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Hall's Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from Hall's Wilmington Gazette 1797
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, January 2010
Hall's Wilmington Gazette
February 9, 1797

Public Notice
Is hereby given, that the subscribers have qualified as executors of the last will and testament of John Johnston, merchant, late of this town, deceased. Therefore all persons having any just claims or demands on the estate of the said deceased are requested to exhibit them duly authorised within the time prescribed by law; and those that are indebted to the said estate to make payment without delay, as it is not in the power of the executors to give any indulgence.
Henry Hoskins
Francis Fontaine
January 12

The subscribers have qualified as executors of the last will and testament of the late Doctor Henry Kingsbury. They request the persons indebted to the estate of the said deceased to make immediate payment and those having demands thereupon to exhibit them within the time limitted by an act of Assembly entitled “An act to amend an act, entitled an act concerning proving of wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of interstates estates.”
Philip Spaulding
Joseph Dean
January 5

Boot and Shoe Manufactory
The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public that his business will be carried on in every branch, in a more extensive line than hitherto, having got a fresh supply of leather of the best quality from the northward, also as complete workmen as any in the state. He is grateful for past favors so liberally given him, and solicits a continuance no farther than attention to please together with good work may claim.
G Chace
Who will take as apprentices two boys either white or black of good morals.
February 2

To the Public
The subscriber intends to leave this state as soon as his affairs can be settled, therefore gives notice to all persons with whom he has had dealings that a speedy settlement is necessary to be made. He is ready to discharge all debts and just balances that any person may have against him. Those who may be indebted to him are requested respectively to make payment without delay.
All those who have still remaining in his shop, watches, silver work or jewelry, are particularly requested to call or send for the same.
The subscriber will ever with pleasure retain the remembrance of those citizens who have, for many years, honored him with their friendship and favoured him with their custom.
D Lambertoz
February 2

Court of Hymen
On Thursday evening last Mr John Calhorda was married to Miss Sarah Marshall, both of this town.

Take Notice
Came to the subscriber's plantation on the Sound, on the 29th of January, a negro fellow who says his name is Lewie, that he belongs to a man in the West Indies, and ran away from a vessel which left this port about three months ago. He is a Guinea negro, but speaks tolerable good English, is about five feet four inches high, slender built, and very black.
The owner may have him again by proving his property and paying charges.
Joseph Robinson
February 9

Twenty Dollars Reward
Will be paid to any person who will apprehend and bring to me, at the Hermitage in New Hanover county, a negro fellow named York who ran away last Tuesday, with the least provocation. He is a likely able bodied negro, about five foot 9 or 10 inches high. He speaks plain, and is extremely plausible and deceptious. I am told he has been frequently harboured at the big Bridge and it is supposed is now gone up towards Long Creek or Black river. The said fellow is outlawed, and whoever harbours him will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour.
John Burgwin
Hermitage, 4th February

Fifty Dollars Reward
Stolen from the subscriber in Wilmington, North Carolina on Sunday the first instant, a light grey horse with a dark main and tail, his main cut about 13 and an half hands high, likewise a saddle, bridle, and a brown camblet great coat, lined with green baize and has claret coloured basket buttons. The person who carried away the said horse &c. passes by the name of Davis Ale, otherwise Davis Allen. He is about 26 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches high, well made, passes for a school and singing master. He has passed by Tarborough for Edenton. Whoever will take up said thief and horse so as the fellow may be brought to justice and the owner get his property, shall receive the above reward, or twenty-five dollars for either.
J R Robinson
January 19
N.B. It is requested that the printers of newspapers within the United States will insert the above advertisement as it may be the means of detecting such villainy.

