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HARRIET RICHARDSON, died 1909 Warren County, North Carolina

(Harriet Richardson, b. 1840, was the daughter Mason Richardson & Mary Dales of Halifax Co.,NC.  She was married 1st to James (John) Richardson, son of Absalom & Rhoda Richardson, and 2nd to Solomon Mills, son of Nathan & Bettie Mills of Halifax Co.,NC)
(Transcribed by Deloris Williams, August 2007)

I HARRIET RICHARDSON, of Warren County, N.C. of sound mind and of my own accord do make my last will and testament, as follows
I bequeath to my daughter LUCETTIE RUDD, and to her heirs after her death and to their heirs after their death Thirty one acres of land (31) in Halifax County the part she has built on where she lives adjoining the lands of J. L. ALSTON, on Northeast & East,
I bequeath to my grandchildren, the children of my daughter HARRIET EVINS,  the ballance of the tract in Halifax County, thirty one acres more or less.
I bequeath to my sone JAMES ELLIS RICHARDSON one half of the tract I now live on containing the Dwelling House I now live in, to live his life and after his death to his sone STERLING RICHARDSON and after his death to his children  if any and if no heirs to the rest of the legatees above named, or their heirs.  I bequeath to my sone GOOD M. RICHARDSON the ballance of said tract of land in Warren County, to him his life and to his children and their heirs, these bequeaths are subject to the following, whereas, I bequeath to the children of my sone ARCHABLE RICHARDSON,  namely ABERNATHY RICHARDSON, NESS (NEP?) RICHARDSON, and JOHN IRVIN RICHARDSON Fifty dollars in money, to be paid by the heirs above named in the body of this will, each to pay the same, and they shall pay the said Fifty Dollars within six months from the date of the recording of this Instrument, and should they all fail to pay the said Fifty Dollars to ABERNATHY RICHARDSON, NESS (NEP?) RICHARDSON and JOHN IRVIN RICHARDSON, then the first witness to this Instrument shall cut ten acres of land from the extreme North side of the whole tract  and satisfy the fifth bequeth of this will, provided that any of the heirs hereafter may desire to exchange or buy each others share may do so, but nothing in this Instrument empowers any heir to dispose of any land to anyone not an heir mentioned in this will.
I bequeath to my grandson PERCY EVANS, one feather bed, one half of an acre exempted for graveyard , first witness to execute this will.
Witness my hand and seal this 30th day of July 1909.

Witness N. L. KEEN
Witness J. A. GREEN

State of North Carolina
Warren County
In Superior Court
??????????? Clerk

In Re Estate of HARRIET RICHARDSON, deceased
Order for Probate of Will
A paper writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of HARRIET RICHARDSON, decd, is exhibited in open Court for probate by N. L. KEEN, executor  therein named; and the due execution thereof by the said HARRIET RICHARDSON, decd, is duly proven by the oath and examination of N. L. KEEN and J. A. GREEN subscribing witnesses thereto and it is further shown to the satisfaction of the Court by said witnesses that the said HARRIET RICHARDSON was, at the time of making said will of sound mind and memory, of full age to execute a will and under no restraint to their knowledge information or belief:  It is thereupon considered, adjudged and decreed that said proof is sufficient and according to law.

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