12, 1807

For sale
A plantation 7 miles from town called Fork Fields, containing at least 500 acres, on which is a dwelling house and out houses - and about 40 acres of cleared ground; belonging to Miss Effie Jean Ewens. Terms, cash - for particulars apply to John Martin or Benjamin Blaney at Smithville.
May 12
20 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on Friday evening last, a Negro man named Frank.
About 30 years of age, about 6 feet high and well made, has a scar under the left eye, occasioned by the toothache, and two of his under fore teeth are out; had on when he went away a dark colored drab coat and homespun overalls, and took with him a variety of other clothes.  He professes Methodism and sometimes exhorts.
I suspect the aforesaid Negro is lurking about Wilmington and will attempt to make his escape in some vessel; all masters of vessels and others are therefore cautioned against harboring, employing or carrying him away.
The above award will be given for apprehending and securing said negro in jail or bringing him to me in Brunswick County.
March 24
James Flowers
Lands for sale or rent
The subscriber offers for sale or lease, on reasonable terms, a plantation in Brunswick County, containing 774 acres, adjoining the courthouse on which is a large dwelling house etc.  The above lands rent since the 17th last March at thirty dollars per annum.
A valuable tract of land in Bladen County, on the northeast side of the Northwest river, adjoining the lands of the late Colonel Thomas Owen, well tempered with oak and pine, and convenient to the river.
Also a tract of land on Topsail Sound containing 400 acres, to the southward and eastward of Virginia creek on which there is some improvement.
J. M.
I once more notice those that employ my negro wench Sally unknown to me, which is very much to my injury.  I will prosecute them as the law directs.  The said Sally is to hire by the year; quarterly payment will be expected.
For Sale
A valuable Negro woman, and excellent cook, washer and ironer.
John Martin
May 12
10 Dollars Reward
Ran away about a fortnight ago from plantation, Old Town, Brunswick County, an Negro fellow named
Aged between 36 and 40 years, about 5 feet six or 7 inches high, stout made, has lost all of the toes off one of his feet, with a considerable blemish in one eye; had on when he absconded a gray woolen round jacket, vest and trousers of the same, with an old round hat.  He is supposed to be lurking about Colonel Hill's, where he formerly lived.  Whoever will secure or lodge him in the jail of Wilmington or deliver him on the aforesaid plantation will receive the above reward from Mr. Barclay with all reasonable expenses.
The same award is also offered for a Negro fellow named
Who absconded from the said plantation about a week ago.  He is aged about 19 or 20 years, 5 feet seven or 8 inches high and well proportioned, is extremely artful and evasive in his answers; had on when he went away a round brown cloth jacket, linen shirt, a pair of dark homespun trousers, and an old black hat.  He is supposed to be lurking about Wilmington or somewhere in the county of New Hanover or Brunswick.  He is well known in both and he was last purchased from William Hill Esquire who bought him from the estate of the late Mr. Adams of Fayetteville.
Masters of vessels or any craft are cautioned against carrying them off.
May 5
The subscriber has established a brewery of malt beer in Wilmington's Alley, on the west side of Front Street where ? will be supplied on the most reasonable terms, malt beer by the barrel, keg or bottle - and he hopes that a generous public will afford him its patronage.
Henry Gunnisson
May 5
Pursuant to an act of the last general assembly, directing the sale of public lands adjoining Smithville, will be sold on a credit of six months by public auction at the schoolhouse of said town, on Saturday the sixth day of June next, all of said lands and convenient lots, or parcels; sufficient titles to be signed on the purchases giving approved security.
John Conyers
Benjamin Blaney
Samuel Potter
Smithville, March 31 1807
All persons having demands against the Estate of Samuel Mason, deceased, are requested to call on the subscriber, on Monday the ? day of June next, with their accounts proved agreeable to law for settlement.  Such as fail to do so on or before the said ? June will be debarred from receiving payment until recovered by law.
Those indebted to the said estate will please take notice that unless they call and settle their accounts, on of before Monday ? June next, that on the next day their accounts will be put in the hands of Samuel R Jocelyn, to commence suit immediately against all who fail to comply with this my last notice.
C Dudley, Junior, Att'y for Mary Mason, Adm'x.
Wilmington, May 12, 1806
At a meeting of the commissioners of the town of Wilmington.
Ordered that the proprietors of houses occupied by themselves or their tenants furnish their respective tenants with a pair of leather fire buckets marked with their respective names on it before the 20th instant, and that all householders furnish themselves with a pair of fire bags ? contain three bushels made of strong Osnaburgs or other stuff of equal substance, marked as aforesaid, on or before for the same period, otherwise they will be respectively fined, agreeably to the ordinances and regulations of the town in such case made and provided.
Thos Callender, Town Clerk.
Persons without buckets may be supplied by the subscriber at the original cost of five dollars per pair.
Thos Callender
Wilmington, 5 May 1807
For sale
A piece of land on the sound about 10 miles from town, containing 200 acres, a considerable part of this land is good for corn, about 20 acres cleared; some hammocks of a very superior quality cleared, a credit of six and 12 months will be given.  Bonds payable and negotiable at the bank.  The above mentioned land, which belongs to Mrs. Mary Ann Walker, the price may be known by applying to James Walker or the subscriber.
Richard Quince
May 12 
I do hereby forewarn all persons from ? John Harriss any account, as the co partnership is mutually dissolved from the 13th of this instant for I have deposited the books and all accounts in the hands of Richard Emberton for collection.
Nathaniel Sweany
April 27
Notice is hereby given
The subscriber having lately received a full and renewed power of attorney from the heirs of Wimble, inhabitants of Boston and other parts of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Offers for sale
Landed property of said heirs, consisting of nearly 100 lots lying in the town of Wilmington.  Also a skirt of land adjoining on the eastern and southern boundaries of the town.
The terms may be known and good and sufficient titles made to purchasers by
Joshua Potts
Wilmington, December 23, 1806