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber a negro fellow named Toby; had on when he went away a blue jacket and greasy canvas trousers over a pair of blue ones. He is well known about Wilmington, having had the command of a lighter for some years past. The above fellow will probably attempt to get off in some vessel, and pass as a freeman by the name of Elliss; masters of vessels are therefore charged not to convey him away at their peril. The above reward with reasonable charges will be paid on his delivery to a public gaol, or to the subscriber in Wilmington.
A B Toomer
January 26

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
February 16, 1797

For Sale
Two tracts of land upon Town Creek, in Brunswick County. A credit will be given for part of the purchase money. Apply to Mr James Walker or the subscriber.
Mary A Walker
Wilmington, Feb 16

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
March 2, 1797

20 Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on the 10th inst, a negro fellow named Scipeo, formerly the property of George Davis, Esquire. The above reward will be given to any person who will apprehend and deliver him to the Gaoler in Wilmington or to
Richard Quince
February 23

The subscriber having qualified as administrator to the last will and testament of the late Thomas James requests all persons indebted to the estate of the said deceased to make paments; and all persons having demands on said estate to present the same to the subscriber agreeably to the directions of an act of Assembly entitled “An act to amend an act, entitled an act concerning proving of wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of interstates estates.”
John James Adm'r
South Washington March 1

The subscriber having qualified as administratrix to the last will and testament of the late Sampson Mosely requests all persons indebted to the estate of said deceased to make payment and all persons having demands on said estate to present the same to the subcriber agreeably to the directions of an act of Assembly entitled “An act to amend an act, entitled an act concerning proving of wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of interstates estates.”
Sarah Mosely, Adm'x
March 2

By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias to me directed, at the suit of Robert Howe, as the administrator of James McAlister, will be sold for ready money, on Saturday the 18th of March next, at the ferry opposite Wilmington, five negroes, viz. Prenter, Azzure, Adonias, Coley and Sam.
Thomas Leonarel, Sheriff
Bladen County, February 28

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday March 23, 1797

For Private Sale
A negro wench and child. The wench is a complete cook, washre and ironer. Apply to
Thomas Fitzgerald
February 9

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
March 30, 1797

The subscribers having qualified as executors to the last will and testament of Mrs Margaret Beloate, late of Wilmington, deceased. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment; and those who have demands are required to present them, within the time limitted by an act of assembly entitled “An act to amend an act, entitled an act concerning proving of wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of interstates estates.”
Joseph G Wright
Samuel R Jocelyn
March 30

The subscriber having qualified as sole executor to the last will and testament of Mary and Thomas Vickars, late of Wilmington, requests all persons indebted to said estate to make speedy payment; and likewise wishes those to whom the estate is indebted to render in their accounts properly attested agreeably to last so as to enable him to close the business of the estate.
Edward Russel
March 30

Three Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber's plantation at the Sound a mulatto girl named Nancy about sixteen years of age, well known in and about Wilmington. The above reward will be paid to any person who will lodge her in the gaol of Wilmington and inform the subscriber thereof.
As she is supposed to be harboured by some evil disposed person, all masters of vessels and others are hereby forbid harbouring or concealing her at their peril of prosecution to the utmost rigour of the law.
Peter Maxwell
March 23

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from my plantation on Wednesday evening last a negro lad about 28 years old, slender made, and rather knock-kneed. He served his time to Mr Peter Harris, blacksmith, in Wilmington, where he is well known; and he says he has a wife, a negro girl belonging to Mr Vance named Lucinda, whom it is probable may secret him. Whoever apprehend the said negro and bring him to me at the Hermitage or confine him in any gaol shall receive the above reward. Masters of vessels are forwarned not to carry him off or employ him on board any vessel &c.
John Burgwin
Hermitage 17th March

