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Warren County Wills


In the name of God, amen. I PETER EVANS SPRUILL, of the County of Warren and State of North Carolina, do make and ordain this my last will and testament- My estate, consisting of money now held by brother in law, WM H. SMITH, my library of books, collection of pictures, mostly engraved and a small quantity of furniture I dispose of as follows, to wit:

I first desire that my debts a list of which will be found among my valuable papers shall be paid. I then leave the sum of fifty dollars to be placed in the hands of the Rt Rev THOMAS? ARTIMON? or his successor in the bishopric of the P??t Epise ch. in the diocese of North Carolina, to be used by him for charitable purposes. I leave the same sum to the Rev WM HODGES, pastor of the ch. aforesaid in the town of Warrenton, or his successor, to be used in a similar manner. The remainder of my property in money I bequeath as follows, to wit: five hundred and fifty dollars each to my brothers GEORGE and CHARLES, five hundred dollars each to my sisters REBECCA, ANN, and NETTIE; one hundred dollars each to my two nieces daughters of my sisters LOUISA and JULIA aforesaid; and the remainder to my dear mother to be used by her in payment of such debts as she may have at the time of my death, or should she have none of importance, to be used in such manner as she may think best. My furniture I also leave to my mother. My library of books and collection of pictures I dispose of as follows to wit: four volumes each to my friends WM EATON, JR, FRANK M HYMAN, and RICHARD H. BATTLE, JR; the same to my Cousin REBECCA HILL, the particular works to be selected by my executors; the following to Miss ELLEN D. BROWNLOW, "Spencers Greek Testament," "DeQuincy's Works," and "Wordsworth's works;" the remainder to be divided equally among my brothers and sisters, each, as far as possible, having choice. Of my pictures I leave the one entitled "Winter" with two others to be selected by my brother GEORGE to Miss ELLEN D. BROWNLOW; the ones entitled "Mountain Stream," "Infant Jesus," and "Shelly's Tomb" to my sister NETTIE; to my dear mother any three of the others that she may select; the remainder to be equally divided among my brothers and sisters, my sister NETTIE aforesaid included, each, as far as possible, having choice.

The residue of my property of all kinds and description I leave to be divided equally among my unmarried brothers and sisters, those that are married having a portion each equal to one third of what may fall to each of the others. I constitute my dear brother GEO E. SPRUILL, and my friend E. W. BEST executors of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand this 9th day of July, AD 1861-

Warren County August Court 1862
A paper writing without subscribing witnesses, purporting to be the will of Peter E. Spruill deceased, is exhibited for probate by GEO. E. SPRUILL and EDWARD W. BEST, the executors therein named, and it is thereupon proved by the oath and examination of WM SMITH that the same was found among the valuable papers of the said PETER E. SPRUILL after his death, and it is further proved by the oath and examination of WILLIAM SMITH, THOMAS A. MONTGOMERY, and RICHARD T. ANINGTON, that they are acquainted with the handwriting of the said PETER, having often seen him write, and verily believe that the name of the said PETER subscribed to said will itself and every part thereof are in the proper handwriting of the said PETER, and that said handwriting is generally known to his acquaintances. It is therefore considered that said paper writing of the will of the said PETER E. SPRUILL and it is ordered to be recorded and filed. And thereupon the said executors qualify as such by taking the usual oath.

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