Wilmington Gazette
June 23, 1807

Will be sold on Thursday the 20th August next at Public Auction,
640 acres land lying on the west side of Long Creek and south side of Jump & Run, including Reedy branch.
648 acres situated on the East side of Long Creek.
500 acres situated above said tract, known by the name of Mulberry Plantation.
1280 acres in two tracts on the west side of Long Creek, adjoining the lands of Timothy Bloodworth, these four last tracts were sold by the Coroner of the county on the 22nd of November 1804, as the property of William Bloodworth, late Sheriff.
Also the house and lot at present occupied by Timothy Bloodworth, Sen'r, Esq 100 by 200 feet.
2 Lots or parcel of lands in S Washington, containing one quarter of an acre each, No. 28 & 48.
1 Lot in the city of Raleigh & county of Wake, containing one acre No. 202.
N.B. The above property will be sold on a credit of one and two years, purchasers giving notes payable and negotiable at the Bank of Cape Fear, with two approved endorsers if required, except for ? as will pay for the charges of selling and making conveyances of said property which sum shall be paid in cash by the purchasers on the day of sale.
C Dudley, for himself
Major Samuel Ashe
David Jones
David Williams
and William Devaune
June 23

For Sale
A piece of ground fronting Second Street property of Mrs Younger - on application to whom or William Campbell particulars and terms of 4sale will be made known.
June 1, 1807

Sheriff's Sales
On the tenth day of July next, will be sold at the Court House, 320 acres land as the property of Hardy Powell, situated on the head of Highsmith's Swamp, joining he lands of Jacob Powell and Charles Cogdell, to satisfy sundry Writs of Vend Expo vs said Hardy Powell and Bennet Fellows.
Wm Nutt
June 1

Wilmington Gazette
June 30, 1807

The subscriber intends leaving this state in a very short time, and he hopes no one will neglect presenting their accounts for payment.
John Peabody
June 23

Wilmington Gazette
July 14, 1807

Went away from the subscriber on the 21st instant, a negro man called Glasgow, about twenty years of age, about five feet three or four inches high; he is so well known in the county that it it unnecessary to describe him any more. I suppose he is either in or about Wilmington or on Topsail Sound. Any person that will deliver the said  negro to the Jailor of Wilmington, or to me, fifteen miles from town on the North East River, shall receive full satisfaction for their trouble, etc. Masters of vessels are requested not to carry him away.
A Cutlar
July 7
100 Dollars Reward
Ran Away on the 18th instant a likely negro man called Billy, and sometimes William; he is about 26 or 27 years old, is of a yellow complexion, being a Mustee, he is about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, square built, his legs are a little bow'd, walks rather heavy and lazy, his countenance speaks highly in his favor, and whenever spoke to, he smiles; he is a mill wright by trade and one of the most sensible of his colour in the state. He may endeavor to pass for a free man, and change his name, etc. He has taken with him his clothes, and having money, may alter his dress to prevent detection. As his mother lived with Mr Joseph Clark when he resided at Negro Head point, probably he may have gone to Mr Jonah Clark's now residing at Spring Garden on Rocky Point.
The printers along the sea-board as far as Edenton are requested to insert the above once a week for a month, and send on their bills either to the printer of Georgetown or to Mr Charles Kershaw of Charleston, or the subscriber.
Benjamin Alston, Jun'r
Georgetown, June ?0, 1807