To Be Sold
That part of Lot No 5 in the town of Wilmington, which was sold by David Flowers to the subscriber, bounded on the east by Front Street, on the south by ground formerly Wm Ewan's now belonging to John Martin, on the west by ground which the said David Flowers sold to James Fleming, and now belongs to Wm Campbell, and on the north by ground belonging to Peter Mallet. If this lot is not sold by private sale before the 16th day of May next, it will on that day be sold at public auction on six months credit.
For further particulars apply to Mr Richard Bradley or to the subscriber, who has also for sale several lots in Fayetteville, particularly
The houses and lot posessed by Col. Dekeyser.
The houses and lot posessed by Samuel Wilson on the north side of court house square.
The houses and lot posessed by Joseph Hays, opposite to Mr Adam's store. Several unimproved lots in different parts of the said town. 100 acres and upwards adjoining the town between Grove street and Lewis Barge's brick house. 70 acres and upwards at the back of James McCrackan's and on both sides of Ramsay street. 150 acres or thereabouts, above Haymount, within a mile from town. 620 acres joining and above Malcolm Mackay's on the drains of Cross Creek, about 4 miles from town. 640 acres on ditto adjoining the last mentioned 640 acres.
640 acres on the northeast side of Cape Fear, about 5 miles above Moore's ferry, having a front of half a mile on the river, immediately below Thomas Jone's lands. 200 acres back of ditto. 200 acres on Flat Swamp joining Nathaniel Holton's lands. 150 acres or thereabouts between lands of Jesse Potts & William Lord. 500 acres or thereabouts on Cedar creek, comprehending two mill seats; which may be sold together, or divided into two tracts; formerly the property of Sylvanus Wilson, about 8 miles below Blocker's ferry. 200 acres formerly Charles Macnaughton's on Brown Marsh, Bladen County. 100 acres in the Great Marsh, formerly Goodwin's in Robeson county. 100 acres in ditto ditto Roberson county. 100 acres on Bear's creek, Moore County. 250 acres on Waggon branch, waters of deep river, in said county.
1333 1-3 acres on Stone's river in the state of Tennessee.
11,881 acres of R Henderson and Company's grant from the Assembly of North Carolina in Powell's valley and on Claret river.
2822 acres of R Henderson and Company's grant from the Assembly of Virginia, in Kentucky.
Apply at Hillsborough to
James Hogg
March 23

The subscriber intends leaving this place shortly and there being an absolute necessity of closing all his business here, all persons having any demands against him and therefore desired to bring in their accounts for settlement; and he earnestly requests all those indebted to him to make speedy payment.
Jonathan Avery
March 9

The subscriber intends leaving Wilmington about the middle of April next, requests those indebted to him to make speedy payment, and those to whom he is indebted to call for settlement.
William Smeeton
March 16

All persons having accounts unsettled with Wheaton, Tisdale and Co while Samuel I Thurston was acting partner are requested to come forward so soon as possible and settle the same; and those who are indebted to said store while under the direction aforesaid, will please make immediate payment to Robert Ball, present acting partner in said house, to whom such as have any demands against the Co aforesaid will apply for payment.
Daniel Wheaton
March 16

The copartnership of Spaulding and Dean being this day by mutual consent dissolved, all persons having accounts unsettled with them are requested to call on Joseph Dean, at Mr Samuel Lowder's store for settlement, and those indebted to them to make payment to him, who is authorized to receive all debts due to the Company, and will pay all debts due from the concern.
Philip Spaulding
Joseph Dean
March 6

The copartnership of Harris and Springs is by mutual consent, this day dissolved, those whom they may have running accounts with are requested to render them for settlement; and those who are indebted to said firm, will please to make immediate payment, as there is an absolute necessity for settling the concern.
Peter Harris
Sudgwick Springs
March 9

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
April 6, 1797

Twenty Dollars Reward
Ran away some time ago, a mulatto fellow named Elijah, about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, well known in and about Wilmington, was some time ago taken at Swansborough, has an impediment in his speech, and the lower part of his left ear taken off; he is a good shoemaker, and will probably attempt to pass as a freeman. The above reward will be given to any person that will deliver him to Doctor Hill in Wilmington or the subscribers at Rockey Point.
W Davis
T Moore
April 6
N.B. The printer in Petersburg and Richmond will please insert the above.

The subscriber taken that commodious house opposite the church lately occupied by Joseph Frilich, intends keeping a house of Entertainment, where gentlemen may be accommodated in the most genteel manner.
William Mitchell
Newbern, March 17

The subscriber is a qualified Executor of the estate of Thomas Cunningham, deceased; and is in readiness to settle any legal accounts relative to the same.
Joshua Potts, Ex'r
Wilmingon, April 6

