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Will of Ransom Walker 1831 Warren Co., North Carolina

North Carolina

Warren County

                     In the name of God amen, I Ransom Walker of the County and State aforesaid, Being weak in body, But of sound and disposing mind and memory

Knowing that man is but mortal and of course subject to death,  I have thought proper

To make, ordain, publish and Declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following,   To wit,  In the first place I wish to commit my soul to the care of God who give it,   Secondly I wish my body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion  of my Friends and Executors,   And as the Lord has blest me with a small portion of the good things of this world, I wish to despose of the same in the manner that follows,  (being) ------Item the 1st:   my will and desire is that all my Just debts be paid.

Item 2nd   I give unto my son John E. Walker one hundred and fourteen & 1/3 acres of land so as to include sixty seven acres that I purchased of Wm. King,   the balance to be cut of adjoining the aforesaid Tract of Land so as to enclude the house where my son John now lives, so as to make the quantity of acres first mentioned, to him and his Heirs forever.

Item 3rd  My will and desire is that the balance of my land shall be Kept all together in common stock until my son James S. Walker arrives at the age of  twenty one years and then for him to draw one hundred & fourteen & 1/3 acres to him and his heirs forever.

Item 4   The balance of the Land I wish to remain in stock until my son Thomas P. Walker arrives to the age of twenty one and for him then to draw one hundred & fourteen & 1/3 acres to him and his heirs forever.

Item 5th  My will is that my Beloved Wife Martha A. Walker have the use of the balance of my Lands say one hundred and twenty two acres(including the house  where I now dwell) during her natural life,

Item 6th   After the deceased of my wife, my will is that all the lands that I have loaned her shall be equally divided between my three sons, being, John E. James S. and Thomas P. Walker either by Division of the said land, or by sale of the same, as a majority of them shall agree on.

Item 7th   My will and desire is that all my property both personal and parishable be kept together until the first of January 1833

Item 8th  I give unto my three daughters Susan K. Amey Ann, and Mary E. Walker  Three hundred and fifty dollars each in money or personal property when they arrive to the age of Twenty one years, or marry, which special legacy is to make them equal to there brothers Legacy in land.

Item 9th   My will is that on the 1st  of January 1833 That my son John E. Walker shall draw one seventh of my personal and parishable Estate (being) after paying all Just  debts and reserving in the estate Three hundred and fifty dollars to each of my daughters which is mentioned in the 8th  Item.

Item 10th   My will is that all children (being) Susan K., James S., Thomas P., Amey Ann and Mary E. Walker, Receive their portions of my estate, as they shall respectively arrive to the age of twenty one years, or marry, in the same way that I have given their brother John E. Walker in Item 9 to them and their heirs forever.

Item 11   My will and desire is that my wife Martha A. Walker keep all my property together in common stock, for the benefit of her and my children, until my children shall respectively receive their shares as stated in the above Items, also my wish is that my children remain with their mother, and receive the same benefits of the estate as though I was living with them.

Item 12th  My will and desire is, that my wife Martha A. Walker, shall shear and shear a like with my children in my personable and parishable Estate (being) should she marry or live to see the youngest child become of age, or marry, to draw an equal shear, which is considered equal to one seventh in the first division, which is to her and her Heirs forever.

I appoint my friend Michael Collins Executor of this my last will (being) I wish him to collect the debts due me and pay all my Just debts out of my property such as will be best spared and a settlement of this sort with the Court of Warren shall exempt him from further responsibility of my estate, I appoint my beloved wife and my son John E. Walker, my Executrix and Executor to take charge of my estate after my friend M. Collins has made his settlement with the Court, And they are hereby fully authorized to carry into execution this my last will and Testament, and act in all respects as Guardians to my children, and bring them up in the best way that my property will admit.

Being fully satisfied with the above Items in my last will, I have hereunto set my hand  and seal this 9th September 1831.

In the presence of us:                                           Ransom Walker (SEAL)

Eam White, Wit
Nancy Johnson, Wit
Ransom Walker Will

Recorded Page 344

Warren County, November Session 1831

This paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Ransom Walker, dec. was exhibited in open Court for probate and the execution thereof being proven by the Oaths of Eam. White and Nancy Johnson subscribing witnesses thereto, and on motion the same is ordered to be recorded---where upon Michael Collins one of the Executors therein came into court and qualified according to law and took upon himself the burden of the execution thereof.

                                                                        Test.  C. Drake, CWCC


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