Wilmington Gazette
July 21, 1807

20 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber living in Bladen County, on the 20th April last, a negro fellow called Quash, about 20 years of age, possesses a pleasing countenance, nearly six feet high, large over the shoulders, small legs, he has a scar on his left side which extends half round his belly, his father is hired to Mr William Williams, near the green banks, Brunswick County, Col James Richardson owns his mother. It is possible he may be about Fayetteville, as he is acquainted with some of Maj James Owens' Negroes that are hired at that place. He is outlawed. All reasonable expenses will be paid to any person apprehending the said negro in addition to the above reward.
J Bradley
July 14
Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on the 1st April last, a negro man named Ephraim, about five feet five inches high, stout made and stutters somewhat in his speech; branded on his breast with the letter K. Had on when he went away a blue jacket and homespun trousers - supposed to be harboured up the NE or NW Rivers. Whoever will deliver the said Ephraim to the subscriber or in the Wilmington jail, shall receive the above reward and all reasonable expenses by
W Keddie
June 2

Wilmington Gazette
July 28, 1807

Will be sold at this place on the third of August, at public sale, that valuable plantation well known by the name of Black Moar's lying on the NE River, joining South Washington. It contains 640 acres good for the culture of corn, cotton or rice; also a piece of land lying on the Newbern Road adjoining Mrs St George's, twelve miles from Wilmington.
Conditions will be made known on the day of sale.
T M Bloodworth
August 8
Sheriff's Sales
On Wednesday the 29th day of July next, will be sold at the Court House 200 acres of land on the east side of the N East River and on the East side of Godfry on the South side of the brick yard joining A Garrison's line by virtue of a vend expo to me directed at the feat of Wm King vs James Towning.
Also 200 acres land on Bull tail branch joining A D Bordeaux, by virtue of a vend expo Thomas Murray vs Benjamin Evans.
Wm Nutt, Sheriff
June 23

Wilmington Gazette
August 11, 1807

20 Dollars Reward
The above reward and all reasonable charges is hereby offered, to any person, white or black, who will apprehend, and deliver to myself or to Mr Wright, Deputy Sheriff, at the gaol, my negro man slave Bob, well known in and about this town, he having lived here upwards of twenty years - a ship carpenter by trade, has been hired to Captain Thomas Hunter for near six years past, and has absented from his service on Tuesday the twenty-third June last past. He is a Guinea born negro, and has retained a good deal of the new negro accent, he is a strong clumsy made fellow about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, very clumsy about the feet and legs, very slovenly in his dress, goes in all weathers, generally with his shirt collar and jacket unbuttoned. He is very tricky, and very plausible and coxing when he has any favor to ask, and is apparently pleased and in good humour till he obtains his end, and when he laughs shows his teeth to great advantage which are very white, he seldom combs his hair, generally toofy and is much inclined to go dirty, no certain description can be given as to his clothing, as before he went away he swindled a negro belonging to a vessel out of three dollars in money and some goods under the promise of buying him fowls for them, with which money and goods he will probably get himself new clothed - it is not apprehended that the is gone to sea, therefore from the date here of all masters of vessels are cautioned against carrying him to sea, and all others white or black harbouring him.
Henry Urquhart
Wilmington 24th July 1807