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber, a negro man called Andrew. He is a stout thick set short fellow, about 24 years of age, remarkably dirty and slovenly in his general appearance; his hair thick, short, and matted, and tho a country-born, I question if it was ever combed; he has small eyes and thick blubber lips; the fellow was raised at the plantation that Mr McGuire lived at, on the North-West and it is possible he will harbour between that and Gen. Brown's as he has a negro woman of the General for a wife, tho it is more probable he may be taken lurking about Fayetteville, as he was accustomed two years ago to row in the boats that ply between Wilmington and that place. Whoever will apprehend said negro and deliver him at my plantation or to the gaoler in Wilmington shall have the above reward paid them by
John Hill
April 6

Lost or stolen from the subscriber at the house of George Logan, on the 21st of March last, a Black Pocket Book containing the following papers: Peabodie and Lercher's obligation for six months rent of the lower part of Geoge Logan's house; Roger Cutler's note of hand for 9 dolls. payable to Duncan McRae; two bills of sale from Wm G McDaniel to the subscriber for two horses and many other papers too tedious to mention. Any person who will deliver said pocket book with the papers therein to the subscriber shall receive a handsome reward.
William Cooper
April 6

For Sale
A few neat saddles, saddle bags and bridles, warranted good. Also boots and shoes made as usual.
Gorton Chace
March 23

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday April 20, 1797

To Be Sold
Cheap for cash
My saw and grist mill on Vaughan's Creek near the ferry on Livingston Creek. Also will be sold a team of six oxen.
William Hooper
April 20, 1797

Fifty Dollars Reward
Ran away on Monday the 10th day of the present month, from the subscriber's Belvedere plantation, in his absence, or without any known cause, except the desire of being idle, a country-born negro fellow named Toney. He is about forty years of age, five feet seven or eight inches high, thick set, has a round face and stutters. Ten dollars will be given for apprehending and deliver him to the above plantation. If harboured by a slave, fifteen dollars for such delivery and on conviction of the offender. If harboured on board a vessel by any person, with an intent to carry him out of the state, the reward of fifty dollars will be paid on delivery as above, and conviction of the offender by
Benjamin Smith
April 20

Five Dollars Reward
Ran away from me, some weeks since, a negro wench named Sabina, well known in and about this town and remarkable for a scar on one of her eye-lids. I will give the above reward to any one who will deliver her to me or the jailor of the county; and I hereby forbid all persons at their peril to employ, harbour, or conceal her. She will endeavour to pass as in the service of General Smith.
William Claypoole
Wilmington, April 20

For Sale
The house and part of the lot in Smithville, formerly belonging to J Gautier, Esquire. Also a considerable quantity of good bricks, which may be delivered at Belevedere or Wilmington. Apply to
Benjamin Smith
April 20

To Be Sold
To the highest bidder, at the court house in Wilmington, on the sixteenth day of May next, a tract of land in Bladen county, living on the north east side of North-West River of Cape Fear, containing five hundred and twenty-five acres, adjoining the river on the space between the lands of his Excellency Samuel Ashe and those of William Davis Kelly.
The premesis are valuable, both for situation and soil, as there are high and low lands on the same.
A good title will be made the purchaser and the Governor's patent delivered therewith.
The conditions of payment will be made known on the day of sale by
F Fontaine
Henry Hoskins
Wilmington, April 4

Forty Dollars Reward
Ran away from the Hermitage last night, two Negroes. One of them named Frank, a cooper, who formerly worked on my wharf in Wilmington. He is about five feet four inches high, has remarkable thick lips. He has been lately whipped for a felony he committed, and had an iron on one of his legs. The other named Ned, who served his time with Messrs Harris and Springs, blacksmiths, in Wilmington; and it is supposed has been persuaded to this elopement by Frank, for the purpose of filing off his iron clogg. Ned is a tall slender made boy, with a good countenance. A reward of Twenty Dollars each, will be paid to any person that will apprehend either of the said negroes, and deliver them or either of them to me at the Hermitage. And as I have reason from some recent circumstances to believe that my negro fellow York (advertised in this paper) has been harboured by some evil disposed person, I will give a reward of Thirty Dollars to any person that will give me information of such harbouring, on conviction; and Thirty Dollars to any person who will deliver the said negro York to the gaoler of any safe gaol, so that I may have him again. The said three fellows are outlawed, and may be shot, unless they return to me in ten days.
John Burgwin
Hermitage, April 12

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber, two men slaves, well known in Wilmington and its vicinity by the names of Buck and Parker. The former is a black of about thirty years of age, five feet eight or nine inches high, very artful, and when spoken to by a white person, will in his speech stammer a little. The latter is a yellow or mulatto colour, one or two inches higher than the former, slow in his speech, by trade a cooper and tolerable house carpenter. He was purchased some years ago from captain James Bradley in Bladen County, near Elizabeth, and had lived thereabouts for some time before. From some evil disposed person he had lately got an idea of his being free, and now perhaps attempt to pass as such. Masters of vessels and others are hereby forbid to their peril from employing, harbouring or concealing the said slaves.
And any person delivering them to the subscriber, at the sound, or securing them in the gaol of Wilmington, will be entitled to the above reward, or Five Dollars for either of them, from
Peter Maxwell
April 13
Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday June 8, 1797

Forty Shillings Reward
Ran away from the subscriber, a negro fellow named Alick, about 20 years of age. He is a stout likely fellow, and has for some time past, as I am informed, been lurking about the plantation of Mr John Hall, to whom his mother belongs.
Samuel Vance
June 8

Five Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber, on the 31st day of March, 1796, a negro fellow named Sampson, about 50 years old, 5 feet high, and has a large scar on one side of his face that reaches to his eye. He is Guinea born, speaks bad English, is a fortune teller and conjurer, passes as a freeman, and is supposed to have a forged pass. He was seen in Fayetteville last fall, and very probably he is still there or in the neighbourhood thereof. All persons are hereby forbid harbouring or employing said fellow at their peril. Since he has been in this country, he has lived about Muddy creek, in Duplin county, and is well known by the name of Picket's Sampson. The above reward with reasonable expenses, will be paid for his delivery to me.
Jinkin Avirett
Onslow County, May 30

Five Dollars Reward
Absented herself on the 3d day of January last, the day on which she was hired, a Negro woman named Fanny, about 23 years of age, the property of Mis Quince. She worked for the last two years at Doctor Hill's plantation, and before that with Mr Jennings of Wilmington. The above reward will be paid to any person lodging her in Wilmington jail, or on delivering her at the subscriber's plantation.
James Carson
Clarendon, May 8
Twenty dollars will be paid to any person who can prove her harbored by white or black.

For Sale
Two thousand acres of land on the North-West, 640 of which is an excellent Mill Seat, the best on the river, it joins Hood's creek. Any person inclined to purchase, may know the terms by applying to the subscriber or to General Benjamin Smith.
Elizabeth Howell
May 11

To Be Rented
The dwelling house, ware houses, and wharf, occupied by Mr Richard Langdon. For terms apply to
Joshua G Wright
June 1

The subscribers give notice that the bonds given for purchases made at the sale of the personal estate of Hugh Campbell, are now due, and that payments will be expected in the course of the present month.
Thomas Callender
Joshua G Wright
June 1