Wilmington Gazette
December 15, 1807

On the 22nd November near Millidgeville in Georgia, Robert Nixon Esq of this county, aged 57 years.
On the 6th instant after a lingering illness, Mrs. Mildred Davis, wife of George Davis Esq, of Brunswick County, aged 34.
Taken up and committed to the jail in this county a negro fellow, who says his name is Sampson, and that he belonged to the estate of General Benbury, and was hired by Mr. MacDonald to Thomas Elliot, and run away from Edenton during the last summer.  He is a stout black fellow, and speaks good English; he was taken from on board the schooner Hiram from Jamaica.  The owner can get him upon paying costs and charges.
H Wright, Jailor
Wilmington, December 15
Will be sold at the Plantation of James Moorehead Esq, late of Bladen county, on the first day January, 1808, on a credit of six months, a valuable and numerous stock of horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep, several yoke of oxen, 50 or 60 fat hogs, a large quantity of forage, and sundry other useful to planters.
Hinton James
J Wright
Bladen County, 1st December, 1807
Absconded from Old Town Plantation, a negro fellow named Ajaz (tho' frequently called Jack.) It is impossible to describe his clothes, as he took many with him.  He is about 45 or 50 years of age, and generally limps in walking.  It is supposed he has gone towards New Bern, or may be lurking about Mr. John Blanks' plantation, called the Little Bridge, where he has a brother named Ulysses.  A reward of ten dollars will be given to any person who will secure the said slave, so that I can get him again, and all reasonable expenses will be paid.  All persons are forewarned from harboring the said negro under the severest penalty of the law.
Wm Graves Berry
December 15, 1807
Wilmington North Carolina 15 December 1807
Ran away from the subscriber on Saturday last, the 12th instant, a negro man named Moses.
He is stout and well made, about 30 years of age.  Had on when he went away a blue jacket and trousers, with a pair half boots much worn; he speaks plain and can tell a plausible story; he formerly belonged to Mr Wm Rea or Kea or Bladen County and well is acquainted about Gen Brown's and David Gillispie's on the North West.
Ten Dollars Reward and all traveling expenses will be paid to any person that will secure him in Wilmington jail or on delivering him to the subscriber.
John Barclay
N.B.  All persons are forbid employing him, or masters of vessels carrying him off, as the law will be rigidly enforced against them.
Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on Tuesday last, A negro man named Ned.
Formerly the property of John C Craft.  He is about 30 years old, 6 feet high, stout made, bow legged, and has lost two of his upper fore teeth. Had on when he went away a blue jacket and trousers. He has a wife at Mrs Mott's on the Sound, and I suppose he is now lurking about in the neighbourhood of in Wilmington. He is so well known in this county that a further description is unnecessary.
Masters of vessels and all others are forewarned from harbouring, employing, or carrying him away.
The above reward will be paid for delivering him to me or confining him in jail so that I get him.
Thomas Williams
Wilmington, 15th December 1807
15 Dollars Reward
Ran away on the 12th ultimate from on board the ship Keziah, Sheldon Thompson, master, a mulatto man by the name of Harny Mason.
He has a protection from the Custom House at New Haven, which says he was born in Currituck, Hyde county, State of North Carolina. He was dressed in a sailor's habit when he ran away. He is about six feet one or two inches high, and has very large whiskers. He is a straight well built man, and is supposed to have gone to Washington. Whoever will commit said H M in any jail, or return him to the master of the ship, shall receive the above reward from
Joshua Potts or 
Sheldon Thompson
N.B. All persons are forbid harboring or employing the said H M on the strictest penalty of the law.
Sheldon Thompson
Wilmington 15th December 1807
Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscribers living in the upper end of Brunswick county, about three weeks ago, a negro woman named Molly, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, very black, a little parrow towed, and has a hair mold on her chin. She has been seen in Wilmington, and it is probably she is now lurking about between that place and Mr Poisson's on the Northeast. The above reward will be paid for delivering her to either of the subscribers or lodging her in jail so that we get her.
Masters of vessels and all others are cautioned against harbouring, employing or carrying her off.
Alexander King
Jimboy McKenzie
December 10, 1807
The subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has taken the well known stand in Fayetteville, (formerly kept by Mrs Dekeyser and last by Mr Pittman,) and opened a House of Entertainment for travelers. The buildings have been put into complete repair and rendered convenient. The house will be constantly supplied with the best provisions and liquors, and the stables with grain and forage of every kind. Those who favour this house with their custom may be assured the best exertions will be made to render their call satisfactory.
Dillon Jordan
Fayetteville, October 14, 1807
Ran away from the subscriber a negro man named Sam, stout, likely and well made, very black, about 21 years old, and about five feet seven inches high. I lately purchased him of Mr E Stedman of Fayetteville, where I suppose he will try to get. He had on when he went away an old long brown cloth coat with very large buttons, black ground striped homespun overalls, an old felt hat, and a pair of double soled coarse shoes. 
I will give five dollars reward for taking him up and lodging him in jail at Wilmington or Fayetteville, or ten dollars reward for delivering him at my house in Duplin County.
Masters of vessels and others are forewarned against harbouring, employing, or carrying him away.
William Pickett, Jun'r
Dec 6

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