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday, August 24, 1797

That the subscriber has for sale the following tracts or parcels of land lying in Duplin county formerly the property of Joseph and Walter Blake, Esq'rs. viz.
400 acres on the north-east and south of Cypress creek swamp, patented by John Norris, and by him conveyed to Thomas Hicks, &c.
320 acres, being part of 640 acres granted to John Pocock in 1737, beginning at a branch near the mouth of the small branch running into Rock-Fish creek.
100 acres on the north side of Goshen Swamp at the mouth of Cowshole-swamp, bordering on the land formerly James Taylor's.
250 acres on Lime Stone on the west side of the North-east river, above the Dutch landing, formerly Plunker Ballard's.
60 acres on Long Branch, joining Rivenberg's surveyed for Peter Young and from him conveyed to John Thulty, &c.
56 acres on the North-west side of the North-east branch of Cape Fear, formerly the property of William Burton, above said Burton's home place.
300 acres on the north side of Rock-Fish creek, within half a mile of Rock-Fish bridge, formerly Case's land.
100 acres on the north side of Stewart's creek, below the Great Road.
200 acres on Maxwell's swamp near Thomas Keenan's old place.
100 acres on Long Branch, being a branch of Rock Fish creek, conveyed from Rivenberg to John Fold, &c. 
Terms may be known and titles examined by applying to
John Burgwin
Hermitage, June 5
Ran Away
A mustee fellow named Josh the property of Craik's estate well known in town as a fiddler and much marked with the small pox. Also a wench named Hannah the property of Clayton's estate, who has two children with her, and was hired this year by Richard Quince, Esq.
Five Dollars Reward will be paid for the lodging either of them in the town gaol or on the subscriber's plantation.
James Carson
Clarendon, 8th August 1797
The subscribers having obtained an injunction from the Court of Equity to restrain the purchasers of goods etc bought at public auction and (s)old by Thomas Murphy as the property of Thomas Anderson late deceased (for which bonds and other securities were given) from paying the amount or any part thereof to the said Thomas Murphy, his attorney, agents, etc and the said Thomas Murphy also by the said order is enjoined from receiving any part of the same.
Such purchasers therefore and all others indebted to the said estate are notified that any payments made by them to the said Thomas Murphy on the above account, will be no discharge of their respective debts until a further order of court in that behalf made; and in the mean time, the subscribers are the only persons legally authorized to receive such payments.
Geo Hooper
J Livingston
A Jocelin
Wilmington, August 9, '97
The subscriber intends to carry on the following business in its various branches, viz. making and mending men and women's saddles, chair and coach harness, horsemen's caps, pistol holsters, sword scabbards and belts, pormanteaus and pormanteau trunks, fire buckets, mattresses, band-boxes, ladies' artifical hips, craws, and body belts.
David Dudley
Wilmington August 9 '97
To Be Let
The tenement and store with a Cellar and Ware House back at present occupied by Mr Thomas Murphy adjoining Robert Adam and Co's store near the market house. It may be entered on the first day of September next, or sooner if agreeable to Mr Murphy. Please to enquire of 
Robert Muter
Wilmington 16th July
On Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th of September, I will attend at Mrs Lambert's on the North-east road, and on Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th of the same month, at Mr John Eden's on the Newbern road, to receive entries of carriages and grant licenses to retailers of wines and foreign distilled spirits. The rest of the month I shall attend at Wilmington, agreeable to Col Overton's ?.
Robert Muter
Collector of the Revenue for the County of New Hanover
Wilmington, 22d August 1797

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday, September 7, 1797

A Caution
Whereas my wife Elizabeth Simpson hath eloped from my bed and board without any cause or povocation whatever. These are to caution all persons from crediting her on my account as I shall not pay for her contracts.
Charles Simpson
Sept 1

Will Be Sold
On Saturday the 9th of September next, at the Back House opposite Wilmington, Sundry Likely Negroes. Sold at the instance of James Fergus vs the administrators of James McAlester.
Thomas Leonard, Sheriff
Brunswick County, August 26

Ran away from the subscriber about eight days past, a Negro fellow by the name of John who calls himself John Gardener. He is a short active well set fellow, and is by trade a Blacksmith. I think he has a scar on his face, but exactly where I do not remember. He would be known in Fayetteville by Mr Grove's negroes, in Wilmington by Mr D Moor's, in Chatham by Mr Mallett's. I think he is endeavouring to get on board some vessel to go round to the northward, and should he sail at Wilmington, he will go to Newbern. I will give fifty dollars to any person who will apprehend and secure the said fellow so that I can get him again, and pay all reasonable charges &c.
W Nash
N.B. A fellow by the name of Robin, belonging to Mr Garrot Goodloe, went off with him. Mr Goodloe, I doubt not, will give an equal reward for his.
Caswell County, July 17

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
September 28, 1797

On Saturday the 14th day of October next, at the Sound, on the plantation of Caleb Nichols, late dec. formerly Thomas Loper's will be sold the perishable property of said Caleb Nichols, consisting of sundry articles of household furniture &c. Terms six months credit, the purchasers giving bonds with security.
Unity Nichols, Ex'x
September 28

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday, October 5, 1797

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber on Saturday last, a black Negro fellow named Trim, about 20 years of age, 4 feet 8 or 10 inches high, has a scar on his face, but on what part I cannot exactly recollect. He was raised by Doctor Isaac Guion, of Newbern, and since belonged to Mr Peter Mangeon, of Wilmington, from whom he was last purchased.
I have great reason to suppose he was concerned in a daring robbery committed in my house last night, and that he will use every effort to escape. Perhaps he may make for Wilmington, or some other seaport, therefore all masters of vessels and others are forbid harbouring or carrying him off at their peril.
Whoever will deliver him to me, or secure him in any gaol, so that I get him again, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges.
Margaret McKean
South Washington
October 2

The copartnership betwixt George Hooper and John Ingram, merchants, was dissolved on 7th of July last by the event of the death of the latter.
As there is an absolute necessity for settling as speedily as possible the affairs of said copartnership, all those indebted to the establishment in Wilmington, under the firm of George Hooper and Co are requested to discharge the same; and such as have demands against said firm, or with whom there are open accounts are desired to exhibit the same for payment of liquidation.
The stock of Dry Goods on hand consisting of a small assortment of articles well suited to the trade of this place are for sale as also the Brig Fair American, about 120 tons burthen, in complete repair, and ready for receiving a cargo. Apply to
George Hooper
Surviving Copartner
Wilmington, Oct 5, 1797

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday October 26, 1797

To Be Sold
On the first day of January next, if fair, if not, the first fair day, eight valuable country born Negroes, belonging to the Estate of the late Col. Swan, among them is an excellent cooper, a carpenter, and a young negro fellow who has worked with a carpenter, two women who are prime hands in the field or in the house, two very likely girls, one about 13 years old and the other 7. They are well disposed and not sold for any fault, but to pay debts. There is also a negro man about 60, who is well used to Turpentine, and for his age valuable; they are all a family of negroes except the last mentioned and a young wench, which woman we can sell at any time at private sale. Any person inclined to purchase, may see her and apply to us. The family of negroes are at present hired to Messrs Isaacks and Levy in Wilmington, and may be seen there.
Mildred Swan, Adm'x
Fred Jones Adm'r
Oct 26

By a negro woman under my house on Sunday last the 22nd inst a new double skirted saddle, faced with velvet. The owner may have it by proving property, paying the expense of this advertisement and giving a small reward to the finder.
Christopher Dudley
Wilmington, 26th October

On Saturday the 19th day of November next, will be sold at Public Auction, several negroes, part of the personal estate of Mrs Margaret Beloat, deceased, conditions will be made known the day of the sale.
S R Jocelin
J G Wright
Wilmington Oct 19

The co-partnership of Blakely and Vance was dissolved on Saturday, the 6th inst. by the death of the former; all those who have unsettled accounts with them are requested to call on the subscriber for payment or adjustment, and those who are indebted to said firm, is it expected will make payment as soon as possible, as there is an absolute necessity for finally closing the affairs of the concern.
Samuel Vance
Surviving Co-partner
Wilmington, Oct 13

Ran away from the subscriber, on the 7th inst. a tall black negro man by the name of Harry; he wore when he went away, an old brown broad cloth coat, and carried with him some other clothes which I cannot describe. He is about 40 or 45 years of age, and is left handed, has large white eyes, can read & write indifferently, was raised in Maryland and has passed in this state as a freeman; he is a ditcher by trade. I do forewarn all persons from harbouring the said negro at their peril.
James Wright
N.B. Two dollars reward, if in this state, ten if in any other, provided I get him.
Duplin County, Oct 13

Hall's Wilmington Gazette
Thursday November 3, 1797

For Sale
On the third day of next Superior Court; a plantation on the mouth of Lookwart's Folly River, Brunswick county, in an excellent situation for a store, containing 1100 acres of land, 400 of which is very good for the culture of Indigo; there is 200 acres well fenced in, comprising an orchard of 400 peach trees, the dwelling house, kitchen, and other out houses (among which are six negro houses) are almost new, extremely convenient and in good order; the above land affords excellent pasturage for cattle.
For terms apply to
P Aubinaud
Wilmington Nov 3

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